Legion Season 2: Where Will the Story Go Next?

Legion is mind-warping in the best possible way, but always leaves us guessing. Here are our biggest burning questions for Legion Season 2!

Legion is that wonderful sort of television show that leaves you on the edge of your seat, yet constantly asking yourself, “Wait, what just happened? Did I miss something?”

Even though season one mostly wrapped up the big mysteries, this labyrinth of a series begs many more questions, and season two will surely produce a million more. Here are the biggest questions we have for Legion Season 2.

Cary and Kerry

The relationship between Cary and Kerry is one of the more interesting dynamics on the show, a mutant ability that’s unseen in the X-Men comics and films. Their closeness and co-dependence provided some of the most poignant moments during season one. Though things were tense between the pair in the finale, after the Shadow King was seemingly defeated it looked as if the symbiotic duo had made amends.

But what if they haven’t? Could season two find Kerry asserting her independence while Cary faces separation anxiety? When Legion returns, I hope the specifics of their powers take some focus. What would happen if Kerry never returned to Cary’s body? How long can they feasibly stay apart? Would Kerry cease to exist if Cary was killed?

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Watching Cary’s pained expressions and near collapse in season one when Kerry was in danger and looked as if she might not survive was such an impactful moment. I’m sure we’ll see more of those from the Loudermilks in season two.


Left nameless until the final episode, Clark emerged late in the game as the anti-mutant, physical antagonist of the series. In the finale we witnessed Clark grappling with the injuries he sustained from David during the pilot, watching him try to rehabilitate from the horrible burn wounds and seeing the impact the accident had on his family. In that opening sequence, Clark transforms from nameless interrogator to a hardened, multi-dimensional character harboring an intense desire for revenge. It also appears that Clark’s involvement in Division 3 is a family affair, with his husband Daniel also serving a role in the organization, but Daniel seems higher up.

How much skin do they have in the game? Where does their fear of mutants stem from? Hopefully their roles in Division 3 and the mysterious organization’s origins and scope of power are uncovered. Clark makes for a different and intriguing villain on Legion.

Syd also speculates that he has a soft spot for David. Is that true? Is it possible that Clark becomes an ally?

Professor X

The specter of Professor X’s wheelchair loomed large over Legion for comic fans before he was revealed to be David’s true father on the series. After we received confirmation that the show would be sticking to its comic roots in “Chapter Seven,” the biggest question is if and when Professor X will appear. He may have already indirectly popped up on the series in the form of David’s “rational mind,” but will we actually see old cueball in the flesh? Would James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart be willing to cameo?

About the prospect of having Professor X appear on Legion, creator Noah Hawley recently said, “I think that’s something we’re definitely going to approach. It’s a creative conversation, but it’s also a sort of corporate conversation, you know, on some level, in terms of the movie studio and their relationship to the X-Men and the characters they want in the movies and want to protect potentially. And were we to want to have Professor X on the show, or even Patrick Stewart on the show, James McAvoy or one of those actors, is a conversation both with the actor and with the studio. So, I don’t know, I haven’t really dived into that quandary yet, but certainly I need to start thinking about it.”

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It sounds like a lot of this is up to Fox and whether they’re willing to allow one of their biggest cinematic chess pieces to be used in a different game. Were Professor X to appear, it certainly could have major implications for the direction of the story, possibly moving us into something more closely resembling the X-Men world that we know, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Hawley seems keen to keep the setting and timeline of the series a mystery, as well as keep telling stories that are completely unbeholden to the source material or movies. I’d expect Professor X’s involvement to be nothing more than a brief cameo, but Legion certainly proved to me that anything could be possible.

Fingers crossed for a showdown with The Shadow King!

Oliver and Melanie

Poor Melanie just can’t keep her man. Just as she had gotten Oliver back from the astral plane, moments after he finally seemed to remember her, the Shadow King took up residency inside of his mind. Now Oliver is on the run in a fast car with Lenny, certainly speeding to cause chaos somewhere near. Pairing Jemaine Clement and Aubrey Plaza feels like a no-brainer to me. Both actors have such unbelievable energy on this show; I imagine their scenes will be combustible.

The main questions are what exactly The Shadow King’s next move will be and how intensely will Melanie react to Oliver’s mental capture? Does The Shadow King want to take revenge on the Summerland gang, or will he be the one to escalate a war between Division 3 and the mutants? Melanie will surely be worried about Oliver once she realizes that he’s the new host for the parasite, will her love for her husband get in the way of her ability to stop him? Will she lose focus on Summerland’s other adversaries?

David and Syd

David really can’t catch a break either. He and Syd were enjoying a quiet moment mere minutes after he finally removed a parasitic evil entity from his mind that literally ruined his entirely life, and he’s instantly zapped back into the next horror show, sucked inside of a flying drone floating off to who knows where.

Obviously the question there is evident: who’s behind it? We hear Division 3 in the finale order something called “Equinox,” could this be that?  But the real question I have regards Syd. I have an odd suspicion that it was really Syd that faced down Kerry as The Shadow King in the hallway at Summerland in David’s body. It may not be the case, but if it is, would that mean that Syd as David was really the one to get sucked up by that drone?

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Syd’s reaction to David being taken away just felt a little odd. I don’t know, but their relationship has only known turmoil. Let’s see how it survives this next season.