25 Hottest Male Characters In Comics, Anime, and Manga

The ladies shouldn't have all the fun. We look at the hottest male characters in comics and beyond...

As many attractive female characters as there are in the comic book and pop-culture industry, and there are many, sometimes we need to devote a little bit of our time and appreciation towards the hot guys of fiction. Be it the hot All-American man type of hero to the dark, gothic allure of a vigilante, there are many examples of the male characters who deserve as much attention as the hot female characters have been receiving for decades.

So it’s time we pay homage to some of the numerous examples of Bishounen (Japanese for pretty boys) in Japanese manga and anime, the heroes of Marvel and DC comics, and the rest of the hunks in the world of entertainment and pop culture.

25) Blacksad

Written by: Juan Diaz Canales

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Illustrated by: Juanjo Guarnido

First Appearance in: Blacksad (English Edition) 

Casting aside the fact that Blacksad is still technically a cat, Blacksad is the type of character that leaves many fangirls purring in his wake. In a similar artistic style to Art Spiegleman’s Maus graphic novels in that both creators used different kinds of animals to depict the ethnicity of the characters, Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido created a manly and suave character depicted in the form of a tall black cat with a large white circle over his mouth. 

Blacksad dresses the part of a charming, but elusive heartbreaker, always attired in the popular style of 1950s, a style which can make any man look good, of button down white shirts, dapper suits, and requisite detective trench coat while casually smoking a cigarette. But what really makes Blacksad such a lady-killer, is the fact that he’s basically James Bond in the body of a cat, as weird as that might be to process.

Constantly going off on exciting adventures where there is often an amazingly high potential for death or harm, Blacksad uses his brilliant detective skills and impressive fighting prowess to battle any challenge that comes his way, always looking debonair in the process. As characters like James Bond and Blacksad prove again and again, it’s not hard to fall for the allure of a suave, handsome man constantly getting himself into and out of trouble. 

24) Prince Eric

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Directed by: Ron Clements & John Musker           

First Appearance: The Little Mermaid (Film) (1989)

Prince Eric is one of the cutest, and perhaps most clueless, Disney princes ever created. He’s the handsome man the film’s protagonist, Ariel, rescued after he almost died drowning during a horrific sea storm. While he doesn’t quite remember the woman who rescued him, he does feel an intense attraction to the quiet, red-haired girl hanging out around the castle. After realizing that the quiet girl and his savior are the same person, he happily proposed to her and the two get married and make a very pretty half-human, half-mermaid child (Princess Melody). 

With those gorgeous blue eyes, that dashing black hair, and that lean, muscular physique, Prince Eric is pretty much the epitome of what we would imagine a charming prince to look like. It’s easy to discount Prince Eric as a total airhead for not being able to realize that the love of his life is not an evil sea-witch in disguise (a.k.a. Ursula), but he has points that work in his favor, such as finally figuring out who Ariel is and then risking his life to save hers, earning some major hunk points in the process. For a generation of girls in the ’90s, Prince Eric is the boy we dreamed about growing up and a definite member of the hottest male characters club. 

23) Tadashi Hamada

First Appearance in: Big Hero 6 (Film) (2015)

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How can you not trust those big, brown eyes? 

The star of Big Hero 6 may have been Hiro Hamada, the brilliant teenage genius and inventor, but the star of many fan girls’ hearts went to the one and only… Tadashi Hamada. A relaxed and warm-hearted guy, Tadashi is the big brother or boyfriend we always wished we had. There’s a reason why so many people in the movie were saddened by the (Spoiler Alert) death of this Hamada brother; Tadashi Hamada was a kind, sensitive man who risked his life to save those of others and who constantly strived to protect and love his younger brother.

Not only is he brilliant like his adorable younger brother, but he’s also incredibly kind, sensitive, and, if I do say so myself, gorgeous. Tall and lean, with that adorable sweep of thick, dark hair and trusting brown eyes, this Hamada brother is certainly easy on the eyes and definitely should be considered as one of fiction’s many male hotties. 

