Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor review

Review Simon Brew 23 Nov 2013 - 22:39

Spoilers! John Hurt, David Tennant, Matt Smith and more, in our thoughts on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor.

This article contains spoilers. Lots of them.

The Day Of The Doctor

The last time a special anniversary episode of Doctor Who was screened on the show's birthday, we got the Sylvester McCoy-headlined Silver NemesisWith no disrespect to the Seventh Doctor's battle with the Cyberman - nor to Ace and her catapult - The Day Of The Doctor was in a different class. Back in 1988, the show was struggling, suffering in plain sight despite one or two excellent stories. In 2013, Steven Moffat promised us a story that would change the Doctor forever. And that's pretty much what we got.

"This Has All The Makings Of Your Lucky Day"

From the off, it was clear that this had labour of love stamped throughout it, with the old titles (adorable touch) contrasting neatly with the more modern subsequent sight of Matt Smith hanging off a TARDIS - courtesy of the always-welcome UNIT - whilst being flown over London. Then, by the time the new-style end credits and reworked theme tune were over, it turned out we were going to get more Doctors than we were originally promised. It was impossible to feel shortchanged.

For not only did we get the terrific three hander between David Tennant, Matt Smith and John Hurt - we're going to talk about that shortly - but also two massive surprises. One we actually managed to predict for a change, and one some on the internet elected to spoil in advance (we keep getting told off for moaning about that, but can't help but feel it's a shame in this particular instance).

The first one was that brief, fleeting appearance, for all of a second or two, of the Doctor's 13th incarnation, Peter Capaldi. How was that for a squeal at your telly moment? Our voice found a high-pitched octave we weren't aware that it had. Not to worry though: it got even higher after that. And you know which moment we mean. Seeing Tom Baker and Matt Smith having a conversation in an episode of Doctor Who in 2013 is comfortably one of the screen highlights of the year. That alone would have been a birthday present and a half for the show. It's a good job they didn't throw any more massive surprises in, as our voice would have been at Bee Gees level.

But then these were just a couple of wonderful moments, in an anniversary special that actually managed for to deliver for the most part on the extensive build-up. It felt like a real treat, a gift to Who fandom, but more importantly, a strong episode in its own right.

Right through, there were little touches for those who wanted to look closer. Ian Chesterton as chair of governors at Clara's school right at the start. The TARDIS at the side of the road. The pinboard in the Black Archive, a room that effectively was a time capsule of Doctordom, with plenty to freeze-frame on a repeat viewing.

"Great Men Are Forged In Fire. It Is The Privilege Of Lesser Men To Light The Flame"

And yet for such an enjoyable, pacey, funny episode, The Day Of The Doctor started dark. Because here, for the first time, we got taken right to the heart of the Time War, the event that's sat in the background of Doctor Who since Rose back in 2005.

Director Nick Hurran might find himself offered a sci-fi Hollywood blockbuster or two off the back of it, too. The blend of slow motion, superb effects work, Daleks that looked like they were actually in the mood to do some damage and the gritty tone was excellent. And - extra bonus points - here were special effects-laden action sequences where you could easily make out just what was going on. Shall we lend Michael Bay the DVD, or do you want to?

Furthermore, considering that he was jumping around in time quite a bit, Steven Moffat's story was always entirely possible to keep on top of, even if there was the odd moment where you were clinging on for dear life.

Some of his work in the past has twisted and double-backed on itself to the point where you need a graph paper, lots of pencils and a stiff gin to decipher the odd moment. Here, the structure of the episode was excellent. Lots happened, but you didn't keep needing to ask the person sitting next to you what was happening. A good job too if you were one of the thousands sat in a multiplex watching it all unravel.

"Are You Capable Of Speaking Without Flapping Your Hands About?"

Were we to pick an absolute highlight, though - surprise Doctors aside - it'd be in the 1560s when the three Doctors came together, thanks to a time fissure and some fez throwing. The Day Of The Doctor was bristling with wit throughout, but the manner in which John Hurt's The War Doctor ripped the piss out of Ten and Eleven was relentless and glorious. The dialogue John Hurt got to play with in particular was terrific, as if a concentration of internet comments had been fed through a special machine and spat back out in the Doctor's voice.

Here you had a show with such confidence it could poke fun at its own "timey wimey" dialogue, at the decreasing age of the companion characters ("they get younger all the time"), and at the Doctor's occasional smooches. Heck, it could sneak in a gag about sizes of respective Sonic Screwdrivers and "compensating". Sci-fi knob gags! What's not to love? That, and the moment when three versions of one of the cleverest characters in the universe forgot to check that the door that they were trapped behind wasn't locked (you'll find a variant of that gag in the script that Steven Moffat co-wrote for Steven Spielberg's Tintin movie). Just golden.

In the middle of this mixture, though, was really quite a good story too, with some strong ideas. The return of the Zygons - they seem attracted to UNIT - was Doctor Who nerd gold. They'd undergone two notable changes since they terrorised Tom Baker. Firstly, they were a lot less slimy (alien health and safety, presumably), and secondly, you could now hear every line of their dialogue. It can't just be us who was grateful that Terror Of The Zygons made it to DVD this year, just so we could put the subtitles on and find out exactly what they were banging on about.

The new Zygons and their shape shifting capabilities worked in keeping a simmer of uncertainty about who was who. Furthermore, the statues reveal in the secret undergallery was terrific (Ingrid Oliver, replete with long scarf, was great), and the idea of a slow invasion, via Time Lord art, was a suitably intriguing one. There are threads left there that hopefully will be picked up again.

Perhaps the one shame with the Zygons was that their part of the story just fizzled out a little, after a strong build up. It reminded us just a tad of The End Of Time Part II in that sense, where the head to head with The Master was ultimately sorted out reasonably quickly, because there were other, more pressing priorities. Still, that's a minor criticism in this case, and the fact that there are a few Zygon suits again in the BBC costume cupboard is a very good thing.

"You Were The Doctor On The Day It Was Impossible To Get It Right"

But we inevitably come back to the Time War. Here's where The Day Of The Doctor was arguably at its most divisive. There's ingenuity in using the span of 400 years to affect the decision that the Doctor made in ultimately electing not to eradicate his people. Yet as we said before, this has been a major undercurrent for seven series and a few specials now. It's always been in the background, and it feels like years of darkness was sort-of sorted out in 20 minutes (albeit with no little gravitas).

That's a little unfair, though: it was a logical plan underpinning this, and there's already a clear ramification to it. Likewise, the War Doctor will always be a haunted one, and that was firmly made clear. Russell T Davies was always reluctant to head straight into the middle of the Time War itself, opting to tell the stories around it. Yet now that that proverbial casket is open, it'll be interesting to see just what happens next. For just one minute though, it looked as if Ten and Eleven were going to be complicit in the mass destruction of the Daleks and the Time Lords. Can you imagine what impact that would have on the show? That Saturday teatime slot might have had to go for a start.

The aversion of the Time War though opens up a different way for the show to go, however, and there's clearly a lot more story to be told there. It's perhaps the one area of The Day Of The Doctor that's going to most keenly debated by fans.

It'd be remiss not to note that as it turned out, it was two companions - of sorts - who were responsible in different ways for the assorted Doctors' change of heart (and also gave a real purpose to them coming together. Even when 13 TARDISes joined forces at the end, this was no reunion for the sake of it). We suspected from the trailers that Billie Piper might not be playing Rose Tyler in this one, and so it proved. Instead, it was Bad Wolf Billie here - the flash of recognition in the eyes of Tennant's Doctor was ripe for a bit more exploration, but that was left untouched - and the increasingly vital Clara. How pivotal has she become in the life of the Doctor too? We might not see Billie Piper again in Doctor Who now, but Jenna Coleman is arguably playing one of the most powerful companions the Doctor has every known. Again, there's plenty there for the future.

"It Was The Horse! I'm Going To Be The King"!

There's certainly a lot to ponder then, and The Day Of The Doctor is already an episode that's clearly going to reward multiple viewings. But that's not just because of the little touches and details laden within it. Primarily, it's because it's an strong, ambitious episode of Doctor Who. Moffat when he's on top form writing Who blends comedy and narrative expertly, and this was one of his better adventures.

The Day Of The Doctor most certainly had an abundance of very, very funny moments in particular. We keep citing the wonderful Coupling when talking about Moffat's comedy heritage (an exquisite TV comedy, that's well worth digging out), but be it David Tennant talking to a rabbit, the recurring joke about marrying Queen Elizabeth I, or the simple comparison of TARDISes, we found ourselves guffawing throughout.

Furthermore, just how great was it to see David Tennant back in Doctor Who? The camaraderie between him, Hurt and Smith made us wish that The Day Of The Doctor had found another ten minutes, just to see the three of them sitting around having a chat. Matt Smith too can expect to be fielding questions as to when we'll see him returning again, within seconds of handing over the keys to the TARDIS. The show is going to miss him. There's a generosity to his work, and a terrific chemistry with his co-travellers, that even the great Peter Capaldi will have quite a job to match.

"Is There A Lot Of This In The Future?"

Where does Doctor Who go from here? To Gallifrey by the looks of it, although the tease for the Christmas special suggests a haunting return trip to Trenzalore is the immediate concern of the TARDIS satnav.

In the meantime, we've now seen every regeneration to date, courtesy of this, and The Night Of The Doctor prequel earlier in the week. We've got Time Lord art to ponder (really good idea that, really well executed). We've got a brief look at the future of the Doctor. The Time Lords and Gallifrey are back in play, and you'd imagine will be a sizeable part of Peter Capaldi's adventures. Plus there are little things: that Black Archive and a TARDIS-proof room? The Omega Arsenal? Might we see those again?

