Spider-Man: Far From Home Post Credits Scene Explained

The Spider-Man: Far From Home post credits scene hints at the future of the MCU in unexpected ways!

This article contains nothing but Spider-Man: Far From Home spoilers. We have a spoiler free review right here.

When Spider-Man: Homecoming came out, the post-credits scene didn’t exactly break any new ground. After the mid-credits hinted at more appearances of Mac Gargan and the Vulture, the post-credits was Captain America trolling us in the form of a PSA about patience. Oh, it was absolutely hilarious, but I’m still shaking my fist at those guys.

Spider-Man: Far From Home has a mid-credits scene that is incredibly important and did such heavy lifting as being a major deal that one could forgive Marvel for handing us another pointless gag for the post credits. Especially for a movie where the villain is a guy who tricks people.

On one hand, the Spider-Man: Far From Home post credits scene has very little to do with Spider-Man. On the other hand, it’s still potentially a major development to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of its biggest characters.

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Nick Fury and Maria Hill are shown driving down the street in broad daylight, sometime after Spider-Man’s victory against Mysterio but sometime before the shocking news report. Hill reveals herself to be the Skrull Soren. Fury turns out to be Soren’s husband Talos. You may remember them from Captain Marvel. The two bicker about how they – shapeshifters and impersonators – were fooled by a human illusionist. It’s just not a good look is all.

They call up the real Nick Fury and give a very quick and vague explanation of how the events of Far From Home went. Fury is mentioned as being on a mission and doesn’t really pay them any mind. He’s shown on a beautiful beach, only to reveal that it’s only a simulation. He gets up and walks through a Skrull spaceship, telling everyone to get to work and then asks for his shoes.

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So Fury and Hill were imposters all along. Again, funny gag for a movie where the bad guy messes with your perceptions.

There are some minor hints here and there throughout the movie. While Fury is capable of getting his way off-camera, he’s admittedly out of his element for much of the movie. Talos even brings up that he has no idea how to contact the Avengers or bring things together in case of an emergency. No wonder the guy was stuck having to pick the reluctant teenager. Hell, he probably chose not to even seek out Doctor Strange because he’d be able to figure out the truth.

And by the way, Peter is doubly screwed because Skrull Nick Fury is a lot less capable at having his back than actual Nick Fury. Poor guy. At least for his sake, it wasn’t the Chameleon pretending to be Fury.

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The biggest takeaway to reflect on is the conversation when Peter suggests other heroes. He mentions Captain Marvel and Fury berates him for invoking her name. Sure, Fury idolizes his friend from the ’90s, but to Talos, Carol Danvers means everything. She’s almost a religious figure.

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Fury has a history of not being what he seems. In the comics, he tends to use robot duplicates – Life Model Decoys – to act as targets in his stead, but Agents of SHIELD has already played around with that concept. We still get an imposter Fury, but it’s one the public is more familiar with.

We know that in the past twenty-plus years, Captain Marvel has been helping out other planets. The presumption from Endgame was that her time working towards finding a new home for the Skrull race was complete and she’s moved on. Now we know that there’s unfinished business. Unfinished business that for some reason involves bringing in Nick Fury.

We don’t know when Captain Marvel 2 is coming, but considering all the money the first one made, it’s certainly on the way. Is the war with the Kree still happening? What’s this about Kree sleeper cells on Earth? What’s it going to take to find salvation for the Skrulls if the most powerful woman in the universe can’t get the job done after several decades?

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One thing’s for sure. I’m happy to have Talos on Earth. The guy takes to it so well. It’s charming as heck.

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