Why do Star Trek fans hate Voyager?

Feature Liam Macleod 19 Oct 2012 - 07:31

Liam ponders whether Star Trek: Voyager deserves the derision it receives at the hands of some Star Trek fans...

At what point is it safe to call oneself a Star Trek fan? I’ve seen a good chunk of TOS, and almost all of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. I’ve a favourite episode and have selected my preferred position on the bridge (Security and Tactical), but I wouldn’t touch a pair of pointy ears with a ten-foot bat’leth, and perhaps most egregiously in the world of Trek fandom, I don’t hate Voyager.

So thoroughgoing is some Star Trek fans’ hatred of Berman, Piller and Taylor’s iteration of the franchise, it’s manifested in YouTube channels dedicated to Voyager’s idiocy and a canonically and legally accurate series of features called ‘The Court Martial of Captain Kathryn Janeway’.

Star Trek: Voyager is regarded with the same feelings of betrayal fanboys have shown for The Phantom Menace and the Mass Effect 3 ending. Even appreciating that Voyager is no masterpiece, its status as an object of derision baffles when you consider the tongue-in-cheek admiration a show like Farscape (which operates on a similar plain of stupidity) is held in by fans. The Fifth Element is as shallow as sci-fi gets, yet is popularly considered a cult classic.

No, with Star Trek: Voyager, the hatred is mostly about those first two words in the title. After all, what is Star Trek? For many it’s not just the most prominent science fiction franchise, it’s also the peak of the genre (yes, Doctor Who came first, but before the reboot, Whovians were comparatively niche and Trek had a much greater international presence thanks to the films), the ultimate marriage of hard science fiction with entertainment.

Star Trek presented a socialist utopia in which humanity had evolved beyond differences of gender, race and even species to work for the advancement of the whole. Then it used that utopia to facilitate battles to the death, tense dilemmas and Viagra viruses (The Naked Now in case you were wondering). And it did all this with sets, costumes and creatures so distinct that fans continue to imitate them to this day. 

A lot changed between that and Voyager of course. The Next Generation eventually stopped trying to live up to Rodenberry’s utopia and allowed whole other worlds of conflict. Deep Space Nine would make its name actively challenging the concept in landmark episodes such as Homefront and In the Pale Moonlight. So when Voyager got flung into the Delta Quadrant it was now in a wild unknown where it was free to disregard the more restrictive elements of Rodenberry’s vision. Voyager was given every gift that the Star Trek universe had to offer and it mishandled every one of them.

Stranding the crew in the Delta Quadrant? Brilliant. Doing it by having the Captain protect a species with a lifespan shorter than my dog (oh the Ocampa)? Less so. Integrating Maquis freedom fighters into a Starfleet crew? Brilliant. Making them completely identical to the rest of the crew? Rubbish. Worse still, the show held the principles of the Federation - and by extension Rodenberry - as some kind of religious dogma, unwavering and immutable. The captain always had to be right, the prime directive could not be breached for any reason.

All this reached a horrible event horizon with Alliances when, to ensure Voyager’s survival, Janeway attempted to negotiate with an enemy race. It would be the beginning of a new Federation of sorts, and like so much about Voyager it was a potentially great idea, but what happened? All non-Starfleet races were once again demonised as existential ‘others’ to maintain the status quo. From then on it was clear that, unlike its predecessors, Voyager had no intention of experimenting with new ideas. It was the show that was trying the hardest to live up to the legacy of The Original Series and it never could. 

Despite all this, I have never been able to bring myself to condemn Voyager. To this day I still watch the show and find pleasure in more than the prospect of being assimilated by Seven of Nine. Part of the reason was personal circumstance; I happened to stumble upon it on a good episode - season five’s Warhead, a tight ticking-clock dilemma featuring a standout performance from Robert Picardo. Even Voyager’s harshest critics have admitted that Picardo’s role as the ship’s Emergency Medical Hologram, known as The Doctor is one of its saving graces. The man’s comedic flair can carry a scene even in an empty room.

On that note, let’s talk characters. Those on Trek have always represented the best of the best, symbols of how highly evolved twenty-fourth century humans were. Captain Picard and Mr Spock may as well have been gods on Olympus in terms of accessibility to me as a then-twelve-year-old viewer. Just by looking, you could tell they had never had to work at Argos or clean the bathroom like mere mortals. We were told the doors on the Enterprise were automatic but in truth they were just smart enough to get out of Kirk’s way.

The Voyager crew on the other hand, were a mismatched collection of incompetents. It doesn’t take much imagination to interpret Janeway as an inept captain, Neelix as a meddlesome nuisance, and Chief Engineer Torres as a university drop-out with anger issues. But in a strange kind of way characters who were rougher round the edges were a lot easier to get on board with. For people who make mistakes, a certain kinship is felt when watching TV characters do the same. 

None of this makes for a great endorsement of the show, though if that’s what you’re looking for I’d strongly recommend seasons three through six when the Doctor began to take a much more prominent role, Seven of Nine was introduced and the Borg became a more common threat. For every clunker like The Q and the Grey and Spirit Folk, there was always a Dark Frontier, Life Line or The Thaw to enjoy. And without its diverse characters, schlocky action and comic tone I may never have watched any show that bore the Star Trek banner. Think of it as a gateway drug, if The Original Series was heroin; the ultimate high but a crippling way of life, then Voyager is cannabis; pleasant enough, easily accessible, but capable of permanent brain damage (Threshold anyone?).

There’s food for thought in that. Just how many other fans, like me, started watching The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and The Original Series because they enjoyed Voyager? And the thought of having missed out on great episodes like Tapestry, In the Pale Moonlight and Balance of Terror makes me rush right back to my original statement. I can't say Voyager was a great show, but hate it? Never.

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", its status as an object of derision baffles when you consider the tongue-in-cheek admiration a show like Farscape (which operates on a similar plain of stupidity) is held in by fans."

I'm sorry, what did I just read? Farscape is fantastic and nowhere near on the same level of stupidity as Voyager. Tongue-in-cheek admiration? Farscape is lauded as excellent by many critics and as one of the best cult classic science fiction shows ever!

I liked Voyager, although I can see why many people wouldn't, but to compare it to Farscape in such a sense is absurd, since the shows aren't alike in any sense!

Let me be a little nitpicky here:
Since "frequent heavy marijuana use damages the brain's memory and learning capacity", the comparison is invalid.
Who would watch Voyager daily with the eyes pried open (Clockwork Orange style)?
Any show would potentionally be fatal that way. :)

Anyway, valid points, but Voyager is still my least favorite Star Trek show.
I just didn't connect to the crew like I should have...

I would rank 'Enterprise' below 'Voyager' though, although in its final season it did get better than Voyager (continuity ftw), but overall Voyager is better than Enterprise but definitely not as good as Deep Space Nine, Next Generation or as classic as Original Series. But I have to completely agree about Robert Picardo's the Doctor. He's the best character in the show!

Voyager was an okay sci-fi show, only after the 3rd series with the introduction of 7of 9, it ceased to be Star Trek and became the 7 of 9 show. Even when the episodes were centred on one character, Paris, Torres, or even the most criminally underused character in the history of sci-fi, Chakotay, 7 of 9 had a major part in these, "character specific" episodes. This destroyed the show for me, and the overuse of the Borg, thanks to First Contacts cinematic success, also helped. Some blame must also be directed at the writer who had the absolute howler of an idea to use the fictional irish town of Fair Haven for more than a few minutes. What an absolutely appaling idea for holodeck usage, hopefully that particular "writer" is no longer writing... I have to say that Voyager ( like Sliders before it ) was a great premise that was brought to television very badly, I agree that it had everything going for it and mishandled everything badly, just like Enterprise. At least the new film reboots are going in the right direction now, that's something, right?

I think all Trek series had high and low points. It was just with Voyager the low points were pretty low. I enjoyed a lot of episodes of Voyager. They just never stayed with me after they had finished as such and they didn't have the rewatch value of TOS. I never got the hatred for Voyager but then i don't get the love for TNG as much as others.

A lot, not all, of TNG episodes consisted of the characters pontificating on the bridge to then move to the ready room for a bit of a Shakespeare appreciation night. Then some more moralising in the briefing room. Worf has a bit of a growl. The end.
However TNG gets more love as it was the first Trek TV shows since the 70's whereas Voyager came when people were maybe getting oversaturated with Trek.

Its the only ST series I watched all the way through and I love it in spite of its weaker episodes

The worst episode of Voyager was still ten times better than anything from the first 3 seasons of DS9. FACT.
Yeah, i said it
Also i think that when she got rod of the bun that Janeway had quite the hot older woman vibe going.

Voyager is more fun for me than TNG (it says something that my favourite character is Ensign Ro) or Enterprise (only T'Pol really sticks and for all the obvious reasons), and it's the only ST series where the vital crew members discussing solutions to a crisis might all be women. Yes, it was pretty rubbish for the first couple of years, but it found its feet during season three and the last four seasons are just fine. Picardo *is* great, but actually my favourites are Seven, Torres, Tuvok and...sorry!...Neelix.

DS9 was crap during its first three seasons, Kerr Avon?? Come here and say that! Kira was *such* a relief after the buttoned-up TNG women...now there was a character with passion. The first season of DS9 was better than the first season of ANY other ST series except TOS. But we could argue about this until first contact, and you have the gun, so I'll shut up...

I got into Star Trek through Voyager, if I'm honest. I had seen episodes of TOS and TNG before but it never made me want to watch more of them in any rush. When I was Voyager, I finally got it. I watched the whole series back to back and to this day it's my favourite incarnation. I've seen a good chunk of TNG (which I think suffers from being a bit too clean) and I'm currently watching DS9 from start to finish. (I'd been told seasons 1-3 are a slog but Jesus Christ!) I've also started watching Enterprise too... which is about as poor as I've seen in Star Trek history. TOS I've seen enough episodes of to gather an opinion which is roughly... it's good. It's like 50s/60s B-Movie horror. Great for an hour, but you don't want to spend all your time watching it. In my head the best series is Voyager. It wasn't afraid to get the sets dirty, it didn't mind bending the federations rules in order to survive, and it didn't mind being silly either. I understand most folks hold DS9 up high in the ranks, but if you can write off 3 seasons of a show, how good can it be? Some of Voyager's best episodes are in season 2 and it's only really Season 1 which is patchy. The love for TOS I get. It broke the mould and it did it with style and meaning. It's still never going to beat Voyager in my mind though.

I'm currently in season 2 of DS9 (how late to the party am I?) and so far I'd agree. It is a bit pants at the moment. I get what they're trying to do but it hasn't gelled yet, and apparently it doesn't until season 4. Maybe it says something that my least favourite character is Kira!

Voyager would certainly have been better without the character of Chakotay. 500 years later and Indians are still talking to imaginary friends? Get a grip!

Depends what you're looking for. To me Voyager had the highest highs and... not the lowest lows, that would be a lie... the more boring lows. There were so many episodes that simply felt like they had no reason to exist - but when you have the Latent Image, the Killing Game, Living Witness and so many of the VERY best episodes the franchise ever produced I can't see how you can hate it.
Maybe it's just being a Who fan rather than Trek; I'm used to experiments, I'm used to a huge number of appointments for every truly spectacular hit, but as it's the best episodes that define a show for me Voyager is... *don't hit me* my favourite Trek (but not the one I am happiest about watching a random episode of, 66% of the episodes I will never watch again).

I love Voyager. Farscape however is miles apart from any of the Star Trek series. It's rightly held in admiration because people should be thinking, "how did that get up there? Can we get up there? No? Oh well, it's alright we're still raking in the cash! See you in season 5!'
Farscape is incredible television. And the problems Star Trek series' seem to have in their opening seasons (plural!), Farscape had for about half of it's first season. Then it got it's siht together. Farscape beats Star Trek on almost every level.

*I was told my comment was awaiting moderation, I wonder if it's because I done did a swear...

It was. Deleted the original.

