Robotech Remix Is Delayed Until The End of the Year

We’ve finally learned the fate of the newest Robotech comic and when it will return after months of delays.

Robotech Remix Delayed
Photo: Titan Comics

Robotech fans have been extremely worried for the past few months. In January the fourth issue of the newest Robotech comic series, Robotech Remix was released to stores. It was the final issue in the first arc of the story and it left fans hungry for more. It set up more mysteries about what had happened to Dana and Bowie in the original timeline, what Rick has been up to since the end of ‘Curtain Call’, and more. 

Later issues of the comic were listed in solicitations and covers were even shared with the media.  However, February came and went without a Robotech comic. Then March. Fans began to hear from their shops that Robotech Remix had been cancelled. We reached out to Titan Comics in February but only heard that issue 5 was going to be “resolicited” and that an announcement was forthcoming.

Over the next few months little was heard from Titan Comics, with writer Brenden Fletcher commenting in April that “I’ve seen (artist) Elmer (Damaso’s) from REMIX #5 and they’re GORGEOUS! But given the current circumstances, I don’t think we’ll be getting new Robotech comics on shelves for some time.”

We finally got official word this past weekend during a chat Tommy Yune, President of Animation at Harmony Gold had on the Icon Heroes YouTube channel

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He stated that Titan Comics were impacted by the complete shutdown of the direct market comic industry due to Covid-19 and while they’ve slowly started to put some of their comics out they can’t do their full slate. They’ve been working with a staggered skeleton crew in their offices along with working from home.

This means that Robotech comics will be delayed, according to Yune, “to the end of the year at the very least.” 

While this is a blow to Robotech fans it’s good to know Robotech Remix is not cancelled as many assumed. Yune went on to say that Fletcher is looking forward to working on more Robotech, so hopefully he (along with Damaso) will be in tow when the book returns.

Robotech Remix has been an absolute joy for hardcore Robotech fans since its debut last year. It’s finally given a chance for Dana and The Masters saga characters to shine after years of being on the sidelines. In a delightful twist though, Dana is older than she was in the show while many characters such Bowie and Louie are only kids. There’s also new spins on Jack and Karen from The Sentinels and even a Zentradi sized Sammie.

The highlight so far has been getting to see Dana interact with versions of Max and Miriya that, because of previous events in recent comics, never got together in this version of the timeline. The three never appeared on screen together in the original series because of the footage so it’s been a treat to see Dana deal with her parents.

The art of Elmer Damaso has been truly spectacular. The series keeps it anime roots and the characters all feel like they’ve come straight from the series. The colors are bright, the expressions conveying immense depth, and the complicated mecha breathtaking.

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Even with only four issues out there’s a lot to pour over and a lot to theorize about what could be coming in the future. Hopefully we’ll get to see the series play out as Fletcher and Damaso intended.

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