Link Tank: Amazon Pulled the Plug on Nicolas Cage’s Tiger King

The Tiger King series is no more, Pokémon cards have another new gimmick, not every movie is a hit, and more in Link Tank!

Tiger King

Sorry, everyone, I guess we’re leaving Tiger King in 2020 and we won’t get to see Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic after all.

“According to Variety, Amazon will no longer be going forward with their eight-episode Tiger King series, leaving Peacock’s Joe Exotic as the lone series that ventures deeper (?) into a story that feels like staged reality TV but is, apparently, real life?”

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From a raunchy animated movie to the MCU, how America the Motion Picture landed a writer the Shang-Chi gig.

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“‘History wasn’t as exciting as George Washington with two chainsaws,’ Callaham tells Inverse. Born and raised in Fresno, California to Chinese-American parents, Callaham wasn’t the best student in history. But he believes this was an advantage when, ten years ago, the now 43-year-old writer started work on his latest movie, America: The Motion Picture.

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Pokémon is adding another gimmick to their card game, this time V-Union cards with some adorable artwork.

“After the last year, in which Pokémon Cards became scarce and severely overpriced amid the pandemic-era renewed interest in collectibles, the Pokémon Company’s responded to and bounced back from the shortage with a production increase that’s made it much easier to find new sets in stores.”

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Don’t worry Avatar fans, it looks like a silhouette of Korra was spotted on the packaging art for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

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“Nickelodeon broke the internet yesterday with the reveal of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, a Smash-like fighting game featuring faces from the cartoon channel’s past and present. Hype is so high for this game that folks are looking for information everywhere, like a piece of placeholder art that may, in fact, reveal a highly requested Nickelodeon character with a penchant for elemental beatdowns.”

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From Altered Carbon to Black Mirror, these are the best science fiction shows streaming on Netflix right now.

“Science-fiction television has enjoyed a recent renaissance, with shows like Netflix’s Stranger Things and HBO’s Westworld becoming near-instant sensations. The addictive intrigue of sci-fi shows means that when you’re finished with one, you’re left wanting more, more, more. Fortunately, Netflix has built a robust catalog of sci-fi shows to satiate your appetite, so check out some of the titles below when you’re craving fantastic stories of science-based speculation.”

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Not every summer movie is a winner, here are some of the biggest blockbusters to bomb hard at the box office.

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“Summer, according to a normal calendar, begins in late June and ends in late September. Summer, according to Hollywood studios, lasts quite a bit longer, because they’re trying to squeeze every last dollar out of that blockbuster-filled ‘summer movie season’ we all love (or love to hate) so much.”

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