Farscape and Voyager (or Star Trek as a whole) are nothing like each other! Farscape stole ideas from everywhere, twisted and warped those ideas and turned them into something fresh and wholly original. It was tongue in cheek and took many, many risks. It was complete and gloriously insane!

Voyager on the other hand was far too safe and by the time it came on air was rehashing episodes from earlier incarnations from Star Trek. Once this started happening Rick Berman and Brannon Braga (who, people forget, has done so much good for Star Trek) should have left to allow somebody in with fresh ideas.
Voyager had so much potential. It was a ship alone in the Delta Quadrant, it could have had huge resource problems which, over the course of its seven years, could've been reflected on the ship so that instead of remaining gleaming and new could have gradually often into a state of disrepair. The Maquis/Federation potential was blown in the first three episodes. Basically, they should've taken "The Year of Hell" and turned it into Voyagers entire run (maybe returning them to the Alpha Quadrant once the magnificent DS9 had finished). "The Year of Hell" was ruined due to the glaringly obvious reset button.

Do I hate Voyager? No, but I think it squandered it's potential!

The biggest problem I had with Voyager was its need to have a big reset button at the end of every episode. It would have worked much better if they actually had a continuing narrative.

The second biggest problem was the weak, generic characters. Paris, Kim and Chakotay were all pretty much deadweight. We had already seen Klingons (grr...Angry), and Vulcans (hmmm...logical) in other series, and they had been pretty much tapped out. When they did try to bring in something new (Neelix and Kes), they got it so wrong that George Lucas must have been involved. They only characters that really worked were the Doctor and 7of9, both of whom were actually quite good.

When they got it right, it actually worked pretty well. There are about a dozen great episodes. Unfortunately, this just underlines how much they got wrong on all the other episodes.

VY 'Threshold' vs 'Duet', 'In the Hands of the Prophets' and 'Progress' from DS9 season 1 alone? DS9 wins hands down. FACT.

Wasn't it Voyager that somewhere had the line "Get this cheese to sickbay"
Star Trek died right there.

Disagree, although I feel this way about DS9 and Enterprise, everyone has their cup of tea.

To me it always seemed like a cutesy little kids show. They lost me during the first season. Too many humanoid aliens with just a bit of rubber on the nose.

I enjoyed Trek when I was a kid, but the layered writing of other shows (starting with Babylon 5 and moving on to Farscape and others) just made Trek seem completely soulless by comparison and I just fell out with it. Thank Abrams that we got a decent, fun Trek after years of emotional auto-pilot.

Personally, I don't hate it. It is far more better than the DS9. Joining of the Maquies was an unavoidable result in that incident. They were alone in the Delta Quadrant.

I love Voyager, and im a huge Star Trek fan.

I like it. I, however, cannot forgive the writers for the disturbing mental image that will forever scar my psyche (and the worst thing is that they did leave everything to my imagination which, unfortunately, ran wild) following my first viewing of Threshold.

"Comparatively niche" meaning there weren't tons in America.

Personally, i thought Voyager had two of the more believable characters throughout the history of ST. DS9 was a different beast altogether. that said, some of the writing in Voyager was as bad as it gets.

however, nothing beats the worst ST character of all time - Trip Tucker.

I love Voyager and I'd rather be on Janeway's crew than Picard's. First of all *gasp* woman get to make decisions and secondly, well would you prefer an evening with Tom, Harry and Captain Proton or Data slogging through another string quartet. Life on the Enterprise was just so rigid compared to Voyager.

My favourite Star Trek series. Voyager FTW.

Couldn't agree more. I feel Voyager's biggest weakness when compared with other Star Trek series is how bland and annoying the characters are (with the possible exception of the Doctor). The occasional good plot and sci-fi idea couldn't carry the series when ultimately we don't develop an emotional connection with the characters. I feel this series is even worse than Enterprise which is even more derided by Star Trek fans. Classic Trek, TNG, and DS9 are in a whole different class than Voyager and Enterprise in my opinion.

I'm not fussed on TOS, could take it or leave it, mostly leave.
TNG certainly improved during its run.
I resented DS9 for trying to copy the arc format that B5 had established and consequently never got into it, although I'm pretty sure I probably saw it all as it was on at dinner time.
Love VOY, not all of it obviously. Give me a Chakotay based episode and you may as well give me a pack of sleeping pills at the same time.
Absolutely loved the finalé, just wish we could have seen more of the ultimate consequences to both the crew and the Borg.

I came up with a very brief treatment for a new series. Everyone (5 people) I've pitched it to has said they would love to see it. I've not made it public before in case there was ever any hope of getting it into the right hands. But since that universe is now gone forever I can't see it ever happening so maybe I'll put it out there.

Dark Frontier? Really? You liked that? Voyager is a mess. The problems can be lumped into three categories:

1. Continuity. This is a generation of Trekkies comingout after Phil Farrand's Nitpickers' giudes and we were overly sensitive. Th worse the continuity got, the wrse we got. It was vicious. For more info, se your precious "Dark Frontier"

2. ADHD: many episodes that feel rushed contain 2 or 3 good concepts for potential episodes in them, they just aren't being fleshed out. The q and they Grey, for example, could have been broken down into a story arc over a season or two and producex many fine episodes. Or how about The 47s? Ooh, we found a truck in space, let's follow th manure trail to Amelia Earhart's plane and oh, hey, there's a stasis chamber with an imperial japanese officer in it and look, there's amelia earhart and her navigator and a romance and a colony full of humans and should we stay or should we go?

3. Stealing from TNG: sometimes it as whole episodes (Macrocosm is a dumbd down version of TNG's Genesis, not a great episode to begin with) and sometimes it was more conceptual (the Janeway\Seven vibe is similar to Picard\Data. Only with boob.) But one thing is clear: Voyager is not TNG. It should have stopped trying to be TNG and found it's own voice. When it did, the show could make magic. But mostly, what wegot was lumped into one of the three categories, sometimes all three. Always a treat. A lot of wat fans complain about isn't true. Voyager does not have a higher instance of time travelthan most other Trek. It does have a higher instance of time travel episodes that people didn't like, however, including the finale. It has a high instance of episodes that don't make sense, including the finale. And we have had eighteen years to pick these problems apart.

This article sucks. Author knows little about star trek.

star trek fans don't hate voyager. if anything, star trek fans "hate" Enterprise. Both shows are great and true star trek fans love them all

Voyager just gets hated on because it lost the sense of reality previous shows had but next Generation had just as many if not more mindbogglingly dull and mediocre episodes. Voyager ran for 7 years. It wasn't the most internally consistent of shows and never managed to really reach it's potential but it did manage to stay entertaining throughout it's run and that's not a bad job done at the end of the day.

Clearly the author had a traumatic experience involving some unruly Trek fans and a Borg prosthetic at a convention or something. I was prepared to read through the article and try to unravel the root of his pain and anguish until I got to the third paragraph. Trying to defend the Phantom Menace or ME3 ending is one thing (both suck obviously), but comparing Farscape to Voyager? You sir have Crossed. The. Line.

One thing and one thing only makes Voyager unwatchable for me... Janeway's voice. It is beyond irritable...

Three words:

Move Along Home

It's the writing.

Move Along Home was terrible, yes.

But Duet was better than most of Voyager.

Kira mellows out a lot during the show's run.

Season 3 is where it starts to pick up, what with the introduction of the Dominion and all.

Season 4 is where it starts to get awesome.

And season 6 is the pinnacle of the show.

Voyager is my second favorite Trek series after TNG. There's lots wrong with it, certainly. The Kazon weren't worthy to help Klingons on with their boots, yet they were all over the Delta Quadrant as Voyager trekked homeward over the first couple of seasons.

It's been a while since I've watched any Trek, including Voy. Wasn't there an episode or two in which the Voyager had Borg technology attached to it's hull? I recall thinking that that was a fantastic idea and that now the ship would be incredibly bad-ass against the competition. But then the crew (and the show's writers/producers) removed the Borg tech. It would have been so awesome had they stuck with it.

While I have to agree with others here concerning the boredom level of characters like Chakyawntay and Needless (Nelix), other characters compensated. I love Janeway. The Doctor was fantastic and Seven was incredible - and not just for her brain.

It's been a long time since I've watched Voyager (and DS9, too) and need to return to it.

i am a huge star trek fan and voyager was also the first series i saw and is still one of my favorites(despite its faults, which all shows have btw). also i had not heard that many star trek fans dislike voyager until reading this, some people deserve a head shake eh.

i actually liked most of enterprise, yeah it had its problems, but it had a better sense of adventure then voyager ever did

To be fair, the reset button was standard on all ST series. In fact Voyager avoided it better than most, with the B'Lanna/Paris relationship, which actually had a trajectory. The most irritating example was with its development, or rather failure to develop till the very end, of Seven of Nine's character. Time and again, good episodes progressed her humanity in a plausible way, only for her to return to Borg by the beginning of the next episode. One Small Step, one of my favourite of all ST episodes (it always makes me cry at the end) demonstrates this well. Seven begins in a particularly robotic way (despite ground breaking episodes like the equally good Survival just a little while before or the wonderful Drone at the beginning of the previous season) and by the end has developed empathy, respect and compassion to an impressive degree. Does it last? No, of course not. She has to do it all over again in subsequent episodes. Jeri Ryan delivered excellent performances whenever required, but she must have wondered when Seven would be allowed to move on from this constant cycle.

A female captain, there's your answer. I personally loved Janeway, a female captain was a nice change, and a long overdue idea. The show itself, was a functional Trek series, that was neither the best or the worst of the franchise. But the more Trek fans that I've talked to, all of their hatred towards Voyager stems from two words: Captain Janeway.

DS9 definitely did NOT hit the reset button. By the last episode every single character (with the possible exception of Quark) had evolved into something quite different from the first. With the exception of Data, Seven and the Doctor, no other Star Trek character can claim this. Considering DS9 had so many characters that is an amazing feat. That is what made DS9 one of the greatest sci-fi series ever. The people and the stories evolved and were concluded in a satisfactory way!

I love Voyager! It was my gateway Trek drug and now I enjoy all of the franchises. I don't understand the hate this series gets. I personally think it has the strongest episodes of any of the series. I mean, watch some TNG -- I mean, really watch it. Plenty of episodes there are horrendous. But you won't hear fans condemning that series. Each series is great in its own ways, and falls flat in its own ways, too.

I just assumed so many people hate Voyager because of the strong female character in it. Many male geeks are misogynists and want to belong to geek clubs full of male bonding where the only women allowed in are there mainly serve as eye candy.

Was Voyager absolutely brilliant? No. But it served as a very enjoyable weekly escape from the tedium of high school.

My favorite Trek shows in order:1)TNG2) Voyager3) Enterprise4) The Original Star Trek5) Deep Space Nine

Janeway is like the Sarah Palin of Starfleet Academy. Take the biggest boob you can find and try to present her as a respectable leader. It just doesn't work. Even die hard fanboys aren't that stupid.

... Seriously? We're not allowed to swear on here any more? God, that's ridiculous.

^Not to mention the multi episode and even multi season story arcs.

I liked Voyager, but it's certainly the weakest of the Trek shows, with the exception of the god awful Enterprise. The characters are either weak or just plain too easy to hate (especially Janeway).

One small correction - Quark did evolve. Definitely. He was shown to be somebody who would occasionally fight for principle, even though he was still primarily about profit. Otherwise, I'm with you on DS9

I so completely disagree with comparing Janeway with that woman. See no similarity between them and think your comment is just cheap shots at this series.

I agree. I remember reading somewhere that the idea behind Voyager was the ship was struggling through the Delta Qudrant, and to get home basically threw the prime directive out the window. Where was the struggling? No cannibalizing the ship for parts? No conflicts with Maquis crew?
Even 7 of 9 couldn't keep me interested after 3 seasons. I was hoping for something different from STTNG but thats what it became with less interesting characters.