The Day Of The Doctor had a lot of fun with the past, and left quite a lot to explore for the future. And, as always, the show goes on: we've got just over a month until Doctor Who delivers yet another massive episode. If it lives up to the quality of this one? We might just be in for another treat, because The Day Of The Doctor really was, even with one or two really minor quibbles, terrific. Really great fun, its own Five Doctors in its own way, and pulsating with comedy, ambition, and top to bottom entertainment. Happy birthday, Doctor...

The Day Of The Doctor is available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray from the BBC shop, here. It'll be worth it for the aforementioned freeze-framing.

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"Grandad and Sandshoes" :)

All that was needed to make it perfect, would have been "The Curator" to offer a jelly baby to Eleven. I'll take what I saw though. Brilliance.

Had he pulled out a Jelly Baby, ,my voice would have been akin to that of a Bee Gee...

I liked it very much. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that saving Gallifrey didn't really solve anything, plus that they didn't really reference the guilt of the Time Lords. Makes me wonder if Rassilon or some other Gallifreyan crooks will come back in the future as worse than before? Either way, I found the special to be highly enjoyable, especially as I had not really cared for the majority of the episodes or the big storylines after Series 5.

For some reason the majority of online reviews (this being the exception) seem to complain about it being confusing.

I wasn't confused once throughout the entire episode, surprised and amazed, yes but never confused.

Quick question, the Christopher Eccleston segment of the doctors around Galifrey, I could have sworn that was new footage, did anyone else think so?

I thought it was surprisingly straightforward and easily comprehensible for a story by Moffat, in the same way that Inception also felt like a simple story for Christopher Nolan.

This was one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever created.

That's all I'm going to say.

Simply a masterpiece of writing from Moffat, blending humour, homage and clear intent for the future. Then a fricking Sherlock trailer? DAMN YOU BBC

I really enjoyed it but I found the Zygons bit too distracting - I wanted the war-happy Gallifreans to be the enemy somehow. But don't get me wrong, I loved it because there was a huge amount to love.

Two questions though: How did Clara and the Doctor get out of his time-stream and off Trenzalone after the last episode?

And where is RichieC?!

It was really enjoyable started strongly and lost me a bit in the middle but the "No- thirteen!" bit was a real punch the air moment. Few things were niggling me at the end tho didn't the Doctor kill all the Timelords because they went mad and were about to wipe out all life in the universe? So now he's saved them?! Also was Tom Baker playing the fourth Doctor or a future Doctor who can regenerate into old bodies or someone else entirely? May have to rewatch methinks!
Also the Five(ish) doctors on the bb red button is a real treat!

The latter is the key question!

Nah If Eccleston had recorded new footage then they would surely of shown all of Hurts regeneration instead of cutting away, its a shame he couldn't of come to film just that one scene if nothing else.

There were so many wonderful moments, particularly Hurt's description of the Doctors throwing back to Hartnell's of 2 & 3, but the possibility of the rise of Gallifrey brings joy to my heart.

Started slowish, get better faster and then really had me hooked. Though is was a bit knocked out of kilter by the Tom B cameo; as I was watching that trying to work out whether he was supposed to be some sort of version of number 4, a version of Irving Braxtiel or just a curator....

The Red Button "Five-ish Doctors Reebot" is HILARIOUS (sorry non-UK viewers)

Richie C is currently shouting "it could have been you!"through Andrew Scott's letterbox....

Okay this was excellent. Best Who episode since Blink.

But what the hell was the Tom Baker stuff about?

On the other hand, for the ears gag to work best, you'd kind of need it to cut away just before the face changed as it works best with our already knowing how it turns out (but not showing it).

Yeah that was bugging me a bit too. I thought we left them inside the Doctor's mind or something?

Thanks Mr Brew. Please also can your good self or one of your partners in crime do a review of the pricelessly excellent "The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot" showing for the next hour or so on Red Button? A bigger cast than the special itself, I think! It may or may not ever happen that a certain NZ movie director will direct an episode of Who, but at least now we can say that he's appeared in one...well, kind of...

Great review Simon, loved the episode! Some juicy time lord stories coming up then and maybe a Rassilon return? Only qualm being that they've undone the time war now which was a genius invention by RTD!

Past Doctor taking a break, future Doctor looking like older Doctor telling him something he needed to know a la Timecrash ... or perhaps it doesn't matter?

What was good about the Zygon story, even though it ended rather quickly, was that, unlike The End Of Time, it added to the events at the end of the episode - the reason the Doctor knew how to fix the problem of The Moment was because of how they solved the Zygon problem. Unlike some past stories everything that was there needed to be there.

It was probably old footage that never made it to the final cut of whichever episode it was filmed for.

On the other hand, just give it a few days and some clever person on the internet will have it pinned down. Along with a detailed guide to every piece of paper on that UNIT bulletin board.

I am definitely confused. Since the war doctor hadn't yet destroyed Gallifrey and was sent by the Moment weapon to see the two later Doctors, then why did they already have a memory of destroying Gallifrey when the war doctor arrived to see them?

I don't think they have actually - both the War Doctor and Ten said they wouldn't remember the events of the episode before returning to the TARDIS. Therefore, the past hasn't technically changed for them and the trauma still stands, but the future has for Eleven. I thought it was very cleverly done.

timey whimey stuff....

Absolutely, I've seen a few complaints that they didn't cgi Nine's (Ten's?) face in, but the fun was in the build up; the anticipation of seeing it and the big groan and rueful chuckle when we didn't. Moffat had fun with that.

Relieved to see I'm not the only one more than a little confused. Still, as muddled as the story got along the way, there were still some amazing moments, and just seeing the first ever theme at the beginning was beautiful. It was never going to be perfect, so even if they could have simplified the plot, the greater story being told was still extraordinary.

What it lacked in Andrew Scott it made up for in Capaldi's eyes.

You know that feeling when you were like 9 and it's the last day of the summer holidays? Back to school tomorrow. Damn! As the credits rolled, that's how I felt.
Please could every Saturday be the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who?
Is that too much to ask?

RichieC out!

that was pretty damn good...favorite parts were probably the 3 doctors realizing there is another way, and the tom baker scene at the end.

They never changed time. It always happened that way - but, as with all multi-Doctor stories, they forget the events of team ups. When Hurt was whisked away by Bad Wolf he was just about to press the Moment. Then he is returned to the same place and time after his adventure and Gallifrey is gone. He forgets that they hid it in a painting, thinking instead he did indeed press the Moment. Then he regenerates and carries that guilt (for something he did not do) into the 9th Doctor's memories.

I thought of that as him being a really REALLY ancient Doctor who's retired. they kept it mysterious deliberately.

Why do you talk like a child?

The whole crazy Timelords was kind of dealt with, the civilian populous of Gallifrey and the rank & file soldiers were clearly not part of the madness. The Timelord general clearly said the Timelord high council were lost to them or not worth following. The Timelord general also clearly flagged up that Capaldi Doctor is the 13th incarnation. So the Doctor is saving Gallifrey not the Timelord high council hence all the stuff about children. Finding Gallifrey is also a way to extend the Doctors life beyond 13 regenerations as it is well established the Timelords have the technology to do that.

They didn't. When Doctors meet they forget it all. Hurt was about to press the moment when he got whisked away by Bad Wolf. They have an adventure where Gallifrey is hidden away. Then Hurt is returned to his time, memories wiped and Gallifrey gone. He believes he pressed The Moment. Then he regenerates and cue 8 years of guilt over committing an act he never actually carried out.

He's lived so long he started using old faces in regenerations. The new Tom Baker one was the body he was in when he decided to retire from adventuring. He grows old and gets a job at a museum (the Doctor likes museums).

"If I were you.. Perhaps I was you of course! Or perhaps.. If you were me. Or perhaps it doesn't matter either way."

I'd just like to cut off the ensuing Tom Baker discussions before they gain too much traction. His appearance doesn't NEED to be speculated upon. It doesn't need to be worked into the lore, or cannonised. That wasn't the point. It was a beautiful, respectful scene - open to interpretation.

I'm not going to over-think about it. I'm just going to accept The Curators words, and watch the scene again with a smile on my face. "Perhaps it doesn't matter either way".

Please, guys. Don't obsess over the explanation of this one too much, that's not the point of it.

Not since that 500 yard restraining order came through I'm not! :-)

Maybe this Tom Baker thing is a start of the storyline that tells us why Capaldi has already appeared in the Whoniverse as a different character.

have to agree with this...found I really didn't have problem with that part anyway. stephen moffat has just proven he can still write great stories that make sense, and this possibly tops every one he's written.

I was waiting for him to offer one. We had Jelly Babies to chow down on during the episode!

I'm here.
It's nice to be missed. :-)

Well 10th Doctor now ;-) Matt Smith Doctor has now acknowledged Hurt Doctor as "The Doctor" and Capaldi Doctor will be the 13th.


My guess is the Timelords once he has found Gallifrey (albeit I think it is stored in a crystal in the Tardis meaning he has been carrying around his home without realising it) will grant him a new regeneration cycle.

Goodness knows how the merchandising team are going to get their head round the numbering of their action figures

I absolutely agree - it had me laughing out loud and goggling at the cameos in equal measure. Superb.....

"I'd just like to cut off the ensuing Tom Baker discussions before they gain too much traction"
On a site called Den of Geek? good luck with that!

Will probably be in a similar vein to Colin's Maxil persona and Peter Capaldi's previous role. It has been suggested Time Lords borrow faces. The Curator might simply be an old man who when younger resembled the fourth Doctor. Great cameo all the same! Have to say Tom didn't look so sprightly on the After Party interview. Quite sad for those of us who remember him in his pomp.

