Chloe Bennet and Luke Mitchell on Agents of SHIELD, Secret Warriors and Testing Lincoln

At WonderCon we caught up with Agents of SHIELD's Chloe Bennet and Luke Mitchell to talk Inhuman, Secret Warriors and more!

It’s been a long road for Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) and Lincoln Campbell (Luke Mitchell) on Agents of SHIELD. Originally, Daisy was just an ordinary tech expert by the name of Skye until she discovered that she was an Inhuman. That’s when it was revealed that she’s a character from recent Marvel Comics. Meanwhile, Campbell has struggled to earn Coulson (Clark Gregg)’s trust since joining the SHIELD team in season two.

Bennet and Mitchell were part of a WonderCon panel for Agents of SHIELD and did press roundtable interviews together after the panel. We got to ask them about the future of Secret Warriors, Lincoln’s powers and more coming up on the series.

We’ve been teased about Secret Warriors. Will we see more of that action?

Bennet: Fans will be thoroughly satisfied with some of the Secret Warrior action we have coming up. It was some of my favorite stuff to shoot ever on this show because it’s something that Daisy’s wanted.

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I can’t say how it ends in that it’s not going to be like “We’re a team and this is how it is forever happy yay!” It’s not necessarily going to be like that but there’s a couple of really good comic book classic moments that we have with the team.

What can you tease about the glimpse Daisy will get into the future?

Bennet: It’s really just like a flash of us going to Trader Joe’s. We hit the movies. We see Deadpool together which is ironic. They’re not in the same [universe].

No, I can’t. I wish. It’s not good, and we start playing with time, illusion and whether you can change the future. Different people on the team have different opinions on whether or not that’s something you can do.

Mitchell: It’s about fate and it’s actually one of the more interesting episodes.

Bennet: It was a very emotional episode for me to shoot for sure.

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Speaking of emotion, how much does losing Bobbi and Hunter affect your characters?

Mitchell: It doesn’t really hit my character. I mean, I wasn’t even in the episode. Lincoln didn’t really have much interaction with the two characters. I’m going to miss the two actors because they’re both really nice people. I’ll let you talk for [Daisy].

Bennet: It was weird to lose members that we’d gotten so close to but we’re still close. It was a great episode. They were obviously friends of Daisy but I don’t think those characters were hugely impactful to her storyline. I don’t think it was as much of a loss as it was to someone like Mack or to Simmons who I think grew closer to those characters.

Mitchell: Nick still lives three blocks down from my place and he still comes over for poker so it’s not really that big a loss.

Bennet: They live really close so we see them all the time, so it doesn’t feel like it was a total loss for us. Yeah, it was a great episode.

Is Lincoln at a point where he’s tired of being tested and feels he’s proven himself?

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Mitchell: He does get put through a lot of tests, doesn’t he? That’s the interesting thing that just when you think that he’s passed the final test, there’s another seven levels in there that just kind of come out of nowhere.

Bennet: You have a really great scene coming up where we get to know Lincoln’s background a little bit more as to why he is the way he is. I think fans are going to like that.

Mitchell: I hope so. What episode is that? 16, 17?

Bennet: I think it was 15. No, 16.

If you get to crossover within the MCU, would you rather go Avengers or Defenders?

Bennet: Avengers. It would be cool to be in the Inhumans movie.

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Mitchell: Just put that out there.

Bennet: Just because of how relevant in pop culture the Avengers have been so far, it would be awesome to get to shoot a fight sequence alongside them. But Inhumans would be a really fun thing to be a part of.

Are you surprised at how well Daisy has slipped into a leadership position?

Bennet: I think what makes her such a good leader is that she can admit when she doesn’t know what to do. I think that’s a realistic take on a leader. So many shows you see people in power who are kind of just there and they always know the right thing. It’s really the people below them who struggle to provide for what this leader wants.

For Daisy, you’ve kind of seen her grow from someone who was living in her van to now dealing with so many interpersonal issues with her family and feelings lost and growing into this new character and growing into this new part of her life which is becoming an Inhuman and feeling like she needs a responsibility. So I don’t think it’s something she has a choice on. I think it’s just something she was meant to do.

What’s so interesting is that it’s never really perfect. It’s always a struggle and I don’t think she’ll ever fully feel comfortable in that position. I envy her ability to have an opinion and that’s my opinion and that’s what I think, and say it.

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She has very strong opinions and sometimes I’ll be like, “Yeah, I don’t know, great, yeah, cool.” Very kind of flip floppy in some ways. It feels organic. It feels right. I think it’s definitely a position she was supposed to be in.

Is Lincoln’s inability to control his powers when he’s angry going to present more problems in the future?

Mitchell: Yes, absolutely. We’re going to dive right into that in the next few episodes. The next few episodes are my favorite episodes by far. I’ll just say that.

Bennet: We’ve got some crazy stuff coming up, you guys. 

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 9PM on ABC.