The Legend of Korra episodes 11 & 12 review: Skeletons in the Closet & Endgame

Review Kaci Ferrell 23 Jun 2012 - 17:37

Kaci waves a reluctant goodbye to the first season of exemplary animated series, The Legend of Korra. Read her review of the season finale, here.

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2.11 Skeletons in the Closet & 2.12 Endgame

Identity. Agency. Equality.

We've talked about these things over the course of the season, seen them play out in Korra's fear of losing her bending, in the terror in every bloodbending victim's eyes, in Amon's so-called quest to right the wrongs of Republic City. We've seen everything stripped from these characters bit-by-bit in a way that even the original series never dared. There's a graphic going around on Tumblr right now poking fun at the fact that most AtLA episodes ended upbeat with everyone reaffirming their friendship and desire to do good, as opposed to the way Korra episodes end in which every one is broken and things look even bleaker than they did before. I haven't spoken of this much other than my emotional reaction to last week's episode, but I've honestly loved that Korra was willing to go to continually sadder and harder to deal with places all season long. Korra never gave us easy answers or toned things down for us: sometimes, things suck and that's the way life is. Deal with it, kids.

And it's because I've loved how heartbreaking and bleak this show has been that I'm disappointed with the final few scenes of this season. There was a moment when Korra was on the ground, weeping as she dealt with the fact that she couldn't possibly be the Avatar with only one element to her name, and not even her home one at that. As I saw her in her Water Tribe clothes, standing on the snow and weeping, I couldn't help but think that somehow, the fact that she was a Water Tribe girl who was an airbender of all things just twisted that proverbial knife somehow even deeper.

I thought that was the end of the season. I thought we were going out on Korra's heartbreak, on Mako's disappointment that his finally-admitted feelings weren't able to be reciprocated, on Asami's tears as she realized that Hiroshi was a horrible father, on the look in Lin's eyes when Katara said there was nothing she could do for Korra because it meant there was nothing that could be done for Lin herself - on so many things that would've made for a heartbreaking end of the season that, however sad it might've been, would've been far more realistic in portraying the cost of war.

But then Aang showed up. And believe me, I never thought I'd be disappointed in seeing Aang on this show, or all the other past Avatars for that matter, but I knew in that moment I knew that a hand was going to be swept over the costs Team Avatar had paid. Korra and Lin get their bending back. Mako finds that Korra loves him, too. And the only character who has really lost anything at all is Asami, who just lost not only her father, but her boyfriend, too. But a second can't be spared for her sadness because for practically the first time all season, the writers decided that The Legend of Korra needed a happy ending.

It didn't. In fact, I'd argue that not leaving a cliffhanger between this season and the next was a detriment. There were so many questions left unanswered if her crying had been the final scene, questions that could've been explored at length next year. As of now, the only questions I have left to ask are ones that mostly deal with plot holes. (The biggest one being: bloodbending can take away a person's exactly?)

However, with all of that out of the way, I don't want to detract from the fact that this was probably one of the better season finales I've seen in a long time, regardless of format. I know many commenters had long ago guessed that Amon and Tarrlok were brothers, but their previous meeting had seemed to discount that and so I had written the theory off entirely. I guess that's why I was so surprised by the twists in this finale: I bought into it. I believed every word Amon said because it made perfect sense. How many villains can you name without even having to think too hard about it whose motive is almost identical to the one he laid out? I've been trained to accept villainous backstory monologuing for so long that it didn't even occur to me that his story could be a lie. The revelation that he's been a bender all along, some kind of strange combination between Katara's skill at bloodbending and Combustion Man's ability to bend with his mind, shocked me to my very core. It added so much depth to the rest of the season and I can guarantee you that I'll be revisiting old episodes very soon.

What impressed me most about the revelation was the development it allowed Tarrlok to have in the eleventh hour. In a heartbeat, I began to feel sympathy for him and even got choked up when he made the decision to blow up the boat taking him and Amon to safety. Who would've thought that a character as seemingly selfish and cruel as Tarrlok would do something so noble?

But ultimately, as happy as I am with almost the entire episode, I can't shake my disappointment in the tacked-on happy ending that was unnecessary and completely ruined the tone of the episode.

Were any of you disappointed as well, or were you happy to see the characters you've come to love finally catch a break? Do you believe that Tarrlok and Amon are really dead? What do you think the next season will be about, now that it seems like all the loose ends from the Amon arc are tied up? And am I alone in my heartbreak for Asami? Hit up the comments for the final time this season!