I've been on Who frenzy since 7.30 this morning, well actually last night I started with The Ultimate Guide followed by The Culture Show. Today I've taken in more new-to-me Who than I would usually in a whole year, well over 12 hours of fantasticness (hmmm, that's not a word, should be), plus I've read all 12 issues of the Prisoners Of Time comic and I'm just about to watch The Five(ish) Doctors reboot.

It's been emotional.

I'm spent!

I hate Doctor Who and would absolutely never play the role.

That is what I was thinking too.
Great minds my friend, great minds.

Heh, I actually work for the company that owns DK books. I often pop up to the editing floors at 80 Strand to see what new things are being done with the Dr Who DK books. Think I might pop them that question when I next drop by head office ;-)

Agreeing with yourself and then changing your name so it looks like people are on your side are we?

Funny how just a few minutes both Jack Hapgood and Inspector Goole were both called BBC WOOP and then they mysteriously changed to two different names and became guest posts. Hmmm. Naughty naughty.

What the hell happened to the zygons....oh Stephen Moffat happened.

I don't know what you're talking about, Dunc. Mods, go right ahead and prove this guy wrong!

My initial thought was that in the original timeline the doctor did destroy Gallifrey. Then the events of The Parting of the Ways happened and Bad Wolf was created which as we know has power (courtesy of the TARDIS) to meddle in time. It's my thought that Bad Wolf upon gaining knowledge of the time war echoed back and affected the Moment, writing itself in as the interface. Why else would the interface choose someone from the Doctor's Future? Also the fact that the interface getting mixed up on the past/future thing was very Idris (i.e the TARDIS) so Bad Wolf changed the way the interface reacted to the Doctor, it was much more sympathic to him and let him interact with the future thereby changing what happened. At least that's my head canon until someone tells me otherwise.

This exactly - I was wondering whether all of the terrible stuff mentioned in The End Of Time like the 'Skaro Abominations' and 'The Nightmare Child' wouldn't have somehow come through as well?

But then I thought maybe the time-lock is still in place, it's just Gallifrey itself that is suspended. Hmm.

Fantastic episode of Dr Who. More Drs than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at. Original opening titles. New groovy end credits music. It was looking at being the perfect tribute until the Dr's most heinous adversary turns up, yep, that's right Voiceover man tramples over the end credits, astounding way to ruin the atmosphere. Foot truly shot BBC!

But the high council were on Gallifrey so he saved them too, saying that the master did kill the president and disappear into the time war with them so it may be that the Doctor finds Gallifrey under the rule of the Master!

lol yes but at least we got a teaser for the christmas episode, and for Sherlock, that kinda made up for it, didn't it?

Maybe just so. Nevertheless the episode rather laboured the fact that the High Council were working alone and their final solution was not the concern or choice of the whole planet. A way to get the Master back is good IMHO.

I have issues, and they mostly involve the Timothy Dalton Xmas special

The Moff did say in an interview that there would be an explanation of Capaldi appearing in the Fires of Pompeii and said something along the lines of his faces don't just come from nowhere so you may well be on to something.

I am a 37 year old man, Doctor Who fan all my life and that episode made me feel like a kid again, great fun, lots of homages to the past and plenty of threads left dangling for the future, I just wish that Christopher Eccleston had agreed to appear, shame.....

Best thing about DoG is the discussions in the comments.

Can you not already smell it though? It's in the air. Somewhere out there, sitting in their bedroom, there is a person concocting this complicated, water-tight explanation of Tom Baker's presence.

It shall involve no less than 17 black holes, 24 paradoxes, Amy and Rory's second child and a fob watch - it shall culminate in the return of the Rani to the show and a theory about Andrew Scott in a Tom Baker bodysuit.

I'm interested to know if there'll be any attempt to tie this in with the attempted return of Gallifrey in "The End of Time". If The Moment originally burned Gallifrey then how could they attempt a return? Or were they always stuck in time and that was their attempt to return?

I'm guessing Peter Capaldi will spend some of the next series hunting for Gallifrey.

So why exactly was John Hurt's Tardis a police box when the malfunction only happened in 1963 London...? Also how can Gallifrey be in a constellation, a collection of stars seemingly in a pattern from only one certain perspective? Full of holes, and quasi-scientific bollocks. Might as well at least get the simple stuff right.

I thought it was a bit crap

It was pretty good,overall and surprisingly lacking in plot holes once you start to think about the more suspect stuff. A better explanation for the time fissues would have been nice, though. The Capraldi and Baker camoes were very well done.

What I'm wondering, though, is just what exactly triggered the War Doctor's regeneration? His job's done, sure, but there doesn't seem to be any reason for it... Was this the Doctor's version of dying peacefully in his sleep? Or can regenerations be triggered by things other than physical injury? Also, I can't be the only one who was really hoping to see Eccleston show up at the end of that regeneration scene, although realistically I never thought it would happen. :/

my heart started beating faster when Hurt's Doctor started to regenerate, but alas no, it didn't happen xD

me too lol. all we got was, "and for my next trick..." hehe.

I'm soooo changeable! It is a weakness with me. But to be fair to myself, it is my only weakness.

Bro, I'm new to commenting. Look, my name is now red. Does this make you happy?

Did it occur to you that just maybe somebody agrees with me? It's not like I said something terrible. I think you're a tad paranoid.

He mentioned he was stretching it a bit thin. We haven't seen what War Doctor had been through, but considering the Time war was ongoing in his time, he'd probably been through a lot. So I would say it was the "going in his sleep" way.


Hahaha yeah Ive already seen a fantastic argument someone has convinced themselves that Hurt regenerated into Capaldi and Eccleston, Tennant and Smith are "alternate universe" doctors Im sure they watched the same episode as me I just have no idea why their mind made that jump!

My simple explanation... Doctor 1, 2 or 3 met the curator earlier in his life and for whatever reason is explained for the Doctor having Capaldi's face is why Doc 4 looks like the curator.

Perhaps the Doctors hoped that complete isolation would force the Gallifreyans to redeem themselves and get rid of their warmongers? Although I still hope that any returning Time Lords will be just as nasty as the ones we've seen before, as their culture is like a nation of arrogant wizards.

aha. thank you for dismantling Dunc's paranoid delusions.

Only thing that put me a little out of it was Clara, just don't feel anything towards her, also was strange that she didn't mention being in the previous doctors timelines

Not when both original and following comment had the same name.

Where? UK (BBC1) got the ultra-short teaser trailer for the Christmas special.

Timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly... stuff

Hey that was great yeah? I too squealed at the tv when Capaldi's face appeared. All thirteen indeed! But when I saw Tom squeals…just slack-jawed joy and I was a kid again. What a lovely touch. But what happened to the human/zygon Ingrid Oliver characters? Why did they point out that each one knew which was human or zygon? Was anything meant to come of that? Anyway I am now off to the cinemas to watch it all again. Allons-y!

I'm in the UK and we got, on BBC One, a trailer for Doctor Who Christmas Special followed immediately by the Sherlock trailer.

it got stuck as a Police Box when he was 'Doctor One'..... this is after that....

I liked it, but I hate all this timey-wimey ness, why would the doctor casually forget he didn't press the button? How would he randomly think he pressed it then?

Not sure where you are getting that, as they are quite simply different names. I'n fairly certain I don't qualify as an inspector, at least.

This is a bit strange, isn't it Mr Goole?

Too bad you'll be about as canon to the TV series continuity as the Peter Cushing Doctor, ehehe...

She did - when introduced to David Tennant she said something about meeting him before.

Ah. I missed the Sherlock trailer because I switched over to Red Button for the "behind-the scenes" short. Good move then. Then again...nothing against Sherlock...cuz' I dont' watch it!

I was in the rabbit costume. I'm the 14th Doctor, I wear a rabbit costume, it's my thing.

yes, this guy has a bee in his bonnet alright...

It's worth remembering that the last time we saw The Master he was keeping Rassilon company,

It's always been a common thing of DW since the first team up in Pertwee's day that when two Doctors meet they all forget about what happened afterwards.

Hurt is about to press it, gets taken away, has an adventure, saves Gallifrey another way by hiding it, gets taken back to his own time, regenerates, memories wiped, Gallifrey gone... he assumes he pressed the button.

Well first up congrats to all involved in that and managing to hide some juice secrets. the episode was "fantastic" and was a healthy cocktail of old and new. with a whole new area opened for matt smith and peter capaldi. ( most likely the latter one ) speaking of peter i was soo thrilled to see him as a fan and for him as being left out with one ep to go would of sucked for him as a fan. and they did it in a way where he didn't over shadow the episode or come to warn smith his time up or anything like that. full marks from me personally

happy birthday "grandfather" to "Raggedy doctor" and beyond.

If you hate the time travel in Doctor Who then what are you watching it for? Clara's nose?

Doctor One being William Hartnell? .... after John Hurt.

Obviously the reason is just actor availability but for an in universe explanation, it's always possible that the Doctor subconsciously picks up appearances from people he's seen in his personal past and uses them when appropriate (eg Maxil from Arc in Infinity).

Also, sometimes, people just look like other people. I give you the Nicolas Cage Civil War photo. I mean there's no way it could be anything but a co-incidence, surely?

The painting they exited was of the city of Arcadia, not the whole planet.

I thought he was clearly stating that he was a future version of the doctor... he mentioned that he might have revisited some of his favourite older faces... The big giveaway was when he conceded he was the doctor by saying what would he know about gallifrey, as he's just a curator but "where is the planet indeed? it's lost.." "SHHH"

P.S. A general thank-you to Den of Geek for keeping your show on the road while a certain other site has been going occasionally wibbly under the load this evening...

I was in the cinema and everyone gasped when they saw Peter Capaldi's eyes and when Tom Baker showed up. I want to watch every episode of Doctor Who in the cinema now! So glad I went - it was a truly wonderful experience. And just to think that one of those kids wearing bowties and fezzes could be running the show in years to come...

