Hannah’s Book Round-up

Hannah rounds up the latest news, releases and happenings in the geek book world…

Book News

I think this is the most positive possible way to start this week’s book news.

In the month we learn that forty of America’s billionaires have pledged to give half their fortunes away to charitable causes, we also hear that author Mark L. Van Name is on a similar mission.

One hundred percent of the proceeds of the hardcover edition of his latest book, Children No More, will go to the children’s organisation Falling Whistles. The book is about rehabilitating child soldiers into society, whilst Falling Whistles genuinely tries to achieve this. A noble cause and one you can read more about here

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Out Now

Billy Hazelnuts And The Crazy Bird by Tony Millionaire

Now, please don’t have a go at me for highlighting this comic. I’m aware it’s been out for quite some time. The lengthy side of forever, some might say. I’d say closer to two years, but let’s not squabble. Instead let’s talk about this rather beautiful little gem.

After being sent a copy last week, I can confirm this is one of those treasures that when reading prompts the thought, “Wai…wait, what…what’s going on?” But no sooner than its shiny back page has slid through your fingers, you’ll be hankering for the next little injection of curious storytelling.

As far as I could tell, Billy was a creature created from rubbish, by rats, but is somehow made out of cake and spends his time in this tale trying to reunite a baby bird with its mother. It sounds nice, but the mother ran away because Billy was beating her up. After having beaten up the cat. Oh, and the baby bird keeps eating Billy as he is, as I’ve said, made out of cake.

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No Man’s World: Black Hand Gang by Pat Kelleher

Okay, time for the start of another, exciting new series. With some pretty positive first reviews, Black Hand Gang might just be the read for any soldier and alien fans out there. If you like both, definitely take note.

In 1916, nine hundred men of the 13th Battalion of the Pennine Fusiliers suddenly vanished in mid battle. Cowards? No! They simply got transported to an alien planet somewhere quite far away. Of course, with limited rations and ammo things start to get strained, especially when the natives start to take note. However, given the type of book this is and how these types of books tend to go, do you really think outside enemies are going to be their biggest problem?

Coming Soon

Tomes Of The Dead: Stronghold by Paul Finch

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I’m not quite sure how to start talking about this book because, its premise sounds so brilliant, I don’t want to mess it up.

King Edward I of England has built a pretty sturdy castle right slap bang in the middle of Wales. Now, this castle has so far stood up to some pretty harsh punishment and has earned itself the title of the strongest fortress in the British Isles.

The Welsh, however, disagree with this claim and as they are also completely fed up of English tyranny, they do what anyone would do. They get some druids together, give them an ancient mystical artefact and get them to summon an army of the undead.

Now we might finally get to know the answer to the age-old question: who would win in a fight between medieval castle stronghold or a horde of zombies. Answers on a postcard, as long as the postcard has either a zombie or castle on.

Release Date: August 19th