Read our review of last week's episode, here.

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Disappointed........completely disappointed..I was so excited about the character AMON....He surpassed OZAI and every other antagonist of TLA in almost every field for the first 11 episodes.....and in 12th episode he is no better than THE COMBUSTION big disappointment....if only they could have carried on with the AMON being an anti hero,being a true would have been the best anime ever made........i thought TLK will go on the path of V FOR VENDETTA....where there will be a conflict of philosophies..a grey character......and in the end nothing.........he just another guy...he is just another YAKONE.....Now after watching finale what is the point of complete season...AMON is just a bloodbender.......and by the way why did he take is brother's bending away??? He could have just told him the truth...he could have easily joined he was running away from the city himself..........PURE BULLS**T....completely disappointed........what do you guys think?????

I'm not really trying to look at it from an emotional angle. Emotion is of course part of it...but I don't think that's what I was trying to emphasize in my comment. Insofar as the big "Deus Aang Machina" I'm going to have to disagree. ATLA established a precedent for the previous Avatar aiding the new Avatar so for me at least, it was no far stretch to see Aang help Korra. Moreover, I don't think that Korra accessing the Avatar state to energybend back Lin's bending is necessarily a sign of her fully mastering the Avatar state.

With regards to Makorra, I'm sorry but this is teenage love we're talking about. It is clumsy and ppl will make mistakes. When Mako tells Asami that he still cares for her I took it as his way of apologizing for everything that happened. Of course I feel awful for Bolin and Asami, but by establishing Makorra now, these characters will be more free to individually develop over the course of the next season. Besides that, though cringe-worthy teen romance is definitely a part of TLOK, I don't think it is the emphasis of the story at all- there is a much richer wealth of topics that the writers lay on the table. With Korra and Mako declaring their feelings, I think that this shows children you should be honest with your feelings and with Bolin and Asami, I think that the writers have the opportunity to show kids that strength comes from overcoming obstacles and staying true to yourself. I don't think it was anyone's intention to throw Bolin and Asami under the rug, though I TOTALLY agree with you that they were underdeveloped.

I will say that I was very impressed with Asami in the finale for how she took her father being completely crazy and Mako and her falling apart in strides. I think the writers set her on a path for a lot of growth and development in the next season and that Asami could set a great example for young viewers that you don't need a boyfriend/girlfriend to make you feel happy or fulfilled.

What really moved me in the finale, with respects to Makorra, was when Mako was behind Korra after she went into the Avatar state- it was very reminiscent of Aang and Katara and that struck a chord with me. Despite Tenzin's advice, Mako knew Korra well enough to decide to go after her, much like how Katara could read Aang better than anyone. I'm sure you don't agree with me on this...but I just wanted to clarify where I was coming from.

Oh, and also...part of me feels like the whole Makorra thing stems from viewers of ATLA being obsessed with Zutara. It might in some ways be a nod to fans, much like Cabbage Corp was.


I just hate the whole Makorra romance because at its roots, it was just bad writing. Mako comes across as a cheating douche and Korra never grows as a character. Just her suddenly Airbending without spirituality. And just because it was teen romance doesn't mean that Bryke have to give us a terribly written love story. Asami and Bolin showed us that teenagers in the show can be kind and caring, rather than cheating on their significant other with no remorse. That was what Mako represented. And The Legend of Korra was escapist fiction for me. I didn't want to watch 12 episodes of Korra and Mako. I wanted 12 episodes of a well-written story. The love triangle should have died after "The Aftermath". Korra seemed like she had let go of Mako. I felt that was character development for her. To have her go right back to pining after Mako pissed me off. Especially since Bolin doesn't get any attention after that. If Bryke had all those scenes with Mako and Korra from episode 8 onwards between Korra and Bolin, then I feel that their relationship could have grown, as well as giving Bolin some scenes. Mako became the front man while Bolin was reduced to the guy who says something funny every episode. It was poorly handled, and I don't appreciate the "nod" to Zutara because Zutarans really needed to get over themselves. There was little canonical evidence for it. I thought that Bryke were teasing us with the ship tease in the first three episodes until Asami came along. I thought they would use it to teach Korra that she needs to respect other people's relationships, and that just because she likes someone doesn't mean that she's going to end up with him. But no. It was a wasted opportunity.