This has more than a ring of truth to it; 'Star Trek' worked as a bright and optimistic sci-fi allegory - TOS and TNG - but it started going off the rails when they got greedy and started making more spin-offs, thereby tainting the legacy and eventually leading to franchise fatigue, burnout (creatively and commercially), and ultimately implosion... and deservedly so! They should have stuck with TNG alone, and when that ended, they should not have made any more new television incarnations, instead concentrating completely on the TNG big-screen installments... and maybe, just maybe, they would have ended up better films than the safe, auto-pilot exercises in mediocrity they ultimately turned out to be!

JJ Abrams rescued 'Trek from the grave, where it was pretty deep into, and should be given kudos for recapturing the lightness-of-touch and actual sense of adventure and fun that Rick Berman and Brannon Braga systematically destroyed. 'DS9' whilst a decent show because Berman had minimal involvement in it, Braga had none, but it simply wasn't 'Star Trek', either aesthetically or thematically... that and the fact the entire premise was stolen from 'Babylon 5' wholesale.

Thank goodness '24' never had spin-offs, which is why it remains one of the best series of the last... well, EVER.

The guy insults Farscape (one of the best sci-fi series ever) and The Fifth Element (one of my top fav movies) within a sentence of each other, and does so to try and defend Voyager ...
Gvdl you Liam.

I couldn't believe that trolling comment either. For me Farscape is much better than the majority of Star Trek as a whole let alone Voyager.

Voyager had it's moments but was generally just a rehash of other stories that had already occurred within previous Star Trek series. I too was disappointed that Chakotay and the Maquis were too easily assimilated under Janeway's command. I would have expected more challenges from them regarding following the Federations rules so far from home, especially when lives were in the balance.

I gave up on it after three or four seasons and I'm sure it coloured my experience of Enterprise too as I had totally lost faith in the production team to deliver anything new to the franchise.

I was much happier following Farscape which was more rooted in human realism than idealism.

I'd have to disagree with you slightly about Chakotay as occasionally we got a flash of what a great character he could have been even though for the majority he was mishandled and pretty much neutered to be Janeway's lapdog. Same for Paris too. I think the show's writers were so focused on the ideal of humanity being so great that they couldn't write characters with shades of grey. Both Paris and Chakotay could have been better served with writing that made them a bit more ambiguous especially as Paris could have been the franchise's Han Solo.

My problem with Voyager started in the first two series..firstly it was the first Trek show to insult my intelligence, which started with the episode the 37ers where a truck which has been in space for centuries is beamed onto Voyager and amazingly the engine turns over (so petrol can survive the extreme cold and vacuum of space)...I didn't mind trek making up a new gadget unheard of at the moment to solve a plot hole or two but to just ignore common sense like this was taking dumbing down to a new level, secondly was Captain Janeway, her decision in the very first episode to strand her own crew in the Delta quadrant while breaking the prime directive by interfering in alien affairs just made no sense!"! Typically in Star Trek Nemesis she is promoted to Admiral over Picard!! Just goes to show that the old adage of crap floating to the top works even in the Trek universe! Then there were the dull characters (I am looking at you Neelix and Kes)..and sub par stories (the famous one with Janeway turning into a lizard etc). Put this all together and it makes a pretty poor show IMO...do I hate Voyager no, that's too strong, suffice to say I never watch it any more and won't ever again.

I'm with you. B5 & Farscape gave us an intelligent alternative to Trek. Voyager had the misfortune to run concurrent with Straczynski's masterpiece. You don't know how pleased I was to see Ben Browser on A Town Called Mercy'. I miss Creighton (sp?)
As a then 13 year old watching the 1st ep of STTOS and loved the show through DS9 I must admit Abram's got it right!

The last two seasons of Enterprise were excellent. I really wish they'd had at least one more season. As it is, you can only say that half the show was good. In Voyager's first 4 seasons, they didn't have as many good episodes as Enterprise.

Have you watched SFDebris' reviews? His take on the Voyager crew is interesting and I find it entertaining.

Every character on Voyager was wholly unlikeable and I would have found more entertainment in punching myself in the penis than I did from the Doctor-centric episodes.

No, Chakotay was definitely part of the problem. I agree with you about Paris, though.

Farscape is an amazing show, without doubt the greatest Australian scifi drama ever, and one of the best ever made. Far better than Voyager

But the make-up complaint could be levelled at every single Star Trek show ever...

I'd no idea there was so much hate for Voyager. This was the first Star Trek series that I watched from start to finish and I loved going on this voyage with the crew.

I dont get it :) I love Voyager, I also loved TNG and DS9. They all had their own special flow.
TNG set a new basis for all Star Trek to come, with an amazing cast and soooo very well thought out stories. I think in the last episode Q explains perfectly what the show is about. Its about confronting your mind with ideas and thought processes that you couldn't have imagined. What would you do if you were in situation xy? Could there be a solution to this? Would it be possible if we would... ?

DS9 was unique because for the first time its not a ship, its a station. And there are main characters that aren't star fleet. Its not only about the prime directive anymore, its about faith and believe and politics, but with still enough "whats could be out there-wondering" mixed in. Sisko is one of my favorite characters in all Star Trek calm and open minded with a sad and deep history, and Dax... Sexiness :) There was a bit too much Ferengi in it for me though - but that's just my taste.

Voyager with the "far away from home" setting offered something very special. Finally we had the chance to learn more about the Borg and whats happening outside of the Federation comfort zone. For that alone Voyager was well worth it. Tuvok is the best played Vulcan in all Star Trek for me. Of course i have to add that i grew up on DS9 and Voyager and only watched TOS later on, so Tuvok was my First Contact so to speak :) And Robert Picardo is simply amazing. And then Seven of 9 comes in and everything gets like 100x better :) Also loved that Barclay had a comeback!

Three of the greatest series in TV history i think. I love each of them in another way and for different reasons though.

Sidenote: I didnt care too much for Starship: Enterprise i have to say. Its just wasted potential for me... I feel like they were afraid of doing what they intended. Everyone wanted to see what happened after the first contact, with the Vulcans and the Klingons and how the Federation has been built! But then they went waaaay too deep into that other story - see i even forgot how the evil dudes are called and i watched all episodes a few years ago... Sad.


Voyager najbolji neznam o čemu vi pricate, šteta đto nema danas slične serije!..

Blink of an Eye is great TV and Daniel Dae Kim is in it. Wonder if it's fanboy sexism, woman captain and all that. Wouldn't be surprised.

Being a Star Trek fanatic, I can say that true fans don't hate Voyager....in fact, I feel it is easily tied with TNG for best series. Fun characters, exciting premise, terrific acting.


It's alright.

Hated? Can find no evidence of fan hatred in the article at all. And, if the show was so badly disliked, why did it run for seven long seasons?

yeah, i agree... voyager is my favorite trek as well, but i don't watch random episodes... if i was going to do that i would shoot for ones with Seven in them (seasons 4-7)
i go on these marathons thinking i'll watch them all, but when i get to specific episodes i just can't make myself watch them

The show as a whole did not bother me, it was not as satisfactory as "The Next Generation" or "DS9." However, my only gripe is that the next Star Trek film introduced Janeway as an admiral. Seriously, not to sound too much like a zealot, Picard made better decisions as a captain, and RESISTED assimilation by the Borg. That alone is deserving of the title admiral.

Just didnt fit for me i never cared for it and never cared for the cast minus the borg chick, but i dont watch shows because they have a hot chick in them either. The cast in this was to uhh whats a good word gay ...I grew up on the original Star Treks but this one just wasnt appealing at all.

" All non-Starfleet races were once again demonised as existential ‘others’ to maintain the status quo"

Just like the Maquis...

VOY could have been Trek's innovation of "Blake's 7" but, go figure, VOY pushed the non-Federation POVs to the side...

And, of course, ratings...

"Voyager had no intention of experimenting with new ideas. It was the show that was trying the hardest to live up to the legacy of The Original Series and it never could. "

Experimentation would be risky and more costly... but I thought the show tries to live up to TNG... and it failed that that. Worse, the whole thing feels anti-Trek as the crew is running to get home instead of exploring and sending data back, knowing they (should) never be able to get home.

And after how the Sulu/Trek-celebration episode was handled (ruining Trek VI in the process with the lame retconning), I almost felt glad that the idea for a Sulu series was pushed to the side in favor of VOY...

Still, the Borg episodes were often good, and the season 5 finale (a nice revenge piece and a self-contained, not to be continued episode) had me hooked.

VOY wasn't a total failure, but it did feel like the producers would do anything to keep the lore going, regardless of quality...

It was the fact that they appointed terrorists to major ranks aboard the ship, and expected the lower ranks to follow orders from them, that put me off this show.

Well, that's incredibly dumb, but whatever, I guess.

i like turtles

Seeing all of the folks on here hating on my beloved Voyager is causing nerd-rage to build.....

Voyager is not that bad. But some things were really tragical.
1.) Good actress playing horribly written captain. As example - In one episode, Janeway scolds crew for actions in contradiction with prime directive, but necessary for continue in voyage home. Right in the next episode, she's doing the same thing and everything is allright.
2.) Wasted potencial of Borg part of the show. The same with species 8472.
3.) Almost every race is hostile, or wants to trick the Voyager crew. Well... this is a problem of almost all trek series.
4.) "Delivering" Federation way of life... again.
5.) Neelix.
6.) Cast of the crew was uninteresting and lacked deeper developing of characters. (Maybe not, but it's only my opinion)

... but still better series, that TNG.

Remember that 2-parter from season 4 called "Year of Hell", when Voyager got the poop kicked out of it by the Krenim? I actually quite liked that episode, UNTIL they hit the reset button at the end. That's exactly the kind of thing Voyager needed, to spend a whole season as a battered wreck, struggling to survive, that would have really shaken things up and provided some great opportunities for innovative writing and character development... and then next season, maybe Voyager is rebuilt as an alien-tech enhanced super-ship. That show needed change, a plan for a story arc, a healthy flow of new ideas, but that seems to be the very thing that the writers were afraid of. There were definitely some great episodes, and great ideas... but the show would have been so much stronger if they had got their best writing team together to sketch out the whole series in advance, rather than make it up as they go along. That's why Bab 5 was such a killer sci-fi series, Straczynski knew where he was going with that story. TOS and Next Gen were basically a series of missions, so the standalone episodes with minimal arc were more appropriate for them... Voyager, on the other hand, is about a ship that is travelling a long journey in a straight line towards Earth, and is an obvious candidate for planned story development.
Its unbelievable how little the writers did with the opportunities they had. It was great to have the Borg as a presence in the story, but they were overused. There was not enough sense of the journey, of moving away from old regions and species, and discovering new ones - late season 7, and we're still seeing Borg, and Talaxians, though thankfully we are spared the Kazon by that stage... those Kazon would have to be front-runner for most dull alien species ever conceived, the Bajorans running a close second.
I could rant a whole book about what Voyager might have been, but to summarise, it needed A PLAN - a plan for the overall story, a plan for the characters and their respective stories, a plan for making "strange new worlds" come alive, rather than dumb stories about Amelia Airhart...

I watched Voyager some time ago on Netflix after not remembering it fondly and recalling telling my best friend (who got me into Star Trek when we were kids) that it was actually better than I recalled it. Not Enterprise, that show was dreadful. But Voyager isn't that bad at all. Certainly not as good as DS9 or TNG but...solid nonetheless. I think the fact that it was on while DS9 was running helped its case not at all.

The hard part for me was to feel any attachment with the characters. But most of the actors were doing a good job, it s their script that was limiting. I wish i would have seen more romance, love stories between the members of Voyager, some more "human reality" instead of trying so badly to conform to their ideal of good Robotized Federation officers in uniforms. Every time a certain tension was in view, it was killed at the end. Chakotay and Janeway fought again themselves not to allow their feelings going deeper or into actions, same sad story with the Doctor who gave up his attachment to Seven, same with Paris toward the Ocampa girl, same with all the rest of the crew... I mean for so many years stranded in the Delta and isolated, the crew should have experimented love/sex, even that would have involved breakdowns or some rampant jealousy feelings. But, hey, that would have made the characters more dimensional and the story line would have been more exiting. Instead, they all end up (but for Paris and BElanna) looking like Monks. Very frustrating.

