Batman and Catwoman Are Having a Baby, Possibly Helena Wayne

Batman and Catwoman might not be married, but they are having a baby together. And you might have already met her!

Well, Damian’s going to be pissed. 35 issues after their engagement came to a tumultuous end, Batman and Catwoman are back together and are having a baby, according to art posted by writer Tom King on Twitter. The tweet shows Batman holding a pregnant Catwoman on the rooftops of Gotham, sharing a loving moment. You can see the picture above.

While King may be teasing a storyline from his upcoming 12-issue maxiseries Batman/Catwoman, it’s more likely that this is art from another series or book. For one thing, this isn’t art by Clay Mann, who is set to draw all 12 issues of the maxi-series. On top of that, King actually tagged the art team of Mikel Janin and Jordie Bellaire in his tweet. This team was a major staple of King’s 85-issue run on Batman, but DC has not announced that they’re working on Batman/Catwoman at all. But King and Janin are contributing to Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 in April. It’s possible that King is teasing their story in that anthology. All of this is speculation, of course.

What we do know is that King actually set the stage for the birth of Batman and Catwoman’s child in Batman Annual #2, which covers the beginning and end of Bruce and Selina’s lives together. It’s revealed in the issue (although this was thought to just be a possible timeline and not exactly established continuity) that Bruce and Selina have a daughter named Helena Wayne in the future. If that name rings any bells, it’s because it’s a nod to a version of the Huntress from the 1970s, who was the Bat and Cat’s daughter in an alternate universe. 

King has said that Batman Annual #2 is the foundation for Batman/Catwoman, a series the writer hopes will allow him to leave his mark on Bat mythos.

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“If you think Vision changed Vision forever, Batman/Catwoman will change Batman and Catwoman forever,” King told us at NYCC 2019. “This is my chance to do my Dark Knight Returns, to do something that defines and redefines this character for a generation.”

Certainly, Helena Wayne, like Damian Wayne in the 2000s, would be a way to change Batman and Catwoman forever. But raising a child together likely won’t be so easy, especially when there’s a major villain from Bruce’s past making her comic book debut in the maxi-series. Teased as a major part of Batman/Catwoman, the Phantasm is set to haunt Gotham once again and will likely be a major foil for Bruce and Selina’s relationship throughout the series. Things are bound to get a bit messy for these two lovebirds. 

No release date has been set for Batman/Catwoman but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear something from DC. Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 is out on April 15.

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