I understand where you're coming from, even if we don't totally see eye to eye, and agree about the whole Bolin not getting any attn after the love triangle (square??) fallout. He's my fave so I was really missing him hardcore. I think that Korra does learn to respect other ppl's relationships and put others first- as evidenced by her telling Mako to go to Asami. Moreover, I thought she showed real maturity when she put her Avatar duties before her romantic feelings and when she expressed to the boys that even though things were confusing between them, she still wanted them to have open communication with each other (whether that happened or not is another story). As much as a fancied the idea of Bolin and Korra together originally, I really REALLY want to see Bolin just become a bamf and come into his own, I think he is still very much stuck in this "little brother" role.

Ironically, in the Avatar Extras (ATLA) for Season 1, they do mention that Zuko was originally supposed to be Katara's love interest...not that I ship them, I just thought it was funny to note. At the end of the day though, I respect Bryke enough from ATLA to trust that most of the discontent felt by fans will get ironed out, so to speak (I would prefer if it were "Irohed out" but that's a different story). I'm sure that a lot of questions that this season left us with and others from ATLA that went unanswered will be addressed in season 2. They seem to take special regard for the fandom and regardless, their world-building and story-telling skills are phenomenal so I'm sure whatever is in store will be worth the ride.

But I have to say, you do bring up an interesting point with respect to the writing of the show. Sometimes I am prone to forgetting that the writers *chose* to write the story in a certain way. I think that, from a character standpoint I can understand why the characters reacted as they did, but that still leaves the question of what the writers were trying to accomplish by telling the story and creating the plot line as they did.

Dude, I dont know what everyone is talking about with Korra reaching the avatar state at ease. First of all, Aang continuously went in and out of the avatar state. Korra only did it once. Lets consider all of the following first. Korra was older than aang so therefore she was more mature. Next when aang entered the avatar state he hadnt learned how to bend all of the elements (esp in book 1), Korra did. Lastly, remember the episode in book One of TLA, when Roku went into the avatar state, so did aang. It makes perfect since why she did, because Aang (and the past avatars) did so that Korra bending could be restored. The true question is will she now be able to go in or out of it at will. (even though she may have went into the avatar while restoring Lin's bending)
Im surprised that it took into the finale for her to go into the avatar state. I honestly thought she would snap into right before Amon took her bending.

And last thought. Aang went into the avatar before he even connected with the spirit world. he never had any time to reflect on the spirit world. Matter of fact, when he found out that he was the avatar he ran away. Think! he first entered the avatar state so that he he could lock himself in ice for 100 years, just sayin

Just a Note: The Producers at first intended for LoK to be only one season and it was ready last year (posters,commercials and all) but, they decided that it needed another season or two depending on the audience. I have the print out at home(most likely in some old ratty box) of them claiming it would come out August 22 of last year.

agree completely mate

just because the writers are good and did a good job, doesn't mean they couldn't and shouldn't have done a better job!! The finale just seemed to undo a lot of their previous good work


I think it's funny that people see Makorra as a Zutara nod (apparently because of the characters' appearances?), since Korra is this series' Aang, and Mako is this series' Katara. The Zuko character is Asami. If anyone out there is going "Whaaaa?" just think about the characters themselves... not how they look or what gender they are... and you'll see what I mean. Bolin, of course, is the Sokka character. (BTW, I'd be happy to detail it all out if anyone's still going "Whaaa?")

Definitely agree! Rock on, Mustache Man. He's the real deal, unlike Amon. And Lance Henriksen is too awesome. I'd like to see him become more of a threat: amp up his lightning-maker so he can actually kill people (no more of this "phasers set to stun" stuff), and maybe recruit a Sato engineer to replicate more lightning rods for other Equalists, along with new weapons too.

I simply meant in terms of waterbender/firebender pairing, but I totally see what you mean in terms of personalities.

Bless you, kindred spirit. I believe the reasons you stated are exactly why superhero movies/comics/TV are so popular. We all want to save the world, yet we feel powerless to do so. Superheroes in all forms give us hope.
This is also why I cried during the "Occupy Republic City" scene (as I call it) which the creators dared to insert in "When Extremes Meet" and which Nick dared to allow, to their credit. Pretty sad when people must watch an animated fantasy series to see events straight out of real life that the news media will not show on TV.
Assange is a real hero and we must do all we can to make sure the internet remains a place to find the truth. It allows ordinary people to become mini superheroes when we band together!

