Fictitious pets that we wish were real

The movie, game and TV industries have thrown up some fabulous critters over the years. But how many of these would you like to take home with you?

Sometimes, even the most innocent and light-hearted of films can be extremely depressing, for the simple fact that the characters we grow to love in them aren’t real. The film ends, we switch the TV off, and our fictional friends are gone, absorbed into the ether. Here’s a list of the make-believe animals and other assorted beings I’m sure would make life so much better if only they existed.

Gizmo from GremlinsBe honest, who didn’t go “Awwww” the first time those furry little hands emerged from the inside of the box, before the even cuter little face popped up? Only the most hardened of criminals could not love this little bundle of joy. Just a pity you can’t give him a bath without the risk of unleashing thousands of hellish spawn upon the earth.

The Bear from AII’ve never longed so hard for something I saw in a film to be real. I would happily be an only child if my parents ensured I was given one of these as a substitute. This talking Teddy has it all: huggable fur, twinkling little eyes, and an intelligent brain capable of in-depth conversation. Will keep you company for years, should you ever find yourself frozen thousands of leagues beneath the ocean.

Pikachu from PokemonSmall enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and deadly enough to fry anything in his path, Pikachu is the quintessential Pokemon of cuteness. Serves as both a cuddly friend to play with, and proves incredibly useful as a self-defence aid when walking the streets at night.

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Linguo from The Simpsons In the episode Trilogy of Error, Lisa invents a robot called Linguo who corrects grammar. Personally, I think half the population need to be given one of these. I’d also programme it to strangle anyone who said “LOL” more than once on MSN … Actually, even once is too many.

Jar Jar Binks from Star WarsJust so you could have the ability to put him through a lot of pain and torture, really.The Psammeadfrom Five Children and ItThis ugly and occasionally malevolent sand fairy lived in a gravel pit and would grant the children who came to visit him one wish per day. It used to be a children’s show, adapted from the novel by Edith Nesbit, and was one of my routine favourites to watch after school, along with The Riddlers and Rosie and Jim. The show ended, eventually. I can only assume that one day the fairy burrowed under the sand and simply didn’t come back up again. Probably sick of granting wishes.

Sir Diddimus from LabyrinthA fearless fox/ racoon-type thing who lives by his sense of smell and has a taste for danger. Even comes with his own trusted steed, the lovable Ambrotious!

Vivi from Final Fantasy 9Technically a child, and therefore not suitable as a pet, but even so, Vivi remains possibly the most adorable character ever to appear in a Final Fantasy game. It’s something about those hound dog-eyes and floppy hat that does it.

Tick Tock from Return to OzIt may be necessary to equip him with a pair of slippers, especially if you have hardwood floors, as he does make a lot of noise clomping about. Also, having to constantly wind him up is certainly a minus, even if it does save on batteries. But come on, who wouldn’t want their very own Army of Oz?

The Face-Hugger from Alien Probably not something you’ll want to be cuddling up to, but this spider-like nasty could replace the whoopee cushion as THE thing to hide in a friend’s bed as a practical joke.

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Any we’ve missed out? Leave them in the comments field…!