Comedy Bang Bang Will Get Sha Na Na Into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or Die Trying

A petition to get Sha Na Na into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is making the rounds thanks to the Comedy Bang Bang podcast.

Oh boy, where even to begin with this one?

Civic-minded individuals scrolling through today and looking to make the world a better place may have noticed a curious new petition. 

“Allow Sha Na Na to hotdog into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” the petition’s title bears. It features an album cover photo of classic doo-wop, and rock & roll band Sha Na Na along with some other unfamiliar faces photoshopped in. The petition, itself, reads in part:

“Put simply: Dip Didda Dip Dow! What more CAN be said to prove how necessary it is to induct Sha Na Na into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Oh, Golly… maybe a song they wrote CALLED Rock and Roll hall of fame?  Sure, you might think of this music as a ‘little something for daddy’ these days, but that’s because these guys have been killing themselves at this rock game for going on 50 years! Are you looking for some other poems and observations, humorous and otherwise, to prove these cool cats mettle? How about you tune into American Film Institute cataloged film, Grease, and tell me you toe isn’t a tappin’! (specifically during the Hand Jive). These guys have basically been trainers to the stars of rock, and have been seeking the stars of recognition!”

At the time of this writing, 514 people have signed the petition. So..uh, what gives? Not that Sha Na Na doesn’t deserve this honor but why now? The answer, as the answer usually is for nonsense on the Internet, comes from a podcast.

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Comedy Bang Bang is behind the grassroots campaign to get Sha Na Na into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame due to the increasingly elaborate backstory of one of the show’s characters named “Hot Dog.”

Comedy Bang Bang originally began as a radio show in 2009 and has since become one of the premier comedy podcasts around. Host Scott Aukerman welcomes celebrities and comedic personalities on for an interview that is quickly derailed by a rotating cast of weirdos who come in to interrupt, abusing the show’s open door policy. One such weirdo is “Hot Dog” (also known as “Wolfman Hot Dog” when he’s on the radio).

As portrayed by Review‘s Andy Daly, Hot Dog is an elderly former water skiing champion obsessed with the band Sha Na Na. Hot Dog, when he’s not water skiing on literal salamis, likes to audition for the band known for its iconic hit, “Get a Job.” Unfortunately Hot Dog has never made the cut. 

On a recent Comedy Bang Bang episode from this year (Episode 550: Cheesing Out the Wave D-Hole), Aukerman, Hot Dog, and fellow guest Jason Mantzoukas made the realization that Sha Na Na is somehow not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame despite having a song called “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” The trio promised to make it their life’s mission to right this injustice. Naturally, they immediately forgot about it. But the Internet never forgets. And Aukerman, himself, approves of this petition.

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And there you have it! Now you can help make Hot Dog and Sha Na Na’s dreams come true.

Alec Bojalad is TV Editor at Den of Geek. Read more of his stuff here. Follow him at his creatively-named Twitter handle @alecbojalad