Deadpool Relaunch Coming From Marvel

Wade Wilson tries to up his merc game with the new team of Skottie Young and Nic Klein.

It’s a pretty critical time for Deadpool these days. On the more mainstream side of things, he has a big movie sequel coming out in May. That’s a pretty big deal.

In the land of comics, we have another big deal. Gerry Duggan is ending his lengthy run on Deadpool, which has not only been wonderful, but it’s easily – in my opinion – the best run on the character ever. Ever.

That raises a question. If Deadpool is still doing it for Marvel and they’re doing yet another relaunch/rebranding and there needs to be some Deadpool out on the market to capitalize on all that Ryan Reynolds goodness…then who is the new creative team?

Coming out on June 6, Skottie Young and Nic Klein will be giving us Deadpool #1. This is a very welcome opportunity as Young has the right mind for the character, if his Rocket Raccoon series is anything to go by. It even featured fairly obscure Deadpool rival Macho Gomez, so the guy knows his deep cuts. Otherwise, Young did take part in an issue of Deadpool Team-Up featuring Galactus.

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Young won’t be taking on art duties, which is probably for the best, as Klein’s style seems like a better fit for the character. Young’s art is great for comedy, but a little too distracting when it’s time for pathos to happen. If pathos happens. I hope it happens. That’s like 40% of the character.

Duggan left some huge shoes to fill, considering in the past few years, Deadpool’s found a wife, a daughter, horrific secrets from his past, a major spot on the Avengers, a complicated relationship with Captain America, and two teams of mercenaries to lead. Young will be starting it off easy by having Deadpool focus on his status as one of the top hired guns in Marvel.

Here’s hoping that wave of good Wade Wilson stories continues with this run.

Deadpool #1 arrives on June 6.

Gavin Jasper can’t help but think of the time Deadpool hallucinated that he was Dorothy in one of Young’s Wizard of Oz books. Follow Gavin on Twitter!