Geeks Vs Loneliness: holding onto your inner superhero

Love geek conventions but get a come down after? Here’s a little suggestion.

This weekend is MCM Comic-Con so in today’s Geeks Vs Loneliness, the corner of the internet where we ponder on life’s joys and challenges, we wanted to talk about conventions and the absolute high that can come from finding your people and how to maintain that feeling of belonging after the convention is over.

Cons can be amazing. Sure, there’re a lot of people and a lot of queues (make sure you have a sit-down, some water and something to eat!) but cons can be the most exciting, uplifting and incredibly inclusive experiences where you can find your own crowd whatever you might be into. Maybe you’re dressed like a superhero. Maybe you’re dressed like a warrior. Maybe you’re not dressed like anything except yourself but you feel like a flippin’ superhero anyway because you’re with your people and in your element.

But what happens when the con’s over, and you’re back in your civvies and not with your crowd? And maybe you don’t always feel like you fit in, and maybe everything isn’t quite as shiny and actually life is quite hard?

Here’s a secret to remember: whatever suit you’re wearing, whatever you’re doing, whether you’re at a convention or not – you still are a superhero. Or a warrior. Or a wizard. Or a Pokémon if you like. You’re just on an undercover mission.

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If, post-con, you find yourself forgetting your true super self, and losing a sense of your secret identity, here are a few things you can do to keep your alter-ego alive and well.

1. Keep your costume on

No we don’t mean turn up to work in full cosplay, but it can be handy to retain some small nod to your true hero look. It could be a pin badge on your coat. A pair of socks in your signature colours. Superhero underpants, perhaps (but probably best not worn on the outside).

2. Appoint yourself a handler

Pick a mate or a family member to be your very own Nick Fury to check in with about the undercover mission that is your normal life. What intelligence have you gathered? How’s the mission going? Report back in full!

3. Assemble your own superteam

Cons are quite amazing for making new friends, but with people in different parts of the country, it can be hard to stay in touch. But your super-teammates are important. Why not make a WhatsApp group so your super-family can keep up with each other’s missions?

4. Use your catchphrase!

Could you ‘do this all day’? Will you be ‘back in a flash’? Is ‘By Odin’s Beard!” an appropriate response to your daughter’s piano recital? Endeavour to get your favourite quotes into everyday life. Then you might discover your postie/bus driver/boss is also undercover.

5. Be your own hero

You don’t have to save the world to be a hero. Sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning can require super strength. So just be proud of yourself and remember you’re amazing.

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Any tips for holding onto your super strength when you really aren’t feeling it? Let us know in the comments.