Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles Team-Up Again

The Power Rangers are about to be certified turtlefied with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in comic form!

Back in 1998 the Power Rangers teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in what has been called one of the wildest crossovers in TV history. The episode “Shell Shocked” is still fondly remembered today and BOOM! Studios is about to bring us another crossover between two of the biggest names kids action series in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Ninja Turtles. A five-issue limited series will see the classic Mighty Morphin team “fight – and maybe team up with – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the first time in comic book history” according to Boom’s press release. The full story synopsis is below.

The Power Rangers arrive in New York City to find Tommy Oliver – AKA The Mighty Morphin Green Ranger – but soon discover he’s joined forces with the villainous Shredder and the Foot Clan! As the Rangers are sent reeling by this betrayal, they’re confronted by another (fr)enemy – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Can these heroes find a way to work together to defeat the bad guys and save the world from total destruction?!

The limited series will be written by Ryan Parrott who’s currently heading the main MMPR comic series along with collaborating on the Go Go Power Rangers comic series. It will be illustrated by Simone di Meo who was the main artist on the recent Power Rangers: Beyond the Grid comic series.

We’ve got new preview images for the series below, which gives us a lot of Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles action!

Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Page 1
Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Pages 2-3
Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Page 4
Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Page 5
Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Pages 6-7
Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Page 8
Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Page 9

This is just the latest string in the many crossovers of the Ninja Turtles, especially in comics, but this is especially exciting for Power Rangers. While they teamed up with the Justice League in 2017 the Power Rangers franchise hasn’t had many crossovers with other brands in comic or TV form. The Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers are truly a match made in heaven, with Power Rangers usurping TMNT dominance in the 90’s for action TV series and toys. The two crossing over in Power Rangers in Space was a perfect match up, blowing kids’ minds at the time. Since then, the two brands have often run parallel to each other so it’s great to finally see them intersect once again.

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You can see the first cover for the series below.

The Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers team-up in BOOM! Studios' Comic

There’s tons of potential in this story for all kinds of fun combinations and fan service, just don’t expect it to be in any kind of continuity with either the Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles ongoing comic series. With team-ups like this it’s better not to worry about that kind of thing, just use the entire run to have fun with the concept. Ryan Parrott has proven he can handle both the characters and fan service of Power Rangers so he’s the perfect choice to head this limited series. 

We can’t wait to see this series when the first issue drops December 4, 2019.

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