The TV characters we really, really don't want killed off

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Tyrion Lannister, Daryl Dixon, John Diggle... These are the TV characters we couldn't bear to lose...

Following the rumour that a monster-ratings show about to go into its fifth season has killed off yet another character, we at Den Of Geek thought we'd do our bit to protect our TV loved ones. It may well be dramatically expedient or a narrative necessity for a few cast-members to be sent their P45s from time to time, but there are some characters we simply can't let them take away.

To this end, we've harnessed the power of the desperate, snivelling beg. Below, our writers have chosen the vulnerable TV characters from currently-airing shows that they'd be lost without, and in unison we ask, please please don't kill them off.

So TV gods, if you're listening, hear our prayers...

Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead

Those of us who have more than a passing interest in The Walking Dead are already aware of the campaign ‘If Daryl dies we riot’ that’s liberally splashed all over the internet and even has its own merchandise to boot, so fervant is the fervent fanbase of Mr Dixon and the man responsible for portraying him, Norman Reedus. Such is the popularity of both actor and character that it’s difficult to separate the two in order to establish who people cherish the most, as Daryl has made Norman a worldwide icon, but the man previously best known for The Boondock Saints cult movies and a supporting role in the mighty Blade II has become a champion of social media and the convention circuit for the dedication he shows his loyal followers, making him as popular off screen as on.

As for Daryl, it’s easy to see why he’s become such an integral part of The Walking Dead’s ever-changing line up, as his evolution from aggressive outsider to group leader has made him invaluable, especially during Rick’s recess from taking charge. More importantly though, Daryl Dixon is unnervingly cool, from the bike to the biceps to the bow, he’s as iconic as geek heroes get and when that’s combined with his ‘actions speak louder than words’ modus operandi, you can’t help but love him – killing him simply isn’t an option for AMC, unless they really do want a riot. By Duncan Bowles


Gus Grimly - Fargo

Gus Grimly has had the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head ever since the first episode of Fargo, when a chance encounter with the spectacularly evil Lorne Malvo resulted in a tense moment where we wondered if the frankly brilliant Colin Hanks had been brought into the show solely to be dramatically killed off right at the start.

This is the thing with Fargo – by already establishing that this story will come to an end with its first season (any future seasons will feature entirely different characters and plots), most of the usual expectations are out of the window. That same first episode had already led us to believe that Vern Thurman would be a major character, before dispatching him suddenly and brutally – and we've also unexpectedly lost Eddie from Friends… sorry, Mr Numbers, in recent weeks.

Both Gus and Molly represent the direct opposite of Malvo – the pure good to his pure evil – and it's likely that only one side of the argument will come out of the story unscathed. Having already used one recent cliff-hanger to falsely tease the possible loss of Molly, she'll surely be safe for the rest of the season, but we're less sure about Gus' fate. He's lovely, and mixed up, and a bit useless, and he might just be a sacrifice the show considers it worth making. But we hope not. By Seb Patrick.


Matt Donovan - The Vampire Diaries

As the only human character left on the show, Matt Donovan has been first on everyone’s kill list since the show’s very first episode and, going into the sixth season, it’s a wonder how he’s survived for as long as he has.

The Vampire Diaries might be a show where death has effectively become meaningless but, if the writers were going to kill anyone off permanently, it’d almost certainly be Matt. Factor in that his base of operations, The Mystic Grill, was destroyed in the fifth season finale and he currently has no love interest (love interests are a big deal on this show), it feels more likely than ever that Elena’s last tie to her old, human life will finally fulfil his pre-destined role as vampire fodder. Then again, as the show’s Zeppo; the Xander Harris for this generation, maybe he’ll get away with just losing an eye. By Caroline Preece.


Lagertha - Vikings

One common criticism of female characters on television is that “strong” almost always equals “can kick your ass,” and that all other forms of female strength are unrecognized. Not so of Vikings’ Lagertha. It’s true that despite the fact that Katheryn Winnick stands at least a head shorter than most of Lagertha’s allies and enemies, there’s little doubt that she dominates on the battlefield. But where the character really shines is in the sheer number of dimensions she exhibits.