22) General Li Shang

Created by: Robert D. San Souci & Dean DeBois

First Appearance in: Mulan (Film) (1998)

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Everyone remembers the beautiful, heroic protagonist Fa Mulan from the 1998 animated film Mulan, but just as many fans remember the grumpy and very hot Captain made General, Li Shang.

Initially a very gruff and unapproachable character, Li Shang rough handles Mulan and her fellow soldiers with intense practice drills and a harsh exercise regimen. As the movie moves forward, it’s revealed that this heartless Captain is actually more sensitive and more appealing that Mulan and we initially thought.

Once you get to know him Li Shang’s grumpy personality seems more adorable than hostile, and he’s more open-minded than even he realized himself to be grumpy, intelligent, extremely hot guys are definitely a fun treat for fans, and Li Shand is certainly no acception to the rule. A soldier who shows himself to be more than a cold war machine, Li Shang proves himself to be worthy of the title of one of fiction’s hottest male characters, especially in those scenes in which we can see him shirtless…

21) Mako

Created by: Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko

First Appearance in: Legend of Korra episode (“A Leaf in the Wind”) 

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Despite any complaints fans might have about Mako’s role in the Legend of Korra series or his attitude, it’s pretty hard for them to deny Mako’s attractiveness as a male character. Mako originally entered the series as a cool often too much so firebender for the Fire Ferrets, who was often antagonistic towards the Avatar. No surprise that that lead to a fairly volatile relationship between the two.

However, as the series progressed, so did Mako as a character, essentially transforming from a hot and rude jerk to a hot and rude guy with a tragic past and a surprisingly sensitive personality as evidenced by his love towards his younger brother, Bolin, and his protectiveness towards his friends and family.

In describing Mako’s overall looks and personality, critics have tried coming up with several terms, ranging from “slender Clark Kent” or a knock-off Zuko a popular character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series, I choose to go with Japanese Batman. Like Batman, Mako is defined by his tragic past having his parents murdered when he was eight-years old, has a grumpy, kind of hot personality and is an extremely skilled fighter.

Questionable choices Mako made aside, such as his countless romantic troubles, Mako is an attractive male character in that he’s always willing to fight to protect those around him, is extremely intelligent, and is actually a pretty sensitive guy; plus it doesn’t hurt that he has adorably spiky, black hair and a rather pretty face. 

20) Naveen

Directed by: Ron Clements & John Musker

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First Appearance in: The Prince and the Frog (Film) (2009)

Naveen is the first African-American prince to be introduced to Disney films and certainly one of the hottest princes yet. Initially in the film, Naveen is your stereotypical spoiled prince; a flirty pretty boy completely uninterested in anything having to deal with work and responsibilities; however, as the story progresses Naveen beginds to grow as a person and become all the more attractive. 

It’s easy for a man to be considered attractive based solely on his looks, just take a good look at Naveen’s strong jawline, honey brown eyes, and adorably curly black hair for proof, but it’s harder for a man to be considered attractive once you factor in his personality and his behavior as well. As the storyline in the film goes on, Naveen matures as a person, eventually becoming the type of man who works for what he wants instead of expecting things to be handed to him on a silver platter and to loyally adore the same woman for the rest of his life. A man is based on who he is, not necessarily what he looks like, and based on Naveen’s character and his good looks, it’s no wonder he’s one of the hottest male fictional characters created. 

19) Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Written by: Dennis O’Neil

Illustrated by: Neal Adams

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First Appearance in: Green Lantern Vol. 2, #87 (Dec. 1971/Jan. 1972)

John Stewart is personally one of my favorite Green Lanterns, and for a few good reasons. Where Hal Jordan is a little too sarcastic to the point of being somewhat annoying and Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern) is off limits seeing as how in the New 52 DC Comics officially let him out of the closet, John Stewart is the perfect mix of manly and handsome in a male superhero. 

