25 Top Twitch Streamers to Watch in 2018

From a talking puppet to a Legend of Zelda expert, here are the top 25 streamers you should be watching this year!

Later this year, Twitch will launch its take on a reality show with its Stream On competition, a program designed to help up and coming streamers make playing video games their full-time job. But if you’re currently searching for the next big broadcaster on Twitch, you don’t have to wait for a reality contest to start hitting that follow button. 

Your friends at Den of Geek have collected a list of 25 of our favorite up and coming streamers that we feel are worth a watch. From outrageous personalities to expert gamers, we’ve picked a variety of excellent streamers for your viewing pleasure.

Most of the streamers on this list are currently under 100,000 followers (with one exception), the majority are under 50,000, and there are even a few who are just starting out.

So the next time you’re clicking through different streams complaining that you can’t find anyone to watch, take a look at this list and see if any of these rising stars are online. And don’t forget to follow Den of Geek’s own Twitch channel!

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Here are the top 25 Twitch streamers to watch in 2018:


When people talk about what qualities make for a good streamer, “high energy” is often near the top of the list. TigerWriter is the perfect example of this adage, as the man just never lets up. It’s not uncommon to tune in and find him headbanging or dancing along to whatever crazy loud song he’s playing while a variety of crazy-looking videos and memes flash across the screen. Tiger is a variety streamer, and he’s decent enough at most games he tries, but it’s his larger than life personality that keeps earning him new followers.


New streamers are always trying to find a way to separate themselves from the rest of the pack but Bennyfits has taken things to a whole different level by giving life to a puppet on each and every stream. That’s right, there are no human beings here, just Bennyfits, a puppet that can and will absolutely destroy you in Overwatch and a variety of other games. He’s basically Cookie Monster, but instead of cookies, he loves headshotting noobs.


Paladins doesn’t have quite the same following as Overwatch, but if you’re looking to get into a different team-based shooter, Ozon3Tv can help show you the way. He’s actually a former Grandmaster at Overwatch who jumped ship for the Hi-Rez Studios-led game, and his skill clearly made the transfer successfully. Ozon has grown his following by staying very active with his chat while also throwing in the occasional giveaway.


Takarita is most comfortable running through World of Warcraft with her hunter, but she sometimes jumps around to a variety of different games on her “strum.” She brings in viewers with her ultra-friendly personality and seems to take a lot of pride in showing off her cooking skills as well.


Bloodyfaster is a self-described singer, computer engineer, and the “World’s Okayest Gamer.” When she’s not singing on stream or running through the latest horror game, she also finds time to generate some good karma by using her stream to raise money for good causes.

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If you’re looking for a new fighting game pro to follow, we recommend Daigothebeastv, who can really bring the pain in Street Fighter V. If you love Japanese culture, Daigo’s stream will bring it to you in spades as the Tokyo-based streamer’s channel is often filled with fans from his home country.


Darbian has been speed running on Twitch for years, but he exploded into the mainstream last fall, when he broke his own world record for one of the most beloved video games of all-time, the original Super Mario Bros. Since then, Darbian has kept at it, steadily growing his stream with each new speedrun. Darbian also holds world records in other games, including Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels.


There are no shortage of popular Hearthstone streamers on Twitch today, but if you’re looking for quality play from someone who is still somewhat under the radar, Johnnystonehs might fit the bill. Johnny loves talking strategy with his stream and will frequently explain his card choices to viewers, making it the ideal stream for someone learning to play like a pro. He even offers a paid coaching service for both Hearthstone and poker to those looking to get serious about their card games.


If you’re looking for a late-night stream to relax to, Okaydrian might have what you need. He’s a variety streamer who made a name for himself by trying to give his viewers a little education about different terms and concepts found within the games he plays. For example, if he’s playing a sci-fi game that mentions a particular scientific concept, Okaydrian will actually pause the game, look up the concept, and give his viewers a full rundown of what it really means. He’s also gotten in good with Twitch, thanks to his hosting skills at various conventions across the country.


Zeenigami has grown his channel to 30,000+ followers primarily through finding a mobile game that no one else was really streaming called One Piece Treasure Cruise. He now streams other games, like League of Legends and Diablo 3, but his initial success with One Piece is a great lesson for new streamers. It might take a new streamer a while to find a niche worth pursuing, but if you can find a way to bring value to your channel that can’t be found anywhere else, you’ll soon be on your way towards building a new career for yourself.


The IRL section of Twitch has really taken off over the last year, and there are now Twitch streamers who only broadcast in IRL for the most part. EXBC fits this description, as they are a married couple who happily stream their adventures in South Korea to an audience around the globe. Heosu and Esco stream everything from their latest bite to eat to their entire trip to a local amusement park. Viewers seem to get a kick out of this up close and personal view of the couple’s world that lets fans feel like they’re almost right there with them.

