Ghost Loop Series Breaks Malevolent Psychic Cycles

Travel Channel’s new series Ghost Loop empowers spirits to break free from repetitive bad habits.

A “ghost loop” happens when paranormal entities terrorize the living through endless and repetitive supernatural cycles, manifesting over and over in the same location. Travel Channel’s upcoming new series Ghost Loop will attempt to break cycles of trapped paranormal activity and restore peace by drawing out each spirit through re-created trigger environments. The new eight-episode series premieres on Saturday, Jan. 4 at 10 p.m.

In each hour-long episode, a team of experts will examine and research their client’s property and history and perform a preliminary paranormal investigation and come up with a plan to stop the haunting. “Whether it’s building a 1900s-era train compartment, replicating a tavern from the 1850s, or constructing a 19th century baby’s nursery, the team uses each emotionally charged setting to draw out the entities during intense follow-up investigations,” reads Travel Channel’s press release.

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The team is led by paranormal investigator and medium Sean Austin, who is the author of the book Shadow Chasers. He began investigating 11 years ago when he caught an EVP recording of a young girl’s voice in a graveyard. A practicing Catholic, Sean learned the crafts of paranormal investigation, mediumship and demonology under the apprenticeship of demonologist Ralph Sarchi.

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Kris Star’s involvement in the paranormal began with an encounter with her dead grandfather’s spirit when she was 5 years old. This experience unlocked her gift of “sight.” She found she could sense haunted spaces and the entities trapped within them. The Clifton, New Jersey, native was mentored as an empathy and a clairsentient by sensitive aunt and paranormal investigator uncle. Kris’ goals are to help the living understand the spirit world and to bring peace to spirits locked in ghost loops.

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Researcher and tech advisor Chris Califf was a teenager when he tried to contact his father who had passed away. Fifteen years later, he believes that technology and research are the best way to prove or disprove paranormal activity. Design specialist Eric Vitale has been investigating the paranormal for six years and is heavily influenced by the work of paranormal pioneers Ed and Lorraine Warren. He finds he is often drawn to dark, dangerous cases that involve evil and sometimes demonic entities. Tech support Matt Lytle was 15 years old when he witnessed his recently passed grandmother comforting his sleeping grandfather. He discovered he had the ability to sense spirits and auras about two years ago.

The series premere takes place in Houston, “where homeowner Becky is terrified by sounds of someone breaking into her home night after night – only to encounter an aggressive male entity that routinely attacks her,” according to the official synopsis. “On their preliminary investigation, the group frighteningly gets ‘picked off’ one by one: Kris gets sick, Matt is overwhelmed by a burning sensation on his body and Califf and Sean get into a conflict fueled by the angry spirit. Through their research, they discover that in 1921, a murder occurred in the home involving a young woman and her abusive boyfriend, whom she shot in self-defense. In order to stop the dangerous activity in Becky’s home, the team builds an environment that mimics the fateful night – and use Kris to elicit the spirit.”

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In “Cradle to the Grave,” which premieres Saturday, Jan. 11 at 10 p.m., the team arrives in Palatka, Florida, where homeowner Theresa is being “terrorized by an entity that crawls across the ceiling from one of her son’s bedrooms to another,” according to the official synopsis. “Theresa’s land has a violent and tragic past that leads the team to investigate three locations: Theresa’s home, an alleged stillborn burial ground and a bridge where lynchings were once committed.

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“Frozen in Fear” is set in Lubbock, Texas, where a woman named Michelle and her young children are targeted by a malevolent spirit known as the Tall Man. The team discover the Tall Man was once a train robber who killed his victims by throwing them off a Lubbock train trestle. “By engaging the spirit in a 1900s-era train car trigger environment, the team attempts to cast him out,” the synopsis reads. The episode airs Saturday, Jan. 18 at 10 p.m.

Ghost Loop premieres Saturday, January 4 at 10 p.m.

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