With a deep, manly voiced for the animated verison (provided by voice actor Phil LaMarr), paired with his military background and his typically calm demeanor, John Stewart has an old-school sense of manliness that we just don’t see with that many guys today, “sigh.” John Stewart is a man who doesn’t deal with ignorance or injustice in a world strife with it both in the past and today, having dealt with racist enemies when he originally came out in the comics in the early ’70s or fighting violent bad guys in comics of today. Either way, John Stewart proves himself to be a true solider, whether on the field or in his iconic green-and-black suit, and you know there’s almost nothing a fangirl or fanboy appreciates more than a handsome solider willing and able to serve for what he believes is right. 

18) Roy Harper

Written by: Mort Weisinger

Illustrated by: George Papp

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Roy Harper has a little bit of a complicated history, originally the sidekick to the Green Arrow (referred to as Speedy), Harper has always felt a little stifled playing the role of a sidekick when he wanted to be a hero instead. To make things a little messier, Harper was also one of the first DC characters to be a drug addict, a storyline that alternates depending on which issue of the comics you’re reading. Whether straining under the confines of being a sidekick or battling drug or anger related issues, Roy Harper is one hot-headed, and plain hot, character.

Once he ditches the Speedy Persona, Roy Harper goes on to become the Red Arrow or Arsenal, again depending on which issue of the comics you’re reading, a cooler and more manly superhero identity. With the same precise shooting skills of his mentor Green Arrow, Roy definitely has the skills to be a superhero archer along with the good looks to back up his place on this list.

With fiery red hair, intense dark eyes, and impressive arms and body sculpted by intense archery practice and execution, Harper is definitely one hunk of a superhero. Casting the anger issues aside, he is actually a pretty good guy when it comes down to it, whether it’s helping out his friends (refer to episodes of the Young Justice animated series for examples) or trying to be a good father to his baby girl (refer to episodes of Young Justice series or various comic book issues for reference); that being said, there is something extremely appealing about a slightly temperamental hot guy that calls out to a fangirl’s love for bad boys.

17) Colossus

Written by: Len Wein

Illustrated by: Dave Cockrum

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First Appearance in: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975)

Let me just take a sec to look and this picture and say: “Yummy!” Because that is one of the best words we can use to describe this insanely sweet and incredibly toned X-men Piotr “Peter” Nikolaievitch Rasputin, otherwise known as the X-Men member Colossus. 

Colossus, as many comic book fans know, is one of the major members of the X-Men team and is also usually the boyfriend of fellow X-Men member Katherine Anne “Kitty” Pryde. Collusus is a fairly gentle guy despite his superhero title and his daunting physique having grown up in Russia as the son of a farmer and constantly risking his own life to save those of his friends or civilians in harm’s way. Aside from the awesome fact he is a member of the X-Men team, Colossus is one of the hottest comic book characters out there not only because he’s buff and gorgeous although he is, but because he’s also a truly gentle and honest guy, something that fans don’t tend to see that much of lately in fiction or in reality. 

16) Gray Fullbuster 

Written & Illustrated by: Hiro Mashima

First Appearance in: Fairy Tail (Vol. 1)

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Constantly fighting with one of Fairy Tail’s main characters (Natsu Dragneel) and constantly shirtless, Gray Fullbuster is not only one of Fairy Tail’s hottest characters, but one of Fiction’s hottest male characters as well. An impressive Ice Wizard with an even more impressive set of abs, Gray Fullbuster is a character with a very tragic past; as a young child, Gray witnessed his entire village being attacked and was the only one to survive. Despite his sad story, Gray finds himself a family within the Fairy Tail guild despite being constantly at ends with Natsu, another Fairy Tail guild member and constantly fights to protect his family from harm’s way. 

As a result of part of his training where he had to learn to build his resistance to the cold, Gray is constantly taking off his clothes completely unaware when he does so and showing off that ridiculously tight body of his. Unlike the other members of his crew, Gray is fairly even-tempered and manages to stay so while in the middle of a battle with a dangerous enemy. With his cool personality, kindness, and attractive appearance, fans find it hard to resist the charm of a character like Gray Fullbuster, so most of the time they don’t even bother. 

