Hidden geek revealed

The answer to last week's Hidden Geek challenge, and a brand new search begins...

Last Friday, we hid the word “geek” in one of our pictures and challenged you to be the first to find it. It was hiding here, on the ‘Joss Whedon writing The Avengers movie too!’ page in Movies.

For the second week in a row, Captain_Howdy, was the first to find the hidden geek. Well done and congratulations!

Thanks to all who joined in the search and you can have another try this week. (Perhaps this two week winning streak is an added challenge to other early risers?)

Geek is hiding again somewhere among this week’s stories’ pictures. (Hint: This week it’s in TV.) It will always be in the main picture, to the top right of each page’s story and you’ll need to click and zoom on that picture to help with your search.

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Once you’ve found it, email geekcontent@gmail.com with the location of the hidden geek, or post a description of where it is in the comments section on the page where you found it. We’ll then give the winner a shout here next week, as well as reveal the hidden geek for those it managed to evade.

Shout us if you need another clue and happy hunting!