The Walking Dead, #104, Review

The book continues to be awesomely written and drawn and a must-buy for fans of all things The Walking Dead.

This issue starts out with Rick telling everyone that the only way they are going to survive is to do as Negan demands.  He tells everyone that if they don’t like it, they can leave, but he isn’t going to get killed by going against Negan’s orders.  Rick goes back home and calls up the stairs to Carl, but Carl isn’t there…little Grimes has snuck onto a supplies truck driven by Dwight with Abraham’s assault rifle. 

Dwight was followed by Jesus, who finds himself surrounded by 3 Saviours.  The Saviours give him warning that they will kill him if they have to, but they don’t want to.  Jesus successfully defends the first two, but is knocked out by Tara.  Dwight stops Tara from killing him and says he is more useful alive.  Dwight brings Jesus to the Saviours’ base, which looks like a large factory.  It is awesomely surrounded by cement roadblocks, cars and zombies–think of it as a zombie moat. 

Dwight has two men unload the supply truck, and they discover Carl hiding within.  He kills them with Abraham’s rifle.  Carl steps out of the truck and tells everyone he just wants Negan and he will let the others live.  Negan insults Carl by saying his gun is “cute,” which infuriates Carl to the point where Carl guns down some more Saviours.  Carl knocks himself down doing this and Dwight runs to Carl and kicks him.  Negan tells Dwight to knock it off and that Carl could be of use.

The Walking Dead comic continues to be my favorite comic book and it paves the way for the television show to follow suit.  I could easily see this issue being part of the show–obviously in future seasons…we’ve got a ways to go for the show to catch up to the comic.  Today’s issue #104 is action packed and fast paced, which is typical of The Walking Dead series. Robert Kirkman has done another fantastic job writing this issue and Charlie Adler’s cover art is cool, to say the least, depicting an assault rifle-toting Carl Grimes.  #104 is another must pick-up for comic book fans and fans of all things The Walking Dead.

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