I always felt like character-wise, Voyager worked a lot better than TNG. On TNG Data was the only character besides Picard I ever cared for. Worf was always way too Klingon (which stopped on DS9 which made him much more likable on there), the Crushers were both just terrible, Troi was just plain boring, Riker was just the most characterless character on any ST... on VOY on the other hand, as the article states, i just felt that many characters were just way easier to relate to.

Although Voyager was far from perfect, it was still good fun to watch, and i have never understood why everybody hates it so much.

I can't help but wonder, though, how many people that derided Voyager for the reasons listed in this article (and the comments), but yet somehow enjoyed a total train-wreck like Stargate Universe. And on top of that, still can't understand how/why it got canceled (and killed off an entire franchise along with it). More to the point, though, I think Trek became more concerned with expanding human knowledge of the galaxy. It keeps coming back to me that Picard once commented on how little of the Milky Way had been explored. Then, the war with the Dominion takes place (and is eventually resolved), leaving potential for human exploration of the Gamma Quadrant. Voyager is lost for years and returns with, what was it, "teraquads" of data on the Delta Quadrant.

Seems as if they were itching to make that galactic map more complete, but the question remains: how much of the Beta Quadrant is unexplored and utterly unknown? Rather than addressing that, we got Enterprise. Followed by a reboot, which while decent, also essentially killed any potential for further stories in the "Prime" universe. Coming out with another series set in the original continuity would confuse people and possibly hurt the bottom line for Abrams' theatrical sequels, so the only Trek we're getting for now are going to be "hip and modern" Star Wars-style film entries every 3 years or so (when J.J. isn't too busy overseeing about 10 different projects at once and directing garbage like "Super 8"). Now THAT is something for fans to be upset about.

I thought Voyager was a decent show. Not great, not terrible, as sci-fi goes pretty good.
As average as it was for a Star Trek show it was still better than most of it's contemporaries (not all) remember Lexx, Andromeda or Seven Days anyone, Voyager was much better than any of those shows.
Fanpeople (boys and girls) get bent out of shape way too easily and sometimes treat average shows and movies as they were the worst things ever made.
Voyager and SGU hate are two prime examples of irrational hatred of average TV shows.

I think people are just too jaded by Farscape and Star Wars.

Voyager was bad in Seasons 1 and 7. It was getting worse in Seasons 5 and 6. Seasons 2 - 4 were actually not bad though. I know people hated Kes, but "Warlord" was one of my favorite episodes of Voyager. It's like Nana Visitor as the Entendant in DS...she and Jennifer Lien played AMAZING sultry villains.

I didn't hate Endgame like everyone else, but it did have plot discontinuity. Chakotay/Seven, which came out of nowhere; no sign of Naomi Wildman (I know, she was last seen on a previous episode, but then vanished without a trace), Tuvok's Pa'nar Syndrome (never stated by name, but his symptoms are similar to what Sarek exhibited on TNG), which came out of nowhere; no Vorik, no word of Captain Ransom's rogue crew; no word from the misfits; no Delaney twins, nothing of the previous seasons. It also had such an abrupt resolution that it just made me want a movie to explain what happened after they got home. Debriefing, sure. But does Seven of Nine get outcast? Does Janeway get in trouble for all of the Prime Directive violations?

The one thing that Voyager had that makes it memorable in my mind is how they handled Lon Suder. He's easily my favorite Star Trek character.

The problem I see in this day and age is that people are like lemmings and follow the leader once someone dislikes something everyone jumps on the band wagon like its cool to hate everything. I for one am not a geek Trekkie and you would never see me dead at a convention I am a sci fi fan, I have watched every star trek episode from every series and for one loved them all. I wish these haters would do something creative and write something better themselves if they think they can do better instead of passing judgment all the time. I can't understand why so many people hate Prometheus. The only logical explanation is they are too thick to understand sci fi so in fact hate it and all the lemmings jump on the band wagon.

On another note it makes me laugh when obviously people have watched the whole series then leave negative opinions, if you disliked it that much why watch it all? It saddens me that there are so many negative people who must be depressed and can't just watch a show and appreciate it for what it is. The saddest thing is the shows producers probably see all the negative feedback and we will probably never get another star trek series or stargate.

star trek voyager is the best i don't see why people don't like it . the characters are grate the writing is grate . and it dose ave a continuing story( . i find it more interesting then the other ones . and they ad new types of people like 7of9 and the hologramic doctor . the characters are all different , once you get into the series even by the third our fourth episode you want to see the next one , and if you don't like it , well don't watch it. And you get to see all new diffrent typs of aliens and how you can see what the captin and crew would do with out being able to call on the other federation people for help.

I love Voyager. I think it's great!

"Latent Image" is hands-down the worst Star Trek episode I've ever seen. It's completely inconsistent with timeline and character development previous to it, wholly unbelievable, and so painful that I felt like sticking needles in my eye just to have a slightly less painful experience to watching this turid betrayal of good writing. When Voyager is bad, it's woefully bad!

Voyager to me looked like it was trying too hard. I cant say I hate it either, but TNG and TOS were just so natural. The characters clicked from day one, and sure it had some dodgy plots from time to time (I mean Sherlock Holmes?!) but they were just on whole, amazing. Voyager is watchable, but it feels like something else. That was probably the intent, trying to make something fresh, but it didnt feel fresh, just a bit over indulgent, and the characters were BORING! The concept is absolutely awesome, but I think alot more could have been done on the 'depth' side of it. Id still watch it though as it is still miles better than most other rubbish on TV these days, but it is better watching after a couple of cans of beer.

The best thing about Voyager? Its title theme tune - IMO the best of the lot.

I like DS9 a lot and agree that it did have genuine character development and good continuity, but it's ridiculous to say it didn't hit the reset button. It hit the reset button all the time - the fact it had SOME character development and continuity doesn't change that.

I love how a lot look at voyager and go hey guess what I hate this. As the first series I watched, I thought it was awesome and still to this day is why i like star trek. Yeah some episodes were a bit boring and uninteresting, but so were some of TNGs. DS9, *yawns* till season 4 and above, then it got interesting. Voyager was a good starter series for the Star Trek novice. I think people overly and critically analyse the series because they have this idealism of original trek. The newer Trek to me was more fun, interesting and I swear I find it sad how everyone compares one series to another. The reason they have different titles, is because... did u guess yet? They are different series.

the only reason i ignored voyager when it was new, is because ds9 was soooo boring flat and ugly, that i gave up on star trek altogether. now i regret this. i find voy and enterprise to be superior to everything except tos. so there. oh yea, thats right i was disappointed by tng, although patric stewart was great as picard. kids on the ship, on the bridge? wtf? the wesley crusher character was the worst weakest trek regular EVAR!

You are a douche.

I'm an original fan; having faithfully watched Star Trek OS when it first aired. Since then, I've seen every episode of every series in the Star Trek franchise. Like you, I don't get the dislike toward Voyager. To me, it is as good as Star Trek TNG and far above Enterprise or DS9.

Voyager. It was my introduction to Star Trek. To say the characters are weak... Some, yes, but honestly calling Chakotay a lap dog? More so than any Commanders, he went against his captain. I will concede that his character wasn't used to it's full potential though. One thing Voyager did, and did well was address key philosophical and ethical issues in ways that hadn't really been done before. It was just sad how many times they had to be revisited. But still Voyager opened Starfleet up as way more fallible than we'd ever seen. If we want to get into crappy characters, NOG! Nog sucked so much! He was WAY worse than Neelix. Talk about a horrible character. Also, Odo was one dimensional. I always hoped for more out of Odo: NEVER GOT IT! Voyager was a crew of misfit toys. Everyone was broken in their own way. The crew had plenty of potential. The very worst thing about Voyager was the lack of any kind of Epilogue. It ended too abruptly. Imagine ending DS9 at the exact moment that Sisko throws Decat off the cliff (that battle should have been way longer). That's what voyager did and I believe that was it's biggest downfall.

i loved voyager as well an i am a star trek fan of old .i thought the concept was good .at least they encountered the borg. deep space witch i also liked never came across the borg that was a stupid decision by the producers and the directors ..

I've been a dedicated Trekkie for 46 years, since falling in love with Kirk at 7 years of age. I love Voyager, and I don't know any other Trekkie who doesn't. I also love Enterprise, although I can't stand Archer and the Suliban, I think they ruined the series. If it wasn't for the ongoing Trip and T'Pol romance, I wouldn't have bothered with it. Like many, many others - I don't recognise the final episode. It never happened.

Voyager will always be my favourite! I have seen all of Enterprise and TNG but cant stand DS9, no matter what Episode I attempt to sit through. Im mainly offput by the inane characters imo... Unlike voyager that is, who has easily the most engaging captain, seven and the doctor are gems of characters, and tuvok is awesome. Something about it draws me into the family better than any other show i have ever watched, and voyager- while not without its flops- is incredibly compelling because of it.

Hahaha, that George Lucas line was gold.

All patronizing aside, Voyager is great show. The dilemmas presented in the best episodes can only be called Shakespearean. Grief, remorse, confusion, depression, anger, power, ethics, lust, love and death were all tackled in a humane, deep, often very funny, and entertaining way. And no matter how far-fetched the enemies or the situations (even the brilliant Captain Proton episodes), it was always about US, about ordinary humanity under pressure. This might explain the choices to include what some people here are calling "bland" characters. I don't see them as bland, I see them as Everyman - and it was Kim and Paris and Chakotay who made me most interested in the show because I could identify with them. Over the course of seven years the characters were given great
scope to grow and show their acting skills (I speak as an actor). One of the most brilliant of
the actors was Jeri Ryan - who proved herself to be a consummate comedian in
the episode where the Doctor inhabits Seven's nervous system. Her exact
mimicry of him is something I intend to show to acting students. Not one of the Star Trek series was flawless - far from it. Voyager deserves to be re-watched with fresh eyes.

To say "how much they got wrong" seems to me to show a lack of understanding about the organic, and messy, creative process, and how the Voyager writers (with the actors input) were clearly experimentally moving forward - exploring, in fact. As if there's some formula or trick to "getting it right"; there isn't. There is no show, especially in the Star Trek series, that always gets it right. TV is always about improvising and throwing things together. No matter how tightly planned it is, sometimes things don't work. That said, Voyager has some of the most brilliant TV episodes I've ever seen, and when it's good, it's Shakespearean, i.e. offering intense dilemmas that explore what it is to be human, no matter how strange the situations or the characters. Chakotay, Paris and others, were Everymen - people we could identify with. A study of classical plays might help to better realize just how good Voyager is! ( I'm speaking as a classically trained actor, and a playwright.)

I love it too! It's a great show.

I love voyager it was different because they were out in the middle of nowhere and was different then the other star trek shows.
I also love TOS and the next generation. To me no one will ever replace Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty. They just had this repatore about them no one else had that relationship.
TNG I did like that data ended up evolving because first season he was boring. I never liked Picard as much as Kirk. DS9 I never got into like the others. But I do like it I just have never have sat down and watched the whole series.

Enterprise I do t know I like some eps and love scott bacula(loved him in quantum leap) but the series took on to many story arcs and it just was like ok let's get onto something else.
Voyager will have its place I always think of it as the techno star trek because they talked more tech then the others. I think TOS some eps were not as good but it's still great. B

Star Trek Voyager is my favorite Star Trek series. It's a shame, that
they never made a movie or two on the big screen. I probably like more
Voyager episodes than all the other Star Trek series episodes combined.
Also, Voyager seems to have many more dark episodes than all the other
series, where they seem to always be on the brink of doom and death, or
having to choose between life and death for someone. While I'm at it,
I'll just give my Top 10 episodes (not in any particular order)...

Waking Moments... Equinox (Parts 1 & 2)... Future's End (Parts
1&2)... Displaced... Scorpion (Parts 1 & 2)... Year of Hell
(Parts 1 & 2)... Message in a Bottle... Timeless... Dark Frontier...
Caretaker (Parts 1 & 2). I can easily choose 10 more Voyager
episodes that I like, more than any of the episodes of the other Star
Trek series. I bought the entire Voyager DVD series when it came out on
the store shelves in 2004... I've yet to buy a single episode from the
other Star Trek series.