Yeah. I trust Bryke to take the feedback from fans and make the second season awesome. Hopefully they plan things out better.

I agree with this, I feel that there was not enough earth bending at all. Bolin didnt get to have his sweet earthbending moments like Toph did. Also I feel that there was only three waterbending moves. Even Amon used that same "water tornado" move that korra used twice (even though both times it was broken) Aang was sweet at airbending, you could tell that he was a master at it. Im not sure if Korra was sweet at it because she always used firebending. Also, I would of liked to see her learning more about actual airbending. Because I loves the airbending moments.

But we dont exactly know if she does, Korra only restored Earth bending. I was expecting her to metal bend at that point, but idk

I disagree. When Aang first appeared Korra though it was Tenzin, But then Aang siad "But you was wanted me" implying that Korra called for aang when the tear drop fell and glowed as it was falling

"I hated the finale but its one of the best I've ever seen." - Review in a nutshell.

I'll admit the ending with Aang giving Korra the ability to energybend was very deus ex machina, but I can't help but believe that if we had gotten the sad ending you "longed" for we'd be reading a rant on what an awful cliffhanger it was and how it left so much unresolved for the next season.

I was relieved to finally have a happy ending to a Korra episode (and the finale at that). Its been about a month since one of these episodes ended on a good note.

I agree. Watch, Amon is going to come back as a deadly spirit. Im calling it now. Korra is going to have to deal with the spirit world now

Im calling it now, Amon is coming back as a spirit or something. So korra needs to be able to fully develop her "spiritual" side.

And btw, I figured that Amon was a bender. Why else would Korra have visions about Ukone, just for Tarrlok's sake? Just think, it makes sense.

Are you the case in point?

I don't see why everyone hates Mako as a person. I hate the love triangle sub plot, but I don't bear andy ill-will towards any of the characters.

I agree with the Yakone visions, which tbh I thought were random and out of place if they were just about Tarlok. So I suppose we were kinda doomed to this ending since halfway through the season.

Thanks Rain. I will give Awake a watch. Never heard of it to be honest. But yeah, smh at the current reality of things.


I agree with everything you said. Maybe except for the Tarrlok murder-suicide scene. I felt like they just killed off a villain that could have been so great, and now he can't come back (unless he comes back in season 2). I was pissed that Korra was just given things that Aang had to work so hard for without any effort or even character development. Korra was a static character throughout the series, which was a major disappointment.

I dont like Mako-Korra relationship, and I dotn accept the points you state here as valid. If you really need me to clarify why, well then lets start.
1-Bolin and Korra, well, Bolin needed more expansion of his character, he is by far my favorite, but he been so forgiving and so free-flowing(If that makes sense at all, my gues is not) , on his relationship with her and overall just frustrates me to a point I get mad. He just cried and decided, well what the f. I can do? No response, even though he was interested in her for the first time he saw her, even pointing out she might be the one, yet when he gets dissapointed its just that. I guess that makes me really mad because I myself can't forgive such a thing.

2- Asami and Mako, well, I'm okay with the message of not loving someone just for pity, that you should follow your true feeling and the rest of that gibberish, but I can't stand the way it was delivered, mostly because this is a kids-teens show, and sending the message of cheating, of not finishing things, of not talking and solving things makes me mad. He didn't treat Asami the way it should have demonstrated that one should act more responsibly, by finishing things, not changing from girlfriend anytime you like, kissing the one you like and letting the other girl kiss you just because you aren't sure. It equally bad to play with someone feelings, as it is bad to be someone slave, and just as bad as not finishing a relatinship with someone. That's what you seem not to get at all. Someone should always put an end to the relationship and let the other be whatever they want to be.. Mako didn't end it and there's no good end for Asami, no word of support for her. No, I'm sorry I will stay with Korra, and that made Mako look incredible douchebag-y, and the point that its a kids show makes the whole message incredibly horrible.

3-Mako-Korra, yeah it was meant to be, but It just didnt flow, was forced. And I don't like it so I'm biased. Bullshit relationship. Though it does reflect the messy nature of teenagers, with bad choices, and all the weird stuff, and after a second tough, it comes as it was quiet a real relationship that could happen in real life. But on the show, first impressions, and also the way it was done, it just doesn't seem right.

