Cary Fukunaga

Stephen King’s It: new films will finally shoot this summer

Stephen King's It
Simon Brew News
Feb 22, 2016

Two films based on Stephen King's It are finally heading towards production - and they'll be R-rated too.

Stephen King's It: why its director left the project

Simon Brew News
Sep 3, 2015

Cary Fukunaga had been set to direct two films of Stephen King's It before surprisingly leaving the project. So: what happened?

Stephen King's It: new director found

Stephen King's It
Simon Brew News
Jul 17, 2015

As a new director gets set to board the two-film adaptation of Stephen King's It, where does that leave Will Poulter?

Stephen King's IT: author weighs in on production

Stephen King's It
Simon Brew News
Jun 1, 2015

Stephen King says "we'll always have Tim Curry", as the new take on IT looks to be in trouble...

Stephen King's IT: Will Poulter is the new Pennywise

Simon Brew News
May 5, 2015

Will Poulter is to step into the shoes of Tim Curry, and play Pennywise the Clown in the new take on IT...

It remake: director Cary Fakunaga can't find a Pennywise

Stephen King's It
John Saavedra News
Mar 4, 2015

Pennywise the Clown was brought memorably to life by Tim Curry. The new film of Stephen King's It is struggling to find someone as good.

True Detective season 2: everything we know and more

Tony Sokol Feature
Feb 5, 2015

All the clues to True Detective season 2 are here. Nic Pizzolatto will keep it dark, but cast, crew and plot are all new...

A Stephen King movie universe: Warner Bros' big opportunity?

Stephen King
John Saavedra Feature
Jan 9, 2015

As it gets going on Josh Boone's four-film adaptation of The Stand, Warner Bros might have the foundations for a new cinematic universe.

Stephen King's It: movie shoots summer 2015

Stephen King's It
Simon Brew News
Dec 8, 2014

There will be two films based on Stephen King's mammoth tome, It, and the first is set to shoot in 2015.

Two-movie adaptation of Stephen King's It moves to New Line

Stephen King's It
Simon Brew News
May 22, 2014

Stephen King's It is to be split into two films, as Warner Bros movies it under the New Line banner.