Letters: swearing, Rene Russo, one room and 50 Shades

Our latest letters round up! Swearing at Den Of Geek, and why on earth do we talk about 50 Shades Of Grey?

Right then! A few weeks have passed, so it must be time for another Den Of Geek Letters Page (TM). (Actually, we’ve not trademarked that). We’re back to normal here, so we’re unlikely to be found in the comments. That said, if you want to write in – the details are at the bottom of the post – then we’ll try and get your missive into our next letters round up.

But enough waffle from us! On with the latest batch of correspondence…

Foul Language & Rene Russo

Shit, prick, asshole, fuck, arsehole, bastardised, shit.

Jarring isn’t it. Why are DoG articles now seemingly using words such as these?

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I appreciate the last ‘shit’ instance along with the ‘fuck’ are references to well-known lines in the movie but is this amount of profanity in a DoG article really necessary when we can’t use them in Disqus comments?

Also the 14.5% reference to Rene Russo due to her acting ability or another sexist appearance reference?



Quoted from; Lethal Weapon: ranking the movies in order of quality

Gibson, of course, redressed the balance by kicking the shit out of the English in Braveheart and then The Patriot.

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Leo Getz was always meant to be an annoying prick, but in Lethal Weapon 2 he was forced upon our heroes and we sympathised with Riggs and Murtaugh as they tried to keep this asshole safe while resisting the urge to kill him themselves.

or Leo going on a “they fuck you at the hospital” rant…

You, Martin Riggs, are an arsehole.

Can I think of some nice things to say? Well it’s got Rene Russo in it, and Rene Russo automatically makes anything 14.5% better.

Shane Black’s original screenplay was bastardised, but the remnants of his cracking dialogue…

Guy can be found on Twitter as @middleclassfury, despite being too old for this shit.

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Lee PledgerE-mail

Simon writes: since the site started in 2007, we’ve always informally rated it 12A. It’d be remiss to say every article was thus filled with swearwords, but the occasional cussing gets in. Furthermore, in the article you cite, we quoted some direct movie dialogue. I also figured that a Lethal Weapon article is unlikely to attract many 10 year olds to read it, hence the swearing made it past the edit.

With regards comments, two reasons. Firstly, Disqus has an autofilter, as I’ve discussed before, that stops, well, let’s just say some far trickier words and phrases getting through. There’s no explicit ban on swearing in comments, rather that said comments have to – by nature of the filter – be manually approved. As we have a very small team working full time on the site, it’s a job I tend to get to once or twice a week. Secondly, the difference is that swearing in articles I can make a judgement call as to whether it fits or not. That’s not always the case in comments. 

As for the Rene Russo comment you cited, I admit I’m utterly flummoxed.

I do, as has been widely discussed before, take issue with the phrase ‘another sexist appearance reference’ (although we probably did that debate to death here). But in specific reference to the Rene Russo statement: are we now not allowed to say someone generally improves the films they’re in without us being accused of sexism? If so, we’re going to have to respectfully agree to very much disagree I’m afraid. To be clear: I do appreciate your mail, your questions and your feedback. That bit’s just left me utterly stumped, and a little deflated.

Get A Room

Can you recommend me, or even do a top 25 of, movies that mostly take place in one room? So like for example the first Saw movie, or Cube (remember that from the late 90s? Awesome film), Exam, Reservoir Dogs, 12 Angry Men?

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These are all movies that rely heavily on scripts and acting to keep the audience interested, because they’re usually made on a tiny budget, but can be twisty and turny and mysterious and very engaging, right from the start. Got any more good examples?

ThanksOne room Andy

Simon writes: Now there’s an idea, with extra bonus points for the Exam hat tip. I really like that film. 

Richard Linklater’s Tape is mainly set in one room for a start, whilst the surprisingly decent Two Night Stand is mainly single location recent romcom. Give Panic Button a try as well for an example of low budget ingenuity. And I’ll happily second the recommendation for Cube. We’ll add the list to our to-do list – but in the meantime, if any readers want to make suggestions please feel free!

Fifty Shades Of Why?

Why do you keep running articles about 50 Shades of Grey? There doesn’t appear to be anything geeky about it. Does it take place in space or something?

Admit it, is it making you feel funny in your tummies?

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Simon writes: A few reasons, but mainly, why – as movie geeks – wouldn’t one or two of us find it of interest? Genuine question: I’ve been mildly intrigued by it personally, and especially now given the ramifications the film is likely to have.

Notwithstanding its foundations in the world of Twilight, we tend to cover most big films. Plus, we’ve been using it to promote other, smaller productions as we talk about it. We’ve only penned a handful of pieces around the film, though, and don’t have plans for many more!

And our tummies are fine. Thank you for asking!

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