Time travel can make just about anything possible.

The way time keeps being rewritten, it should be interesting to see if that even happened anymore.

I went to a Patrick Stewart celebration at the National Film, TV and Photography Museum in Bradford where we spent the whole day watching his films on the IMAX screen followed by the man himself taking questions from the audience (he took mine!!) and then his personal favourite TNG episode on the screen - The Inner Light. I could happily watch TV shows on IMAX!

It's OK, they're letting us non-UK viewers see it now. (Just as well, I was starting to wonder what the point of the Commonwealth was).


I couldn't possible imagine what you are referring to Mr Hapgood ;-)

Was it just me who found it a little... well... hmmmmmm... I genuinely don't want to say it.... errr... hmmmm... ahhh... hmmm. Perhaps I'll say this. I felt it overreached itself.

Hartnell was before Hurt..... Hurt came after McGann and before Eccleston

I want to see more of The Black Vault

No I love the time travel, and I love the rewriting history stories, but I don't like the whole "everyone will now casually forget everything just cos" - In my eyes, it would have made more sense for them all to have forgotten because they had all been in that room with the devices that wipe your memory at the end of each day. And if the legit reason is that they all forget when the Doctor comes into contact with himself, then that's that, no reason to be looking for Gallifrey in season 8. And on the subject of casually forgetting... anyone notice the comment matt smith made about never having seen himself as david tennant from the outside before despite handing over a David Tennant clone to Rose??

For all that was wonderful, there was something missing. It wasn't quite the epic I was expecting, and each of the main three (less so Matt Smith) seemed just the tiniest bit hollow. But my comments are relative... I say that as someone who may have permanent goosebumps from now on. For sheer, concentrated Doctor Who joy, however, I would have to choose the 7 minute 'Night of the Doctor' over the 75 minute 'Day of the Doctor'.
And blast you Eccleston, you're terrific but Moffat wasn't lying after all, you really didn't want to come back...

Exactly the same that caused the first doctor to regenerate, he was "wearing a bit thin" - sort of the timelord equivalent of dying of old age.

There will no doubt be people who didn't like it using the easy "it's badly written" criticism, but it was actually brilliantly constructed. The solution to the Zygon problem affected the solution to the Moment, as you say, but that little Zygon adventure also allowed the War Doctor, who has spent a long time in his incarnation fighting a bitter war, to become the Doctor again through his interaction with his older incarnations. He begins to enjoy himself, maybe for the first time, and a twinkle that this incarnation may never have had before comes into his eyes. And then the scene in the prison cell a) makes clear through the "same software, different casings" sonic analogy that the three are all the same man, settting up the throughline of how Eleven can "change his mind", but also b) the subroutine being started by the War Doctor but ending on Eleven's sonic sets up how the calculations for hiding Gallifrey can later be made across multiple Doctor's lives, where before the War Doctor may have had that idea but couldn't implement it alone, Just as one sonic couldn't have come up with the answer to the door on its own in time if only one Doctor was in the cell.

Good point!! Ignore me!

Don't worry about it! The good thing about forums like this is people can share ideas about the questions being posed and point out stuff others didn't notice!

I don't get the Andrew Scott thing

The Ecclestone line in that bit was "and for my next trick", which is originally from The Parting of the Ways.

I don't see too much issue - Baker implies very clearly that it's possible a future regeneration will see the Doctor returning to his Fourth appearance (or close to it). And does anyone rationally believe that Capaldi, now officially the 13th Doctor - as per the revised Doctor "family portrait" the BBC just released - will be the last? The regeneration limit thing can be easily hand-waved away using one of the half dozen outs the series itself has provided over the decades.

I don't know what happened to my reply to this but here it is again: I love the time travel, and especially when they rewrite time, but I cannot see why they must casually forget it all, if they are forgetting it because of contact with themselves then Matt Smith must also not remember to look for Gallifrey.. in my eyes a better mechanism for forgetting it would have been to utilise the memory wiping device introduced earlier in the story.

The Eccleston scene is from Parting Of The Ways when the TARDIS attacks the Dalek ship with Rose on.

it is a really nice nose

I have no learned contribution to make to this discussion. However, I would like to say that that was the best hour of television since... well, since the last episode of Doctor Who actually.

Absolute genius!

Oh, that raises something else I wanted to ask about. Was that "And for my nextr trick..." bit pre-recorded footage or not? I never really watched the Eccleston season, so I'm not sure if it's something new or not.

It was a magic moment. I loved how ambiguous it was, not being sure whether it was actually Four or not, and then saying it doesn't matter. It was pure poetry. Baker's humour was brilliant.

Deliberately ambiguous to give us something to puzzle over. Perfectly executed.

No, that's definitely Nicholas Cage. He's insane, he's unstoppable and he does not bow down to your laws of mortal physics.

Apologies if I repeat things that have already been said but I've read most of the comments here even if not all of them.

Firstly, I loved The Day Of The Doctor. Saw it at the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed it. But there are some questions in my head which I just want to get out and hopefully people can point out what I'm missing or speculate a bit.

1) Why did Queen Elizabeth I summon the Doctor at the beginning of the story? What was the dire problem facing England, given that she didn't know about the Zygons?

2) Nobody seems to be saying that the Doctors post-8 should now be renumbered (Hurt as 9, Eccleston 10, etc.), even though it's now established that Hurt's Doctor was a bone fide incarnation and at the end is 'confirmed' by his successors as deserving of the name Doctor. Even Capaldi said he was the 13th Doctor. Surely that needs to happen? Just fudging it by calling him The War Doctor seems silly now we know the story.

3) I got chills when it crossed my mind that if Tenant's and Smith's Doctors were 'the man Hurt would become' if he used The Moment, and if he subsequently decided not to use The Moment, then those incarnations wouldn't exist, at least as we've known them. I thought it might be a master-stroke by Moffatt to 'buy' three regenerations back and sort of re-boot after Hurt's regeneration into Capaldi. Sure, it would have been hugely controversial and I don't know that I would have liked it but it would have been clever! I think there was some reference to this at the end, something about Hurt's Doctor never knowing that he hadn't destroyed them all - I've only watched it the once so I don't quite recall. Didn't make sense to me on one watching, anyway!

4) I don't want to over-analyse it too much but how was Tom Baker's Doctor there? And how was he old? He regenerated before he got old. Not that important, we go to see him and it was fantastic.

5) Why was there no reference whatsoever to the cataclysmic ending to the last series of the show? The Doctor and Clara in his own timeline. That was supposed be huge. But seemingly not, she's just a teacher and he's fine.

6) Given that The Last Great Time War started during the 8th Doctor's incarnation, how can it be said that all of the Doctor's incarnation, right back to the 1st, were working on the calculations that would allow Gallifrey to be frozen in time? The first 7 wouldn't know anything about it!

7) I loved the "Never mind the story or what anyone is saying, all anybody is looking at is my cleavage" homage to Peter Davison's regeneration scene when Tenant's Doctor and Queen Elizabeth were having that picnic. Don't suppose it was deliberate.

Probably more will come to me and I'll answer some of these myself after a second watch. Can't wait, it was fantastic. A real tour de force from Moffatt, avoiding the incomprehensibly complex story I'd feared.

Is it just me or was the War Doctor basically a necessary stand in for the person who should have occupied that role i.e Eccleston (who obviously wasn't going to be involved). I certainly got the impression from his incarnation that it was 'him' that had been in the time war and that would have been perfect. Shame on Eccleston. Also: Matt Smith is probably the best Doctor ever. He outshone Tennant in my eyes. i really feel that Smith has come into his own once rid of the overly drawn out Amy and Rory companionship. His chemistry and stories with Clara have been wonderful stuff. I'm gutted there's only one more.

ALSO: I want McGann series with a more adult theme (less 'silly' / more serious). You know I'm right, and you know that niche would work for us older Who fans. BRING BACK McGANN!

Did anyone else think the Queen Elizabeth I stuff was pretty terrible compared to the rest of an otherwise incredible episode? Everything with her became badly acted pantomime with no respect for the reality of her as a historical figure. So much more interesting stuff could have been done using that runtime...

I have to agree with your voice over man problem, it took me right out of the childish glee I had built up and dumped me back into the 30+ year old that I am.
Though that's like my ONLY complaint (well that and the 10 minutes I wasted watching the "after party" before deciding doing the dishes would be more enjoyable)

If only The Curator offered The Doctor a jelly baby...

Got to say I loved it! Every minute of it. Me and my family went to see it at the cinema and we had such a good time. I couldnt find a single fault with it at all and I am slightly annoyed at some people really putting hate on this as I think from a long standing fan point, it was brilliant! Come on seriously just imagine being a kid as I did and I really loved this!!!!

N.B. Perhaps The Curator is another Time Lord?

here here!

Hi. I'll take a stab but I've only watched it the once!

1. Good question. Perhaps Elizabeth only summoned 11 after the Zygon Incident.

2. True, but I don't think the numbering will change. Capaldi will be 12, even though he's actually on his 14th body (counting the War Doctor and Ten's aborted regeneration, anyway).

3. I wondered how that was going to play out. It was cleverly done.

4. It's not stated that it's 4. It could be someone who looks like 4, who the Doctor met and liked when he was 1,2 or 3. Then when 3 regenerated he decided - perhaps subconsciously - to use the face. So he could easily regenerate into someone who looks like Bill Nighy. Or it could be a future Doctor re-using 4's face. Or the entire conversation could all be taking place in the Doctor's head - he's imagining that when he was 4 he retired to curate a museum, and had time to grow old. Or something else entirely.

5. Presumably he carried Clara out of his own time stream and took everybody home. If there's anything else we need to know, I guess we'll see it in the Christmas special.

