Is a new Star Trek TV series in development?

News Ryan Lambie 25 Aug 2011 - 16:27

Could another series of Star Trek hit our televisions soon? It will if a US writer and producer’s concept is picked up by CBS…

It’s now six years since we last saw a new Star Trek television series, after Enterprise aired for the last time back in 2005. But according to recent reports, Star Trek’s TV-based voyages could be far from over.

David Foster, a writer, producer and head of the production company 1947 Entertainment, has revealed that he’s planning a new series that is designed to take Star Trek back to its “original series roots.” He’s said the new show will take in all the usual Roddenberry trappings – Klingons, Vulcans and Ferengi, for example – but will feature a much younger cast.

“The series concept is fully developed, subject to change of course,” Foster told Trek Web, “with a solid 5-7 year series plan, pilot script and a conceptualized finale that intends to define Star Trek for generations.”

Foster’s series will take place after the Voyager series of a few years back, and won’t conflict with JJ Abrams’ big-screen take on the Star Trek mythos, since it’s set in a different timeline.

While Foster’s hardly a household name, he’s clearly passionate about sci-fi, and was one of the collaborators behind Richard Hatch’s Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming four-minute trailer that emerged about a decade ago. Ultimately, it was Ronald D Moore’s darker take on BSG that was ultimately picked up for television a few years later.

Foster’s Star Trek is still at the pitching stage, so it’s far too early to say whether his concept will ever amount to much more than words on paper. His ideas for the show sound intriguing, though, and you can read the full interview over at Trek Web, here.

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I sure hope they make a new series. I'm seriously depressed with the lack of new episodes.
One main thing they'd have to do to make the series work is have the borg come back in full force or in a new way like a post-collective borg enemy. It's just about everyone's favorite enemy so you can't go wrong.
It would also be smart to break barriers by putting in an LGBT relationship somewhere in the crew or something to that effect.
Star trek has always celebrated diversity so it's always good to go keep pushing it in the direction.
the series had better happen.
I'm sick and tired of watching repeats.

I would like to see the "Enterprise" series rebooted somehow......or the next generation crews come back from retirement personally.

I have an idea for the new Star Trek series - it's called Star Trek: The Journey Continues and is set in the 25th Century with a new ship, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-G, and a new crew. The show should run for eight seasons with 26 episodes. The series would continue the legacy of Star Trek to seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no one has gone before. Season One is set in 2445, Season Two is set in 2446, Season Three is set in 2447, Season Four is set in 2448, Season Five is set in 2449, Season Six is set in 2450, Season Seven is set in 2451, and Season Eight is set in 2452. The Enterprise-G would be the Perception-class starship after 30 year old Odyssey-class starship Enterprise-F was discommissioned in 2439. Here are the crew: Captain Michael Drake, human male, American. Commander Xon, first officer/science officer, Vulcan male. Dr Samantha Fletcher, chief medical officer, human female, Canadian. Lieutenant Soular, tactical officer/security officer, Andorian male. Commander Kieron Lewis, chief engineer, human male, Irish or Irish American. Ensign Francis Sisko, helm officer, human male, grandson of Jake Sisko and great-grandson of Benjamin Sisko. Ensign Leslie Crusher, communications officer, human female, great-granddaughter of Wesley Crusher. Lieutenant Commander Sky, operations officer/second officer, female android, Asian American. And Dr Frank, EMH, human male hologram, Australian. The series has to be filmed in widescreen and in High-definition. CBS will have to ignore J.J. Abrams Star Trek Reboot movies. Star Trek: The Journey Continues is set 100 years after ST:VOY, ST:DS9, and ST:TNG, 200 years after ST:TOS, and 300 years after ST:ENT. I'll write the list of the future Star Trek episodes next time, Bye

