Geeks Vs Loneliness: recommend a book

Can you suggest a book that might help someone through a difficult time?

Welcome to our weekly Geeks Vs Loneliness spot, where we try and talk about issues, challenges, nasty things and difficulties that may be affecting you, or people around you. As ever, we never promise a magic wand, but hopefully from time to time we come up with something that may be of some use or support. We hope so, anyway.

Once or twice over the course of us running Geeks Vs Loneliness, we’ve stopped to consider one or two book recommendations. Books, for me personally, have always been a friend in times when I’m not at my best, and often, it’s passages in books, or stories that I’ve enjoyed, that I seek solace in. That, and Jason Statham movies, but let’s focus on the books for now.

I’ve previously talked about, and recommended, books like Wonder by R J Palacio, Camp David by David Walliams, and Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig.

Certainly when I was growing up too, and trying to figure out difficulties I was having with my dad (since resolved, and nothing short of some early teenage angst on my part), I kept going back and back again to one of my favourite ever books, Danny The Champion Of The World. I truly adore the book, and it not only blew me away the first time I read it, it continues to resonate. It’s provided help where I least expected to find it.

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But then books are brilliant at that. And what I thought might be an idea is to throw this one over to you fine people. Obviously it’s up to you how much you choose to share, but I wonder if you could take a minute to recommend a book that you’ve found helpful in the comments below. If you just want to put the name of the book and leave it anonymous, that’s fine. If you want to go into detail about why you’d recommend it, that’s fine too. Hopefully, then, this post can and will continue to serve as a resource for those looking for a book particularly during more troubling times in life.

This also seems an opportune post for me to thank you for your ongoing and humbling support of this series. I hope it’s come across how much we genuinely care for and like our readers, as remote and cold as the internet sometimes can feel. And no matter what we write in Geeks Vs Loneliness pieces, it’s the responses underneath that make us incredibly proud to have you as readers. We’re a few weeks away from the first birthday of this series (which we’re continuing to run indefinitely), and it’s your support of what we’re trying to do that’s made it so special for us.

Thank you.