Misfits series 5 episode 1 review

Review Caroline Preece 23 Oct 2013 - 23:00

The Misfits series 5 opener might not be the show we first met, but it's certainly an entertaining hour. Here's Caroline's review...

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The start of Misfits’ final season is a hard thing for long-time fans of E4’s seminal ASBO superhero dramedy to consider – it’s still Misfits, and we’ll miss it terribly but, in saying goodbye to every member of our original cast previously, haven’t we already kind of gone over this? What is there left to do? These admittedly personal feelings on the matter can lead to two things – an indifference to these last episodes and everything they contain, or the ability to let go of expectations and just have fun. I’m going to choose the latter, because it sounds more enjoyable.

The premiere fits in with this plan very nicely, with a nice mixture of late-Misfits madness and early-Misfits intrigue making for a pretty solid episode. There are undoubtedly plenty of fans who hate what the new cast have brought to the show – much lighter storylines and fewer genre elements – and a number who actually preferred the silliness of series four to series two and three’s serious comic-book drama. I fall somewhere in the middle, and have a short list of requests for Howard Overman in this final run – more powers, fewer love triangles, and an epic finale fitting for such beloved show.

Last year’s premiere chose to get very dark and alienating but, owing to the fact we’ve now gotten to know the newbies, the start of the fifth series opts for something altogether lighter. We begin with Alex in the hospital after his lung transplant and quickly get a clue about what his new power might entail. A girl is there to greet him when he comes to, and her one request is for him to sleep with her. Could Alex’s power have gotten any cruder than his genital swap problem of last year? Apparently so, as his new ability involves – not eloquently put – shagging the powers out of people.

The girl is just a way for us to find out more, and to permanently end the dysfunctional Jess/Alex partnership, but the A-plot is much juicier. Scouts who are agents of Satan, anyone? It’s classic Misfits, and bodes well for the kind of bad guys we’ll be seeing across series five. The threat is aimed primarily at Finn, who actually manages to use his telekinesis quite well before being converted, and the possession gradually spreads through the community centre. How Alex chooses to resolve the problem will probably spark some debate over taste, but I can’t say I haven’t seen worse on this show before.

The most intriguing part of the episode, and the part that will carry through to the end, is the power support group that Rudy Too stumbles upon. We see some old faces, hopefully the first of many more, and this is almost definitely our ticket to that epic finale I was talking about. We asked for more superhero antics – and the writers seem to have delivered. I got chills when Rudy was handed that jumper, and even more so when he actually put it on, and I’m very excited about where his line – “are we going to become proper superheroes?” – might takes us over the next eight weeks.

No matter the mistakes that Misfits has made over the last couple of years, or how much we miss certain characters, I feel confident that the fifth series will ensure we remember the series with the fondness it deserves. This might not be the Misfits we were first introduced to, but that shouldn’t matter if the ending is as strong as I’m hoping. This first episode left me optimistic, at least, and even if we never get to see Nathan, Simon, Kelly and co. again, you can still trust Misfits to provide top notch entertainment almost every week. Plus, next week is a Rudy-centric hour, which are always great. See you there!

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Breaking and entering. Classic.

If you watch the what happens next part at the end, you will see three people jumping one guy. I'm almost sure that is Nathan as he has curly hair, at one point he says get off or something and it sounds slightly irish and finally, he got rid of his power so that may show why he seems weak and helpless. Just a thought but hopefully I am right

I thought this was one of misfits better episodes. I couldn't stop laughing. Hopefully we will see Ruby and the gang become superheroes, at least for five minutes during the last episode.

I haven't really miss any of the characters that left the show, they all been replace by equal or better or more likable characters IMHO. It they keep up this quality I will be wishing for a 6th season.

I laughed all the way through this episode. It was absolutely brilliant and so twisted. The final series promises to be a blinder if they can keep this pace up. Can't wait.

Absolutey loved the first episode! Keep it up!

I hope you're right, but I somehow doubt it... I can't see the producers passing up an opportunity to feature the return of such a popular in the advertising of the show. Here's hoping I'm wrong; I would love to see Nathan meet Rudy!

I don't think so. Nathan is locked up right?

It could be... I was thinking there was a reason for not showing his face. I'd like to see his return... provided they don't kill him off. They've become a bit trigger happy lately, too much of it cheapens the deaths (like it did with Spooks). Plus, Nathan. Love that guy.

Hope Simon comes back

Exactly the way they SHOULD go out-as proper superheroes. I haven't had so much fun since...last season. Joe Guilgun is nothing short of astonishing. The fearlessness of Howard Overman's entire team leaves anything on current U.S. television in the dust.

And Caroline's review is as good as any I would find in the NY Times. It's considered, thoughtful and entertaining. A joy to read, like everything on Den of Geek. I'm really looking forward to each episode, not just because I get to watch some truly great TV and then come here and read some truly great writing.

The Alex / Finn sex scene annoyed me. Either Alex is hung like a fly, or Finn is well used to get it in the rear (unlikely since the character is straight). Entry is just not that easy, and it hurts like buggery....

He was imprisoned the last time we saw in the webisode. But he could have gotten out. His last power was to perform magic. I wonder how far that extends.

I liked that scene although I thought Alex's solution to Finn's problem a bit much... my reaction was amusement rather than shocked disgust. "I'm doing this for you."

As this is the last series, and I hope we see a return of at least one of the original characters. Preferably Simon or Nathan.

Great start to the series, and definitely funnier and more entertaining than I remember anything in the fourth series being. Also, agreeing with Craig, the man being mugged in the preview for next week looks eerily like Nathan, so here's hoping! (And also here's hoping that they don't ruin it if it does turn out to be him!)

You forget that Finn WAS at the time passed out cold. When one's that 'dead-to-the-world' relaxed, 'entry' wouldn't be much of an issue (for either party - or regardless of size for that matter.) :) ... Altho' I would agree that on awakening/realisation he did seem a little less distressed than I imagine he would/should have been, even if at just the surprise alone. ...
But who knows, perhaps it WASN'T exactly his 1st time, hence the 'nonchalance'. - After all, there ARE loads of perfectly straight guys nowadays that are confident enough in their own sexuality to experiment with (& enjoy!) hetero 'bum-play' (to put it politely) :) ...
Plus, it only 'hurts like buggery' if/when ya 'clenchin fer yer life' ! ;)

Personally I thought the whole episode was hilarious. One of the funniest of the entire series IMO. - A great 'opener' ... (if ya pardon the pun !?) Ha! :D

Brilliant. How is I going to get out of that ? Bar of soap ! Classic, then he threw it at him, so funny. This new season is a class of it's own. Think about it, if dr who can do it why not endlessly introduce new characters ?

Jesus man don't over think scenes like that! It's not meant to be realistic gay porn. Chillax and enjoy the meaning not mechanics!

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