The culture depicted in Vikings is one where, while somewhat inferior to their men, women are warriors, mothers, sexually liberated lovers, and able politicians. We’ve seen Lagertha struggle with her desire to follow Ragnar into the west - knowing that she must maintain their farm and family in his absence - mourn her daughter, proudly leave her straying husband (sadly, but without guilt or self-loathing), viciously deal with a second abusive one, take an earldom, raise a son to still love his father who betrayed her, and negotiate as an equal with the other Viking leaders. She is heart and head and sinew in a way that few characters of either sex on television have managed to be. Long live Lagertha. By Laura Akers.


Tyrion Lannister - Game Of Thrones

The Starks may be the sort-of ‘good guys’ in Game Of Thrones – they are honourable, they love each other in an appropriate manner and if forced to execute someone they nearly always do it themselves. But the one character most fans desperately don’t want to lose is surely Tyrion Lannister, unloved younger son of the ‘bad guy’ Lannister family.

Why? For one thing, Tyrion is played by Peter Dinklage, probably the best actor in a series full of incredible actors (slightly dodgy English accent notwithstanding). He knows exactly when to ham it up and when to play it down. He has perfect comic timing, better slapping skills than the cast of How I Met Your Mother and can own a room by moving a chair around. Even more importantly, it’s the Lannisters who really know how to wield the power of snark, and Tyrion is the best at it by far. There is no situation in which he will not come up with some biting witticism that will get him in even more trouble. Without him, the show would be a long, dull series of people hacking each other to bits and hanging around in baths, and who wants that? By Juliette Harrisson


Chloe O’Brian - 24: Live Another Day

Chloe O'Brian turned the day she was given an automatic weapon. Before that, she was clearly the most intelligent person in CTU, albeit the one people dreaded drawing in the office's annual Secret Santa. But armed? She began her migration across film genres and styles, that recently has seen her one-woman tribute act to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in 24: Live Another Day.

Tellingly, Chloe is the only 'friend' of Jack Bauer's from the early days who remains by his side to any degree. And given that 24 finds it impossible to a) kill Jack Bauer and b) allow him to stay dead when they break rule a), Chloe has had a target on her head for the past few seasons.

Yet would there be a character more devastating to lose? Taking not even the merest sniff of shit, and managing to hack all manner of computers no matter what GUI the effects team have come up with this time, Chloe is the beating heart of 24. We'd lose Bauer before we lost her. By Simon Brew.


Eric Northman - True Blood

Okay, we all know there’s one major reason there was an outcry when it looked like True Blood’s Scandinavian dreamboat might have gone up in flames – in a cast chosen for their drop-dead gorgeous looks as well as their acting ability, Alexander Skarsgård and his perfect, frequently-viewed backside stands out as one of the most attractive of a group of very attractive people.

But that’s not the only reason viewers are desperate to see Eric Northman live to bite another day. He is a gloriously outrageous character. Most vampires at the more romantic end of the vampire sub-genre tend to be only a couple of hundred years old – brooding Civil War veterans, brooding eighteenth century gentlemen or brooding early twentieth century youths. Not Eric Northman. Forget your troubled, brooding gentlemen – Northman is a Viking, a warrior, the product of a colder and harder time, and that makes him a much scarier and much cooler vampire. He walks the line between ‘good guy’ and ‘bad guy’, committing some truly horrific acts in the first couple of seasons in particular, which makes him unpredictable and fascinating to watch. And of course, most importantly, he brings the snark. You gotta have the snark. By Juliette Harrisson


John Diggle - Arrow

Being the hero in a semi-realistic superhero show is a dangerous business, but being a superhero’s sidekick might just be worse. We know from past experience that Arrow isn’t afraid to kill important characters if their loss will drive forward Oliver’s story and, aside from maybe Thea, Diggle has become the most vulnerable character on the show of late. We had Diggle-centric episodes in season two, sure, but his role in Team Arrow became laughably futile as the year progressed until it reached the point where we were left wondering if he needed to be there at all.

But he does, and his death would potentially change the show forever. With Felicity upgraded to love interest and confidante, the team needs that uncomplicated pillar of strength at its core, and he serves that purpose even when left languishing without a storyline. He was Oliver’s first friend after returning from the island, and that relationship still grounds Arrow. We can't afford to lose him. By Caroline Preece.


Mary Morstan - Sherlock

Such is the unholy love some fans have for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s Holmes and Watson that when it was announced that the future Mrs Watson, Mary Morstan, was arriving in series three, parts of the Sherlock fandom went into conniptions. As soon as they met Amanda Abbington in the role however, all fears were allayed.

