Ms Marvel #7 review

Wolverine makes a great contribution to the latest issue of Ms Marvel. Here's Will's review of a solid issue seven...

“Kamala Khan has always felt different”. 

Ms Marvel has been a standout comic for me this year. It has got pretty much everything I want from a book – comedy, heart, ridiculous violence, and a kick-ass female lead thrown in as well. Kamala Khan is a great character, and it has been really rewarding to read G Willow Wilson’s gentle coming of age story. 

We pick up with Kamala as she is about to be attacked by a giant alligator, sent by a cockatiel clone of Thomas Edison (really – no joke). This issue is the second part of a team-up with the now powerless Wolverine. It does feel like Wolverine has spent the last few years being thrown into every book possible (Including Storm #2, which I also reviewed this week) but this is the best fit I have seen for ages – A gruff Wolverine plus a totally star-struck Kamala Khan is a winning combination. 

Again, it is Wilson’s dialogue that shines, leaving me in hunched-over hysterics at a couple of points. The interplay between Wolverine and Kamala is pitched perfectly – I loved that Wolverine is now officially allowed to blame carrying any extra weight on ‘big bones’. Wilson has a real talent for elegantly shifting the tone between scenes, without making the change in mood feel forced or even worse, cheesy.

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Following the fight with the aforementioned giant alligator, Wilson includes a nice scene in which Kamala further explores the responsibilities and consequences that come with her new-found powers – a regular and welcome topic in this book. Also, a subtle shift into mystery in the book’s last scene is very well handled (I will say no more). 

This two-issue story has been drawn by guest artist Jacob Wyatt, standing in for series artist Adrian Alphona. I have really enjoyed Alphona’s work on this book, and while I thought Wyatt’s work on this issue was fine, it was just that. There were a few opportunities where more drama or comedy could have been pulled out from a scene, which were missed – I especially felt this during the alligator fight.

For the first half of this book, the paneling is rather safe and restrained, before opening up for a fantastic full-page spread on page 16. Ian Herring does a nice job with the colours, using a pastel based palette; I particularly liked his work in the last few scenes set underground. 

G Willow Wilson’s script is again the star of this issue, and I can’t wait for #8 and the return of regular artist Adrian Alphona. 

Ms Marvel issue eight is out now.

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3 out of 5