The worst Voyager episode was "11:59"... absolutely boring and
disappointing! So, I'm not completely without criticism. I didn't care
much for Tuvix, either. They should have made the series ending episode,
Endgame, a two-parter, and made it better... it might have made my Top

DS9 was like a soap opera. That's why it didn't use the reset button as often as the other series. I hate soap operas... boring! Voyager kept the different variety of aliens coming... there was always a new adventure, therefore, a reset button.

I was going to give you a thumbs up, until you said,"Jesus Christ". You really know how to mess up a good speech.

There wasn't a DS9 episode I watched where I didn't yawn at least once.

I loved the Chakotay character, especially in the Maneuvers episode. He's a tough guy character... insults the enemy while he's still getting beat to a bloody pulp.

There's no Star Trek series that is better...

Chakotay was a great character. I especially liked him in the Maneuvers episode. He kept insulting the enemy while getting the bloody pulp knocked out of him... he was a tough guy when he had to be. I also liked him in Waking Moments, one of my favorite episodes, from any Star Trek series.

The Star Trek Voyager series is the only Star Trek series I decided to buy on DVD. That's how much I like Voyager. Voyager episodes... Waking Moments, Equinox, Scorpion, Future's End, and a few others, were fantastic episodes.
Probably the only Next Generation episode I actually liked as much, was the Yesterday's Enterprise episode. Deep Space Nine was the boringest of all the series... it was like a soap opera. Star Trek Enterprise was a 100x better than DS9. The only reason why people still like TOS, in spite of its fake looking creatures and poor looking props, it's still a classic. It also had the best Star Trek movie... The Wrath of Kahn. I think it's too bad, Voyager never had a movie. Equinox or Scorpion might have made great movies for the theaters... just add another 30 minutes of action.

Counselor Troi was the worst character of all Star Trek characters, and TNG had her. The acting was terrible, imho. In the episode where Troi lost her ability to read minds, she acted like a spoiled brat the entire time. What were the writers thinking? That episode stunk. When she gets her mind reading senses back, she acts like here normal self... a pompous, better than everyone else attitude. A terrible Star Trek character, and TNG has her. As I said before, the only reason why TOS is still watched, in spite of the fake looking aliens/creatures and the bad looking props, is because TOS is a classic. It doesn't mean it was good on any artistic level or better than Voyager.

If you're looking for porn, don't try to get your excitement watching Star Trek... lol. For real though, you must not have watched many Voyager episodes. Probably every Voyager character had their sexual tensions and/or relationships somewhere during their time in the Delta quadrant, either with crew members or with aliens. Just because you weren't invited into their bedrooms, doesn't mean nothing's implied.

Some people thought of those "terrorists" as heroes, because they were fighting the Cardasians, whom were truly barbaric and terrorists.

You need to look up what the word "gay" means. There wasn't a single "gay" person on the Voyager crew, unless you're thinking about that outdated meaning... "happy". What was gay, was when two women kissed passionately on DS9... now that was GAY!

Picard didn't resist simulation by the Borg. He WAS simulated and then helped murder many Star Fleet personnel and destroyed many Star Fleet vessels. Then, Data and the rest of the crew rescued Picard. Janeway successfully sabotaged the Borg several times, as well as outsmarted alien species which Picard never knew existed.

I love Voyager. It's DS9 I don't like. I found it violent and depressing.

I think Paris was too infantile to be a Han Solo. Solo was mature. paris in my opinion should have been written off the show, he was so bad.

Voyager was really good. The series had its great episodes but some weaker episodes. Not as great as TNG or DS9 but still lives up to the Star Trek name. TV has to change with the times and Voyager had to come up with the times. TNG storytelling would get the shoe canned after 13 episodes in today's tv landscape.

Personally I dislike Voyager because of the laziness of the writing. The way they used crew relationships as shameless time-fillers, the way their techno-babble not only didn't make sense, but directly contradicted technology established in other shows and films. The way they de-fanged the Borg, and made them a mid level enemy constantly encountered. Also Neelix. The Way Tom Paris was such a boorish vag, but everyone pretended he was some kind of hot-shot bad-boy. It just came off as precious and contrived. I've always liked Janeway, and 1 in 5 episodes were darn good Trek, but overall I'd take a pass.

In this case I think you can safely translate "got wrong" into "produced an inferior and largely undesirable end product."

I started out watching the next generation it wasn't until I came to Voyager that I started finding it hard to think of reasons to watch Trek. I'll still watch Voyager-if there's nothing else on, but even then it its truly terrible ones like Hope & Fear I turn off.
Everything you've said is technically true, yes Robert Picardo was by far the best Voyager character and possibly one of the best Star Trek characters ever, but it doesn't make talk for the "horrible/terrible" ways in which Voyager will let you down every week. SF debris' has gone into far greater detail on this then I will here but suffice to say he proves that While some fans have gone overboard in their visceral hate of Berman, Braga and the rest, general dislike of this series isn't something of a stretch for any Trek fan.
And while I'm here I have always wondered why after Gene Roddenberry's death The writers of Star Trek started making the Vulcans out to be complete arseholes, There is a steady decline in how the Vulcans are portrayed from season four Next Generation onward to how they are portrayed in the show No One Wants To Talk About.

Me and my girlfriend both love star trek and she has been to the only convention ever held in England at Hyde park, we both love voyager and don't understand why some people hate it so much!

We all know its Not real but all wish all the star treks were, it is a real way of life, but some idiots do actually believe it is real!

I love Voyager. This was the first ST series I watched and it made me want to watch others which I started doing with TNG and DS9.

Drone was an absolute brilliant gem of an episode. It really showed Sof9 in a brilliant light, and always has me in tears when watching it!

I know there were some weak episodes but I would watch them all again and again.

I wish they had have done the end a bit differently, but that's personal preference rather than a failing. I loved it so much I wanted it to go on a just a bit further than it did. =)

Janeway is one of the toughest captains in the franchise, a mother hen whose firm hand makes Voyager one of my favorites. It took me a while to come around, though; I couldn't get past the annoying Kes and Neelix. But then Kes left and Neelix's upbeat personality grew on me.

TL;DR The short answer is they're a bunch of faggets who want to bitch because
of the lack of a man in charge makes their balls shrivle up.

My favourite Star Trek series is Voyager, followed by Tng. my least favourite was ds9. The original series I cannot comment as I didn't watch it. I started watching a few eps of Tng here and then when I was about 10 and found them interesting and gripping. But voyager is my favourite , I started watching them again recently and realised that even with people going on about continuity and all that I still find them highly entertaining. My favourite episode is in the blink of an eye. Ok, I think there are some flaws for example, there where a few characters they could have done without. For example, kes was quiet boring although in my teenage years she was my fave.its funny how as you grow older it can change. Neelix was another I wasn't sure of. Best characters for me were seven of nine and janeway. I think the others ones like Kim and Paris could have done with more development instead of stereotyping them but overall they were good simply crafted episodes. Obviously there are a few episodes I didn't like but my fave are the later episodes. I think by season 3 with the arrival of seven it became more interesting. I was thinking they should do another series but hits time based in starfleet academy. That would be interesting. The characters would be younger and learning about star trekking and yo make get a new generation following Star Trek. I even have thought of a. Characters myself.

I always blamed voyager for killing star trek .it seemed after that personality free debacle not enough viewers ever returned to see ENT.
They should have fred the producers long ago if they were out of ideas ,ron moore described voyagers writers rooms as paranoid and intense, and that the producers were setting people against each other.
Should have let jms take over when he offered

You can do it when you are a ship on a five-year mission, messing around the Alpha-Quadrant answering to distress calls and similars.

Le'ts just remember they were SUPPOSED to go back home as soon as possible, yet Janeway and Chakotay used every occasion to "explore", mostly causing diplomatic incidents.

Voyeger could not afford to hit the reset button because of its concept.

Well, I actually like Janeway,

She's my favorite villain.

"bending the federations rules in order to survive"

Yeah, if in one episode the captain does it to survive, right in the next one she refuses to do the same to go back home.

The problem is the insane behavior and the lack of coherence.

i honestly don't know why i can't bring myself to watch any other star trek show other then voyager and that new enterprise with archer... i honestly enjoy the idea of them being stranded in delta quadrant and everything else just seems boring as hell. for example i remember one episode where picard is like wrestling with his brother or something like that, i cried myself to sleep from boredom xD

The problem was quality control was almost non-existent. There were too many bad episodes. For every good episode there were at least 10 stinkers.

You are right about Kes. The most useless character in all of the Star Trek series. They should have killed her off as quickly as possible and that would have improved the show no end. There is a reason you never saw that actress in anything else. It's because she was crap. And that deep voice of hers is the most annoying thing ever as it doesn't match the size of her body. But her poor acting was the main problem. I blame her for a lot of the failure of Voyager.

Read what Dr. Zee wrote below for the reasons why some people don't like it. He speaks a lot of sense. Hate is too strong a word though.

No character was as bad as Kes in Voyager. Most annoying voice and worst acting of any Star Trek character IMO.

Well, you would say that as you're biased.

You think Voyager is the best one out of all the series? Seriously?

7.) Kes.

"Just how many other fans, like me, started watching The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and The Original Series because they enjoyed Voyager?"

Count me as one of 'em. Voyager fan and proud!

I take particular issue with the oft-repeated claim that they "ruined the Borg". The Borg, as depicted in TNG, are like a force of nature - you don't fight them, you just get out of their way. And after "The Best of Both Worlds", TNG never again had the Enterprise crew face the might of the Collective - both "I, Borg" and "Descent" used Borg that were cut off from the hive mind, who were easier to write about as characters.

For Voyager, the Borg *had* to be defanged somewhat in order to serve as a
recurring antagonist, or else there's nothing you can do with them - it's hard to apply characterisation to a hurricane. The movie "First Contact" ran into the same issue, which they solved by inventing the Borg Queen to give the Collective an actual personality. With Voyager including an ex-Borg - Seven of Nine - as a regular character, it was absolutely necessary to be able to tell smaller-scale stories about the Borg, as well as the big-budget extravaganzas like "Dark Frontier".

Worst Voyager episode for me was "Fury" it actually ticked me off. there were a few blah episodes, but all in all, I liked the series. and I to me is better than DS9.

"Human realism" like how you can survive in outer space for several minutes if you hold your breath?

I could go on. Farscape was enjoyable, but it was also utterly preposterous in so many ways.

Lol okay pick up on the made up phrase and interpret it how you want.

What I meant by it is that the characters in farscape felt more real and less like cyphers. They were more realistically and rerecognizably human, whereas star trek's main cast acted more like how we wish human's did.

To make the comparison of Voyager to Mass Effect 3 was probably the longest shot i have seen practically anywhere. This is not fanboyism.
If you have played Mass Effect 1 and 2 then you are involved enough in the story to know that ME 3's last 10 minutes were a disaster. You need to be completely and utterly unattached and ignorant to the entire game as a series to call the ME3 disaster "fanboysim".

Voyager is the middle of criticism for fanboys. Those who instead of enjoying the show, constantly find inconsistencies.
I have watched all shows of startrek and up to date Voyager and the next generation are my favourites.

I liked season 4 of Enterprise and season 3 had a few good episodes. But I find that Enterprise really made a bad decision spending an entire season trying to destroy a Xindi weapon. But then again... the temporal cold war that pervades the entire series was a really bad call. It was fun to watch the perils of time travel from a futuristic 'in trek terms' perspective on Voyager, but wholly stupid in Enterprise. I probably found it stupid because I felt Enterprise was supposed to be the 'trek origin/fed origin/enterprise origin' of the whole cannon... and they just took the dumb way out 'temporal cold war'.