This Mary was smart, funny, intensely likeable and, crucially to some fans, wasn’t going to come between Sherlock and John. Quite the opposite in fact; it was Mary who urged Watson to forgive his former flatmate for causing him two years of grief, and she who engineered the pair teaming up on a case that Sherlock later cited in his The Sign Of Three Best Man speech as proof of Watson’s heroism.

Then came His Last Vow, a Mary-centric episode that changed everything and nothing about the wonderful Mrs Watson and truly cemented her place in the show. We don’t care if it’s canon, we don’t care if it’s dramatic, please Moffat and Gatiss, don’t kill off Mary. Firstly, she’s brilliant, and secondly, hasn’t poor John been through enough already?

P.S. That goes double for Mrs Hudson. Touch her, and we'll lose count of how many times you fall out of our window. By Louisa Mellor


Agent Coulson - Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If there's one character on TV who definitely doesn't deserve to be killed off, it's Agents of SHIELD's Agent Coulson. Not only is he the lynchpin of the series, anchoring it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with ease and warmth, he's also a rare example of an original MCU creation who was so good, they adapted him INTO the comics.

Of course, Coulson isn't immortal. He's already been killed off once before, and while no-one should have to go through that again (nor should we viewers have to endure the dragged-out reveal of how and why he was brought back...) there's a better reason to avoid it: what possible TV death could compare to his first one? Stabbed through the back by a god after confronting him single-handedly? For sheer scale, there are some things TV just can't match. Anything else would be a disappointment by comparison. By James Hunt.


Arya Stark - Game Of Thrones

Yes, it’s greedy to beg for a stay of execution for two characters in the same show, but nobody needs our longevity prayers more than the cast of HBO’s slaughter-happy Game Of Thrones.

Arya’s scenes with The Hound have been some of this season’s best, right from the moment of that squelchy bar fight in this year’s opener. Long before then though, Arya has been a vital character on the show. She’s a walking social science experiment, the causal product of extreme circumstances, and her trials aren’t over yet. Life has toughened her, experience has taught her, and the game of thrones has made her an orphan. At the very least, we have to see her live long enough to tick a few more names off that shit list.  

Showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss have proved that the series can successfully divert from George R.R. Martin’s template, meaning the axe may fall on anyone, at any time. Wherever it lands next, please make sure Arya Stark is on a boat to somewhere far away. Somewhere they don’t even have axes. By Louisa Mellor.


Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead

While deputy Grimes might not have the same delirious level of adoration that his crossbow wielding companion courts, for me he’s been the heart of the show since day one. Even during season four when his stern leadership finally faltered and his body was broken, there were still plenty of displays of inner strength that reminded audiences why he remains the character who will always take charge and rise to the occasion when needed.

Most excitingly though, as we witnessed at the end of the last episode, Rick is finally back in the fight and even more badass than ever before, with a new addition to his fighting roster – being a little bit bitey – which should make the start of the fifth season something to behold. Rick continues to be the poster boy for The Walking Dead and I simply can’t conceive of a show without him, as despite the characters’ ups and downs, he’s the one that many of us first loved and continue to support as faithfully as his onscreen companions.

Andrew Lincoln’s consistently outstanding work on the show, both in terms of his performance and leadership on set (in interviews his colleagues have consistently made reference to how high he sets the bar in terms of energy and commitment), mean that he’s an invaluable asset in every way, so here’s hoping that secures his longevity on a consistently brutal series that never hesitates to kill off beloved characters. By Duncan Bowles.

So that's who got our votes. Feel free to add your own below...

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10/10 for featuring Vikings. A show that's been consistently overlooked on DoG. Its far better than Pretty Little Liars I can assure you.

Yes, Vikings has been brilliant, sort it, D.O.G!

I've always been of the opinion that before '24' ends, Chloe should indeed die, the very last beloved character death (and there's been so many) should be the most devastating of them all... and Chloe's would reduce grown men to tears if handled right, she's always been there for Jack and it would be fitting that her last act for her friend would be to save his life at the cost of her own!

Whether the '24' writers would actually do that is debatable though, but what an end to both the current (and hopefully final) season and the series overall if it was Chloe and not Jack Bauer who ultimately saved the day with a selfless act...

1) I can see this will be a very tempting place to post spoilers - or even hints of spoilers. Please don't do it, folks.

2) I quite like Dinklage's British accent, British as I am. It reminds me of Richard Wilson somewhat. (Script writers: please get Dinklage to say "I don't be-lieve it!" through gritted teeth)

He's had plenty of opportunities to so far anyway.