15) Batwing

Written by: Grant Morrison

Illustrated by: Chris Burnham

First Appearance in: Batman Incorporated #5

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Batman, after realizing that he might need a little more help than he realized, set out to create a globally based organization of Bat-people, one of whom would be David Zavimbe (a.k.a. Batwing). Zavimbe is an African solider who strives to correct the injustice present in his government and directed towards citizens of his nation. 

Batwing already scores some major points for a) being one of the good guys and b) being on Batman’s team. But what makes him one of the hottest fictional male characters out there, isn’t the fact that he’s Batman’s buddy, but that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to find justice for a nation that’s morally corrupt and not treating their people with due respect. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s tall, dark and handsome with a body that might even put Batman’s to shame…

14) Jason Todd (Red Hood)

Written by: Gerry Conway

Illustrated by: Don Newton

First Appearance in: Batman #635 (February 2005)

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As much as I hate to admit this, Jason Todd is one of the hottest fictional male characters out there, despite the sketchy resurrection story that got him into comics in the first place.

Todd originally started out as a juvenile delinquent, turned mentee to the Dark Knight and eventually Robin #2, only to be killed off by the Joker, and subsequently resurrected by Lazarus Pit to become the bad boy anti-hero we know as the Red-Hood.

His appeal comes from the fact that in many ways he is similar to the original Dark Knight himself, excluding the fact that he tends to resort to more violent and fatal choices than Batman chooses to take. Like Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd has a tragic past that makes him appear tortured and vulnerable, a combination many fangirls can’t resist, while he also has the same scary, somewhat sexy edge to him that makes him both unapproachable and irresistible.

Not disregarding the fact that under the red hood, Todd is actually quite attractive with intelligent blue eyes, dark, black hair and a body crafted by many hours of training and combat. He may be a little hot-headed or rash at times (or all the time, to be realistic), but it’s that same fire and energy he has that makes him one of the hottest fictional characters in comics. 

13) Cyborg

Written by: Marv Wolfman

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Illustrated by: George Pérez

First Appearance in: DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980) 

For a half-human, half-machine guy, Victor Stone (a.k.a Cyborg) is pretty cute. 

The result of an unfortunate mishap in his father’s (Silas Stone) lab, Stone is left severely injured and is only be rescued by the incorporation of robotic features his father builds into him (a future source of resentment against his father). Despite his initial anger and inner conflict into being turned into a machine/human combination, Cyborg begins to deal with what has happened to him and moves on with his life to become a hero with either the Justice League or with the Teen Titans, depending on what issue you’re reading.

Cyborg may be half-machine, but he is all-human, as is evidenced by his compassion towards others or his willingness to move forward with his life after tragedy. Instead of viewing himself as a reject or a monster, Cyborg accepts all of who he is, sending a powerful message out there to anyone who has ever felt that they’ve been rejected by society’s harsh standards. Alongside the fact that he’s an awesome hero, he is still a pretty good guy to look at. With muscles formed from his high school football days and his constant crime-fighting bouts, his pecks are just as impressive as his gadgets, easily making him one of the hottest, and more interesting, male fictional characters out there.

12) Ichigo Kurosaki

First Appearance: Chapter 00 of Bleach

Written & Illustrated by: Tite Kubo

His name (Ichigo) in Japanese means strawberry, and man is Ichigo one really sweet character to look at. With the cool spiked orange hair, the constant frown on his face (occasionally lightened by a endearing smile), and a delicious-looking six-pack, Ichigo Kurosaki is without a doubt one of the most popular and hottest male manga and fiction characters out there.

With the powers he attained from a soul reaper (Rukia Kuchiki), Ichigo takes on his responsibility to help wandering souls find peace in the afterlife, along with the duties of protecting his beloved friends and family from harm. While he may seem a little aloof on the surface, Ichigo sincerely cares about and loves those around him, often facing dangers greater than any of us would be willing to face to protect those around him while constantly working on improving himself as a soul reaper and a person. Good looks, sensitivity, and endless determination make for the ingredients for a very hunky male protagonist.  