I agree that the temporal Cold War was a terrible idea. However, I think that the third season made the strongest argument for the origin of The Prime Directive. The only weakness was that it was dependent upon said Temporal Cold War - which it didn't have to be if they had set it up differently.

No. DS9 had the most well defined characters of any of the series right out of the gate and the writers hit their stride by the middle of the second season. The Next Generation was mostly forgettable until the awesomeness that is Season Three and Voyager was just decent (except for a handful of great episodes) until hitting its stride in Season Four. I love them all, but Deep Space Nine was just a different kind of animal.

There have been episodes of the next generation that made me cry.

Please stop talking if you know not of which you speak.

When if ever did they hit the reset button? With Mourn?

I don't see the issue with Voyager, at least it felt like something new. It was unknown territory with many characters that we'd not experienced that gave an interesting different take on the series as a whole. If anything, it was DS9 that felt the most difficult to watch as it was all about politics and war, which if I wanted to focus on, i'd watch Battlestar Gallactica or some such thing. I watch Star Trek for the adventure, for the journey. And that's exactly what Voyager delivered.

I just finished watching Voyager for the first time after avoiding it for years. I didint think it could possibly live up to TNG. But man... I loved the show. I love the development of the characters throughout the 7 year run. Something TNG could NOT boast. I mean, the chars in TNG apparently were perfect from the get go because they dont change at all really. I loved the sense of aloneness and isolation of them being the only humans for 75 years and having only themselves to rely upon. I actually LIKED that they stuck to federation dogma throughout everything. It would have been all too easy to just throw all that out the door and lie cheat and steal their way back to the alpha quadrant.
I liked that the budget was apparently bigger than TNG because they did a lot of things that were actually really cool in the special effect department. It was def grander in scope. I felt like by the end I was part of the Voyager family. Loved the show, cant wait to start over and watch it all again.

Whatever else TOS was it certainly wasn't heroin, I point your attention to TOS Season 3. TOS has some real clunker episodes (e.g. Spock's Brain) that invoke the power of deus ex machina far too often. I for one, never cared for Kirk as a captain. He was always far to content to let his subordinates do the heavy lifting while he went off to get laid. Kirk was also far to quick to anger and had very bad analytical skills (this is why he carried Spock around). If he were a military leader in real life it would be clear that nepotism was what put him in captain's chair and not leadership skills.

That said TOS is still a wonderful show. I grew up on TOS and TNG. TNG was on the air when I was a kid and TOS came on right after it, so I got the "best of both worlds." ;-) But when you take it down to brass tacks, I think TNG is the clear winner of all of Star Trek. TNG and TOS are both products of Roddenberry's mind (DS9, VOY, and ENT can't claim that honor) and TNG had trainloads of money to work with compared to TOS. Cast selection, art, effects, props, sets, etc. were all plush by comparison to TOS. But that's not all. After Roddenberry stopped trying to recreate TOS in the first/second season of TNG the writing started to get really cool. TNG's third season rolled out some of the best Trek ever done IMO. Some examples...

-Who watches the watchers
-Booby Trap
-The Enemy (One of my personal favorites)
-The Hunted
-Yesterday's Enterprise
-Best of Both Worlds (Part I)

I think I could have done without Riker and Wesley Crusher but the rest of the cast was spot on. I think Patrick Stewart, had he not become an actor, could have easily been some kind of military commander on his own. Stewart carries the "command presence" and keeps a military bearing. I could drone on about the rest of the cast/show but the point is merely that TOS was (in my mind) a "proof of concept" and TNG was the realization of that concept.

* * *

"The Starship Enterprise is not a collection of motion picture sets or a model used in visual effects. It is a very real vehicle; one designed for storytelling." -- Gene Roddenbery, ST:TNG Technical Manual Introduction

Now I know I've rambled on here about how great TNG is (and it is of course) but the thesis of what I'm getting at is that whatever the vehicle Star Trek happens to be flying in, it is fundamentally about asking questions. Every Star Trek has asked big questions and posed challenges to the status quo. Most every "Trek" usually explores areas of physics, cosmology, biology/medicine, computer science, politics, ethics, religion, language, and philosophy. I can't say that Star Trek was the first to do this but it nobody does it better. Star Trek puts the "science" in science fiction. Trek has allowed deep speculation about what science and technology might look like and put them in a social context, complete with a government and its laws.

Voyager may not have been part of the 1701 club and despite some "groaner" episodes it still managed to explore science and philosophy quite nicely. Voyager also shares in the Trek tradition of having some of it's "treknology" being emulated in real life. I invite you to consider "The Doctor." IBM's AI expert system "Watson" has now been tasked with centralizing medical reserach data and then outputting a recommended treatment for patients. Remind you of a certain holographic someone?

Like all "treknology" its not that Star Trek invented it necessarily but that we get to see what it could look like, how it could work, and how people might use it. From where I sit, science and goring sacred cows are more important than trying to live up to Shakespearean storytelling standards. Voyager carried the Trek guidon for seven seasons and on the whole did it quite well. The premise of the main article here is that Star Trek fans hate Voyager. Such a statement is decidedly untrue. Some fans like every Trek ever made. Other pick and choose. I for one could never develop a taste for ST:ENT. I loved the cast but the writing was uncanonical and inconsistent with the existing ST universe and there was very little science. Phlox's character was the only saving grace of the show (and of course Porthos). So to wrap it up I would say this...

Star Trek fans don't hate Voyager,
they hate Wesley Crusher. ;-)

There was one big reason that I really wanted to like Voyager, and that was because a high school friend, Bryan Fuller, had written a couple standalone DS9 episodes and was moving to a staff writer at Voyager.

I have to admit it was a thrill to see his name in the credits. We were in the same click in high school and I had worked on a "film" with him for our English class "The Devil in Mrs. Johansen." (Mrs. Johansen was our English teacher, and I hope she never discovered the film from which we took the name.) Bryan had been determined to get into film, and it is a testament to his strength of will that he made good on his dream.
Despite my desire to enjoy the series, Voyager never took root like prior series had. Perhaps it was the new dynamic of work/children intruding into my television watching schedule, but I just couldn't continue to carve out time to watch characters with whom I could not engage. With the exception of Robert Picardo's masterful role and sometimes Seven of Nine, reprising Data's search for humanity, the other characters just didn't draw me in. Despite the fact that Kate Mulgrew is great; to me, Janeway was just ok. Compared to DS9, where the majority of the characters held me with some interest, Chakotay, Nelix, Kes, Torres, Tom, et alia, were just not that intriguing, and a couple were downright annoying.

I started missing an episode here and there and with no fanfare, left the crew in the Delta quadrant sometime during Season 5. I eventually did watch every Voyager episode, but it was a number of years after the series ended.

I'm a huge Trek fan and I love Voyager too, granted it had some bad episodes, which even I skip past when watching the DVD's but I can say the same for DS9, TNG and TOS too.

Because the series is led by a woman and as far as sci-fi/fantasy geeks are concerned, a sci-fi series about a military starship SHOULD NOT be led by a woman. That's why. Many will claim other reasons. But as someone who has seen a great deal of all five TREK shows, I smell the taint of sexism by many of the franchise's fans.

["The Voyager crew on the other hand, were a mismatched collection of incompetents."]

How in the hell did you come up with the above? How?

I don't care about anything except that your description of the Federation as a "socialist" utopia is utterly preposterous. In the very story (no kidding!), there was explicitly totally free business in the 23rd and 24th centuries, the entire span of the franchise. There was absolutely no economic regulation in the Federation. Unbridled, decentralized colonization had given rise to technologies that ended scarcity - emphatically not "everyone working together" which is tantamount to everyone being forced to work according to some totalitarian central plan. It was wild migration to the stars that led to progress. Zero control. The Federation was an extremely loose voluntary association of worlds and peoples, with an extraordinary free variation in their chosen ways of life and political organization. I find it remarkable that anyone could so interpret Trek's (if anything) libertarian utopia as a socialist system. It's comical, really. I mean, there are literally dozens of episodes that condemn totalitarian/socialist governance. There are galactic mining corporations that are not evil at all. The greedy Ferengi are ultimately depicted as quite heroic. The Federation imposes nothing on anyone, takes nothing from anyone. The Federation doesn't tax. By no stretch of the imagination is it remotely possible to compare such a system to, say, Soviet militarism/imperialism, or the French leftist predilection for stomping on free speech and free religious expression, or the PRC habit of bulldozing protesters, or even the New Deal. Eugenics is repeatedly condemned, that is, no socialist-style coercive family planning here. You can have as many children as you want. In the United Federation of Planets, Bajorans can wear their religious symbols to work; Ferengis can wear their headdresses in honor of the Great Material River. This is a world without universal control, a world without commissars, a world without social engineers. Starfleet explores and engages in basic police work; there is no military, and they take Federalism very seriously. The Prime Directive forbids intervention (there goes international socialism), and the members of the Federation are almost completely autonomous, often with their own currency! (there goes national socialism and a central bank). No gulags here either. Prison consists of gardening in paradise for a few years. No capital punishment for political dissidents. I could go on, but I'm bored. "Roddenberry's vision" is essentially a future populated by billions upon billions of Ron Pauls, so to call it "socialist" may be the worst abuse of the word ever perpetrated. If by "socialist" you mean "not socialist", then you are correct. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Liam and Den of Geek! Otherwise, very good article. I agree with ya.

We are Borge, and we will not assimilate this post because we do not agree with this crap.

Nah you really just have no idea what Socialism means besides what Reagan told you it does. In TOS they were Capitalist but by NG they were Socialist.

I did a Voyager marathon, having never watched the series in the 90s. It took me days and days and days to get through the first episode as I kept falling a sleep. From season 3 on, I was hooked, primarily because of The Doctor. The best episode IMHO is the 2 parter Flesh and Blood. Where the holograms turn on their enslavers.

the chakotay character was sold out after the maquis crew joined the voyager crew. suddenly chakotay was neutered. the relationship between him and seven of nine at the end felt fake and forced.

imho paris and neelix were the most annoying characters on voyager. followed in this order by harry kim, b'elaana torres and ensign vorik.. the paris - torres relationship also felt forced.

that being said, as previously stated, i think voyager got better after season 3. but unfortunately overall it is not a great series, but an okay one.

Ok, make a cuppa, take a seat and put ya feet up, this may take a while.
I was introduced to Star Trek properly when The Next Generation came out in 89 when i was 8, The only Kirk Trek i'd seen was the movies. And i've only recently seen the original series now that its remastered and its effects are all updated and new, making the show look brand new, and i do really like it, even the animated series is good for its day. Anyway i thought TNG was brilliant, it led me to things like SeaQuest DSV (remember that?) The X-Files, The Outer Limits, Sliders (remember sliders kids?), the x-files, and then Babylon Five, mostly cuz there was a guy called Garybaldi, and i thought it was cool having a character named after a biscuit. ST:TNG was my fav though back then though, and when it ended i was gutted, though i was kinda bought back to happiness by the movies, up to first contact at least, A film that had set a bar in the TNG filmverse that they just never reached again with the next installments (thanks by the way JJ for putting star trek back into the movies as a good thing to watch). But the films could't quench my thirst for more Trekkin' across the universe with a crew from the famous StarFleet!!

