Orphan Black season 2 episode 10 review: By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried

Review Kaci Ferrell 22 Jun 2014 - 13:32

Orphan Black's season 2 finale leaves us with more questions than answers. Here's Kaci's review...

This review contains spoilers.

2.10 By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried

Welcome to the season finale, Clone Club. It's going to be a long hiatus.

We open with Sarah turning herself in to Dyad (and, echoing last week's discussion of consent, we have Sarah pointing out that her "consent" given by signing the forms for Dyad to experiment on her are, in fact, not consent at all, given that she's their prisoner). It's heartbreaking to watch her turn herself in so immediately, because of course they got to her in the only way that would've made her run right into their arms. Even when they threatened Felix with a murder charge, she didn't give in; only for her daughter would Sarah do literally anything.

While Sarah's in Dyad's clutches, Kira manages to call Cal and ask for help, which leads to the brilliantly tense meeting between him and Mrs S., who frankly is not used to being around anyone with as vast a network of contacts and information as hers. It's amazing. I'd watch an entire mini-series of just the two of them trying to one-up each other with their underground spy network. Fortunately, they manage to work together long enough to reach out to the person who spied on Cal through his webcam all those episodes ago. It turns out to be Paul and Marian, who are working as double agents inside of Dyad to find out the truth behind all this cloning business. Marian's confident she can get Sarah and Kira out of Dyad's clutches, but she wants to meet with Sarah privately to discuss a matter of mutual interest.

Meanwhile, Rachel continues to cement her place as The Worst by sending Delphine away without the chance to say goodbye to Cosima and assigning Cosima a new doctor. She's also holding her father prisoner and rewatching tapes of her childhood with him while insisting that she doesn't remember the feeling of being loved. Any chance she might have of that changing in the future is immediately halted when Duncan literally picks his poison and takes his tea with a side of cyanide. Tatiana Maslany, who always does an impeccable job as every single clone, really hits this scene out of the park: as Rachel realizes her father is dying, she drops to her knees in front of him like a small child and begs in the tiniest voice imaginable that he not leave her again. For all that Rachel insists she can not remember being loved or loving, some subconscious part of her must: she becomes so instantly child-like in this scene, a little girl begging her daddy not to go away. It is, in a word, perfection. I know we all were angry last year when Maslany was not even nominated for an Emmy; if they snub her again this year, it will be a crime.

Cosima takes none of this lying down; together she and Scott rig up a device that will shoot a pencil out of a fire extinguisher in the hopes that it might give Sarah a chance to escape. Indeed it does; when Rachel enters the operating room Dyad has prepared to remove one of Sarah's ovaries, Sarah is able to shoot Rachel in the eye with it and flee. I have been wary of Scott since he came to work for Dyad, because on this show virtually no one can be trusted outside of the Clone Club and Felix. However, if anything could change my mind and teach me to trust him, it would be his utter dedication to Cosima in this episode. He advocates for her when Rachel changes her physician; he helps her rig up the device; and when it becomes clear that Cosima is too injured to execute the plan, he takes over without a second thought at great personal risk should he be caught. Scott, like Donnie, has earned a spot in my good graces this season.

And so the clones escape and meet up at Felix's loft, where they are reunited with Helena as she meets her sisters for the first time. I'm pretty sure my heart grew three sizes during the ensuing dance party as, for the first time in what feels like forever, everyone is happy. For one shining moment in time, we were able to forget that Helena is impregnated with Henrik's child, that Cosima is deathly ill, or that Dyad still wants to destroy them all. It's beautiful and cathartic and absolutely what we all needed.

Unfortunately, this is still Orphan Black, and so naturally Helena is kidnapped and taken by Mrs S. and Paul to the military for unknown purposes while Cosima nearly dies in her sleep only to have a vision of Delphine urging her on. It gives her the strength to wake up and read to Kira, whereupon she realizes that the key to Duncan's cypher is in the copy of The Island Of Dr Moreau that he gave to Kira.

