The Purge

The Purge: Election Year - brand new international trailer

Simon Brew Ryan Lambie Trailer
May 19, 2016

Frank Grillo stars in this year's action horror sequel, The Purge: Election Year. Here's the brand new trailer...

The Purge 3: Frank Grillo set to return

Simon Brew News
Aug 4, 2015

Frank Grillo will be jumping from Captain America back to The Purge, as he signs up for next summer's new sequel...

Jason Blum interview: Paranormal Activity, Amityville & more

Brendon Connelly Interview
Jun 24, 2015

Producer Jason Blum chats to us about Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, and what the future holds after the franchise...

The Purge 3 confirmed for 2016

Simon Brew News
Jan 9, 2015

James DeMonaco returns to write and direct, as The Purge 3 gets the greenlight...

The Purge 3: James DeMonaco not confirmed to direct

Ryan Lambie News
Feb 5, 2015

The Purge 3 arrives in cinemas in 2016, with James DeMonaco again writing the script. But he's not committed to direct, reveals Jason Blum.

Sequels being lined up for 12 of this summer's films

Simon Brew News
Aug 11, 2014

Of the big films released between April and August in the US, up to a dozen are already getting sequels...

Jason Blum interview: The Purge: Anarchy, Paranormal Activity 5 and more

Ryan Lambie Interview
Jul 24, 2014

We talk to producer Jason Blum about The Purge: Anarchy, Parnormal Activity 5, making horror on a budget, and being a Hollywood rebel...

James DeMonaco interview: The Purge: Anarchy, genre filmmaking and more

Ryan Lambie Interview
Jul 21, 2014

We talk to The Purge: Anarchy's director James DeMonaco about making the sequel, a terrifying, inspiring road rage incident, and more...

The Purge: Anarchy review

Ryan Lambie Review
Jul 18, 2014

A sequel to last year's The Purge, action thriller The Purge: Anarchy improves on its predecessor in every way, Ryan writes...

The dire future warnings of recent sci-fi films

Ryan Lambie Feature
May 7, 2014

What do the future warnings of films such as Elysium, Transcendence and RoboCop tell us about present fears? Ryan takes a closer look...