6. The other Doctors did seem to come out of nowhere - perhaps the Moment/Bad Wolf went and got them. I guess the first 7 forgot because of Time stuff, like 9 and 10 did later. The calculations could have kept running on the TARDIS for thousands of years, I guess, to be ready for the later Doctors to use - as foreshadowed by the sonic screwdriver trick.

Anyway, fantastic writing.

Couple of other things - the solution to the Zygon problem providing and being provided by the solution to the Time War problem, genius. And although I imagine that was her one and only reappearance, there's now always an open door for Billie Piper as whatever that entity really is, which is far more interesting than revisiting the played-out story of Rose.

I found the elizabeth story rather interesting, but I think it would of been better suited to a 45 minute stand alone episode rather than the 50th anni-frickin-versary. Considering she was on our screens for a large chunk of the ep, I would of hoped for something more epic, if you know what I mean. Oh and the actress was quite terrible.
Still, great episode

The Sisterhood of Karn gave the Eighth Doctor more control over his regeneration. Doctor no more, he decided to be a Warrior.

Now the Time War is over, he doesn't need to be a Warrior any more, and he wants to be the Doctor again, so as a consequence of the Sisterhood of Karn's power, he spontaneously regenerates out of the Warrior form. Think he said something like he should have expected it, I'll have to watch it again.

Yeah, it was a clip from Parting of the Ways, the Season 1 finale.

It was a bit obvious if you've seen the episode recently. Shame CE wouldn't give them a few seconds.

As in one of my favourite episodes - Time passes here in the manner of a dream... you thought about using The Moment to end the Time War, and then you found yourself as Christopher Eccleston having remembered doing precisely nothing about the Time War.

The Time War wasn't undone. Everything we know about it still happened.

The only difference is that we thought Gallifrey and everyone on it was destroyed at the last instant of the war, by the Doctor. Now we know that Gallifrey wasn't in fact destroyed, but only appeared to be; it was actually frozen in time and shifted into some kind of pocket universe.

But Capaldi is *officially* the 12th Doctor. Moffat has been clear that the numbering stays the same.

However, he's the 13th incarnation of the Time Lord we know, but the 12th Doctor.

I think the Moment was a modified Tardis, Billy Piper played the role just like the Doctors Wife.

I thought this too. Unless the moment becomes the heart of the Doctor's TARDIS?

I think it was a concious decision not to, had he had offered a jelly baby people would believe he actually was the fourth somehow.

I went looking for Jelly Babies in [big name supermarket] beforehand specially. Couldn't find any. Was most distressed!

It was made pretty clear it was a future Doctor trying out old faces, it was ambigious if it was Capaldis or a successor though. A timelord trying out different faces during a regeneration was previously demonstrated by Romana.

Imagine how amazing Doctor Who would be if it were actually well made instead of the naff chaotic badly directed and produced mess that it is.

I did think this when she got the past and future mixed up - same tech I suppose?

Is Bad Wolf the child or the parent of the Doctors Tardis AI, interesting point.

The Curator IS the Doctor

Romana copied the face of someone she met. Colin Baker played the head of the Chancellory Guard on Gallifrey before he played the Doctor too.

If Capaldi's 0.5 second cameo is anything to go by, he's going to be fantastic.

That's actually a very interesting idea. It doesn't really hold up story-wise that it could be the Fourth Doctor; the Time Crash explanation only held up because they were in the TARDIS, and if Hurt and Ten forgot about saving Gallifrey then presumably so did everyone else beforehand, which would eliminate the possibility of Four traveling there to talk to Eleven, looks aside.

Maybe we're supposed to think that the Curator is the last Doctor, retired to work in the Gallery after his adventures are done, and that last Doctor just happens to look like an old version of the Fourth Doctor. But him being another Time Lord entirely could also work, and would explain why he knows that "Gallifrey Falls No More".

One other possible explanation is that it's simply someone who looks like an old version of Four and is a bit of a sage/knows a lot about things...I mean, we've seen people who "look like" the Doctor without being the Doctor (i.e. Colin Baker and Peter Capaldi both appearing in the series) before.

Steven Moffat Has/Will Written For Eight Doctors:

Baker (Duplicate)

That's 8/13. 61.5%. Amazing.

Obviously Moffat could've figured something out, but as things stand right now I don't think it quite worked that it could've been Nine. My impression, at least, was that it was "him" in the same sense that it was "him" for Ten and Eleven, just that it was REALLY recent and raw for Nine. I mean, it's implied in "Rose" that he has just regenerated, so he couldn't have just stepped in seamlessly for Hurt as some have implied. Plus, it's a pretty fair point that you don't really get to be called "The Doctor" if you're the one that commits double genocide, and it would've been really unfair to foist that on a Doctor we were already familiar with.

I really wish he would've found it within himself to show up at the end for just a few seconds and go to meet Rose, but I'm glad it wasn't him directly responsible for the end of the Time War.

Dick head!

I was thinking that but I was too afraid to say it.

I would take Hurt over Eccleston any day.

Just one thing confuses me. How did Clara click her fingers in leather motorbike gloves?

1. The one above is as good an explanation as I've got; my interpretation was that Ten had told her of Gallifrey and, being an intelligent Queen, she put two and two together, or, less interestingly, she saw something ridiculously alien (the painting) and thought calling the Doctor was the best move.

2. Hurt's Doctor still denies that point in his last few lines of dialogue, but considering he's right there with everyone else in that final shot, and considering the BBC re-released that picture with all Eleven Doctors with Hurt in between McGann and Eccleston (and put Hurt in the credits as "The Doctor), for all intents and purposes he really SHOULD count. However, for simplicity's sake, he'll probably be referred to as The War Doctor to avoid the massive amounts of confusion that would arise if there was a distinct effort to re-number Nine as Ten, Ten as Eleven and Eleven as Twelve. It would also retcon a few previous references. You're right though, it should count, and Capaldi's "No sir, THIRTEEN" also seems a solid point in the "renumbering" column. We'll see.

3. I think them not remembering it allows for everything to stay the same in terms of their history and the regenerations, plus neither of them had very much time left. Hurt regenerates immediately and it's heavily implied this takes place almost directly before The End of Time.

4. All good explanations, there's a comment above where I talked about this as well. Could be another Time Lord, which would explain why he knows the painting as fact.

5. Yeah, they'll get to that come Christmas I suspect.

6. My suspicion was that the Moment - which seemed to support the idea of not using it - went back and summoned the other Doctors

7. Hahaha probably not intentional but I noticed that too...

A question of my, who wants to take a stab at how The End of Time can happen under this timeline? None of the other stories are THAT messed up (from what I can think about) but The End of Time - which already barely made sense - seems even more illogical now.

Ah right, that. Yeah, it could've used another 15 minutes or guess is that since they didn't know what they were they negotiated a solution and UNIT kicked their asses out. But yeah, dangling plot thread I suppose.

I think it was, much like the First Doctor, just old age and exhaustion after everything he's been through. He echoes the First when he says "wearing thin" (First almost said the same thing before his regeneration) and I guess that's what happened here. Also, I paused it and through some CGI it looks like Eccleston's face is starting to come in right at the end of the regeneration. Obviously I wish he would've actually come back but that's as close as we'll get.

I was thinking about that earlier..."Wait, doesn't this make The End of Time, which already held itself together by some very loose logic threads, even more impossible?" I think originally it happened before the Moment burned it (Rassilon sent the star and the Master called them before that happened in a timey-wimey way) but now I haven't the faintest idea.

Early call.13th Doctor granted a whole new set of regenerations by the time lords for saving Gallifrey.

P.s. Thought tonights show was just bloody marvelous. Ok there may be plot holes. Who cares, it was one hell of a ride.

Have you lot thought that Tom Baker's character was not a Zygon by any chance.......

I don't see why there needs to be a discussion. I knew this was going to happen. We had the First Doctor and the Abbot of Amboise in The Massacre, Second and Salamander in Enemy of the World. I think there are other examples, although the reasons for the similarity actually are explained (e.g. Face of Evil, the computer based its appearance off of Four). Six and Maxil. I had hoped that Capaldi's previous appearances wouldn't need to be addressed, but apparently it is. Hopefully that'll work. But my point is, the Doctor HAS before shared appearances, for absolutely no reason, with normal Humans. So why not here? (That said, it did seem to imply that the Curator was far more than just another Human [see what I did there?], but even so)

Interesting idea, but the Zygons have to have a body to hold. It just so happens the person they held looks like an old Fourth Doctor? :P

That's probably too simple for Moffat haha I still think Capaldi's going to the be the first of a new cycle and that they'll address the limit (and metacrisis Doctor) at Christmas.

No voice over man at the cinema showings :D

How was the 3D? Watched at home on a 2D telly with a bottle of fizz and a dalek pie (pastry's cool)

This was the best multi-Doctor tale yet (some might call that a low bar, but that's another discussion). I loved almost everything about it. I agree that the Zygon incident was resolved a bit too neatly, but that tends to happen in this program (and not just the revived series). I also thought Tennant should have worked a bit on his own accent. Those two quibbles aside, it was a great episode. I've read people (ok, not people - the Daily Mail) complaining that the episode erased what was one of the driving forces of the Doctor's character since the series relaunched. I'm not that bothered, personally. It's not as if anything was actually changed. We're just finding out what really happened. I'm looking forward to the return of the Time Lords and what kind of implications that might have for the show.

Isn't the simplest explanation merely that Tom Baker is not playing the 4th doctor in this scene and the curator is just a later regeneration.

Although I'm sorely tempted to agree I think the Rebel Flesh still holds that honour in my mind.

In the War Room, in the episode, they say that the High Council's plans- ie. end of time and the master- have failed. So they do name-drop it.
However, I thought this episode meant the time war was never time-locked, in which case, the doctor in the end of time would have just have sent the council back to the parallel universe saved gallifrey.. but I suppose we'll deal with that when we get to it..

