Geeks Vs Loneliness: 19 positive things that have happened this week

Looking for something to offset all the downbeat news around at the moment? Then how about starting here...

Last week, in Geeks Vs Loneliness, we asked you for stories of human goodness, positivity and general niceness that have happened in the last week or two. Given that the newspapers would have us believe that all life is awful right now, we wanted to use Geeks Vs Loneliness this week to shine a light on the many good things that happen week in week out, that nobody really seems to talk about.

You did not disappoint. Here are 19 random, small, wonderful little things that have happened in the last week or two. Keep adding your own in the comments too please…

We thus salute:

1             Sophie, the barista in Costa Coffee near where Jane Roberts lives, who always has nice things to say about people’s T-shirts.

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2             Den Of Geek reader Mike Grace, who wrote a guide to Pokemon for the children in his village.

3             He also helped 10 people sign up for his local library. We love libraries.

4             To the children of Baverstock Academy, who refused to take the news that their school was closing lying down, and have launched this video

5             Scott Johnston, and the director of a local group he attends, who didn’t used to get on. They both made an effort to be nice to each other, and it seems to have worked. Hugs to them both.

6             Lindsey got to spend more time with her grandmother, who is “awesome and hilarious and seriously underappreciated”.

7             A story in South Wales that Snarkly told us about. A little girl with autism went to her local Argos, wanting a Finding Dory lunchbox that was on display. It wasn’t yet available though, and the girl had a meltdown of sorts, and her dad had to carry her away to the car. The police then turned up at their house later, following reports of a child being taken to a car unwillingly. They left after understanding what had happened. And those same police officers came back the following day with the Finding Dory lunchbox for the girl.

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8             To Rachael, who came out as transgender to her family, and in her words, “every single one of them has been amazing and supportive”. Huge applause to Rachael and to her family.

9             Elaine McCourt won a pair of tickets to the Star Trek Beyond premiere. She gave away her spare while waiting in line, so that somebody else could get to see the film too.

10          To Flibbertigibbet (we love the names some of you have here!), and the staff at their local hospital who stopped them feeling nervous and overwhelmed.

11          SpidersFromMars, who reckons they might just have the first draft of their young adult novel next month.

12          To Paul Childs, who was approached by the costume department of Ready Player One about his T-shirt artwork.

13          The wonderful Rod has been volunteering weekly at his local MIND drop-in group. And he’s back playing D&D too!

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14          Jane started swimming again.

15          Servalanqueen’s friend has been in a car accident and is unable to drive, having had a blackout. And what did her friends do? They all rallied round, did the cleaning, shopping and gardening for her. Plus, they lent her a spare mobility scooter.

16          To Mr Bobbins’ workplace, who arranged someone to come in and give a presentation on mental health issues.

17          Someone got in touch with us to tell us they liked an article from a few weeks back, completely out of the blue.

18          The people at Paul’s work, who have gone out of their way to give him positive help and advice.

19          Scott Hamilton, who has been donating one or two things a month to people, just to try and pay things forward a little. He’s also managed to raise over £800 for MIND.

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Thanks, as always, for reading. Your regular Geeks Vs Loneliness programming will return next week…