Sarah makes good on her agreement to meet with Marian and finds that Marian is raising a new clone; it seems that Dyad tried over four hundred times to replicate the cloning process, but without the Duncans, only little Charlotte survived. But she's not done yet; the cloning experiments were initiated by the military, who contracted out the female clones to Dyad. The military themselves kept the other half of the project — Project Castor — and cloned males. And it's really too bad that Henrik is dead because he'd probably wet himself with excitement over finding out just whose face those male clones are all wearing — Mark's, who has just married Gracie.

I think it's safe to assume that no one knows Mark is a clone since, if anyone did it would've been Henrik, and life at the Prolethean farm would've been very different indeed. It does beg the question of if the male clones have health issues like the female clones' respiratory problems or if the military was able to work around that. It also brings up how much of a role Mark and Gracie can play in the next season, given that they're completely separated from everyone else. And why would the military want Helena? We can assume it's probably for something related to Project Castor, but why her? What could they need a female clone for? Given that Paul seems to have arranged it, are we back to not trusting him again?

So many questions and so long to wait for season three. Hit up the comments, Clone Club, and tell me what you thought of the finale.

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love this show. S2 ep10 was the bomb. the clones all dancing in the room together, wow.when does S3 air?

I watch the show mainly because of Tatiana Maslany's performance, the amazing special effects and because the very first scene of the show, Beth's suicide and Sarah stealing her identity, hooked me right away.

First, I think Felix should move. Everyone knows where he lives at this point and if the bad guys need to resupply their clone stock, all they have to do is wait at his door and just pick 'em up. That dance scene had me on the edge of my seat. Their world is crumbling all around them, everybody knows their location, and here they all are, dancing the night away, Kira alone by a huge window with snipers possibly waiting for a perfect shot... Not smart.

I'm thinking the male clones are all sterile and they will use Helena for procreation.

The issue with consent is simple. For all intents and purposes, the clones are not human. They are objects, property, at best animals. So of course they have no rights but those the companies that own them will allow them to think they have.

Imagine if Scott was a clone instead of Mark.

There's no news of a third season renewal as of yet.

thats why im watching this series, its a SCie-fi with mystery, leaving us with questions that we are just cant wait for the next season, Good job.

Paul knew the clone things but pretended that he didn't. Does he really love Sarah? It seems no and he's just the spy sent by the military to Dyad.

I was convinced Felix would turn out to be a male clone -- we still don't know how he wound up with Mrs S.

Loved the dance party -- aside from the amazing special effects, each clone's dance style was so perfectly hers. Maslany deserves all the awards.

"For all intents and purposes, the clones are not human."

Well, I mean, they weren't made out of dolphin DNA. They are absolutely human. Human rights are something we are born with, not things granted to us by those in power over us. That's a privilege. Rights are inherent, privileges are not. And since the clones are made of human DNA, they inherently have rights.

I read in an interview that they specifically didn't choose Felix to be the male clone because it seemed "too obvious." That may be, but I personally would've found it more interesting than Mark, who's been a pretty minor character this season that we don't know all that well.

Did anyone else notice this? Immediately after Helena lay quietly listening to Sarah and Cosima's conversation, she got up and seemed to purposefully place the canister full of her frozen embryos right out in the open so that it couldn't be missed? Hello... all season they've been needing stem cells, more than what is provided in a tooth, to help Cosima. They made a point to state that Kira needed 6 more weeks before she could donate again and that Cosima did not have that long. Seems like Helena knew and made sure to leave an awesome parting gift! Canister full of embryos from a clone = lots of stem cells to save Cosima, yes?

It's an interesting debate.
In the context of the show however, they are a product. Maybe future seasons will explore clone rights and in the end they will be considered human.

I noticed it also. But does this mean Helena knew some guys were waiting for her?

I wish it was Scott. 8(

He might have loved Beth at some point.

I think she was headed out to find her man and figure out how to deal with being pregnant but she left the embryos because she knew Cosima needed them.