11) Sam Wilson (Falcon/Captain America)

Written by: Stan Lee

Illustrated by: Gene Colan

First Appearance in: Captain American #117 (September 1969)

Sam Wilson was originally known as the Marvel character Falcon, one of comics’ first African-American superheroes, but in an extremely controversial decision stepped into the role of Captain American when Steve Rogers retired from the position. While the decision to make Sam Wilson Captain America might have been met with some surprise and anxiety initially, many fans have come to see why Wilson was made to wear the iconic costume with a few alterations made of course. 

Having been strong friends with the original Captain himself, Wilson emulates many of the same qualities that made Steve Rogers such an iconic superhero. Like Rogers, Wilson is also of military background and knows what it means to be a soldier for his country and how to be a brave man even in times of danger. Also, like Rogers, Wilson is fairly easy on the eyes as well, with an old-fashioned jawline, kind, brown eyes, and impressive muscles befitting any superhero, but especially that of Captain America. Wilson is an attractive character in the fact that he doesn’t just don the Captain America costume, but that he genuinely deserves it as well, and a man who deserves the status of a hero is alright in any fan’s book. 

10) Tuxedo Mask

Written & Illustrated by: Naoko Takeuchi

First Appearance in: Sailor Moon Chapter 1 “Usagi-Sailor Moon” (1992) 

Tuxedo Mask is such a handsome and romantic fictional character; it would be pure blasphemy not to put him on this list. Just take one good look at him, and it’s easy to see why so many fangirls and fanboys swoon over this handsome gentleman. Simply put, he looks the part of a romantic hero, with the ever-present white-eye mask and red rose in addition to his dashing black tuxedo and top hat ensemble, along with those baby-blue eyes and gorgeous black hair, making many a fan go and “sigh” in response. 

For a lot of fans in the ’90s, when the Sailor Moon animated series first came to the United States, Tuxedo Mask was their first introduction to a handsome and noble prince. He set the impossibly high standard for a guy to not only look good, but to be a gentleman as well and let’s face it, there are very few men out there who are willing to wear tuxes let alone carry around red roses on them at all times, “sigh.” Guess that’s why Tuxedo Mask made the cut for this list of hottest male characters in fiction. 

9) Gambit

Written by: Chris Claremont

Illustrated by: Jim Lee

First Appearance in: Uncanny X-Men #266 (August 1990)

As the French (or Gambit) might say in regards to this insanely hot character “Oh Mon Dieu” (“Oh My God”). Gambit is one of those types of characters that is so exceedingly attractive in the comics that it makes it kind of hard not to want to hit him (or kiss him, depending on the time of day). Remy Etienne LeBeau was born in New Orleans, Lousiana and was raised by the Guild of Thieves to work as a master thief, that is until he became a member of the X-Men, whereas he only occasionally behaves like a thief. Gambit, as cliché as this might sound, isn’t a character that only steals diamonds but steals hearts as well. 

Casting aside the fact that he is absolutely gorgeous, as evidenced by his lean, muscular body complete with a jaw-dropped six-pack, deliciously shaggy brown hair, and exquisite jawline, Remy LeBeau (like many French and Southern boys) is a charmer. Able to smooth-talk his way into any safe or bedroom, it’s hard for female characters to resist Remy when he says things like “Ma chère” (“My dear”) or darling in that “Swamp Rat” (Rogue’s, Gambit’s on-again off-again girlfriend, affectionate nickname for him) accent of his, so many don’t even bother trying. 

8) Daredevil

Written by: Stan Lee

Illustrated by: Bill Everett

First Appearance in: Daredevil #1 (April 1964) 

He’s blind, he’s quick, and if you’re one of the bad guys he’ll make you wish you’d never been born, say hello to Matthew Murdock, better known as Daredevil. After rescuing a man from being killed in a car accident, young Matthew Murdock was forever altered after being caught in a chemical spill, left blind and with heightened senses that made up for his lack of sight. Tortured by the horrific sounds and events he hears in New York City, particularly in the Hell’s Kitchen district, Matthew Murdock became the Man Without Fear, otherwise known as Daredevil.