4-I disagree on the hospitality. It was Asamis doing, not her father. I'm not sure where you get it was HIS plan from the bigining, it just comes as your own theory. The fact is, Asami did really asked her father, she really liked Mako (Horrible tastes girl) and represented that by helping them, that sometimes when you are son of someone rich come out as asking your father. It's been pointed in the serie that he didn't want to involve her on the war. Yes, he hated all benders, and he might have had a plan from the begining, but that doesn't take the fact Asami convinced him. Thus showing her affection, her goodheart, and her interest for Mako. That lucky son of a bitch. I think i must point out he is my least favorite character, I hate him.

5-Good decisions are only good if you know how to do them. Else we could end with Amon been a good guy, because he wanted good things to come, just hey, he was a psicopath who didnt know he was doing things wrong. Who could blame him?

Now to that same point, yes Mako was right. No, he didn't pick the right decision. Now, I'll tell you, if you ever feel your girlfriend isn't the right one, please end the relationship, else you will see it wasn't the right decision =).

It wouldn't be the exact story. Bryke should get some of the writers from The Last Airbender to help them. And she wouldn't need to spend more than one or two seasons learning the elements again. If that was a subplot while the main story was going on then there shouldn't be a problem.

I think Noatak and Tarrlok sacrifice didn't mean that Noatak will continue on his bad ways. I take it as if both realized that they were wrong and were happy to be reunited, just like the old times, but both understand that what they have been doing, all their beliefs, all their decisions were wrong, and that they had no place on existance anymore. That they must end a cycle of evil, started even before Yakone ( he must have learned from someone else before) and take the most horrible act against life with them, so nobody else could have their life destroyed, by more training, by vengenace, and by been the victims of others. A sacrifice for good, which just makes them for me, lovable characters.

Well, yes, I am dissapointed by the death of a great Villain, but I think that scene was the only good that came out of the Tarlok plot twist.

That, I must agree with you on.

That is my biggest complaint about the entire finale: Lin lifts icky-looking rocks as her return to bending?? I think the show ran out of time and money at that point or something, because Lin Bei Fong deserved a better restoration moment than that. I feel sure she can metalbend too, we just didn't get to see it... but whyever not??

But Noatok didn't choose to die. Tarrlok decided to end both their lives. Noatok/Amon clearly wanted to live; he didn't sacrifice himself. Your reasoning does fit Tarrlok's motivation for the murder/suicide, though.

I agree with all the points of the review - I had been anticipating a "Korra in Avatarstate" moment, but was deeply disappointed at the series' ending. Those last few minutes ruined what would have been the perfect cliffhanger ending. I felt like everything that could have been explored in Season 2 had been destroyed. It was too much achievement in too little time - having Korra adjust to her new powers as an airbender, and living up to her role as an Avatar with limited powers would have been an interesting premise. I was also disappointed at the death of Turloc and Amon. I can't really imagine what luster the following season could have with this happy-go-lucky ending. The ending of the series has not lived up to this more mature version of the Avatar series.

I agree with everything said here pretty much. I was also a little surprised by the last minute band-aid happy ending, until I read DasMarc's comment, and then it made a little more sense. Also, I think the series would have to explore a much darker subject had she not got her bending back: Suicide. Realistically, both from a personal stand-point and due to her responsibility as the Avatar, if she hadn't got her powers back, and believed there was no way to do so (Having Kitara, the best healer in the world not able to fix it), suicide would have been a very real consideration.

I was also displeased with how they sort of just glossed over Asami's problems in the end. Though it's possible they could play more on that in the next season, and we might even see a betrayal by a member of Team Avatar.

I also wish that Korra wasn't able to restore the benders. As much as I love Lin, and watching her have her bending taken was heart-wrenching, her sacrifice, and that of all the other benders lost all impact the second Korra could just work some deux ex machina Avatar magic and fix it.

Last two minutes aside, though, it was a great finale to a great series. My only other problem was not just with the last episode, but the series as a whole, and that's that it was paced horribly. Things moved way too fast, because there was too much going on to cram into 12 episodes.

I have to say, being 1:38am and after a long flight home, that I haven't seriously digested all of the above. But, there were a couple of things that stood out to me in your comment.

Firstly, I agree with you that Bolin's character needed to be expanded. He was one of my favourites too, merely for his character, not his ties or romance with Korra. However, he does seem to be a rather cool and go lucky guy. I could actually see him dismissing his affection and rejection from Korra as easily as he does. That may be because I have done the same in a past relationship myself and found it's the best way to not hurt.
Not only that, he knows that Mako, his brother, likes Korra too. It's obvious how close they are and he seems the upbeat, positive type of person who would look on the bright side and see the happiness Mako has when with Korra and relate to those feelings.

