Goldberg Wins the WWE Universal Championship

Yes, that 53-year-old Bill Goldberg ...

Photo: WWE

Bray Wyatt had been one of the hottest characters in WWE. At the very least, he was one of the most interesting and over characters on WWE television.

On Thursday in Saudi Arabia at WWE Super Showdown, Wyatt lost the WWE Universal Championship in less than three minutes to Goldberg. Yes, that Goldberg. The 53-year-old, gray-bearded former world champion who was mocked as “Old-Berg” on social media by most of the snarky wrestling crowd.

Wyatt losing the title isn’t so much the issue. He’s an attraction, and quite frankly he’s better off without the regularity that the top title on SmackDown brings. The issue is the way Wyatt lost the match, and who he lost the match to. Goldberg, who clearly can’t wrestle a match of any length at this point in his career, taking down Wyatt in less than three minutes is embarrassing to the Wyatt character. Goldberg, who threw some headbutts and spears and beat Wyatt with the worst-looking jackhammer in the history of pro wrestling, is merely the transitional champion in order to get the belt on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

Also, think about that for a second. Wyatt lost to Goldberg in order to set up Roman Reigns to win the title at WrestleMania. Some things never change, right?

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The entire Super Showdown card spent too much time building up 50-year-old wrestlers. Earlier in the show, the Undertaker won some trophy that WWE invented to make the Saudi crown prince happy, and in doing so, attacked and cost AJ Styles a chance at winning the trophy. That will set up a WrestleMania 36 match between Styles and Undertaker.

R-Truth, a 48-year-old wrestler, was featured earlier in that gauntlet match.

These February Saudi shows are becoming a problem. The Saudi shows are filled with 90’s stars, because apparently that’s what the crown prince wants. These February shows, given their placement on the calendar, have to influence WrestleMania booking. And whether it’s Goldberg or the Undertaker, the show is trending in the wrong direction.

There have been leaked cards that haven’t included Ricochet or even Daniel Bryan.

It’s a common, and cyclical problem for WWE. It’s something we talk about every year. Where are the future stars coming from?

Let’s hope Triple H keeps himself off of this card, or that will mean another with an AARP member.

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