Venom: first reactions roundup

No one mention Catwoman...

We’re not allowed to tell you what we thought of Venom until the review embargo lifts tomorrow, but the film held its world premiere in LA last night and Twitter has since filled up with early reactions that Sony probably don’t want you to see. 

Concerns have been mounting since reshoots were first announced, since the PG-13 rating was confirmed, and especially since Tom Hardy told everyone that his “favourite 40 minutes” had been cut out.

But there’s also been a huge amount of hype building expectations – with Hardy making a lot of his weighty Jekyll and Hyde role, director Ruben Fleischer bigging up the effects and talk already of sequels, cross-overs and something to fix the odd hole it’s making in the multiverse.   

Were the concerns justified? Are expectations high enough? One word you’ll see a lot in connection with Venom seems to be the “C-word”…

Whilst others focus on the fact that the film feels a wee bit old-fashioned.

And plenty more go for more contructive criticism.

The wave of Catwoman comparisons is sweeping the web, which admitedly doens’t sound great, but plenty of other reactions have been a bit more kind.

Some even thought the throwback feel was a good thing.

And plenty pointed out that the humour was spot on (intentional or not…).

Ignoring the bad headlines this is bound to generate for the movie, most audience members seem to be pretty split down the middle – finding some things to hate and some to love.

“Either way, it’s not boring”. There’s your poster quote right there.

Find out what we thought when the review embargo lifts tomorrow, and find out for yourself when the film opens nationwide on the same day (always a good sign…).

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