Am I the only one who would love to see Rick Grimes become a zombies Sunday dinner?

To be fair, if he was going to say it, the last episode was the money shot.

I think a lot of these characters might make it all the way to the final season. Eric's safety is completely ensured because he's in the final season. On the other hand the way things are looking now in GoT Tyrion might very well not make it all the way to the end of season 4. (and yes I'm teasing you all because I know what happens next as I've read the books) Also thumbs up for the praise for Lagertha one of my favourite characters on tv. Allthough I'm not entirely sure she'll make it all the way to the end. (and that's not teasing as I'm not entirely caught up on Viking history) I do hope that if she goes out it'll be in a heroic way. She deserves a heroic death. Just preferably not in the same style as the heroic death we saw on this week's GoT. I don't think I could stand someone doing that to Lagertha.

The sooner they kill off Daryl Dixon the sooner they can get him into one of the comic book cinematic universes! Who do you think he should play? I'd like to see him as Kletus Casidy Carnage in the Spider-man universe. (Well, maybe not kill him off in the TWD but have him leave the group for a while).

*Possible spoilers*
I wouldn't mind seeing Rick Grimes killed off is TWD. His character has been through hell and back and he's still standing, but I began to dislike some of his decisions in S4; such as kicking Carol out of the group for a couple of mercy killings. In fact it should be Carol on this list instead of Rick, she is by far and away one of the finest, strongest and caring humans left alive.

Yay for Mary. Best character they've introduced in Sherlock for ages.

seriously, spoilers??? I didn't even have to click onto the article to have pretty recent stuff spoiled big time having not caught up with Game of Thrones yet. Thanks a lot

Am I the only person who finds Chloe & her stupid pouty face highly annoying? Yes, yes I know over the years (days?) she's given Jack an immeasurable amount of help & support, but she just strikes me as that person in the office who everybody just wants to shout "Oh, piss off Chloe!" at every time they speak.
Tyrion will not die. No. Lalalalalala. He will be reunited with Bronn and they will go off and have awesome adventures in their own spin-off show.

Urgh.... Rick Grimes. If his whiny, beard face doesn't become Zombie food next season I'll be most disappointed.

I'm worried about Chloe this season. They were filming the finale in Southampton last night, with Keifer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Stephen Fry all down at the DP World container shipyard, and with a fair few gun shots in the air. It was a closed set and I couldn't see anything from where I was (so no spoilers), but hearing the gun shots near Chloe is reason enough to worry.

Oh wow, it totally is. This has both enhanced and spoiled Tyrion for me now.

Cannot unhear

In what way is game of thrones spoiled for you? Tyrions name is mentioned and thats it...?

why anyone would bother to watch the walking dead if they didn't like rick is beyond me, he is the shows central and most important character, he is the show ffs, and yes there have been some other excellent characters along the way

saying that without tyrion thrones would be 'a long, dull series of people hacking each other to bits' is a ridiculous and wild exaggeration, and also an insult to all of the other extremely tallented actors (portraying great characters) who work on the show, tyrion is of course a wonderful character, well portrayed by peter dinklage, but please let's not get carried away

Two seasons of great GREAT geek TV and barely a mention on a site that should be its natural home. Season 3 episode reviews please!

Its not 'just' an alternative to Games of Thrones, its so much more than that,

I would like to see Rick Grimes dead, he is a whiny self obsessed emo tosser with little to prove he is a decent human being. For example allowing his son to fight his battles! Mind you I wouldn't mind seeing the entire cast killed by a nuke in the opening three minutes of the next episode as I feel it reached it's zenith at about episode three of season One!

Supernatural. Mr Crowley.

Getting rid of Crowley and/or Castiel from Supernatural would be a mistake as they make the show brilliant.

Killing Sam or Dean hold no suspense any more because they just come back the next season!

