Prey writer tackling reboot of The Saint

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30 Apr 2014 - 15:34

Chris Lunt, along with Ed Whitmore, is working on a new TV show of The Saint. Calling Simon Templar...

Work is underway on the latest reboot of The Saint, the role and series made famous by Roger Moore in the 1960s. He defined the part of Simon Templar in the show, and thus when Val Kilmer had a go with an ill-fated movie version in 1997, a torch was not held to the mighty Moore.

The new version is being penned by Chris Lunt, with the news breaking off the back of the raging success of his new endeavour, Prey, of which episode one was screened on ITV on Monday. Prey, if you missed it, is worth catching up on.

Lunt broke the news in an interview on Radio Five, and has also confirmed that he's working on the show with Ed Whitmore. At this time, no broadcaster appears to be involved. The plan, as Lunt relayed it, is to pitch the show in Hollywood - which its producer is now doing - but to ensure The Saint keeps its British flavour.

Another recent attempt to reboot The Saint got as far as the pilot stage last year, but the show was not taken to series. The problem, according to Lunt, was that it was "too Americanised", and thus the version he and Whitmore are working on is starting at square one.

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