As Foggy Nelson pointed out in the popular live-action Netflix series Daredevil, Matthew Murdock does have the ladies coming towards him, though not necessarily for being a “a wounded, handsome duck” as Foggy originally theorized during their first meeting. Matthew Murdock is attractive man, alternating with red or dark brown hair, brown eyes constantly hidden beneath a pair of cool sunglasses, and an impressive physique heightened by the tailored suits he wears.

Though rather than looks even if they are impressive, Matthew Murdock has a certain… quality to him that fans can’t find help but be drawn to. Like Batman, Matthew Murdock has a tragic past, but he is also has this scary and somewhat sexy edge to him that makes it hard for you to keep your eyes off him, legitimately making him one of the hottest men in fiction. 

7) Thor

Written by: Stan Lee & Larry Lieber

Illustrated by: Jack Kirby

First Appearance in: Journey into Mystery #83 (August 1962)

How can we talk about hot fictional men and not bring up the Norse God of thunder, the handsome hero whom fans refer to as Thor. With long, blond hair straight out of a harlequin novel, piercing blue eyes, and muscles that make a fangirl’s (or fanboy’s) mouth drop, Thor is the subject of many fantasies as well as a source of entertainment and inspiration for many others. 

Aside from the fact that he literally looks like a God (duh), Thor is actually a pretty decent man as well. A touch reckless and on the stubborn side, Thor is still the type of guy who’ll face down an entire army (and has actually done so, numerous times) to protect those he loves. And speaking of love, it’s fairly obvious there are many fangirls out there who find it impressive how loyal Thor is to his girlfriend Jane Foster, even after they’ve (Spoiler Alert!) broken up. Thor’s looks is enough to put him on this list, but his status is only reconfirmed when you factor in his loyalty and his unwavering determination towards his goals. 

6) Luke Cage

Written by: Archie Goodwin

Illustrated by: John Romita, Sr.

First Appearance in: Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1

Luke Cage is one of the first African-American male characters to be introduced to Marvel comics, and certainly one of the hottest males in the Marvel Universe period. With muscles bulging from practically every spot on his body, smooth nicely-shaped head, and manly presence, it’s hard to keep your eyes off him, but factor in other factors as well and it’s no wonder Luke Cage is one of the hottest fictional male characters out there.

Not only is he a superhero, but he’s also a daddy (pause to say “Awww”) to a beautiful baby girl he had with superhero turned detective Jessica Jones. There’s something to be said about a big, strong man like Luke Cage holding a tiny baby in his arms that just tugs at a fan’s heartstrings. Looks are one very important thing, but there’s noteworthy about a hot man who can be tough when he has to and a teddy-bear when he wants to, which is only one of the many reasons why we find Luke Cage so attractive.  

5) Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962)

Written by: Stan Lee

Illustrated by: Steve Ditko 

Beneath that mask and full-body suit, Spider-Man makes for one very cute webslinger.

Gaining more confidence and a better torso in his process to becoming one of New York’s most popular crime fighters, Peter Parker is simply a charming character, whether in or out of costume. An extremely loyal boyfriend as evidence by his marriage to Mary Jane Watson and the subsequent birth of his daughter May “May Day” Parker, a talented photographer and a brilliant scientist, Peter Parker has many talents that lie outside of his web-slinging abilities. Not to mention the simple fact that he’s incredibly cute. Warm, brown eyes, cutely mussed-up brown hair, and an impressive slim physique, Peter Parker is as attractive as he is sweet.

Whether as Peter Parker or as Spider-Man, this crime-fighter is certainly a character fans have no struggle falling in love with. 

4) Wolverine

Written by: Roy Thomas & Len Wein

Illustrated by: John Romita, Sr. & Herb Trimpe

First Appearance in: The Incredible Hulk #180 (October 1974) 

He’s angry, he’s rough, he has claws that will rip through you, and he’s also one of the hottest men in the Marvel Universe. 