My worry with Game of Thrones is recasting as much as it is actually killing characters off. Although I suspect this is unlikely with Dinklage, Maisi Williams is in danger of being too old for the character she's playing - she started when she was 12 and is now 17 - how long is supposed to have passed in the show since they first left Winterfell? I'm therefore hoping Arya isn't recast as much as I'm hoping she isn't killed off, as either option would be a disaster for the show.
That said, I think a good show can generally continue without those characters that we initially feel or felt were essential, so long as they are replaced with equally brilliant and emotionally engaging characters and we have a sense that their story has been told or at least reached some form of conclusion. Hershel in TWD is a classic example. He was a great character and played marvelously, but just wouldn't have worked when the show shifted from the prison location. Also, he'd made peace with himself and seen his daughter end up with someone he cared for as well, so it was OK for his story to end when it did. Ned Stark, similarly, really couldn't have lived and have the story we all enjoy continue with him in it; he really wouldn't fit within the world of the show as it now is, the noble idiot. The problem is when a character is cut from a show outside of their natural storyline just for shock value or, in some cases, due to circumstances outside the show. That's when it truly jars and affects the rest of the show for me. Think Sharona leaving Monk (not sure if others on this site enjoyed that show), Ivanova dropping out of Babylon 5 or (to a slightly less extent as the show was successfully retooled after this) Doyle dying in Angel as prime examples of this.

Never mind Dinklage (and I'll have to re-watch an episode to listen for the Richard Wilson link), what is going on with Littlefinger's accent, not to mention his voice, this season? It's all over the place. I think Aiden Gillen spent too long with Bane and has got thoroughly confused.

Sounds like I need to watch Vikings, and I always have time for Colin Hanks.
I never liked Arya, even in the books, but the moment of her laughter juxtaposed with the Hound's 'OH FFS' face in the most recent episode may have changed all that.

I think she's 'baby-faced' enough to get away with it for a while longer. She's doing a great job so they'd be foolish to recast her.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with Diggle especially as we have Green and possibly Red Arrow next series, the Dark Archer and maybe even Thea as 'Speedy' maybe. I'm reaching here but they kind of need to do something with Thea to keep her interesting.
With this amount of archers/heroes present and that's before you look at potential Flash/Green Arrow crossover episode Diggle is in danger of not getting any screen time which is a pity because he's been great, thus far. I'd be happy to watch another Suicide Squad episode or two, screw it bring on a series wide storyline involving the Squad.

Regardless of what Kirkman constantly says, I highly doubt Daryl Dixon will be killed off, unless it was on the very last (or one of the last) episodes. He's the reason for about 75% of the female fan base on this show. (which is about half of the show's fans & who literally WOULD riot!) Daryl is a "man's man" who appeals to the male fans as well. He's the true adaptation of the "badass with the heart of gold". And most of all, he's GOLD to AMC & Kirkman. Killing him would be a ridiculously stupid move, as he's become a cash cow for AMC & really helped put that show on the map. Also, because of his likeability, he opened up the show to people who never would have watched a "zombie show" & turned them into huge fans & supporters. Now if we could just get the show recognized for mainstream awards, instead of shunned, we'd be set.

For me I couldn't lose Tyrion, Arya (GoT), Chloe (24), Eric, Lafayette (True Blood).
Dany would have been on my list before this season, but after what she did to Ser Jorah, well in the words of Tim & Eric: "Ya blew it"
Which reminds me, Please don't kill Dr Steve Brule either.

Honestly, I think a Suicide Squad spin off would be the best option. Gives them chance to develop other characters, Shrapnel was criminally (no pun intended) underused.

Molly is far more important than Grimly, it wouldn't bother me at all if Gus died.

Chloe from 24 is just awful, I actively want her dead

Tyrion dying would kill Game of Thrones and the same goes for Daryl in The Walking Dead

Having never seen 24, I read this article only to be confronted with Gail the Snail after a makeover. If you know what that means, then well done. You have excellent taste.

Aiden Gillen has been the only weak link in GoT as far as I'm concerned. His voice is like a kid talking like a pirate trying to read the narration from 300. It just completely takes me out of it whenever he's on screen.

Apparently it's part of the character and a deliberate choice(?) With certain people he drops his more posh accent... for his native one. Was distracting at first until someone had pointed it out in better detail on another site, or possibly one of the talk-backs here.

Wow, if that's true then that's an awesome level of detail from Gillen. I get what you mean as well, sounds more Irish/Westcountry when he's around Lysa or Sansa (or going back a bit further, Catelyn) and his accent seems softer when he's talking to the Lannisters or any highborn types.

First season was excellent but it feels like a full blown soap opera now

I was really starting to like that Game of Thrones character...

The axe is NOT going to fall anywhere near Arya Stark, that is bull*hit. Apologies for the profanity.