Here are the new episodes of Star Trek: The Journey Continues: Season one: Episode 1 and 2: In Thy Image. Episode 3: Cassandra. Episode 4: Deadlock. Episode 5: The Savage Syndrome. Episode 6: Are Unheard Memories Sweet? Episode 7: Practice in Waking. Episode 8: Komether. Episode 9: Lord Bobby's Obsession. Episode 10: To Attain the All. Episode 11: The War to End All Wars. Episode 12: Tomorrow and the Stars. Episode 13: The Star Empire. Episode 14: Kitumba Part I. Episode 15: Kitumba Part II. Episode 16: To Skin a Tyrannosaurus. Episode 17: The Coming. Episode 18: Holodeck Problem. Episode 19: Kilkenny Cats. Episode 20: Denobula visit. Episode 21: The Space Cocoon. Episode 22: The Impossible Rainbow. Episode 23: Klingon Attack. Episode 24: The Patient Parasites. Episode 25: Future Guy Part I. Episode 26: Future Guy Part II.

Star Trek: The Journey Continues: Season two: Episode 27: Ferengi Gold Part I. Episode 28: Ferengi Gold Part II. Episode 29: Children of the Light. Episode 30: The Crystal Skull. Episode 31: Dead On My Feet. Episode 32: The Cardassian Union. Episode 33: Deadworld. Episode 34: The Hands of Time. Episode 35: The Lost and the Lurking. Episode 36: Maxa Junda. Episode 37: The May Fly. Episode 38: The One and Lonely. Episode 39: Terminus. Episode 40: Somewhen. Episode 41: Happy Birthday to You. Episode 42: Crash Landing. Episode 43: Blood and Fire. Episode 44: Blood and Ice. Episode 45: Stattered Time. Episode 46: Two Yuffs Two Many. Episode 47: Reman episode. Episode 48: A Fizzy Thing Happened to Me. Episode 49: Quantum black holes. Episode 50: Day at Quark's (Holodeck episode). Episode 51: The Cloud City of Stratos Part I. Episode 52: The Cloud City of Stratos Part II.

Star Trek: The Journey Continues: Season three: Episode 53: Momentum. Episode 54: Human Option. Episode 55: The Warning. Episode 56: Do No Harm. Episode 57: The Terminator drone. Episode 58: Visit to a Small Planet. Episode 59: Aladdin's Asteroid. Episode 60: The Aurorals. Episode 61: The Beast. Episode 62: Dead Man's Shoes. Episode 63: Beware of Gryptons Bearing Gifts. Episode 64: The Deadliest Game. Episode 65: For They Shall Inherit. Episode 66: Tomorrow Was Yesterday Part I. Episode 67: Tomorrow Was Yesterday Part II. Episode 68: Deep Mudd. Episode 69: Destination: Infinity. Episode 70: The Forseeable Future. Episode 71: From the First Day To The Last. Episode 72: The Godhead. Episode 73: He Walked Among Us. Episode 74: Joanna. Episode 75: The Lost Star. Episode 76: Machines Are Better. Episode 77: Space Moby Dick. Episode 78: We Are The Borg (Part I).

Star Trek: The Journey Continues: Season four: Episode 79: You Will Be Assimilated (Part II). Episode 80: Resistance Is Futile (Part III). Episode 81: Iowa Farmboy. Episode 82: Bolians. Episode 83: Beam Up. Episode 84: Prism. Episode 85: Kobayashi Maru (Holodeck episode). Episode 86: The Truth. Episode 87: Forehead. Episode 88: Solkar and Skon (Flashback episode). Episode 89: Alpha Centauri episode. Episode 90: Dysfunctional. Episode 91: Klingon Hell. Episode 92: Quorum. Episode 93: The Forbidden. Episode 94: Miss Gulliver. Episode 95: Kumara Part I. Episode 96: Kumara Part II. Episode 97: The Forces. Episode 98: Journey To Reolite. Episode 99: The Joy Machine. Episode 100: Starship Enterprise. Episode 101: The Land of Counter-Pain. Episode 102: The Machine That Went too Far. Episode 103: Planet of the Titans Part I. Episode 104: Planet of the Titans Part II.

