Super Sons: Inside the DC Comic You Should be Reading with Peter Tomasi

Who ever thought that the adventures of Jonathan Kent and Damien Wayne would make for one of the best DC Comics around?

Welcome to a new generation of DC superhero greatness. Whoever thought that a super powered son of Superman would be embraced by fans? When director Bryan Singer tried to introduce the idea in Superman Returns, fans met the idea with a resounding, “NO!” But somehow, DC has made fans fall in love with Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane and the hero known as Superboy!

But the youngest Kent is not the only second generation costumed champion swatting bad guys around the DC Universe. There is also Damien Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul and the latest hero to take up the mantle of Robin. Where Damien is dark and driven, Jonathan is bright and hopeful. Where their fathers make up the World’s Finest team, Superboy and Robin make up the Super Sons. DC Comics and writer Peter Tomasi have been delivering super kid excitement every month in the pages of Super Sons, and we got to sit down with the writer at New York Comic Con to discuss fathers and sons, and perhaps the most important character in the Super Sons book- Superboy’s mom, Lois Lane.

Den of Geek: Did you pitch for Super Sons, or did DC come to you with the idea?

Peter Tomasi: They went through some original pitches, eventually, they just gave it me.

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What drew you to Damien and Superboy?

Honestly, I love writing kids. I think having a boy of my own, he was ten when I started writing Robin, the age age is great to steal from. It’s been a lot of fun to work on such young characters. To add more muscle and bone to these characters has been great.

What do you think works when it comes to Jonathan Kent? When they put a super son in a film, fans were like, “Um, no.” The character of Chris Kent didn’t last past Geoff Johns leaving Action Comics. But Jonathan stuck. Why?

Hopefully, it’s my writing. Dan Jurgens did a great job in Lois and Clark bringing Jon to life. He doesn’t fall far from the tree. He’s a hopeful kid with a lot to learn.

Where are the kinds now and what’s coming up?

We’re coming to a crossover with Teen Titans and Superman in December called Super Sons of Tomorrow. It will start in Super Sons, and go into Superman, Teen Titans, and then back to Super Sons. Me and Pat Gleason are writing.

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The dichotomy of the darkness of Damien and the lightness of Jon, is even more startling than the dichotomy between Bruce and Clark. The Super Sons might have the darkest relationship in the DCU.

I like it. I think Damien is the perfect Robin. His legacy and history makes him fit in the Bat mythos perfectly. Damien and Bruce are the perfect Batman and Robin.

Damien is a story machine. His grandpa Ra’s Al Ghul, his mom Talia, and he rides around on a Man-Bat.

He’s all over the place. He’s great.

Any villains or supporting character you would love to use?

Well, we’re looking into the aspect of a Mother’s Day issue. And we’re talking both moms- Lois and Talia.

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That would be a great book, Lois and Talia, like Betty and Veronica.

I can see the Adam Hughes cover right now.

How does being fathers change the Bruce and Clark dynamic? When the World’s Finest get together, they’re two dads.

It’s fun. It’s a strange dynamic to work with, but then it became not so strange. It lends itself to drama and conflict. The ages of the kids puts those two parents into new mindsets and situations that make you laugh. There’s something joyous about it, it’s not just dark. Being a parent is fun.

When’s the parent/teacher issue? Which brings to mind, do they kids go to school?

Oh, we’re going to be doing stuff with school. We can show that daily grind.

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Talk about writing Lois now that she’s a mom.

It’s Sarah Conner meets Lois Lane. She was recently in a Hellbat suit. She takes no guff. She’s one of the most important women in comics, and we’re not shying away from that. Soon, you’re going to see her on Apokolips in the pages of Superman, and you’re going to see some serious ass kicking.