Secondly, I agree with the fact that the relationships problems between them should have been addressed more and the relationship ending, developed more. But I can also see the creators point as to where do they write it in? Not everyone wants to watch all of the relationship hoo har (myself excluded). Though, I do agree that it does set a bad example for kids about relationships. But then again, if they're kids, I think they should also be out scraping their knees and getting dirt stained clothes more than taking relationship notes from a TV show.

Thirdly, I feel Korra jumped in pretty soon at the beginning with her feelings for Mako-. But, I guess that's how most teenage girls work- especially when taking advice of someone older. But, I don't regret the outcome at all.

Not quite finally, the hospitality was both Asami's and her fathers. It was Asami who spoke to her father about the Fire Ferrets money issues, but it was her father who offered the money- this is where his plan was formed for a cover up of his doings.
As for staying at the Sato's, I believe it was Asami who stated that she dumped the news on her father about them staying on the estate as it was 'easier to get forgiveness than to ask'. So you are partly right in what you are saying. Call me thick, but the rest of your paragraph there doesn't make much sense to me as it's a little too jumbled for my English.

I'm not quite sure I agree with your feelings that are dotted throughout the comment. They seem a little strong, and quite frankly, most inappropriate for a somewhat intellectual set of points that you were making. Had they not been in there or at least dialled down, I might have agreed with the points a little more and not quite taken so much offence to them. But then again, I am a fair person who is open to others opinions.

Finally, I agree with your last comment about not staying with someone if it doesn't feel right. However, also think of the other person and how it will affect the people around you. Not that I'm giving a guilt trip, but, I've always found a dismissive and allusive attitude to a break up can cause more harm than necessary. Relationships are a tricky thing, and no matter how many you have, hear of or witness, non are the same. Mistakes will be made, but it's up to you to make what you think is the right decision and be true to yourself as well as others.

Well to be straight up with you, the writers were given only one season to begin with. Thus, they had to tie up the entire story before their time was up. It wasn't until the story was complete that they were given a second season. Thus, the only onee you can really complain to is Nickelodeon for not having faith in a great show and giving them four seasons like the first Avatar :)

I love everything about the series as you describe it- especially its constant ability to say, actually, this just sucks. But I don't see the ending as tacked-on at all! Although you start this review by paying lip service to the main themes of the series (identity, agency, equality) you have ignored a huge part of the mythos, which is spirituality. A constant running theme throughout the series, from the first episode (beginning with very early dialogue, talking about her bending being restricted by lack of spiritual focus), it seems like this is completely reasonable and focussed as a way of ending the series. I for one was extremely moved to see Aang come to Korra- as well as Roku, Kyoshi, and the others- because it showed Korra completing arguably the most important block in her training, and finally connecting with her true (and past) selves. It was also well foreshadowed by constant references to spirituality (especially by Tenzin), and the one other time when Korra worried about being a proper Avatar in the series (when Tarrlok called her out on airbending), where she sat and watched that statue of Aang, prefiguring her calling for help from him.
Ultimately, I don't think you can say it was a cop-out or a happy ending- just look at how Amon and Tarrlok's story was concluded: no happy ending there whatsoever. Writers who put a scene like that in a show are not under pressure to give happy endings.

As an aside, as to how bloodbending can stop someone's bending, I'd say it was to do with restricting access to their chi- much like Azula's lightning restricted Aang's chakra access in the first season. This is why energybending (I think that's what Korra's doing) could unlock bending again.

just thought the identity of amon undid all the great build up in his character. Nnot all people who do bad things do them purely for power, and i felt that Amon througout the series had a commendable goal, equality, but went about it the wrong way. Him being just another villain searching for power disappointed me significantly. I also felt they did not elaborate on the whole cast as they did brilliantly in the the last airbender

I feel so bad for Asami! and i do think tarrlok and amon are dead because otherwise the whole moment would be ruined of tarrlok blowing up the boat. Also one of them would probably end up killing each other anyways or something. and wouldnt the electric thing tarrlok have electrocute the water anyways right? So they would get electrocuted in the water most likely.

I think the ending was fine too i mean they needed a happy ending and i was crushed when Lin lost her bending (favorite character) so that was great, and korra couldn't have gone on without her bending. Now i agree the whole part where korra gets her bending back, that would have been great for the premiere of season 2 for a huge cliff-hanger.