Star Trek: The Journey Continues: Season five: Episode 105: Kongo. Episode 106: Mere Shadows. Episode 107: Mission Into Chaos. Episode 108: The Orchard People. Episode 109: Pandora's Box. Episode 110: The Pastel Terror. Episode 111: Through the Mirror, Darkly Part I. Episode 112: Through the Mirror, Darkly Part II. Episode 113: Perchance To Dream. Episode 114: The Protracted Man. Episode 115: Rites Of Fertility. Episode 116: Rock-A-Bye Baby, Or Die! Episode 117: The Search For Eternity. Episode 118: The Shadow of Space. Episode 119: Shol. Episode 120: The Takeover. Episode 121: Tomorrow the Universe. Episode 122: Sister In Space. Episode 123: Skal. Episode 124: Sleeping Beauty. Episode 125: Bandi. Episode 126: The Squaw. Episode 127: The Stars of Sargasso. Episode 128: The Surrender Of Planet X. Episode 129: United Empires Part I. Episode 130: United Empires Part II.

Star Trek: The Journey Continues: Season six: Episode 131: Q Makes Two. Episode 132: The Uncoiler. Episode 133: The V.I.P.s. Episode 134: Warrior's World. Episode 135: The Web of Death. Episode 136: Mother Tiger. Episode 137: The Soft Weapon. Episode 138: I.Q. Test. Episode 139: The Well of Death. Episode 140: See Spot Run. Episode 141: Galaxy's End. Episode 142: The Journey Home. Episode 143: Xindi episode Part I. Episode 144: Xindi episode Part II. Episode 145: Xindi episode Part III. Episode 146: Romulan episode. Episode 147: Andorian episode. Episode 148: The Day Charlie Became God. Episode 149: Tellarite episode. Episode 150: Vulcan episode. Episode 151: President Capone. Episode 152: The Perfect World. Episode 153: Mr. Socrates. Episode 154: The Venus Planet. Episode 155: Apotheosis Part I. Episode 156: Apotheosis Part II.

Star Trek: The Journey Continues: Season seven: Episode 157: Apotheosis Part III. Episode 158: Q on a beach. Episode 159: The Next Cage. Episode 160: Camelot Revisited. Episode 161: 100 A.B. Episode 162: Kentucky, Kentucky. Episode 163: Reason Part I. Episode 164: Reason Part II. Episode 165: A Matter of Choice. Episode 166: The Stranger. Episode 167: The Trader. Episode 168: A Question of Cannibalism. Episode 171: Torx. Episode 172: The Pet Shop. Episode 173: Kazon episode Part I. Episode 174: Kazon episode Part II. Episode 175: Old Friends. Episode 176: Past Demons. Episode 178: The Husnocks. Episode 181: The War of the Generations Part I. Episode 182: The War of the Generations Part II. Star Trek: The Journey Continues: Season eight: Episode 183: Destinies. Episode 184: Homecoming. Episode 185: The New Life. Episode 186: The Way of the Spores. Episode 187: Tholians episode. Episode 188: Gorn episode. Episode 192: Sulibans episode Part I. Episode 193: Sulibans episode Part II. Episode 200: Excelsior To The Rescue. Episode 207 and 208: To Boldly Go. P.S. All 208 episodes have to run for 50 minutes long.

I'll tell you what some of the episodes are all about. Episode 1 and 2: In Thy Image is about the alien spaceship called Veejur destroys the USS Aslan and three Klingon battleships (The Vor'cha-class attack cruisers), Captain Drake's new first officer and science officer, Commander Ronak. but, he dies in the transporter accident when he is being beamed aboard the Enterprise-G, So, Captain Drake hires Xon as Ronak's replacement. Episode 8: Komether is the retitled episode based on Star Trek: Phase II episode: Devil's Due. Episode 25 and 26: Future Guy is about the Federation starships in a battle with the Sulibans, led by the Future Guy, who reveals himself to be a Romulan from the 28th century. Future Guy could be played by James Horan. Episode 68: Deep Mudd is about a planet being named after Harry Mudd. Episode 100: Starship Enterprise is about the Enterprise-G making first contact with three wormholes that changes colours, They see a federation starship coming out from the wormhole, another ship coming out from another wormhole, and another ship coming out from another wormhole. I'll save more for later, Bye

