The Walking Dead #105 (Image Comics), Review

While this issue isn't as action packed as we've grown accustomed to, it is difficult to see Carl cry . . .

Writing By: Robert Kirkman

Drawn By: Charlie Adlard

Colored By: Cliff Rathburn 

Last month’s The Walking Dead #104 ended with Carl killing several of Negan’s men and the capturing of Carl. So, let’s find out what Robert Kirkman has in-store for our young hero, shall we?

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The Walking Dead #105 begins where its predecessor ends, with Negan talking to Carl. Negan decides to take Carl for a walk and tells Carl that he is a “badass” and shouldn’t be scared of him because it is a disappointment. Negan leads Carl back to Negan’s house and sits Carl down to get to know him better.

First, Negan makes Carl remove his eye bandage to reveal a hideous hole in his head where his eyeball used to be. Negan reacts  to the eye socket, telling Carl he looks hideous. But, after Carl begins crying, Negan apologizes and tells Carl he wasn’t trying to insult him. 

We then discover that one of Negan’s wives has cheated on him. And Negan intends to punish her by shoving a smoldering iron into her face in front of everyone. He first explains to the crowd why he is doing it, but it appears the crowd is no stranger to similar action by Negan. 

The Walking Dead #105 by Robert Kirkman isn’t an action packed issue like the majority of The Walking Dead comics from Image Comics. This doesn’t necessarily make the issue a bad issue, but it would have been good to see some more action. We do however get a glimpse into Negan’s hideout and his way of life. We also have to feel for Carl, as he is just a little boy thrown into a man’s world of numerous wives and violent ways. It’s hard to see Carl cry in this issue, since he’s been pretty much the ultimate poster boy for child bravery. 

Charlie Adlard’s artwork is as highly stylized and detailed in this issue as it has been in his previous issues. However, the cover is very misleading, as it depicts Carl holding a gun with zombies in his eyes; a cover that, on its own, is dynamite. To any normal person, this would imply that Carl will be fighting a horde of zombies in this issue. Unfortunately, that is not the case and the issue was a little lackluster compared to awesome past issues. 

The issue is still a must pick-up for all fans of The Walking Dead, especially if you want to follow Carl’s story. Kirkman’s story in this issue receives a 7 out of 10, while Adlard’s artwork also receives a 7 out of 10.  Overall, The Walking Dead #105 receives a 7 out of 10 from us here at Den Of Geek. 

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Writing:  7/10

Artwork:  7/10

Overall:  7/10