And then my prayers to the sci fi gods were answered! Star Trek Voyager. I bloody loved it, and its still my favorite to this day. Then a little while later DS9 emerged, which to me was/is my least favorite. Not just because of all the religious undertones (ive nothing against religion, but they couldve toned down the Bajoran worshippy stuff a bit, they had there own church on the station for petes sake, what about all the other alien species, dont they get churches for their belief systems on a space station thats supposed to be muticultural?) That wasnt the problem really, it just felt a bit Babylon five-ish to me, like it had all been done before, and i know they had ships, but it felt like less of a 'Star Trek', and more of a 'Star Float in the same spot'. But Voyager, ooh Voyager. A ship that gets flung to the other side of the galaxy, and then literally has to go on a Star Trek' to get home. So it deserved 'Star Trek' in the title, they certainly did more trekking than any of the other two. DS9 only really explored a little bit of the Gamma quadrant from its perch in the Alpha via a wormhole, and while the TNG crew were ''Star Trekking'' they werent that deep in space because they could always zip back to some Romulan incursion into the Neutral Zone, which they did quite often. But Voyager, oohhh Voyager, they only ever went forward, never looking back, okay maybe going side to side a little to check the odd anomalie. Buts one of the things i loved, some of those were my fav eps. From the ship getting split into different pieces of its own past, to a weird warpy thing bending and twisting the ship. From seeing mirror images of itself in an event horizon, to nearly getting eaten by a hypnotic nebula that made them think it was a wormhole back home, plus they have busted the temporal prime directive on a fair few occasions. And what about the antagonists?
While the other shows were struggling to find story-lines for species established like ''rommies'' or ''klingy-ons'', Voyager could establish a bad guy species like the Kazon, and when they couldn't think of anything to do with them anymore, they could just do away with them altogether with the reason being that voyager has left that particular aliens part of space, entered a new region, and so BOSH! they can now create new peeps like the Hirogen, and once they run out of thing to write about them,''whats that?, oh, bored with them, well how about the Borg?''.

Ah the Borg, quite possibly my favorite part of Voyagers journey, or 'Star Trek' as it were. When they were brought into Voyager proper it was like heaven. Whenever they appeared in other series, you knew it was gonna be a good episode. I don't think there's a bad Borg episode, Christ! there's even a whole film with them in, and that is by far the best one in the TNG film saga. They gave the show a dark edge and tone when they appeared, and unlike the other 'Treks', poor voyager and her crew had to fly through borg territory, so they could bring them back a lot. Which was great.
Another point is that the other shows had their landmark characters, from picard, data, riker, o'brien, quark, odo, spock, kirk, Mcoy. But so did voyager, Tuvok, the token Vulcan, who's been morphed with a talaxian, Lost his memory and his emotional barriers along with it, and had a holographic remedy for his Pon Far, without a Playboy subscription fee no less, naughty boy! Seven of nine, the ex Borg drone with those awesome looking...smooth...curvy...Borg implants, and her battle to rediscover her humanity, and the holographic doctor, voyagers answer to Data. Another synthetic life-form trying to be more than the sum of his parts, albiet made out of photons and force-fields, as he would say, and not a posotronic brain and pale skin. He even had his Mcoy-isms that totally went with 'the Doc's' personality, the odd ''i'm a doctor, not a babysitting circus clown mechanic'' (or words to that effect) would often be uttered on more than a few occasions. And i know Picardo is no Spiner, like Data, the character of the doc was also trying to become more like us human beings.
Mostly though, the main reason that i like voyager is that they truly are on a trek across the stars, as i've said before, a genuine 'Star Trek' that could have taken them 70 years, if the writers could have come up with plots for that long. But alas, we got just seven, and to this day i love every one of 'em. Long live Voyager and her crew. May they find their way back home....oh wait, they did. Hey it was a good way to end the show, better than the last ep being a holodeck program aboard the enterprise (ENT) or going backward s n forwards in time (TNG), at least Voyager ended with a proper end, the way voyages are supposed to end...back home.

I grew up loving and still love Star Trek but Voyager is the weakest of the entire franchise. Time has not been kind to this series. When it aired from 95-2001, the country was in the middle of boom times economically but since then, the country has seen 10+ years of war. The moral superiority of the Voyager episodes just don't resonate with current culture. Life is not cut and dry but instead filled with grey areas and messy decisions. That is why Battlestar Galactica was so popular. It also doesn't help that Voyager suffered from poor writing and poor acting. It has the opportunity to be an entertaining show and like all Trek series, each episode has a moral story to tell, but Voyager cannot hold a candle to the story telling of Deep Space 9 or acting prowess of Patrick Stewart in The Next Generation.

TNG came out in 1987, and DS9 came before Voyager. But yeah, DS9 totally sucked minus a hand full of episodes. Boring soap-opera set in space... not even going anywhere IN space. The other series also were space soap-operas to some extent, but they were a good mix of that and some action plus interesting sci-fi. All of that blended so well, especially in TNG, imo.

tl;dr consider trying decaf.

I can understand where you're coming from. There are some people who think that way, but you're generalizing all Voyager detractors based on a few closet sexists. There are always minorities of sexists/racists/whateverists in any group.

The Federation isn't even a military. It's an interplanetary federal republic. There is a quasi-military agency within the Federation, but it is NOT a military. (Even though it has a military-like command heirarchy) That's like saying the US government itself is a military, when in reality just the Armed Forces branch is a military. Voyager is not even a war ship.

The problem with Janeway is that she's just not that great at her job usually. Often indecisive, and when she isn't that, she's overly stubborn and bullheaded. Compared to, say, Picard... one has to wonder how she got her own command sometimes. The show also just had a lot of stinker episodes. It's NOT her gender, but I guess there's no changing your mind if you've got it made up.

How were TNG (besides early episodes) and DS9 remaking the original series? I don't see that.

Lol, poor Wesley Crusher. I feel bad for Wil Wheaton because he's an awesome dude in real life. Super nice guy, and he got handed one of the most hated roles in TV history. I will say that as TNG went on, his character definitely became better than in the first few seasons. He wasn't always the wunderkind that magically saves the ship every few weeks anymore, he made mistakes and was more like a real person.

Yup, ME3 was an *incredible* game, but I was so unbelievably disappointed in the ending... after all those hours I put into it too! (It was the first and only ME game I played, btw)

I don't think the TV show about the Academy is a very good idea. Actually, I think it's really bad. With no space exploration, you've got nothing but a recipe for a snoozer soap opera just like DS9. Nothing more. And at least DS9 was IN space even if they didn't go anywhere. Your idea would take place on Earth.

You think it's the best? I take it you haven't seen any other of the series. It's only better than DS9 and the first two seasons of ENT. My opinion is fact.

We don't treat Voyager as the worst thing ever made. When fans have these discussions, we're only comparing against other Star Trek. Of course Voyager is still miles above any other science fiction on TV.

Riker was trying too hard to be a bad ass of proportions that he just wasn't, and he came off as kind of fake because of it. I'm not sure if he was written that way, or if it was just Frakes' acting. Even so, I still really like him. I can't explain it, but I still enjoyed him most of the time. He was the Kirk of TNG.

Almost every race being hostile or trying to trick the crew was overused in almost all ST series, you're right now that I think about it. The only one where it isn't true is TNG. Many new friendly species were encountered there, and it was really cool.

You really think Voyager is better than TNG eh? Definitely in the minority.

I don't think Janeway is a great captain, but it's not because she's a woman and she's not the real reason I don't like the show. 4 of 5 episodes are just plain bad, and the cast in general is just lame. Actually, Janeway is probably one of the better characters. She's interesting, even if not the greatest captain.

Yeah, but your avatar is a Tardis so clearly your tastes in TV are a little off.

The fact that I like Doctor Who and Star Trek Voyager suggests that my taste in TV is off. What a stupid comment. The fact that Doctor Who just celebrated its 50th Anniversary says a lot about the show, its following and longevity. Maybe it's your tastes in TV that are off.

Are you actually suggesting that MY opinion is incorrect? Relax, that was a tongue-in-cheek comment. I guess that doesn't always come across on the internet.

wow i d have to find a new word for the awful abomination that was voyager

ts;dc consider trying logic like a Vulcan.

VoYager was brilliant.

Voyager is badly written. Every single episode has a questionable moment or bad logic. It's just sheer lazy and some of you have been taken for complete suckers because you are defending the indefensible.

I've seen every star trek series, and I do have to say that Voyager has always been my favorite. It's a close call - but still Voyager comes out on top for me. I don't mind being a black sheep.

The problem with Voyager is the lazy writing. Out of all the Trek series, it is the most plagued by technobabble and deus ex machina solutions rather than interesting and thoughtful resolutions. It makes the show the weakest and most boring offering of the franchise. Well, DS9 is actually more boring but at least the writers were more clever.

TNG had a lot of technobabble, but it was never the main focus of anything. In Voyager, it often is. TNG knew how to use it properly.

I dont understand why everyone hates episodes like "Q and the Gray" and "Threshold" Let me put it out there that there is not any single Voyager episode that i dislike in anyway, yes when i first watched some of them it was sometimes difficult to see why the creators would do what they do, but as seasons progressed it was all reveled. I am a member of the newest generation, It is almost hard for me to go back and watch TOS, its so laughable and I had to go back and rewatch Voyager because I was 2 when season 1 aired but its the "Fluff" episodes that give the body of the characters, episodes which main conflict is moral and value is where we get the reasons for characters actions during the more action episodes. Not just in Voyager or Star Trek, but all fandoms. Xena, Dr. Who, dare i mention Star Wars, without backstory all we could ask is why. Be not judgemental on art, if you truly love something you can embrace all its parts, and sometimes its bigger faults end up what you love most.

I hated this show when it first aired years ago, but have started to enjoy it a bit more. I would say it has a few problems. First franchise fatigue had really set in and people were abut sick of star trek. They had a few awesome premises and then simply did nothing with them. Having them on a ship with what is basically a resistance, terrorist group could have made for some very interesting stories. However they did nothing with this angle and made them act just like previous series. Janeway really seemed like a horrible captain at times and made really stupid choices. I feel that the writers left the actor down as she is not a bad actor. All the maqui characters were defanged and their potential taken away after a few episodes when every one started to play nice. I agree that the show should have had them violating the Prime directive and
walking more of a grey line than past series. I did not hate any of the characters, but they could have been developed more. The way the Borg was handled was really bad as they seem much weaker and less intelligent than past series. This show had so much potential, but the writers were afraid to take any chances. As far as farscape goes there is no comparison. At its worst farscape beats the balls of Voyager. The sad thing is voyager had the potential and ideas in place to be one of the best shows.

I loved Voyager at first. But the writers killed it for me. Take Neelix, for instance. He was supposed to be a lovable rogue who knew he way around the Delta Quadrant. As the series wore on, he became Chef Boyardee. Tom Paris, bad boy, troublemaker... model Starfleet officer within the first dozen episodes. Janeway = bipolar much? I wanted some consistency, I wanted the characters to be the people they were supposed to be. Sure, let them grow and evolve, but over the years, not from one episode to the next with multiple regressions. It drove me crazy. And that ending, OMG don't even get me started.

Wrong. How many times did we see Voyager damaged severely, only to have the ship sparkling clean and new at the start of the next episode. Where oh where did they find a convenient Starfleet ship yard in their area? There must have been several of them, because it just kept happening.

I got into Voyager at Season 3,so I missed a few good episodes(like Threshold,Paralax),but I watched all the episodes later on,multiple times,and I regard it as my FAVORITE STAR TREK SHOW.

I just love how it takes you away from the alpha quadrant,and into a new area of space,where you have endless things to do.The characters,great,but I feel Kes should have stayed,and also Neelix

It's the only star trek I'll watch. but do you know if there is any episodes that don't swear? I want to get my friend to watch it, but she won't unless I give her a list of ones that don't swear.

Paris' character was like Huey Lewis. An 80s pop star pining for the 50s, and all we get from his turmoil is a clean shaven square that nobody can relate to.

Super 8 was a good family flick. Otherwise, good rant.

Agreed. It's like what women in any STEM field face. Stunted geeks that have major issues with females in command. Sad, but it's reality.

I was raised on Next Gen and DS9 was my Trek of choice for finally introducing multiple storylines and character development and a decent finale episode... Voyager... isn't my fav series by a long shot, but there were some truly wonderful episodes. When rewatching I do tend to skip most of seasons 2-5 (with the odd exception here and there...) but everything considered, I don't understand the amount of hate for Voyager.

The Doctor is one of the greatest characters in the Star Trek universe. It took some episodes but it finally worked for me.

I think you just described the exact point of cerebral science fiction: reflection and thought.

You do not need a Starfleet ship yard to repair the damage. It can be done while stopped in space or on a planet.

For more serious damages, they may have used alien help in docking bays and ship yards.

