Marvel’s The Avengers: Iron Man Mark VII review

It's all systems go for The Avengers. CJ investigates the digital front of Marvel's campaign to take over cinema...


Excited about The Avengers but find traditional comics a little… static? You might want to take a look at Loud Crow Interactive and Marvel’s official tie-in motion comic. Made for iOS and Android, the app is free, and at that price it’s difficult to find fault.

Iron Man Mark VII is a good enough read anyway, so you needn’t worry about any faults cropping up. The comic blasts through both Iron Man movies to date to get everyone up to speed on Tony Stark’s design process before he dons his latest suit. The Mark VII Iron Man armour will be revealed in The Avengers/Avengers Assemble, although we’ve already seen glimpses in the trailers.

Developers Loud Crow have crafted a slick motion comic that bridges the gap between sequential art and cinema. Readers drag from right to left to move the story forward. Tapping on parts of the image kicks in an appropriate sound effect or allows readers to move objects. We won’t ruin these as there are some fun surprises.

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Each scene is a diary entry by Stark, and there are guest appearances by War Machine, Pepper Potts and Stark’s idiotic robot drone. Villains Iron Monger and Whiplash rear their heads too. The ever-reliable artificial intelligence called J.A.R.V.I.S. guides Tony’s Mark VII design to readiness, and we get some hints about what innovations it could hold.

One of the nicest features of the app is the repeatable dialogue. Tap any word and the actor’s voice will say it again. It’s great for littl’uns who’re mad about Marvel but who might struggle with some of the phrases. Just be careful that they don’t drive you insane with amateur remixes of Tony Stark and J.A.R.V.I.S.

Iron Man Mark VII is entertaining, easy on the wallet, and doesn’t outstay its welcome. There’s definitely a market for this kind of comic, and it blends in well with the technological theme of Iron Man’s world. Hopefully Loud Crow will get the chance to make more.

If you’re looking for some pre-Avengers material to impress your friends, kids or cockatoo then take this opportunity to invest in Stark Industries.

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