Misfits series 4 episode 4 review

Review Caroline Preece 19 Nov 2012 - 10:36

Is Misfits' fresh start working? Here's Caroline's review of this week's eventful episode...

This review contains major spoilers.

Just when we all thought Misfits couldn’t write out any more of its main cast members, the writers have made it five in the space of five episodes. It seems that, without original characters Simon, Nathan, Alisha and Kelly at his side, there was really no place for Curtis on the show anymore, and we’re given a rather lacklustre and anti-climactic ending for the longest serving Misfit. Is it a good thing for the show in the long run? Maybe, but it’s certainly a surprising turn of events when placed in the middle of a series.

Fittingly, the episode is Curtis-centric, and involves the ‘trainee probation worker’ he met a couple of weeks ago. Despite none of the others meeting her, and no confirmation that she actually works at the community centre, the old romantic has fallen head over heels and gets into a sticky situation with her apparently violent ex-boyfriend. This poor guy can never catch a break, and a psychotic love-interest plot as his final adventure is a bit of a kick in the teeth for fans of the character. He’s always been a little boring, but he was the grounding force in a show filled with borderline psychotics and irresponsible ‘yoofs’.

Going after the aforementioned ex, Lola hands Curtis a gun to protect himself, but a scuffle causes him to accidently commit murder. Finding that his new squeeze might actually not be who she says, he revives the guy (in one of the first displays of powers this year) to find out more information. Lola has turned into a pantomime femme fatale, demonstrated by the stylised shots of her smoking seductively to a soundtrack of Lana Del Rey, after the storm struck while she was taking a drama class. Since then, she’s been seducing guys into killing each other, and Curtis is next on her hit-list.

From here, the episode is a bit of a desperate mess, the possible reason for which is revealed in the shock ending. Jess doesn’t get anything to do after a busy week previously, and Finn and Rudy are given a strange and horribly forced bromance to contend with. Since the end of season two saw the last of Simon and Nathan’s uber-popular relationship, the series has been trying to find a new friendship to capture audience attention, but this is not the way to do it. That kind of TV magic has to develop organically through fan interest, and not one moment between them this week felt genuine.

It’s made all the more worrying by the apparently permanent departure of Curtis who, as already mentioned, is the fifth regular to leave the show in as many episodes. After using his resurrection power, he ends up infected himself, and there are a lot of small animals in the wrong place at the wrong time. I suppose it’s something that we don’t see Curtis kill anyone during the episode, but that’s not much when he’s given so little fanfare. Wouldn’t it have been nicer to resurrect his dreams of becoming an athlete one last time? Or at least mention some of the departed characters he spent so much time with?

Simon and Alisha’s last episode was epic, tragic and beautifully romantic, seemingly in the making for two whole series. Kelly and Seth’s exits may have gotten many fans’ back up out of abruptness, but were made necessary by outside forces beyond the writers’ control. Curtis’ departure, however, was one that we can assume the show had time to prepare for, and seems both strangely placed in episode four, and a long time coming when the character failed for so long to get a decent storyline. It was made even worse for me when I realised that none of the existing characters care for him the way fans do.

It may indeed have been the right time to make a fresh start with all new characters, but it’s still sad to see Curtis go when we’re not fully transitioned into the new era. We won’t see what the dynamic really looks like until next week, so I’ll reserve judgement until then. 

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Hmm..have to disagree. Though I'm not glad that Curtis is dead, I thought they gave him a great send off. I'm glad they didn't do it at the end of the series where the Curtis haters could expect it and take his death in stride. The shock of it hurt more here. Howard's an evil bastard. Plus the cinematography in his finale scene was gorgeous.

Everything I've loved about Curtis was on full display. His need for privacy when it comes to his personal life and problems; first with Lola, then with his infection, and
finally his death. Also his nobility, that he would fought to control his zombie urges and then how he took himself out when he knew he couldn't. He was a good boyfriend. He probably did love Lola, and even after all that he couldn't blame her for what she had no control over. F##king storm and Lola was just another person cursed with it's effects. If you rewatch her previous episodes Lola always had a femme fatale vibe to her. Wish I stated it earlier so I'd have bragging rights.

There were a lot of moments that took me back to old moments in Curtis's character arch. When he open the door to the rooftop and saw Lola, i remember Nikki opening that door and seeing Curtis in his superhero costume. Finn, Jess and Rudy looking shown through peephole took me back to 2x07 when Curtis, Simon, Kelly and Nathan banged on Seth's door. His setting on the rooftop alone reminded me how he looked when trying to break up with Sam in 1x05. When he first attacked the guy in his apartment I remembered him beating up Simon in 2x01. "Don't lie to me!" He was getting played then. Curtis's weak spot was always women.

Elitest, reserved..yet noble and self-sacrificing..that's the Curtis I've watched over the years. I was a bit chocked up, but I was really proud of him.

Agreed 100% (with the commenter, not the reviewer). This was such a fantastic send off to Curtis-his character has changed so much since series 1, and to see him a fully realised character-who was fighting urges of the zombie infection.

There was a split second there I was convinced Overman was going to do a Torchwood and keep Curtis a zombie for a few episodes, but it would have just been leading to his inevitable death and would have lessened the effect. I must have watched that final scene about 6 times now; it was just so brilliantly powerful and a perfect send of to Curtis.

Don't know how I feel now about the balance of the group though-Curtis always kept things grounded and said it how it was. Still; fantastic episode. It's a shame though-whilst it was absolutely the perfect send of for Curtis and no other episode could have done him justice, I just hope the group dynamic will stay the same.

Goddamn it do I have the feels right now. Outstanding!

RIP Curtis. Time to find a normal person with a power to put in this show if that is at all possible... also is anyone else noticing the lack of power use in every new episode so far? still funny and entertaining but missing something.

