Link Tank: An Interview With Harley Quinn Creator, Paul Dini

A Paul Dini interview, NASA, Harley Quinn's atrocious tattoos, plus more in today's Link Tank!

As Harley Quinn’s new movie continues to play out in theaters, check out an exclusive podcast interview with her creator, Paul Dini.

“For the moment, our focus is on superheroines, in particular the Joker’s ex, Harley Quinn. She, in all her psychotic glory, is back on the big screen in Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), with Margot Robbie reprising the character from 2016’s Suicide Squad. But with all the excitement surrounding Margot’s portrayal, one might forget that Harley actually got her start in a 1992 episode of Batman: The Animated Series and that she was created by writer Paul Dini.”

Listen at Voices From Krypton.

Our outer space ventures thus far has relied on radio waves for communication, but that’s about to change as NASA looks into using lasers.

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“Ever since NASA launched the Explorer 1 satellite in 1958, the agency has relied mostly on radio waves to communicate with craft millions — or indeed, billions — of miles across space. But as NASA sets its sight on new destinations for manned missions, it is giving its communications system a much-needed overhaul. NASA is adding a new dish to its Deep Space Network (DSN), equipped with mirrors and a special receiver to allow it to beam and receive lasers from spacecraft in deep space.”

Read more at Inverse.

One of the best parts in Birds of Prey are Harley Quinn’s atrocious tattoos. Let’s take a look at them…

“Despite a spirited campaign promoting Birds of Prey, Cathy Yan’s Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (formerly The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) fell short of its $50 million box office prediction for opening weekend in the United States, clocking in closer to $33 million. (Globally, it’s already close to making back its $84 million budget in a weekend.)”

Read more at Thrillist.

There’s an extra day this February called a Leap Day. But what is it, and why does it exist?

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“At some point in elementary school, your science teacher probably explained to you that there are 365 days in a year because that’s how long it takes for Earth to complete one full rotation around the sun. What they might not have specified, however, is that it’s not exactly 365 days—it’s actually closer to 365.2421 days.”

Read more at Mental Floss.

This Valentine’s Day, check out these romantic and sexy tabletop roleplay games for a change!

“The tabletop industry has skyrocketed over the past decade, but there’s one sad truth we all must face: It’s really hard to find a horny board game. Oh sure, you can find some Sex Dice or a fake Monopoly that replaces capitalism with sexy capitalism, which is ridiculous, not to mention unappealing. But for those wanting to put the ‘roleplay’ in roleplaying games, we’ve combed the internet for some of the sexiest, cuddliest, or life-changing RPGs money can buy.”

Read more at Gizmodo.

If you’re a tax-paying adult, one of the most stress parts of the year is coming up. Check out how to get a bigger refund with tax softwares.

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“If you haven’t filed your 2019 tax return yet, there’s still time to minimize what you owe (or maximize what you get back) by using a personal tax prep website. Several good-to-excellent services are at your disposal, and you can read our reviews to find the one that’s right for you. As always, they’re compliant with the current IRS tax code (which was easier this year) and have three goals…”

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