Eyestalk App, Review

Ever wanted to see EVERYTHING through the eyes of a Dalek? The BBC brings you the Eyestalk App for all things iPlatform.

Are you tired of taking boring old pictures from the point of view of a human being? Are you tired of your videos not having that “extermination” quality? The BBC is here to make all your dreams come true! They have released the “Eyestalk” app for the iPhone/iPad/iWhatever. This app allows you to take photos and video through seven different Dalek filters. You can then post it pretty easily on Facebook. You can also apply this filter to the photos you took in your life before this beautiful app existed. 

So what do we think? It’s pretty cool if you’re a Whovian. It is even cooler if you really love Daleks. Is it worth the $1.99 that it cost at the App Store? Eh. Maybe. We’ll let you judge that. It’s a pretty good novelty app.

We took this pick with the Eyestalk App (we also took the lead image above):

Here are some future phone filters we would like to see the BBC release:

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The Captain Jack filter (where everyone looks hot)

The Weeping Angel filter (just shows a black screen. Because you’re covering your eyes), and finally

The Eleventh Doctor filter (where everything has a bowtie).

And here is a video we made of our cat with Eyestalk: 


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