Eccleston was conspicuous by his absence but John Hurt was somehow convincing as the voice of the 'old' Doctors despite not being one of them. Plus it avoided foisting negative baggage onto the eighth, and if we're really lucky may have shamed Eccleston into doing a mini-episode...

She's incredibly hot. That's how.

That makes sense. He DID press it, and then Bad Wolf goes back and ultimately causes the Reset, but the War Doctor forgets it when he leaves the other two doctors at the end, as does Tennant's doctor.

Your mum.

doesnt this ep put a huge plot hole for the end of time eps

Biggest problems with this episode, the Dalek that they kicked out of the picture, this implies everything in the picture could be retrieved. TimeLord art is therefore pretty evil unto itself as it copies everyone and traps the copies forever in a picture. It was meant to be a single "moment" of time captured. This is Moffats problem, always pushes too far and the story falls apart. Just so they could have the doctors kill one Dalek?! Pah. It was a good episode but the bar is pretty low for Dr Who. Moffat is not a good writer, and he just Dallas'd the whole series.

doesnt this ep put a huge plot hole for the end of time ep's (btw i did like the ep)

He looked ANGRY! Is he going to be the Doctor to kill the clown like madman in a box/ raggedy doctor/savoir of the universe? I hope so.

Tom Baker is playing the 4th Doctor and the reason he knows about Gallifrey is because all the doctors know until they leave because they helped save Gallifrey.The only strange thing is that the 4th Doctor had become the Curator beforehand and learned about the paintings.I interpret the stuff about whether he was him as an argument similar to what David's Doctor says in The End of Time where it suggests each incarnation is a new man.

It is a nifty way to allow all of the actors who've previously played the Doctor to get a shot at returning while at the same time, explaining why they look so much older than they appeared when they regenerated.

Romana certainly borrowed a face for her regeneration.

I look forward to that effort. ^_~

Yes. My comment was more in reference to the several bizarre comments I had already seen appear.

I was trying to say that it doesn't need to be obsessed over. We don't now need to adjust every timeline to reflect the scene, you know? I don't believe it needs a Wiki page as a future incarnation. I like to think that he's an ancient Doctor, and I'm talking ANCIENT here. Not 1200 years of ancient, I'm thinking something of a more unfathomable nature.

But, I accept that it doesn't matter either way. Because it doesn't matter either way. I'm not taking the scene as solid fact that needs to be constantly bared in mind and taken into account, but I am seeing it as his future. You get what I mean? It doesn't matter either way. Don't obsess over it. Don't take it too seriously.. But do at the same time. You see?

The stuff that Timothy Dalton and his sinister lot get up to in the End of Time is dismissed in a throwaway line by the bald guy on the Time Lord war council. He says something like "the president's plans have already failed", implying that all the 'bad' Time Lords are sorted out so the 13 Doctors saved all the good ones left over. Not sure on specifics, but I did only pick that line up on my second viewing, so I get why people are a little apprehensive about the Doctor saving the Time Lords when they miss the odd snippet of dialogue! (It was especially hard from time to time to pick up every detail when I watched it in a full cinema!!)

After seeing that webisode with McGann, I'd love for there to be a special with him in it.

Maybe, after an unfathomable amount of time and lives, the universe (according to his time-stream) no longer needs saving? He settles down, well and truly ancient, to live out his life peacefully and quietly as his old favourites. That's a nice thought, and quite sad, too.

Still, I believe it's designed to be open to interpretation and not over-thought. Not to be taken too seriously in a canon type manner, but to be taken seriously in a more personal way.

I'm genuinely dreading the day that slightly-too-obsessed "whovians" drown the internet enough for Moffat to say "Oh, okay then, FINE. He's a Zygon. He's the 213th Doctor. He's an alternate universe Fourth Doctor living out his live in a museum. WHATEVER. You happy now? You have something official."

That's a really good explanation.

Anyone else curious why there was no mention of paradoxs (3 doctors, 3 tardis)? Also what happened to Claras vortex manipulator? Just curious....

Could someone explain why the interface was "bad wolf"?

any1 else notice how they slipped in the tom baker wax work they used for the press for the 25th anniversary right at the end

I liked the hints of the past doctors, especially seeing Eccleston again. He was short shifted on his one season run.
I also liked the little easter eggs that dropped now and then with lines that seemed to be quoting other British fan faves like Black Adder, Red Dwarf and others. Although they might have been unintentional, with Moffat's history I have to wonder. Theend with all the Doctor's on display was great, and it was both a good and bad thing that they didn't try and add in the regeneration of Smith into Capaldi.

There is just one thing that is bugging me about this episode. The last time we saw the Doctor and Clara was back in Trenzalore stuck in the Doctor's TimeStream Grave with River Song tempting us with her 'Spoilers' routine. Now in this episode, The Day of The Doctor starts off fresh without any explanation to what happened in The Name of The Doctor.

All I want to know is how did The Doctor and Clara escape the Trenzalore situation and what was River hiding? I truly hope they tie this all back together in the Christmas special before Capaldi takes over.

I loved it and I loved the fact that for one night everyone was united! :D

I've watched it twice now. I enjoyed it a lot more the second time around when I could sit back and enjoy the nostalgia of it all rather than hope for things that weren't there. My wife also enjoyed it although I had to pause it half way through after she asked, "So, what is Gallifrey?" A 10 minute condensed history of Doctor Who then followed after which she shook her head and said, "I don't know how you keep up with all this." She's got a point!

So happy :)

It was a night of history and I am so glad that I spent it with Whovians. I will remember this night for the rest of my life and that's amazing.

Can we please please PLEASE have a series of John Hurt Big Finish adventures?!?

Well I'm back from the cinema and my second viewing and yes there were a lot of leftover questions. Like an earlier poster said, what happened to the time manipulator? And the Osgood/Zygon-Osgood character knowing who each was, and how did Elizabeth 1st get home? And why is Clara now so much more important that she can make the doctor change his own history and actually seems to have one up on him much of the time? Also, maybe I imagined it, but I thought when Gallifrey disappeared and the Daleks annihilated each other, wasn't that the Dalek Emperor who went flying past? Nice touch that, if thats actually what I saw…At the cinema, when the Curator comes out, the gasp of delight from those in the audience who hadn't seen it was an amazing moment. The ripple of excitement it caused was fantastic! Except for the girl in the row behind me who said "I don't get it. Who is he?" !!! Anyway this was a great episode and I can't wait to see more.

That is what is implied in his actual speech. He talked about how later he chose his face again during a future regeneration.

Can see why Ecclestone wouldn't wanna do it if he read the script though. 'so he doesn't really kill the time lords? Thats the whole thing that motivated my doctor!'

The scarf worn by the girl with asthma was a throw back to Baker's scarf and foreshadowing that there was something coming up with Baker in the episode.

It was good...a bit loose around explanations. Matt Smiths personality should have changed, they just left the Zygons and Unit on Earth and never went back to it, Kates mobile was working in the black vault!? And they never really explored the timewar proper....
Some people are going to be so annoyed that Tennant and Rose never saw each other or that 10 didn't comment on the change to UNIT. Or that 4 got a cameo but no one else did, or that apparently all 12 doctors (including Capaldi?!!) were in on it!?
Seriously. Are we supposed to assume that "the sentient moment" UNLOCKED the TIMELOCKED TIMEWAR and let ALL THE DOCTORS in?! And that dissapearing Gallifrey would make all the Daleks destroy each other?!! just magically ending the war. Moreover exactly why did they NEED 13 Tardis' when only the war doctor had rhe manipulator, also wasn't that thing sposed to lock it in a paintaing. I need to watch it again 10s hair was alright on the end.
The whole premise though was that "Rose" opened 3 portals across space to start with.... to "teach the doctor a leason". It's just confusing when they all went together in one Tardis and yet 10 recovered his Tardis from ye olde times? How!? Using 11 Tardis...And the sonic does wood now X/ I habe to watch it to see how they got out of the painting. I just realised it was 10s Tardis they were all in, but 11 just made it look like his.

I recognized the "and now for my next trick" line from one of Eccleston's episodes; but I'd have to re-watch all of them to tell you which one.

That was excellent ... and Billie Piper has gone from pretty to drop dead gorgeous.

I'm just fickle but Goodbye Leela, Hello Bad Wolf.

If I were Moffat, I'd be seriously looking to reintroduce Piper to the series.

Setting aside her physical appeal, I thought her role and presence outshone the other females in the cast. Curious in a way that Moffat's script emphasized her at the expense of Jenna Louise Coleman. He could have had the Impossible Girl as the User Interface to The Moment as easily as Bad Wolf. Rather odd that he had the current companion running second to the companion from 7 or so years back.

Just to be clear, I like Coleman too. She's ranked #2 for me while Leela has sadly drooped to #3 but that's still way better than that Scot in a skirt. :)

Actually, I prefered Eccleston, but he was burdened with the horrid Rose. I would love to have seen Eccleston and Catherine Tate on screen together as the Doctor and Donna. Given Donna's reaction and treatment of Tennat(skinny boy), how would she have treated the apparently more fit and bulkier Eccleston? I'm not looking forward to Smith leaving though, as I did and do prefer him to Tennant. I don't like the decision to cast Capaldi as the next doctor. I'm not saying they should stay with a 'young' doctor, but it might perhaps be time for other changes as they have hinted at in the past with the potential female doctor(Catherine Tate was teased as this role for a while), or perhaps a different racial background for the doctor. Although, There is a bit of symmetry in once again aging the actor up to a mid point between Smith(youngest) and William Hartnell(oldest) doctors.

They were off their meds?