There are about 26 episodes per series, and one series is a year on Voyager. That means an episode would have been every 2 weeks, they can repair in 2 weeks.

For those of you who think Voyager can't repair their ship in-between episodes:

You do not need a Starfleet ship yard to repair the damage. It can be done while stopped in space or on a planet.

For more serious damages, they may have used alien help in docking bays and ship yards.

There are about 26 episodes per series, and one series is a year on Voyager. That means an episode would have been every 2 weeks, they can repair in 2 weeks.

It was the best series out of all 5! I love Voyager, can't get enough of it. I've watched each episode like over 100 times! It's amazing!

Voyager sucked from square 1; and it broke continuity when Braga put his casting-couch whore center-stage as a Mary Sue primadonna; since we'd already SEEN Borg disconnected from the collective, in "I, Borg" and "Descent..." and they weren't Mary Sues, they were victims who wanted to be free.

In a manner of speaking I would say Voyager is possibly my favourite of them all. I think they all have their own unique flair. I was not that keen on Enterprise but it still had its share of great moments. TOS is too dated for me but I thought the films were ok after the motion picture.

Maybe people become a little too demanding when it comes to long running TV series. I take them as they come. I am a very big fan although I would certainly never attend a seminar or dress up as an alien! I love each of the series after TOS on their own merit. Voyager is probably the one I look forward to the most though (I have watched them all several times :P).

If there was ever any Sci-fi series (as a part of a major franchise) that I was genuinely disappointed with it was SGU. The characters were detestable in SGU and it put a real downer on the whole franchise.

Yes...because Janeway isn't a self-assured reckless captain who makes decisions that put her crew in dangers that really aren't needed. Chakotay isn't just the same generic stereotype of an American Indian. Harry Kim isn't the same person he was when he stepped on board the ship with Tom Paris(who I'll give you, did develop).
But not with his wife, the woman who started with anger issues and problems with her heritage who ended up with the same laundry list of problems.
Seven of Nine, who started as an unsure woman experiencing individuality for the first time in 20 years, who was unsure and stand-offish, who didn't change at all until the.last.six.episodes she got a MAJOR neck snapping change.

Whereas with TNG we had major development for Data, Picard, Riker, Worf and LaForge. Each started out far simpler with easy a completely clueless Data about everything Human, a Picard who hated all children, a cocky and self-assured Riker, a gutteral and wolf-like Worf and a basically standing prop as LaForge started out as to the fourth in command of the ship.
Yes VOY had good characters (Seven, Doc and Paris) but they didn't get that much development other than the Doctor, he was the only one who really grew in the show as he started out as an obnoxious douche to being a living being with a need to continue improving himself. What I'm guessing you're calling development is singular episodes, like "Shattered" or "Counterpoint", which are good character pieces but without repurcussions from them, just that a singular piece and a big fat reset button afterwards.

And are you saying that a show is based on its effects? Because if you are then I really don't know what to say...VFX are good and all, especially with a sci-fi show, but without anything else there to let the effects work, its just a flat show with pretty lights.

Every single Star Trek show has broken continuity at some point. Some of them have broken continuity several times. Heck, TOS is scatter-brained when it came to Spock's lineage in the beginning of the show.

Personally, I enjoyed Voyager because it wasn't the normal formula. It dared to take the Enterprise out of the equation and throw the show into unknown territory, allowing it to introduce characters that had never been seen before. Plus, it had a centralized goal where they had to keep moving no matter what, instead of just drifting in space to see what trouble they might randomly run into. Also, it took the safety net of Starfleet out of the equation, forcing them to make their own repairs or seek help from strangers instead of going into a space dock and getting everything fixed. While I do agree that it didn't always live up to its premise, there were enough interesting stories. Heck, they did a better Gravity episode than Gravity. And the episode where Voyager encountered a planet where time moved at a different speed and they inadvertently became a part of the planet's entire history and the reason for their misery … that is one of the most intriguing ideas I've ever seen in Trek … the idea that this planet's entire history had been altered because of one single mistake.

The only times I hated the show was when I was lied to or fooled … like how they referred to The Year of Hell, which I thought was going to be this awesome shake-up of the Trek ideal, but instead was all done in one episode and then reversed at the end. What made it worse was that they got me excited about it before it happened. It should have been an entire season dedicated to what they went through. The other time I hated it was the second appearance of the Harogen. The person who directed their first appearance did a great job using camera trickery to make them look 9 or 10 feet tall … but then with the next appearance, the director said screw it and simply made them like 6'5". Stupid.

Any episodes that don't swear? Huh?

You need to assimilate a spellchecker.

Huge fan of TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY however I just couldn't get into ENT. Someday maybe I'll try again, but Voyager was pretty awesome, I've never understood why so many Trek fans hate it.

Palin? No if anything she's Hilary Clinton, someone who likes to prattle on endlessly about how noble and enlightened they are and never has to pay for the stupid decisions she makes. There fixed it for you.

Yes Palins is to awesome to compared to her.

"Integrating Maquis freedom fighters into a Starfleet crew? Brilliant. Making them completely identical to the rest of the crew? Rubbish."


Would Starfleet ever allow someone as socially maladjusted as B'elanna Torres to be a chief engineer? No. Would a typical Starfleet first-officer ever challenge and defy his or her captain as much as Chakotay did his? No. Therefore, they are not identical to the rest of the Starfleet crew. The purpose of the producers' choice to integrate the Maquis into the regular crew was to 1) add conflict, without which stories are kind of boring 2) add diversity, without which life is kind of boring and 3) allow their characters to finally explore some emotions and perspectives other than "the world is perfect and now I'm happy" without going overboard into DS9 territory where EVERYBODY had a chip on their shoulder. My point is that the Maquis were there to give the writers a little wiggle room with the characters without having to overhaul the entire series structure. Which I'm glad they didn't because for me, getting Voyager was like getting 7 more seasons of TNG with a new crew and way better effects. Plus, you know, hot Borg.

Completely agreed on the captain, she really was the most inept of them. I would have preferred someone like Major Kira or Dax, or even Beverly Crusher in the position (Crusher and Dax both have science backgrounds and would be very useful in a vessel like Voyager). On the other hand, I really enjoyed Chakotay, and he was a great re-visitation of the TNG episode "Journey's End". I do have an issue with interpreting displays of culture as "Just another generic American Indian portrayal", though, granted, more research could always have been done. He was more the intelligent Starfleet commander than Janeway, and his real flaw was trusting his captain so blindly (which he sometimes doesn't quite do, when he yells at the captain for some screw-up throughout the earlier seasons).

Ensign Kim gets almost no development and change, granted, but I disagree that B'elanna doesn't grow a bit. Just because she still has anger issues throughout the show does not mean she does not grow and change. Sometimes, problems are not so easy as to be solved in 7 seasons. Worf's Klingon side caused many problems on both the Enterprise and Deep Space 9, and that never really changed, though he did develop otherwise as a character. Slight changes can seem to be more vignettes in an overall scheme, but that does not necessarily negate the change.

My biggest problem with Voyager was the constant re-assessment of how far they'd come and how far they had yet to go. In one episode, they use what looks to be a reliable method to travel several hundred light-years, and in the next episode they'd only traveled sixty or a hundred. This happened several times in the later seasons. The continuity is shattered several times due to details like this. That doesn't make Voyager unenjoyable, but definitely (as the article admits) not the best in the series.

Oh yeah, I'll agree that the Torres who stepped on board Voyager at the end of Caretaker did improve over the years, but what annoyed me about her was more to do with the constant retreading of ground. There were at least three episodes that involved her Klingon bloodline and her family's self destruction, that always put me down as having a very interesting type of character who could have been a sort of window into the world of how K'Ehleyr lived that went nowhere really. We had the bare bones of hearing how her anger was dangerous, but nothing was done there. I would have loved to see a scene similar to K'Ehleyr's freak out in "The Emissary" and see how she dealt with that. Roxann Dawson could have easily performed that, we saw enough of that in the great episode "Faces",

I'm not a Native American(hell, I'm not even American) I don't like the writing about Chakotay or Robert Beltrans acting at times, by looking at some of the stuff written about Chakotay and who trek got to help them with the religious and social information about his character, a guy called Jamake Highwater, who had been heavily criticised by noted Native Americans. It's more that they put too many silly platitudes than actual references for my liking.

Agree completely. Finally, someone else who loved voyager & cannot stand ds9 - it's damn refreshing. Voyager had some episodes that bored the crap out of me, & other eps that are nothing short of embarrasing. But ds9? Absolute crap! Season 3 wasn't bad ( whenever they were showing off the defiant as if to say "look at the defiant, it kicks arse!")
I stopped watching the reruns from there (that's how i came across ds9), but picked up again towards the absolue end; could only enjoy it beer in hand. Not even 5 litres of weihenstaphaner could make me enjoy the last episode, though. They always went out of their way to avoid showing a cool space battle to the point where it's even a rule in "beer trek" - i suspect because of budgetary reasons. Plus, sisko was a more boring version of riker - hell, i would've prefered riker!
Voyager on the other hand was quite action packed! Double episodes were never disappointing, realistic characters, & a captain almost as good as picard.
I really don't get the praise for ds9 & sisko, & the hatred for voyager & janeway, but we all have different opinions.

Voyager is noTNG but its watchable. DS9 is apalling muck and enterprise is just pointless,

I have mixed feelings about Voyager. The concept is great and so is SOME of the writing. The Doctor and Seven are two of my favourite characters across the entire franchise - especially the Doctor - but aside from Tuvok I don't much like the rest of the crew. Neelix is teeth-grindingly annoying. B'Elanna Torres is a pain. Chakotay, Harry Kim, Tom Paris and Kes are boring, empty and dull. It took me ages to warm to Janeway, but I did eventually. She grew on me. So yeah, very mixed feelings.

DS9 is far worse. It's appalling in conception as well as execution. The cast, the plot, the Bajorans, the Cardassians, the Ferengi, the Klingons, aaargh - a horrible tedious soap opera set in space. Captain Sisko is a lump of wood. The actor who plays him is good at striking poses but has no acting ability whatsoever.

Believe it or not, I am a Star Trek fan. TOS and TNG and the engaging aspects of Voyager.

Voyager is pretty much the only ST that I haven't finished to watch yet. I mean, it's not bad, but it's not as good as others. I would even consider Enterprise to be better than Voyager. You know, Voyager is just kind of boring except the Borg and time travel episodes. I don't hate Voyager, but I like it the least of all STs (okay, maybe except TAS).

There were some great episodes, but it certainly could have gone darker than DS9 and they should have bought in the Borg in season one...

I got the original series when it came out on Blu-Ray. Fantastic stuff. I got the first series of TNG on blu-ray and just couldn't sit through it again. If it hadn't been for Data I doubt I could have sat through it the first time. It was hackneyed, boring rubbish with one dimensional characters – science fiction for the lowest common denominator. Deep Space Nine was pretty good, but I don't want to watch it again.

Janeway was such a brilliant character – principled without being pompous, compassionate and insecure (and that's why I think many consider her weak), but also determined and brilliant. Whether people liked the series was always going to be down to her and I don't think the fan base was ready for a female captain if she wasn't going to be just a man in a dress, and to Kate Mulgrew's credit she definitely wasn't that. Don't get me started on the doctor and 7 – stunning brilliance in every moment on screen.

I think I've watched Voyager 5 times now. Like all ensemble cast series some characters got better attention than others, and the best of them had some great stories. It's easy to look at 7 years of episodes and pick holes, because it's impossible to maintain such a high standard continuously for so long, but there were gems in there, lots of them. I couldn't say the same about either of the other series since the original, and Enterprise was so embarrassing (and I'm not just talking about having a theme tune with words) that I don't consider it canon (just a pathetic attempt to cash in despite the absence of a vision for the future, sort of like Episodes 1 to 3 of Star Wars – can I be more derisory).

The new films are pretty good, but I really want a new series to catch the torch lit by Kirk and launched into the stratosphere by Janeway. Until then I'm waiting for them to remaster Voyager in HD.

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