Misfits series 4 episode 7 review

Review Caroline Preece 10 Dec 2012 - 11:56

A week away from its series 4 finale, Misfits serves up a depressingly throwaway episode...

This review contains spoilers.

After last week’s strong outing, it seems Misfits has been restored to default settings for episode seven, even if none of the elements of this episode make much sense when thrown together. There’s karaoke, there’s a weird sex scene, there’s a sequence where Rudy gets to be naked, there’s a slightly mysterious new member of the gang, and there’s a mystical pregnancy. All of these things are part of the show’s DNA, but apparently make a disappointing hour when not accompanied by a compelling story that ties them together.

We begin with Jess and Alex making a go of things despite his obvious issues, and it looks as though things just might work out for this year’s love birds. Of course, it can’t last, and so desperate is Alex to restore what’s his that he ends up going a little bit mental. Seemingly spurred on by his relationship with Jess, he finally discovers the whereabouts of the thief and goes after them with a gun. Jess finds him just in time, but it looks like getting his manhood back might have been the worst thing to happen for their relationship. Their closing love scene is a creepy show of narcissism that comes as quite a surprise.

Alex is now one of the regular misfits, so my guess is that things won’t stay this way, but his behaviour gives us a good idea of what he was like before the incident. It looks like poor Jess is in for some more heartbreak in next week’s finale, but maybe Finn will be there to pick up the pieces? Obviously meant to be the white knight who saves her in the end, I don’t actually think the two of them are a good match and wouldn’t necessarily want to see them together. Jess is a good enough character to work on her own, with or without the tedious love triangle she’s been dealing with since her introduction.

Rudy has his own lady problems, as Nadine turns up at the community centre for a visit. Meeting her at last week’s party before she mysteriously ran for the hills, this is one mystery we’ll have to wait until next week to properly solve. Its clear romance is blossoming, and I really hope the character development it's given Rudy isn’t completely forgotten about once the storyline is over, but the course of true love never did run smooth. Nadine is a nun and, from the previews for next week, it looks as if her entire nunnery has been affected by the storm. Evil nuns! That sounds like a great episode.

We’re still not seeing the characters use their powers enough, but Finn does at least manage to spill a cup of tea this week. He does it to help new girl Abby, who it seems doesn’t have any sort of power to call her own, but who has lost her memory instead. That’s a pretty raw deal, but it might help if she at least had some sort of personality. There’s really nothing to go on, except the fact that she’s desperate for a family, and is now a fully-fledged community service worker thanks to Finn’s woolly-headed scheme to keep himself out of trouble. A sub-plot sees a teen mum’s unborn baby transferred to her, but she eventually gives it back with a promise that she’ll take care of it from now on.

Add in an impromptu karaoke number from Greg the probation worker, and it makes a depressingly throwaway episode that there really isn’t any excuse for. Though Abby has potential and I’ve grown to like Alex, Finn and Jess, the dynamic between five losers who don’t really know each other makes for a strangely disconcerting experience every week. The last episode played on this brilliantly, with new information turning each character and relationship into something deeper, but this is almost like a debut season of a new show, and there’s no room for mediocrity.

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Hmm. Why do I get the twin feelings that next week might be Fit the Last for the Misfits and that series 4 has been more Misfire than Misfit? Maybe would have been more fitting to finish with series 3, then it might have been more missed once it's gone.Once unmissable now, I fear, unfixable.

I don't really agree with this article. While I agree that the start of this series (up to Curtis' death) has been lacking the crazy 'Misfits' storylines, I kind of enjoyed this episode as an introduction to Abby, even if it wasn't as good as the amazing episode before it.

The new cast is actually pretty interesting - I absolutely love the Finn/Jess dynamic - and Abby looks like a great addition to the misfits, and seems like she could be the new 'funny one' of the group.

Rudy, on the other hand, is a little dry when it comes to his delivery, both in the comedy and the emotional moments. He's still funny, but the actor just isn't right for the role, although if there is a series 5, he won't be there (and series 5 looks likely considering the E4+1 ratings have risen since series 3, even if E4's ratings aren't available yet).

