Dean Ambrose Returns to WWE

Ambrose's return couldn't come at a better time ahead of SummerSlam on Sunday ...

Seth Rollins needed some backup, and he knew just who to call. The go-home episode of Monday Night Raw ahead of WWE SummerSlam this Sunday featured the return of Dean Ambrose, who has been out of action for eight months after undergoing surgery.

Ambrose was re-introduced to WWE by Rollins, his former Shield teammate, and this Sunday Ambrose will be in Rollins’ corner when he challenges Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title. Ziggler, of course, will have the massive Drew Galloway in his corner.

Ambrose’s return couldn’t have come at a better time for WWE, as they’re just a few weeks away from going up against the NFL and Monday Night Football on a weekly basis. Ambrose was a top star before his injury, including a lengthy run as WWE Champion two years ago when WWE first re-instituted the brand split.

Featuring a new look that included a shaved head and a much more muscular upper body (he almost looked like Triple H), Ambrose looked impressive in his short in-ring back-and-forth against Ziggler and Galloway.

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We’ll see if Ambrose follows through with remaining a babyface after SummerSlam, or if he instead costs Rollins the Intercontinental Title at the pay-per-view and turns heel.

Whether it’s at SummerSlam or in the not-too-distance future, Ambrose has a great run in him as a top heel. I’m a fan of his new look, removing the wet hair that was combed into his face for the shorter hair on top. Overall, it’s smart when wrestlers who were away for a while come back with a new, fresh look.

The crowd came unglued when Ambrose’s music hit and he entered the arena.

While I think Ambrose has a great run ahead of him as a top heel, it will be interesting to see if WWE goes in that direction right away, or if they hold off. While Ambrose’s return was one of the key stories coming out of Raw, the biggest storyline on Raw is Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Title.

Reigns isn’t getting over with the older fans as a babyface. That’s not breaking news. But Rollins and Ambrose are, without a doubt, over as babyfaces (and top babyfaces) on the show.

Reigns winning the Universal Title on Sunday will get a chorus of boos to rain down from the fans in Brooklyn. But Reigns winning the title, with help of Rollins and Ambrose, and a Shield reunion closing the show will almost certainly get a huge babyface pop. They won’t be accepting Reigns as WWE Champion, but fans — even the “vocal minority” that WWE tries to claim is booing Reigns — will accept a Shield reunion.

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