Loved the episode, but I would not be so quick to write Curtis off. Nathan Stewart Jarrett has said on twitter he's not saying anything, and we should wait for next week, which is quite different then the messages Antonia and Iwan posted after their departures. This is Misfits, so a shot to the head doesn't necessarily mean he's out of the show for good.

This comment made for a better article than the actual one! What p!sses me off is that everyone is writing Misfits off. Misfits was great and when Nathan left no one gave misfits a chance. Rudy is an exceptional character and has all the great qualities of Nathan. Dangerously funny even when he shouldnt be but can occasionally show real emotion like the phone call with Curtis. I'm sad to see curtis go but the cast of Misfits has and is and will hopefully always be amazing and people need to realise that the actors are just playing characters created by the writers. True they may leave and it might not be the same but that does not mean it will be any worse. Think most of the fickle fan bass just wanted to see the same episode repeated every week. Fools

An excellent goodbye to Curtis, brilliantly handled and fitting. Typically brave too for the writers to kill him off mid-series. And some excellent interplay between Finn and Rudy too. "Spring Break" was an awesome line. This season's holding up really well despite the now complete disappearance of the original cast.

Misfits is a very original program to change all its cast and keep the audience interest, shows the power (no pun) of the writers,
Does anyone think that the dead Curtis pose looks like he is running with his hands up at the finishing line?

The final scene of this episode was in my opinion the most powerful of any misfits scene to date. People refuse to give the show a chance because the characters they loved are gone but the writing is just as good and as this episode proved the drama and comedy aspects of the show are still as strong as they have ever been. Incredibly ballsy too to kill off such a well loved and familiar character in the middle of the series.

Oh geez......after last weeks fiasco, I hoped for a better episode this week but no, just dead Curtis and unnecessary gibberish from Finn and Rudy. I have no idea where this show is going and that might be a good thing! Oh but once you think about it, how will Misfits manage to pull off a stunner since episodes are so limited?
RIP Curtis. I think you should have started a new zombie society. I think I could have gotten into that...lol

Great show, back to its full strength. Who else would kill off its only remaining original cast member mid season and without them heroically saving the rest of the team.
Fantastic writing and acting again.

I forgot how hilarious that line was! So great.

"Wouldn’t it have been nicer to resurrect his dreams of becoming an athlete one last time"

No, because this is Misfits, not Happy Days.

I couldn't disagree more with your article. The one thing I do agree with you on is that Curtis was a boring character, which is why this was really the perfect time for him to go. The show doesn't need him anymore, and this episode was a beautiful send-off for him. It was funny, it was touching, it was depressing, and it was brilliant.

"... not one moment between them this week felt genuine."

Uh, no, of course not, because Rudy is a completely manipulative character who cares more about having a roof to sleep under than having an actual "bromance" with Finn. Come on, at least have some grasp of the characters' personalities before writing a review of an episode!

Not sure what episode this reviewer was watching but I thought this was a great episode. I usually find Curtis dull and boring (and a bad actor) but in this episode he had plenty to do. I thought it was a great (if surprising) send off. Me and my wife were both like "what? Another one killed off??? Who's going to fill the gap we can't have just three!!" ....Rudy is a character and a half but while the other two have some good lines, there's really not much to them yet....So one good character and two half characters isn't really enough. I hope they have plans where this is going :)

I actually loved this episode. At first it was slow, but the ending was shocking and very sad. :) I liked Curtis. I can't belive all the original Characters are gone. Really Sad. Misfits is still a good show though.

Why am I suddenly getting feeling that all the original Misfits are gonna come back together sometime again in the show?

I didn't want them to do an American version, but after this episode I am absolutly frightened of one for this show. I am imagining each season dragged out to 22 episodes. This episode would be the season 2 cliff hanger and they would have found that "Happy Ending" Rudy was talking about. That would suck.

I'm sorry but I have to disagree, the writers knew exactly what they were doing in this episode. The essence of Curtis and his development has been his tendency to always take the "easy selfish way" out in order to avoid problems. Such as letting his GF take the fall for the drugs, his original power was used to fix mistakes, he posed as his female alter ego to seduce the girl he liked, made a deal with Seth...blah blah blah.This episode finally showed Curtis stepping up and taking responsibility for his actions. Curtis deciding to kill himself instead of staying on a hamster/puppy diet showed that his accepted responsibility FINALLY.
Also I think this show will work with Finn and Rudy, I always felt Nathan was a bit too much of a prick to Simon but Rudy does seem to really like Finn, he helped him with his GF, gave him advice on using the dog story to get the girl.

I don't know, I didn't dislike Curis' exit as much as you but it wasn't quite emotional like Simon & Alisha. I'm worried the casting they did isn't panning out, the chemistry just isn't there yet. I love Rudy even though he's too gross for some at times but then again maybe it's more my love of Joe Gilgun. We'll see, I haven't totally lost hope yet but it's fading.

I honestly dont get why Curits death comes as a big shock. I mean they did announce that the audience was going to see the departure of Rudy and Curtis in this series. I honestly enjoyed Curtis departure,like he said, we cant always have happy endings.

Wait wait, Rudy is leaving?? How did I miss that??

Yeah, Rudy is also leaving in this season. I cant remember where I read it, but it was soon after they had announced the new characters they also announced that this season we would also the departure of Curtis and Rudy.

Did no1 find it strange Curtis dies then fins new sister bring people back from the dead cud this mean a return for curtis

Looks like I'm bucking the trend by agreeing with this reviewer. I found the series as a whole disappointing, and think much of it is down to lazy writing. I kept giving it the benefit of the doubt until the end, and found Rudy to be the primary redeeming feature of the show (despite the bad-taste rape jokes the feed him on two occasions).

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