Born James Howlett, more commonly referred to as Logan, this slightly short hero has certainly made his mark on the comic book world, especially in consideration of his appeal. When initially created, Wolverine may have come off as a little too stocky or had a little bit too much of a red-neck personality to seem intrinsically attractive to fans, but as the years developed, so did the character, becoming a more… appealing character as his powers and charm smoothed out. 

Wolverine may seem like your basic, angry anti-hero at first, but once you learn more about him you realize there’s more to him than meets the eyes. Such as the fact that he speaks and reads fluent Japanese, a result of his many adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun, is actually quite intuitive when it comes to human nature, and is a bit of a romantic. In determining the attractiveness of a character it’s always important to consider looks (let’s not kid ourselves), but there’s something special about finding a character that’s such a diamond in the rough that it’s hard to resist the appeal of a character such as Wolverine. 

3) Superman

Written by: Jerry Siegel

Illustrated by: Joe Shuster

First Appearance in: Action Comics # 1 (April 1938)

It is basically impossible to discuss hottest male characters in fiction without bringing up the one and only, the legendary, Man of Steel. Simply put, Superman is America’s hero, he is the representation of Truth, Justice, and the American Way, but he’s also one of comic books’ hottest heroes.

Superman was drawn to be essentially physically perfect, and it’s fair to say that the creators accomplished their mission; blue eyes that you simply can’t help but trust, a hardworking farm boy’s build, and the dashing, dark hair overall make for a pretty nice picture. Looks aside, Superman is the guy you can trust to save the day (even if it means risking his own), be a loyal partner (verified by long-lasting relationship turned into marriage to reporter Lois Lane), and be the guy you could count on simply due to his sweet, somewhat Boy Scout-esque persona. Anybody, or any character, can date a man, but there aren’t that many out there who can say they’ve ever met or dated a Superman. 

2) Batman

Written by: William Finger

Illustrated by: Bob Kane

First Appearance in: Detective Comics #27 (May 1939) 

Many women love a hot man, particularly one tortured by the anguish of the past. Who better to fill the role of hot and unattainable hero but the Dark Knight himself?

Many fans feel a sympathy for the young Bruce Wayne, some in particular may have a maternal urge to protect a young child and to comfort him; while at the same time there is also this irresistible attraction to this gorgeous man whose secret-life is too demanding and who’s too shut-down as a person to let anyone into his life romantically. 

There is a vulnerability to Bruce Wayne that is extremely appealing to Batman fans, especially those with sympathetic hearts or anyone who has experienced a modicum of the pain or anguish the young millionaire did that fateful night. That same vulnerability, combined with the rough exterior, the dashing good looks and the dangerous adventures, create this vulnerable bad boy combination that so many fans simply can’t resist and makes Batman one of fiction’s hottest gentlemen. 

1) Nightwing

Written by: Marv Wolfman

Illustrated by: George Perez

First Appearance in: Tales of the Teen Titans #44 (1984)

Representing a large number of fangirls and fanboys, let me take a moment to just go ahead and say: Damn! That boy is fine! Tall, acrobatic, with a boyish charm that’s attached to the hot, tortured side of his personality a side similar to that of his mentor Batman, and absolutely gorgeous, Nightwing (Richard “Dick” Grayson) is one of DC’s most prominent and drooled over crime-fighters. 

Nightwing, like Batman, witnessed his parents being killed in front of him, forever altering the young boy’s life. As a result, Bruce Wayne decides to take in the young boy as his ward and train him to become a vigilante for the dangerous city of Gotham, teaching him how to become Robin the Boy Wonder, later shifting to his crime-fighting identity as Nightwing. Although Grayson started out with a tragedy, somewhat similar to that of the Dark Knight’s origin story, Nightwing is more spontaneous and lighthearted than Batman is, making him a lot more approachable and in many instances, a more desirable character.

And judging by the massive number of memes, tumbler pages, and other fan sites specifically dedicated to worshipping Nightwing’s spectacular booty, I would say that a large number of people would agree with me when I say that Nightwing is definitely one of the most notable sex symbols in the comic book world. Now if they could make guys that cool in real life…