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Zilea (aka Fabian) is a former pro at World of Warcraft PvP who took home an arena title at BlizzCon 2009. He’s since moved on from WoW and dedicates his stream entirely to Hearthstone. His stream has grown in popularity thanks to his frequent Skype calls with friends and viewers, although the fact that he is so open and accessible has caught the attention of the occasional troll… but that’s just part of the fun.


FrostPrime_ plays a lot of League of Legends, but he’s been able to grow his stream to 20,000 strong by jumping around to many smaller niche games, bringing his sense of humor and sarcastic wit along with him. Frost has also managed to grow a significantly larger fanbase on YouTube, where he makes fun videos inspired by League.


Jake has built a small fan base for himself mostly through Destiny 2 and Fortnite. But no matter which game he plays, he never stops talking. Talking to the chat, talking to the in-game NPCs, or just talking to himself. His ability to always have something to say keeps viewers interested and is must-watch material for anyone looking to learn how to build a successful stream from scratch. It’s also why a stream with only a few thousand followers was recently featured on the front page of Twitch.


Thorlar has been streaming daily for just over a year and has built a large and still growing following due to this consistency. Thorlar’s overall presentation is something new streamers should pay attention to, as he uses a variety of graphics to spruce up his surroundings. Thorlar is a proud variety streamer and that includes plenty of games from generations gone by.


Sowz got his start with DayZ but now jumps around to multiple other games within the survival genre, stating that he “loves the random interactions” that come with the territory. Sowz places a priority on interacting with his chat, often encouraging conversation and debate. Sowz still maintains a full-time job out in the real world, but has a countdown timer on his page so that his fans know exactly when he will log on next.


If you followed World of Warcraft‘s hardcore raiding scene some years ago, you probably already recognize Affinity. The streamer was once part of the super hardcore Blood Legion guild, regularly pushing for World Firsts with every new content patch. Today, things are a bit more casual for Affinity in Azeroth. He plays other games too, like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This former raider just recently decided to go full-time on Twitch and seems to be making the most of it, putting in 8 hours or more each day like clockwork.

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You’ll realize just how clever “Mackenseize” is as a nickname once you read the paragraph about epilepsy in her bio. The streamer was diagnosed with a seizure disorder as a teenager but has managed to make a full-time career out of Twitch, calling it the “opportunity of a lifetime.” While the rare on-camera seizure can be scary for her fans, Mackenseize has always managed to push through, streaming a wide variety of games to her passionate community while also working with the Epilepsy Foundation to raise awareness of this “invisible disability.”


TheMexicanRunner is a hardcore speedrunner with an affinity for classic games. He’s currently working through “NESMania,” a quest he created to defeat every single officially licensed game from original Nintendo Entertainment System. When he’s not getting his retro on or making an appearance at Awesome Games Done Quick, you can see him playing more modern titles like Cuphead.


SimCopter1’s Twitch story is a case of just being in the right place at the right time. He says he got started in 2014 after an internship ended and suddenly found himself a Twitch Partner within just a few weeks after his initial streams managed to luck into some crazy viewership numbers. He’s since grown his follower count to north of 50,000 while playing a wide range of PC games like FTL and Stardew Valley.


Kat is one the many streamers who have been riding the PUBG train in recent months and her positive attitude is often a breath of fresh air within a community that is sometimes known for its toxicity. She often teams up with other female streamers before heading into battle. Her “Girl Squad Friday” stream is a popular recurring event.


If you’re looking for a new Nintendo streamer to add to your list, you should start by taking a look at Aurateur’s amazing skills at Super Mario Maker. He also regularly streams Mario Kart 8 and other Nintendo titles, such as Zelda and Pokemon. It’s not all Nintendo all the time though, as Aurateur is also known to kick back and have some fun with his viewers with a game of Jackbox from time to time.


If you’re a big fan of Persona 5 or trying to learn more about Kingdom Come: Deliverance before jumping in, CohhCarnage has been our favorite streamer in both respects. With more than 77 million total views, what entices gamers to tune in is the down-to-Earth nature of his streams. Here’s someone who just enjoys playing games.

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As the username implies, you’re likely to get a large dose of Link and Zelda in Linkus7’s channel. This young streamer prefers to speed run most of his adventures in Hyrule, and he’s not shy about jumping around to multiple different games throughout the franchise’s storied history. When he’s not off defeating Ganon, you can also find him trying to be the fastest gamer alive in a variety of Mario games.


Adam first made a name for himself in the gaming industry as the co-designer of Dungeon World, and his streams often feature a heavy dose of Dungeons & Dragons chat. He’ll sometimes just log on to play the latest big release though, always interacting with his chat while maintaining a chill vibe.