Once an episode has aired its fair game - the local media where I am have an informal 24 hr rule. Anyway there's nothing in this item that tells you anything - unless you're dozens of episodes behind.

You know what happens in the GoT books. Its unlikely I know, but the show may well do something totally different. There's already rumours around that a lot of season 5 will be new / altered material to try and stretch the existing book content a little.

Rumours are partly true. It's more likely they're going to condense the next two books. Season 4 so far is still taking place mostly in book 3 and since the writers have made it very clear they want to close the whole thing down after seven seasons that gives them only three seasons to adapt the final four books in the series. Luckilly for them books 4 and 5 were very poorly received and have taken a lot ot flak for their slow pacing. So what they're going to do is take out all the uneccesary clutter and make it basically leaner and meaner. Unfortunately for me though that means cutting all of my favourite scenes from the series. (books 4 and 5 are my favourites) This can already be seen by the Brienne and Pod scenes this seasons which take place in book 4. However they've cut out three quarters of their journey in the book. I also expect a major storyline surrounding the Greyjoys to be cut and a lot more. By comparisson season 4 actually expands the third book a little. By doing things such as adding the Grey Worm/Missandei love plot which is great but does not exist in the books.

It's all right, the TV studios have spoiling episodes covered the day after the show is aired... for those of us who don't have Sky or are ready to record and watch it later.

Absolutely right. Every week the topic of conversation in our household is what the **** is going on with his accent???

There could've been an entire article on Game of Thrones characters people want to survive ;)

Although (POSSIBLE SPOILER) if its Tyrion or Jaime that has to die, I'd rather Tyrion faced the axe.....

I'd gladly see Rick and Darryl go - The Walking Dead has been such a drag for a really long time (I keep recording the episodes and falling asleep while watching). Also, Mary from Sherlock needs to vanish. Season 3 was weak beyond belief and Mary was the weakest link.
Hands off Tyrion and Eric though (though True Blood is even a bigger letdown, glad it's the final season).
I have another name as for those "hate_to_see_them_killed_off' - Boyd Crowder from Justified. I have an ominous feeling the last season of Justified is going to be very bloody and I just can't bear the thought of Boyd dying!
Still, I hope Don Draper is finally going to commit suicide in the very last minutes of Mad Men.

I kept wondering about Littlefinger's accent too. But I love Aiden Gillen unconditionally so I don't mind it so much. He's the most interesting character this season.

Totally with you on Lagertha from Vikings - the most kick ass woman on tv at present, and that's with some heavy competition around at present!

Yeah, not to mention the free press in the UK. But I was thinking more of people who've read ahead on Game of Thrones and know what might be coming up to two seasons down the line.

well if you would read the books.......

"Showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss have proved that the series can successfully divert from George R.R. Martin’s template, meaning the axe may fall on anyone, at any time."

Sorry, but I think that is a massive exaggeration. The major characters tend to live or die according to the books. Changes are made and smaller characters can come and go, but the central plot hasn't changed.

That doesn't mean they'll kill off characters where they shouldn't.


i used to like him, don't any more doesn't mean i cant still like the show




Started watching the new series at the weekend, I was surprised she was still in it. But i think the reason she will be there at the end is because nobody really cares do they? Her husband was all right, but what else has she brought. She makes me think of Misery every time i watch it, just waiting for her to snap and smash Jacks ankle with him tied to a bed

Wow. An internet list where I can't disagree with a single member of the list. (Except for the Vampire Diaries guy: I don't watch Vampire Diaries so I'll just give the guy a pass!) This is essentially a list of all my favourite characters from each of these show: I'd love to see a cross-dimensional cross-over starring all of these guys!

See its comments like this that put me right off watching it.

Agreed. I loved it. But then I downloaded season 4 and, within 5 minutes I was thinking, "oh, great. More f***ing zombies!"

Too right. She's great, keep her on!

Thea, biggest non character on TV right now. She best tun into some kind of head case!

Yeah! Put your chuffing sheriffs hat back on Rick, you are a right penis without it!

"they love each other in an appropriate manner"

Hahahaha, best line ever.

Technically a few characters in the last episode died that weren't supposed to. Trying to avoid spolers for the last episode.

Sorry didn't mean to put you off. I do recommend watching the first season at least and although I didn't enjoy the second season you may well find something in it I didn't.

Nobody of great significance though.

So basically John Diggle from Arrow can't die because "omg we love Olicity"? That's pretty lame.

You need to watch Vikings.

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