The End of Time explains that Gallifrey and the Time War were "time locked" away from the rest of the universe; a different explanation for what happened than The Ninth Doctor used. You can either look at it as Davies contradicting himself or Eccleston's Doctor using an explanation less ambiguous than the truth to forestall any conversations about the Time War.

Illness or extreme old age can trigger a regeneration. We don't know how long Hurt's Doctor was fighting in The Time War; but combat can physically age people and an extended period of heavy combat does so quicker and more extensively. (As an example, look at a picture of a WWII vet in their 40's, in the 1960's and compare how they look to someone the same age today. Forty-five or fifty looks a lot younger today.) The War Doctor was simply worn out by the life he led.

Great episode. Only problem i had was the zygons they did absolutely nothing they looked threatening at the start then it went no where. I personally feel it would've gone better if they focused more on the time war what caused it or actually have the zygons play a major role.

Maybe the curator is the person that makes Tom Baker regenerate. Because remember a future doctor went in him and made him regenerate (forgive poor use of words)

I think it has to do with interacting with your own time stream. Like the 11 th said, the time streams are out of sync.Because technically, this didnt happen until they were at Doc 11 so he's the one who remembers. A kind of paradox resolve measure i suppose.

The interface said it had chosen a form from the Doctor's past, but then admitted that it kept mixing up past and future. So it attempted to find a face the Doctor would recognise, but ended up with the face of someone he hadn't met yet.

I'm a happy camper.

Yes it was good, but it's no Atlantis. lol

Very, very respectful and it just goes to show that when time is invested into actually explaining a plot device or story arc, it works exceptionally well. I think everyone who is a fan of the show across the ages found something to be delighted in. Let's hope the xmas special follows on from where this left off in terms of the quality and writing, and then we can all say goodbye to an era all wrapped-up with a bow.

I thought it was fantastic, the Tom Baker bit was so touching & that glimpse of Capaldi so exciting. But can someone explain to me the numbers & the regeneration thing. Is it because McGanns doctor died before a regen or how are they explaining going over the regen limit?

"We can't let the Americans change history...have you seen their films" - genius!

Utterly brilliant episode, clearly crafted by people that love Doctor Who.

Thank you.

i'm sure when the doctor finds gallifrey, the time lords will thank him with another cycle or two...

Andrew Scott in a Tom Baker bodysuit oh my! this sounds fun

Have I missed something when they were in Galifray why weren't Rassilon and his lot there. Or has that bit been wiped out.

And let's be thankful for that eh?

I wonder if there was actually anybody in the country who turned on the telly last night and was disappointed to discover Doctor Who instead of Atlantis?

Well, it's the morning after, the buzz has worn off, and re-watching the episode again, I can't help but see it a little more clearly, its weaknesses as well as its strengths. The Zygon/Elizabethan storyline was marvellous (the costumes superb), as was both the execution of the plan and its resolution. But I would rather have seen it as a standalone story and given its due, than clumsily welded onto this one. That way, more airtime could have been given to John Hurt, and then maybe along the way Moffat would have remembered that not every female character he writes has to fall in love with and/or marry the Doctor (seriously, Moffat? Not every woman out there is looking to be a model, stripper and/or wife/mother. Good thing Radclyffe Hall and Virginia Woolf aren't the Doctor's companions, or you'd have them converted and swooning for him, too).

Where the Day of the Doctor succeeded, the BBC3 Afterparty failed. Whoever put that together needs to be beaten with a sock full of pennies. Badly organised (who thought an appearance by One Direction over a crap live feed was a better celebration of Doctor Who than, say, interviewing the cast and writer of said show?), badly hosted (who thought Rick Edwards' E4 level of smarminess and perfunctory interest is suitable for anything beyond Tool Academy?), it was a waste of time and money.

But the time war was said to consist of more than the daleks.. The nightmare child, the never were kings and the skaro thingys.. Where did they all go. I loved the episode, made me sequel more than once. But the part where the daleks shot themselves all to death was kinda corny and not that cool. Not to mention rasillon is still batshit crazy about destroying all of creation.

That's what I would have assumed seeing as it's happened before with Colin Baker and Lalla Ward but Moffat has said that this isn't a coincidence so maybe this is the start to his explanation...

they never really did state at which point of Ten's time stream did they, this might be before the events at bad wolf bay. might be after season 2 or season 3 but right before the next season started

Yes that is correct, but only Gallifrey has been brought back, not the entire Time War. Also, given the Master's vicious attack in "The End Of Time", Rassilon is probably nothing more a smoking pile of dust at this point...

yes only gallifrey has been brought back..but the trick the doctors pulled at the end only ended up wiping out the daleks..there was not mention of any of the other races. Rassilon is kinda immortal isnt he. Anyway I understand all the doctors forgetting, but I doubt the tardis actually forgot all the events. Wonder why Idris never told eleventh anything

I think the stuff about marrying Queen Elizabeth dates it in Ten's timeline - I can't remember off the top of my head, but at the start of one episode he mentions that prior to that point he'd married the Queen, among other things.

can someone explain the number of regenerations?

Also, didnt the emperor of the daleks remember gallifrey and his race burn?? he said so at the end of season 1.

I think Osgood is going to be capaldis companion...

(1) 1st Doctor- Hartnil-2nd Doctor- Troughton

(2) 2nd Doctor- Troughton-3rd Doctor-pertwee

(3) Pertwee-T.Baker

(4) T-Baker-Davison

(5) Davison-C.Baker

(6) C.Baker-McCoy

(7) McCoy-McGann

(8) McGann-Hurt (known as the war Doctor doesn't effect numbering)

(9) Hurt-Eccleston

(10) Eccleston-Tennant

This is open to debate at the moment
(11)Tennant-Tennant (metacrisis regen some say it is, some say it isn't, no real answer until it's addressed on screen)

(12) Tennant-Smith

(13) Smith- Capaldi

If the Metacrisis regen counts then Smith is the last incarnation before he needs new lives if it doesn't then Capaldi will be

A Couple of thoughts. Could Unit be made into a spin off series?. Also I do not have a HD or 3D TV and wondered if anyone watched in that format and if so was it an enhanced experience.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Capaldi will rescue the time lords and they will reward him with another 12 regenerations to ensure there is another 50 years

I just don't get the Who appreciation post RTD. Neither him nor Moffat are capable of writing realistic dialogue and their reliance on childish slapstick makes the programme unwatchable. I tried to give it another go seeing as it was a big celebration episode but it lost me at the Harold Lloyd themed opening and poorly wedged pun in the first line. It is possible to make family scifi drama that works for multiple age groups - the Americans manage it all the time.

So you want a big exciting opening with the Dr hanging from the tardis? Fine, but at least make it serve the plot. Add some actual drama. Explain why the Dr doesn't just dematerialise the tardis straight away. The have a wire snap and the Dr fix it, injuring himself which then affects his choices in the episode. Have the wire snap explained as not accidental later in the show. Instead what we get is just lazy hack writing and feeble half-deux ex machina worthy of a CBBC show.

If it really is just a kid's show now, stick it on CBBC where it belongs, take out all the death and destruction and be done with it. At least we can all be clear about what the show is. If it's not then do it properly. As a flagship UK drama it's embarrassing.

Rassilon and his actions from "The End of Time" are referenced; they say something like the High Council has a plan but it's separate from what these Time Lords are doing. It's brilliant really because that means the scenes from "The End of Time" & this story are almost exactly at the same time; in "The End of Time" the council says that the Doctor has "The Moment" and he will use it.

Has anyone noticed the picture that the first Doctor sees in the junk yard in the very first episode looks like the 'Gallifrey Falls No More' one?

Sorry my patience with Dr Who is over... Every action has no consequence. For the whole of the reboot since 2005 the Time Wars have been overshadowing the doctor (especially the best one- Christopher Eccleston who was dark brooding and just way more interesting than the follow ups). Now all that has been taken away and there are no consequences, everyone important lives and no-one has to worry about their actions because love or luck will save them- pathetic. At least old Dr Who had companions that didn't magically survive everything!

My two penneth...

Capaldi's previous appearance doesn't have to be explained. It was a casting decision made in isolation in the past. Nothing to worry about.

As for Mr Baker:

John Hurt's Doctor was a mystery hidden in plain sight (there was a regeneration sequence we hadn't seen), and Moffat likes to play the long game (the Silence thread of the Christmas special stretches back to the TARDIS exploding which caused the cracks in time seen in Matt Smith's first episode).

So looking at the scene:

- Matt Smith's Doctor expresses the desire to retire as the curator: "I could retire and be the curator of this place."

- Tom Baker's character replies: "You know, I really think you might."

- The Doctor recognises Tom Baker's character: "I never forget a face..."

- Tom Baker's character replies: "I know you don't, and in years to come you might find yourself revisiting a few - just the old favourites."

- Tom Baker's character has future knowledge of Gallifrey, in that it still exists.

What happens to timelords at the end of their 12 regenerations? Moffat will have given plenty of thought to how to extend the show beyond Capaldi's (and his own) tenure. If Baker's presence isn't just a disposable moment of affection for the show's anniversary, then perhaps it's the answer to what happens to timelords at the end of their lives. They regenerate one last time, a different regeneration to the previous 12, into a mortal.

The doctor wants to retire as the curator. And he does. Tom Baker's character is the Doctor, but not the fourth Doctor - the last Doctor who follows his own dream of retiring as a curator. A mortal Doctor, a Doctor that ages (as Baker has) and will eventually die.

Who becomes the new Doctor? Well, Gallifrey exists once more and so do the timelords.

