Geeks Vs Loneliness: don’t give up

Just one or two words for those of you facing tough times, and looking for hope...

Brief intro, because we appreciate that for some of you, this may be the first article in this series that you’ve read. If that applies to you, welcome, and thank you for clicking/tapping/whatever it takes to load this article on your device of choice.

The aim of this ongoing series of articles is just to have a chat about some of the issues a few, some or many of us may be facing. And, hopefully, to pass on a few tips that may be of use to someone out there.

Across the series to date – and you can find lots of links to previous articles down at the bottom – we’ve touched on many subjects. And one thing we’ve constantly touched on is to keep talking. To find ways to communicate, be it a chat, an email, a comment at the bottom of an article like this: anything, that can offer some release valve on the problems you’re up against.

However, we want to quickly talk about just keeping going. You can file this one under ‘easier said than done’, certainly. But nonetheless: no matter how low things are getting, no matter how much you may feel like throwing in the towel, please think twice. Three, four, five times if necessary.

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Life, you don’t need us to tell you, can be utterly brutal at times. In the comments to articles in this series, some of you have shared stories that have moved us to tears. In particular, for the reserves of strength that somehow, somewhere, you’ve managed to find.

For what it’s worth, it’s proven to us that life can change. That things can get better. That it’s possibly to come back from the vast majority of challenges that may be facing you. We’re not glib about this: some of you have been dealt horrific cards. Sometimes, it may be that you’ve gone on for no other reason than you felt you had to go on.

We just, thus, want to say this: no matter how bad things are, and what horrors you’re facing, you do matter. You’re a human being, and you matter.

There’s a strong chance we can’t solve the problem you’re facing, as our collection of Jason Statham Blu-rays holds a limited amount of power. But don’t give up. Please keep fighting. Please keep trying. And please, do communicate. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

One favour to those of you who have found a way back from dark times: anonymously if you wish, but please post a line or two below. Please help show those in very difficult places right now that there’s a real chance of better days ahead. And please, all of you, stay safe.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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