Star Wars: The High Republic to Feature Younger Yoda

Yoda will bridge the gap between The High Republic and the Star Wars film saga when he arrives in the era's new comics series from IDW.

Star Wars: The High Republic Yoda
Photo: Lucasfilm

Ever since it was revealed that the Star Wars: The High Republic series of books and comics would be set 200 years before The Phantom Menace, fans have been wondering whether it would feature a slightly younger Jedi Master Yoda. Well, Lucasfilm has confirmed that this will indeed be the case.

Set to appear in IDW’s The High Republic Adventures comic series by Daniel Jose Older, Yoda is 700 years old during the High Republic era, slightly younger than in the movies, but he still looks pretty much the same but with slightly less wrinkles.

“It’s especially exciting to be able to introduce him in the era of the High Republic,” Older said in an interview on “The High Republic Yoda is a journeyman out in the galaxy.”

Yoda won’t just be sitting in a Jedi Council chamber this time around or fighting wars for the Republic. The High Republic Adventures casts Yoda back in the role of teacher.

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“While he’s already a respected member of the Jedi Council at this point, we meet Yoda in IDW’s The High Republic Adventures series doing what he loves best: looking out for the young folks — in this case, a group of Padawans traveling around the galaxy to learn the ways of the Jedi with a hands-on approach,” Older said. “The Force study abroad program, basically.”

Who’s ready for a Yoda road trip? Lucasfilm also went into detail about the Jedi Master’s High Republic design. It isn’t vastly different from his look in the Star Wars Prequels. While some of his Jedi counterparts in the High Republic era are dressed in fancy robes with gold trim, Yoda’s leeping it simple:

Star Wars: The High Republic Yoda
Star Wars: The High Republic Yoda

“The goal was to update Yoda, but to be careful and be true to the Yoda that we all know and love,” said Troy Alders, Lucasfilm art director, of the new design. “Also, to really make sure that the new look was believable, as this is really the first time that there has been an opportunity to update his look and his clothing. It felt like a daunting and enormous responsibility to embark on and get right.”

The High Republic centers on a new group of Jedi working to protect the galaxy during a golden age for the Order. But while it’s a good time to be the Republic, not all corners of the galaxy have been annexed into the galactic government yet. The series promises to show us Jedi explorers adventuring into new frontiers of space while facing off a new enemy faction known as the Nihil, which look a lot like space Vikings.

The first two parts of The High Republic, the adult novel Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule and the middle-grade novel A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland, will release on Jan. 5. The young adult novel Into the Dark by Claudia Gray will hit shelves on Feb. 2. Dates have yet to be set for the new comics series from Marvel and IDW.

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