The writers need to look back at series 3, which was incredible - even with Rudy - and do more episodes that stand out. For a show about kids with superpowers, we've never really gotten to see the Misfits using theirs this season, and I think that's some of the problem. The Misfits aren't using their powers. At all. Jess has looked through a wall ONCE (Why didn't she look through Alex's trousers). Finn has knocked over a coffee cup and moved a plant pot slightly. Rudy uses his power, but it's nothing to do with the story. Instead of manipulating people/causing distractions or the ridiculous number of things that can be done using his two selves, Rudy leaves one of himself at home and the other goes to community service. Making him just a normal person, with no powers. Basically, this series so far is about what would happen if EVERYONE ELSE had superpowers and they fought it off like normal people.

Despite that, the series overall is still good, just not as good as the previous ones, and it seems to be getting back up to the quality of series 3.

Episode 8 looks promising, but I have no idea what Cinderella has to do with the four horsemen of the apocalypse. (If you're still wondering why it's cinderella, Nadine left the funeral in a rush just before midnight and she's a nun, so has 'sisters').

This series seems to have picked up some pace since the start, and lets hope that the pace continues on to series 5 and doesn't just slow straight back down again.

It's very difficult for any series to completely replace it's entire cast and maintain the interest of the original. None of the current characters are as interesting or entertaining as the characters at the start. The one stand out episode was the one where the series focussed on the last remaining original character, and actually gave a fantastic send off to probably the least interesting of the original five.
Finn is annoying, Jess has nothing to her character and as much as Rudy can be entertaining and funny, he's not enough to carry the show. That said, the other episode that entertained me the most was when the third Rudy was introduced, only for him to be killed off before the end.
Misfits is still a decent show, but it's not the unmissable show it used to be. But at least, if nothing else, it gave us the fantastic scene where the guy tries to remember Finn's mum's nickname!

I agree with your description 100%, im just sad that one of the very few tv shows i actually watch and look forward too is now, well, boring, silly rubbish. i miss Nathan, Kelly and Simon, they were Misfits, interesting highly amusing and tough. i think this series, the stories (a part from the zombie one that sends of the last original misfit 'Curtis') and cast have failed

Agree entirely, especially the 'misfire' bit (dam why couldnt i think of that ?)

I love every scene with the probation worker

"Their closing love scene is a creepy show of narcissism that comes as quite a surprise".

Not to me. It was obvious ever since the 46-on-forehead party ep that the bar guy would be a dick once he got his dick back! And also because Finn was still persuing Jess despite her apprently being involved with someone else, so a possible reconnect seemed likely.

The ep itself was very disjointed and unfocused.

I thought the probation worker's rendition of 'The power of Love' was much better than the insipid version polluting the airwaves atm.

I did expect the gang were going to to introduce the cock-stealer to him, assuming that the source of his anger was frustration at being the wrong gender. That would have been an intriguing ending to that thread.

The reason we are not seeing the powers being used often this series, is because the budget was cut in half. Even though the ratings have risen for each series, CH4, didn't want to give more money for more special effects.

The past two episodes underlying message seems to inform us that powers are here to stay and it's become the norm. What I'm not getting from Misfits is where this season is going. I have no clue. It's making me sad. My love meter tanked. I just barely like you, Misfits. Get it together!

See...any experienced woman knows what it means if a man keeps a big ass mirror next to the bed. Jess 3, Alex - who knows...he seemed pretty slutty anyway.

Well hello...think of powers that need less SE's. Like Jess, why give her x-ray vision?? Why not the ability to be a human lie detector?? Don't need any special effects..maybe a voice over. They can get more creative than try to ruin a perfectly good show.

The only thing that can save this show is Simon returning to turn the community center into a training ground of super hero's to save the world from evil powered people. The recruits must be cultural misfits sentenced through community payback.

I don't understand all these criticisms...is it the same show as before, no. It's different but by no means worse. People keep saying the "vibe" has changed, but i personally think the show's finally reached the point where it can actually be called "Misfits" again, especially after this episode. One thing that bothers me in particular is people complaining that they "can't see what direction the show's going in this season". This series actually reminds me a LOT of season 1, as its introducing and exploring the new characters, rather than having any underlying plot like with season 2. Personally, I think a lot of people's main problem with the show is that they are expecting the new characters to be echoes of the old, and constantly compare them to the ASBO 5, which is just pointless. If you spend all your time thinking how different the show would be if they'd kept the originals around, then quit watching and write some fanfiction

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