The Legend of Korra season 2 episode 10 review: A New Spiritual Age

Review Kaci Ferrell
9 Nov 2013 - 14:22

Is The Legend of Korra struggling to stretch its story out enough to fill all the episodes it's got planned? Here's Kaci's review...

This review contains spoilers.

2.9 A New Spiritual Age

Holy mixed bag, Batman. This week's episode of Legend of Korra simultaneously manages to perform a fun bit of fan service while also being a letdown. Maybe it's just me, but when we were told last week that Jinora was going to guide Korra through the spirit world, know, expected to see her guide Korra through the spirit world. At the very least, I assumed we'd get to watch them stumble through it together. Instead, they get separated almost immediately and Jinora doesn't do much besides get kidnapped by Unalaq and held ransom as incentive for Korra to open the other portal for him. I was promised two ladies either kicking butt together or at the very least fumbling their way through their adventure at each other's sides, and instead I was handed a damsel in distress. No thanks.

Meanwhile, Korra gets so scared by the dark spirits she encounters that she regresses to a child before finding her way to Iroh's tea party. I didn't know how much I missed Iroh's presence in the Avatar-verse until he showed up here, but as it turns out: I miss him a lot. He tells her that her emotions affect everything around her, especially in the spirit world, and it's a pretty important thing for Korra to hear, considering how many people find her unlikeable. Iroh gently pointing this out to her is a good way for the writers to start trying to make her a more enjoyable character while providing a good in-universe explanation for the changes. I hope they make them and don't forget about it as they have with virtually all of her other character development.

I also enjoyed a return to the library (and an update on what became of the professor...poor guy), but I think it says a lot that the two elements of this episode that I enjoyed most were the ones that brought back parts of the Last Airbender, rather than the current Korra storyline. I try not to compare the two shows, but the difference was palpable for me here.

If I may be honest, it feels like the writers have an episode order too big for the story they want to tell, so they're stretching it thin and chucking bits of filler in to come up with the rest. The result is that everything is dragging and I feel like I could skip every other episode (at least) and still keep up with the storyline. That's a major problem and I desperately hope that things pick up as we head towards the end of the season.

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