That would've actually managed to find the sweet spot between "obvious" and "interesting." I can kind of see their point about Felix being too obvious, but I'm more interested in him than I am Mark. Mark is the opposite: definitely didn't expect it, but I'm not particularly interested. Scott would've been both surprising and someone that I'm invested in. :-/

I wish it was Donnie

Love, love this series. Good comments from everyone. I think I need to watch the last two episodes of Season Two again... I might have missed something, according to your postings here. And yes: Tatiana Maslany is something, all right!! Have never seen such a talented artist! Kira is pretty good too, considering her age. And of course, love at first site with Felix!!

Mark as clone? Hmm... Not sure about that yet. I am curious to see how it develops. I am just a bit confused on how many 'sets' of clones they have created and spread! It looks like the clones are aliens... Or something like that!!

So far, amazing job by all! And I love how creative Graeme is and the fine details by John! What a superb crew! :-)

Military wants Helena because she's a mirror. (And fertile.)

I mean, maybe. That's my best guess.

Imagine though. You have hundreds of clones with hearts veering right. Nothing is where it's supposed to be. They'd be slightly more difficult to kill in combat. Worth the effort, at the very least.


But if stem cells from Helena would cure Cosima, couldn't they use stem cells from Sarah ie Sarah's bone marrow?

i love love love love this show so much but one thing which annoys me is that some times the stuff are not really clear especially on the main bits and im only 14 so yeah , i have so many questions if someone answers them i will be really happy :

what does Rachel want from sarah?
If Rachel is a clone then why is she on DYADS side ?
How are the prolethians and DYAD related ?
Is this correct that the prolethians started the clone experiment which was illegal and DYAD found out about it so to hide the experiment the prolithians gave the experiment to DYAD so they will become big?
In the last episode why did Sarah become arrested ?
what was the deal ?
what would happen to kira if sarah didnt surrender?

Thank you

same im not sure about mark as a clone because with tatiana you can style her in different ways but not sure about mark

The military wants to stop the cloning. They want Helena to abort the babies, my guess. And send the fetuses to a lab to try to find the codon sequence. Sarah is fertile too... Sarah and Paul lucked out not getting her pregnant...

Yes! That and there are too many different clone groups now... Getting really all tangled up! If they put a skinny black mustache on Mark (as a clone #2 or so) he will look like Hitler: Please don't do that, Graeme and John!! Haha

yeah it is quite confusing as well so more clones will make it even more confusing , aha hitler , mind replying to my question if you do know the answers ?

;) I don't mind replying!

But I also get a bit confused with some stuff: If I get it, I will surely share it with you!

Key question: why make clones in the first place? Why didn't anyone ask Duncan?
Ok they seem to have regenerative abilities, but they're not exactly super-soldiers. And why would they create female clones at all?

kira's smarter

I totally get what Marian was saying about Topside trying to guide the genetic research in the right direction (assuming her/their motives are pure). Their perspective is that clones and related medical experiments are a certainty in the near future, so they needed to become so involved and able to control what path those experiments take that they can prevent the worst things from happening.

For example, in the series of books known as the Honorverse by David Weber, there is a monstrous institution known as Genetic Slavery. These are people who are specifically bred for their genetic traits so they can live their entire lives as slaves performing specific tasks, manual laborer and prostitute being the most common. However they are still people, just as intelligent and with as much right to freedom as any of us, despite their "creators" insisting that they are nothing more than products to be sold and used.

Then there is the possibility (which OB seems to be focusing on) of using clones as soldiers. After all, why risk your own people when you have a resource of expendable, replaceable men pre-disposed to be efficient and deadly soldiers? The most famous example of this has to be Star Wars, and while the terrible crime of what was done to millions of clones was glossed over by the movies, at least the Clone Wars tv show managed to give some voice to their plight.

shut up

1 She wants to know why she is fertile.
2She has always know and was raised by them
3 One is the belief the other the company
4 kinda
5 she wasn't arrested she handed herself into dyad to see her daughter
6 she would become the new Rachel or worse.

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