The ships turn out to be the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B (Excelsior-class) from the year 2320, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F (Odyssey-class) from the year 2412, and the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-H (Excalibur-class) from the year 2498. The Enterprise-B is commanded by Captain Demora Sulu, the Enterprise-F is commanded by Captain Va'Kel Shon, and the Enterprise-H is commanded by Captain Wah Chan. Episode 43: Blood and Fire and Episode 44: Blood and Ice shouldn't have gay characters or AIDS in these two episodes, they should have Regulan bloodworms and zombie crewmen in these two episodes. Episode 105: Kongo is about a planet where black people are masters and white people are slaves. All of the future Star Trek episodes are based on the Undeveloped Star Trek projects. New titles, new ideas, and new storylines are found in the Star Trek Magazines: issue 60, 109, 111, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, and 125. I hope you like my ideas.

Here is the new speech, narrated by Captain Michael Drake, at the beginning of the new Star Trek series, Star Trek: The Journey Continues:
Space... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its on-going mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.
That's for the new Intro for the new Star Trek series. I hope you like it.

Dear Galaxy Trek,

I think you need to go outdoors more often.

I just wanted to say I've thought about this a lot...
Here's what I want from a new Star Trek:-
A science ship. Out in deep space. Not really military, although space battles should regularly ensue, as should fisticuffs!
An insecure but scientifically genius reluctant anti-hero Horatio Hornblower captain. Bit of a rebel. Adventurous. (Maybe Wes/Wheaton?)
A Caitian security officer. Longhair, tuxedo. Series explores Caitian culture...
A Ferengi wannabe adventurer pilot. Pressures Captain to go on legendary latinum treasure-hunts. Captain agrees in name of science and adventure etc...
A return to the swashbuckling 60's spirit of adventure, with tons of geeky science more in tune with modern geekery.
Professor Moriarty returns as a reformed holographic scientist, and activist for hologram rights. He's the science officer. Will happily break Prime Directive to save a civilisation, but won't happily admit it. Mildly steampunk.
Less on the "humans are great" side and more on the "humans still have a lot to learn" with advanced species and energy beings being rampant in deep space. Intelligent nebulae and planets, robotic remains of ancient dead civilisations. Latinum!

Love and completely agree with Fedaykin24 storyline, we need some of the stuff in STO it should be explained because its a rich content.
I agree with some of the points raised such as better firefights, not just stand and shoot / miss - same with ship battles! (No 1 phaser disabled fights)
However i completely disagree with getting rid of techno-mumbo jumbo because its what makes star trek! This is the same for misinterpreting the PD (It makes a good 'do we-don't we' scenario) and creating a battleship like the Promethius as the central focus of the story line (Star trek is about exploration and seeking out new lifeforms afterall)
Furthermore, having some bollocky crap about having a LGBT relationship in the franchise would be really....bad....people dont watch sci fi, or anything to that end to experience real life issues but the whole point of it is to lose yourself, not to sit there contemplating about how much governments are corrupt in this day and age. - It's fantasy!
I don't want to see some new series reaching out to the 12 year olds of today with david tennant as captain acting like dr who or simon peg just making a fool of himself, we want real scenarios, and real star trek!

I'd like to see a new series redefined by today's higher caliber television. Shows like Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men have completely redone the standard of what good television is, with shows like Game of Thrones almost even taking on cinematic level quality.

I'd love to see if all that can be applied to a new star trek series.

Just a big NOOO to the younger cast idea, I hope that a cast aged around the same age as all the other series will be chosen, having a younger cast will just ruin star trek TV series.