Next season will most likely be about uprisings in other places or another anti-bending threat. It could even be another thing where maybe there is a secret community of benders with water earth and fire benders planning to take over or something.

Frankly, I was hoping that in the end General Iroh would fall in love with Korra and she would be able to get over Mako from that point on by developing a relationship with him... I thougth that it woud be very fitting that Zuko's grandson (whose great grandfather was Avatar Roku) would end up in love with an Avatar chick! lol

Unfortunatly, it never explained how old the good general is, nor if he is married, so it's possible that they coudn't be together...

Honestly, I have to disagree with that detail about "skilled benders". I just finished watching the first season yesterday, and I couldn't help but be tremendously dissapointed. Since the start of the series, the characters are portrayed as skilled benders, yes. However, that is a lie. A good example to this are firebenders like Mako, recieving a lot of credit for bending skills that are simply reminicent with standard Fire Nation soldiers from the original series, and that are, quite frankly, mediocre. Yet they still show it as something masterful, even to the extent of giving them the ability to throw lightning willingly. Benders that are constantly getting beat down with such ease do not deserve such a skill, and in fact shouldn't even be able to do it! The technique of throwing lightning is supposed to be a highly advanced and dangerous technique that not all firebenders can execute, requiring absolute concentration to prevent the seperation and crash of chi energies from getiing out of control, not something that you can shoot simply from a prone possition while some freak is blood-bending you to submission. And yet, it's a common skill now, something that every firebender seems to be able to do whilst going on his merry way, but without the skill to show for it. A true firebender would not be taken down so easily as Mako so many times, regadless of there being new enemies with foreign skills and tactics, or taken down so easily, for that matter, as was general Iroh, the grandson of Firelord Zuko! All in all, it just seems that any cheap movement will bend an element now, and the detail that the techniques had in the first Avatar series has been lost. Even the spiritual detail: we are supposed to simpy accept that Korra, because she suffered the loss of bending, can now willingly call upon her past lives for knowledge, something that even Aang, arguably one of the best and most gifted avatars, mastered late in his quest? Nay, I would like a detailed explanation rather than simply "hitting the "ON" switch". To it's credit, at least there really are very skilled benders, such as Lin and Tenzin, and even they fall short next to the abilities of their predecessors.

My finishing opinion: The Legend of Korra is not living up to the glory of it's predecessor. Although it is a nice touch to give it some feelings of hopelessness and darkness, it would help to add more detail to... everything, really.

I'd have gone a different way. I wouldn't have made it sad or happy. I'd have mixed both in. I would still have included Aang appearing at the end.

I'd have played off the idea that Korra had so long concentrated on the Physical aspects of the Avatar's power. I'd have played off of the fact that for the doors closed, new doors opened. I'd have left her at the season ending with Air Bending, and the spiritual doors that had always been closed to her... now open. That would have been the final shot of the season. Korra finally unlocking her spiritual connection to the Avatar. Not getting her bending of earth/fire/water back. Just unlocking her spiritual side.

It opens up all the possibilities while still keeping all of the negatives. You know the Avatar can practice spirit bending, and it gives you hope that she'll learn Aang's technique and learn to cure herself and others. It gives you hope, but it doesn't give you an instant solution. It doesn't undo anything. It just leaves the possibility there to lift your spirits just enough, while keeping the grim reality at hand.

I'd have ended on, "When one door closes, another door opens," with a ghostly Aang floating before Korra off the cliff, over the water, and all the past Avatars appearing behind them as the credits began to roll and the screen went black. Hope but with weight.

There's a small detail in Tarrlok's suicide scene that really makes a difference, and that some might not have noticed...
Right before the scene where the boat blows up, we see Amon's face up close.
When we do, we can notice he's crying.
I think this means that he noticed his brother would blow the boat up, and for whatever reason decided to do nothing.

I don't know how many of you have noticed, but there's a detail in Tarrlok's suicide/murder scene.
Before the boat explodes, we see Amon's face up close: At this moment, he's Crying.

I think this means he knew Tarrlok was going to blow the boat up, but for whatever reason, decides to do nothing.

Wow I have to say, I really like your idea of making amon the good guy by being bad, especially if the sprit world was torn as well(between giving amon the power to remove benders), making the avatar have to restore balance in both worlds….to bad you where not part of the writers…

Am I the only one who considered that iroh and korra would make a nice couple??

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