Book Giveaway: Win a Copy of Full-Frontal Nerdity by K.S. Wiswell

We're giving away 5 copies of K.S. Wiswell's brainy, romantic, and hilarious take on what a little introspection can do for you!

Have you ever wondered how quantum physics could help you get a date? Or if math is the real reason for gender-inequality? Well ask no further because K.S. Wiswell has the answers you seek! 

In a series of short personal essays, Wiswell delves into the mind of an adult with many questions in a world that doesn’t provide any straight-forward answers. She includes a charming story about a Time Warner cable customer service representative and their debate over adding.

Wiswell beautifully dictates a story about the many-worlds theory and how it made her day (and can make yours) better. There’s also the Bayesian theory, and did we already mention quantum physics? If you don’t know what the Bayesian theory is (we sure didn’t) now is a great time to figure it out because it actually applies to your life!

A self-proclaimed nerd, Wiswell is both charismatic and informative in her approach to modern problems. Whether it’s physics, math, mythology or poetry, no question is too great to tackle.

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The author’s approach is meaningful and hilarious, probably (definitely) due to her time as a member of the high society of Improv! Since we’re all about learning new things here at Den of Geek, we want to share the knowledge Full-Frontal Nerdity has to offer so we’re giving away one copy each to FIVE lucky nerds! 

Entry in the giveaway is simple:

– Join the Den of Geek Book Club over on Goodreads.

– Comment in the Introduce Yourself discussion thread, or one of the other open discussion threads (and be sure to let us know it was this particular giveaway that sent you there!)

Unfortunately, only readers who reside in the United States qualify for this contest. Final entries will be accepted Wednesday, February 19th! Five (5) winners will be drawn at random and contacted via Goodreads message. Good luck!