A much younger cast? Please don't dumb it down. Please.

I have an idea for the new Star Trek series - it's called Star Trek: The New Generation and it's set eight years after Star Trek: Nemesis. Captain Picard has retired and he leaves his ship, the Enterprise - E with the new captain and a new crew.
This would continue the legacy of Star Trek to seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no one has gone before.
The show should be the first Star Trek TV series to have run for eight seasons with
13 episodes for season one, 26 episodes for season two and season three,
24 episodes for season four, 26 episodes for season five and season six,
24 episodes for season seven, and 21 episodes for season eight.
Episode 1 will be the two-hour pilot episode,
the final episode will be the two-hour series finale.
Season One is set in 2387 - 2388
Season Two is set in 2388 - 2389
Season Three is set in 2389 - 2390
Season Four is set in 2390 - 2391
Season Five is set in 2391 - 2392
Season Six is set in 2392 - 2393
Season Seven is set in 2393 - 2394
Season Eight is set in 2394 - 2395
Here are the new crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC - 1701 - E:
Captain Chris Williams, commanding officer, human male, Irish or Irish American.
Commander Xon, first officer / science officer, Vulcan male.
Lieutenant Soular, tactical officer / security officer, Andorian male.
Lieutenant Commander Kieron Lewis, chief engineer, human male, Canadian.
Lieutenant Macha Hernandez, helmsman, human female, American.
Ensign Tim West, navigator, human male, American,
Ensign Tanya Buckton, communications officer, human female, African American.
Dr. Kelly Chan, chief medical officer, human female, Asian American.
I hope everybody likes it.

CBS will have to ignore the J.J. Abrams's Star Trek reboot movies.

Why don't they just make a new Star Trek TV series set 55 years or 65 years or
75 years after Star Trek: Voyager?

i have 2 questions 1 why do you need relatives of former crewmembers that's interesting for about 30 seconds unless there's proper development of this angle if you want an interesting way to provide a connection with the past series have a Dax on board 2 why does it matter the nationality of the actors surely casting should pick the best people and if it does matter where's the token British

Sounds good to me.. But u know u r insane right? I´ll bet u even speak Klingon! ;)

(I love the ST series but am not a trekkie..maby a trekker..) But keep those ideas flowing U great nerd! =) We need ppl like u to do our next Star Trek journey ;)..

Why don't you just leave Galaxy Trek alone?
His or her ideas for the new Star Trek series are good!

Why don't you just leave Galaxy Trek alone?
He or she doesn't have to answer your questions.
Do you, Galaxy Trek?

No, please do

No no no if they do a new star trek it has to be a continuation of all the others, I want to see a ship that ever travils to other galaxies as if its the norm or even something like star trek time travil.
Why is everthing a reboot

no we don't want to see a reboot of freaking kirk & spock crap!! we have to take this new trek into darkness movie which us fans take it with a grain of salt. no one really cares for the original characters anymore. over the years the trek franchise has gotten bigger then its original series. if there would be a new trek show it has to be in the original timeline after voyager with a classic outer space trek instrumental intro. we fans do not want another crappy sing along like in enterprise. that show was ok in story wise but they almost trashed everything that made trek what it is and made the show look like a nasa looking show. if its another crappy prequel series like that then count me out. we fans want something new continued in the original timeline with possibly a few of our favorite trek characters returning like worf picard obrien and even data would be great to see again. if its gonna be all younger cast make sure they are trek fans because its gonna suck if they haven't seen a trek episode in there life.

I think that peter david's new frontier series of books could be the good basis of a series. It has good characterisation, story and the action that abrams brought to trek.
does anyone else want more books in this series to be released

I have an idea for another Star Trek series - it's called Star Trek: The New Galaxy or
Star Trek: The New Universe and it's set in 2456 with a new ship, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-G, and a new crew. The series would unveil new worlds and alien races, as the Enterprise-G sets out to explore the Orion galaxy. This would continue the legacy of Star Trek to seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Here are the crew of the Enterprise-G:
Captain Donald Walker, Commanding officer, human male, Australian.
Commander Seleya, First officer/Science officer, Half Vulcan/Half Romulan female.
Lieutenant Soular, Tactical officer/Security officer, Andorian male.
Lieutenant Kieron Lewis, Chief Engineer, human male from Northern England.
Ensign Vince Holden, Helm officer, human male, American.
Ensign Lesley Crusher, Communications officer, human female, American.
Doctor Jessica Baldwin, Chief Medical officer, human female, Canadian.
Dana, Operations officer, female android.
The Enterprise-G would similar to either Perception-class starship or Atlas-class starship.
This show would be the first Star Trek series to run for eight seasons and 26 episodes for each seasons.
I mean, some of the new Star Trek series would run for five seasons, six seasons, eight seasons, nine seasons, and ten seasons.
I hope CBS likes it.

I have my own idea for a new ST. Instead of being set around Starfleet activities, the main characters would be... somewhat higher up. Consider that Starfleet is like the navy of the future, these guys would be in the intelligence service.. but not THE intelligence service. It would be a highly covert unit assembled personally by the president of the Federation, conducting research on experimental and banned technologies. To maintain secrecy, they would have to appear as criminals or otherwise. First thing they'd need is a ship. The president can't exactly authorise one to be built for them (people would know about the existence of the new ship and wonder where it is later), so they'd have to commandeer one (preferably one that's not in service because... well, people don't take kindly to being hijacked). I'm thinking Voyager, which has been turned into a museum, could be our ship.

Anyway, our secret unit sneak into Voyager outside museum opening hours, and outfit it with a cloaking device and a little bit of experimental tech, steal it, cloak up and finish installing a wide range of badass gear. Unfortunately, they get caught trying to sneak off, and end up facing off with a large fleet of Starfleet ships. After incapacitating the whole fleet (none destroyed, they are friendlies after all), Voyager fires up the experimental new propulsion system and goes in the direction of Dominion space. The propulsion system fails, and they end up outside this galaxy. One seriously badass ship, no prime directive, and a plethora of new aliens to meet.

If that doesn't sound interesting enough, let's consider what some of the tech is
Propulsion: It's closer to teleportation than actual propulsion, really. This device manipulates time and space, creating a fold, which unfolds when the ship punches through. Estimated time between Earth and... well... anywhere: instantaneous.

Torpedoes: They phase out of normal space shortly after being fired, and then phase back into normal space upon reaching the set coordinates. Super-effective against stationary targets, but take a lot of skill to use against anything that's moving unpredictably. Because they're not in normal space, they can't lock onto the target and track it like normal torpedoes can. Also, once fired, they can't be guided from the ship either for the same reason. That's why they have to be fired at a set of coordinates.

There would be at least one Borg crew member. Not a typical drone, though. After extensive (illegal) research into Seven of Nine's Borg implants (and also a lot of fatalities), top scientists in the Federation were able to create drones who had the ability to toggle their collective consciousness on and off. Borg drones, through and through, but not allied to the Borg. This new breed of Borg possesses all of the biological and technological distinctiveness of the original Borg, but can separate from the collective at will. However, due to the fact that the mini-collective is in fact a Borg collective, it's a very good idea to stay individual when in the presence of the actual Borg, because the mini-collective is not shielded in any way from the Borg collective. I'm also thinking that , when not in use, the Borg implants should deactivate and detach. This would mean some awesome CGI scenes could happen where Borg crew members self-assimilate in preparation for battle. It also saves the actors from being in full makeup all the time.

Tell me what you think

I agree with Medved273 100%, where is the British guy, and yeah I think the producers should choose the actors.

p.s. you sound gay saying "do you galaxy trek" :(.

I am not gay! How dare you write that?!

Oh, come on, man! Leave Galaxy Trek alone. Be nice.

I like.

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