I'm not suggesting that Dr Who will get a reboot with a brand new timelord, but what Moffat has done is create options for himself or his successor:

- Baker's appearance is a way to conclude the life of the Doctor we know, without screwing too much with the fundamentals of the show;

- there are once again living timelords alive that can take over the title role;

- or Baker's appearance could simply be a fan-pleasing cameo with nothing more to be read into it; the reference to revisiting a few old favourites is, after all, exactly what the anniversary show did :)

It can have a reason if that's what the writer wants. The point being of course that it doesn't have to have a reason spelled out if they didn't want to do so. Either way can potentially work perfectly well, I think.

I'd saved the Culture Show special from earlier in the week and had that as my afters viewing instead, but better.

Sensible choice. That, or the Ultimate Guide, a decent two-hour offering that didn't just focus on NuWho..

I may be Mr Unpopular after this, but did anyone else wish that Russell T Davis had written the 50th anniversary episode?
I thought the time tunnel thing was a bit of a weak way of getting the three doctors together, and was never fully explained. I thought it was a weak excuse of a monster, that in any other episode one doctor could have disposed of in his sleep (50th anniversary episode deserved a full blown Dalek/Cybermen/Sontaran invasion, with a bit of Master thrown in, instead we get the oversized pencil rubbers).
Anyway, wasn't this Timelocked Gallifrey business already covered by the "End Of Time" episode? Or has Moffat forgotten that one?
It was a good episode, but not a great episode, and the 50th Anniversary celebration deserved a great episode.

Couldn't agree more. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than a well crafted Who but we've not had that for decades. I'd have to think back to something like Logopolis for that.

Damn! I had that episode on the hard drive till yesterday, so I can't check.

All that dialogue around that weapon of mass destruction called "The Moment". I was reminded of that final line of Baker's doctor in Logopolis: "It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for". Which can translate to "He's at the end, and the moment had been prepared for."

Jack, you've upset me, I'm now going to have to make it 18 Black Holes ...

Billie's role was very clever, she wasn't Rose, but then she wasn't Bad Wolf either. She was the interface with a conscience who chose to be visualised as Badwolf Rose, hence she spoke and dressed differently, in a much more authoritative way. It was a great way of bringing Billie back, without bringing back the slightly overdone 10/Rose relationship...

You can see how close Clara and Eleven are now, it was her tears and comment to him that made him reconsider his actions.

On the whole, this episode had more heart than every other episode of Moff era, put together. He actually made an episode that didn't bore me to sleep. John Hurt and DT stole the show, and all the other nods to past Dr's, and iconography from the show, was great. And the teaser for Pete! He is going to be an awesome Dr, did you see the manic look in his eyes? All 13 of them! It was great. But I agree, I wish RTD would have done the episode. We would have had a huge multiple enemy presence.

You dont need to compare them, they both did great

Well, that's put that debate to rest, Pete is the 13th Doctor, meaning he as used up all his canon regenerations, exactly like I said, even though you all disputed. Anyway, I loved this episode. It was hard to believe Moff wrote it because it was actually good. David was fantastic, as always, and John Hurt was great. Even matt was great. It inspired me to rewatch the whole Moff era again, and I have discovered, they aren't half as bad as I remember. I need to watch the episode again in reviewer mode, before I post more of my thoughts, but it was worth watch, just to see Tom Baker, alone.

Tom, still the best Dr ever, but the teaser of Peter was awesome. The manic intent in his eyes, I can't wait to see his Dr.

I have to say that, for a brief moment when the Doctors were thinking of how to save Gallifrey, that they were going to go back to "Genesis of the Daleks" and take them out at their inception. Just for a minute, it seemed bizarrely logical, given that I'd heard Tom Baker say he featured on this in a way we wouldn't expect...

And it would have been AMAZING. :)

Hell no!

I'm hoping that Capaldi's Doctor will bring some gravitas and weight to it, and move away from the 'childish slapstick' or 'running up and down corridors' aspect.

Yes, but the way Gallifrey was 'hidden' made it LOOK like it'd been destroyed. And it was already burning, to be fair.

Typical BBC, though - crowbar as many non-entity z-list celebrities in as humanly possible to give inane voxpop chatter.

It was stated last night that Pete is the 13th.

So the Daleks all destroy each other. Nice to see the Doctor using a variation on Rimmer's solution from 'The Beginning' in Red Dwarf X. :)

Yes they both did great, but yes I think Smith has been the best of the new doctors, and I think that showed with them both on screen (to my eyes).

Yeah... it really didn't seem that confusing to me. It's a neat idea, that eventually the Doctor would go back and regenerate into his favourite bodies in the distant future. Like he says:

"I rather think you might (become the curator of the museum)"
"In years to come, you might find yourself... revisiting a few (faces)"
"You have so much to do."
"If I were you... perhaps I was you, of course. Or perhaps you are me? Congratulations. Or perhaps it doesn't matter either way. Who knows. Who." (points to his nose) "Knows."

It's all very future tense, very much "I am your future. Keep going and you have a nice happy ending waiting for you." It's not even that ambiguous, just Doctorishly coy.

We effectively had every single living Doctor taking part in the 50th Anniversary celebration - with the exception of one. Baker, Davison, Baker, McCoy, McGann, Tennant and Smith all took part, whether in the main adventure, the prequel or the side-project. It brings into perspective David Tennant's words in the interview on BBC Breakfast the other day. He said that he was invited back and that he thought it would be churlish not to. Seems like a bit of a swipe agains Eccleston, intentional or otherwise. It was churlish of him not to take part even for a 5 second cut-scene.

He is going to dominate. my guess is he will be the darkest Dr, ever, in contrast to Matt's cartoon character antics.

I predict Pete will be the unstable Valeyard Dr.

It was stated by the timelords that pete is the 13th.

Moff didn't look thrilled to be there.

Currently re-watching The Day of the Doctor. At the beginning where Clara leaves the school, the clock outside shows 5:16. 5:16 is the time the first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast. I'll get my coat (which happens to be an anorak).

The school is also the one on Potters lane that Susan attended :)

tacky, but fun.

Just as the events of TDOTD took place in a previously unseen part of Tennant's timeline, this takes place for Smith's Doctor prior to the events on Trenzalore. It's still the Clara that he was leaving and returning to throughout the last half-series. The Name of The Doctor introduced us to Hurt's Doctor and this episode is then effectively a flashback explaining his place within the Doctor's arc. It looks like the Christmas episode will now be the one that follows on immediately from TNOTD. Finally, a proper story instead of a Christmassy one. The first since Tennant's final episode.

- I wouldn't "rather post as guest" but the G+ sign-in isn't working and I can't be arsed refreshing the page to try to encourage it to work.

Totters Lane. ;-) plus, Coal Hill School wasn't on Totters Lane, I.M Foreman's was. It's nice to see Ian Chesterton and a mysterious A. Coburn still have an importance with the school though!

Clearly he was the doctor retired.. He's clearly stating it and coyly getting around giving himself knowledge of the future!

Or just a bit of television magic, designed purely to make us smile and wipe a happy tear.

my mistake, it's been a long week :)

The whole picking up the TARDIS thing didn't make much sense the way it was explained - what right or reason would Kate have to casually go around moving the TARDIS?? If she didn't know the doctor was in it like she says, what good is the empty TARDIS when she is looking for the man himself?

I Am The Doctor !

Peter Capaldi, coming soon.

Well, it's the 50th anniversary of our beloved TimeLord, and with the Dr returned to the height of his popularity, we knew they were going to have to pull out all the stops to mark this phenomenal occasion. I think it's safe to say, they have done that. Mr Moffat, I am one of your biggest critics, but after Day Of The Doctor, I tip my hat to you. That was the best episode of your tenure, by far. I am amazed it all fit together so neatly, and the three leads, shone, and dare I say it? John Hurt would have made an outstanding Dr, back in his day.
Where to start, heaping the praise? I have racked my brains over this, because there were so many great moments, from Tom's scarf saving the day, to Tom making an actual appearance at the end of the episode. The teaser of the next Dr (look into my eyes) was great, and you can tell already he is going to blow the roof off the TARDIS with his portrayal of the Dr. I haven't followed Mr Capaldi's career, much, but from what I have seen, he is going to instantly vanquish any doubts one might have over Matt Smith's replacement. The Zygons were there. We haven't seen the Zygons since the Baker years, albeit a limited appearance in Big Finnish Productions, here and there, but what a way to bring them back. The new rubber they use for the suits is brilliant. And the facial expressions were suitably scary. Moffat tied up the loose ends of the Dr marrying the Virgin Queen, old Lizzie, the first, and we now know, it was the 10th Dr who married her.
Which brings me to my next point, David Tennant. David is my Doctor, even though I have loved the show for over 30 years. He was the defining Dr of the new era, at least in my eyes, and last night, we got to see a brief reprisal, of what made him such an outstanding Dr, and actor in general. The magic between him and Matt Smith when they first encounter each other, was great. "my sonic's bigger than your's" moments, are few and far between. And when they first duo'd up, the comedy was gold. Not overly unsubtle, as we have seen with the lesbian lizards and flicky tongue-y action from the rest of the Moff era.
Last night, Steven answered all his critics, in full, including me. I have often asked why the Dr speaks like a Teletubby now? Well, John Hurts Warrior Doctor, addressed that issue. and I am more than satisfied that Moff as addressed these small, but, for me, loathsome issues. And for once, I felt Moff penned a gripping, entertaining, well thought out episode. He wrote the TimeLords back into the canon, he dealt with many issues that have plagued the show over his tenure, by dealt with, I mean, he acknowledged them, then dismissed them, still that is better than nothing at all, and brought back and disposed of the Dalek's, in classic era fashion. Let's face it, the Daleks haven't been a threat to the Dr, in years, since the return of Davros. I'm one of the people who actually liked the new (Tory-R-Us) Power Ranger Dalek Paradigm. The voice of the Emperor Dalek had me hearkening back to the days of Chris (I am the God of all Daleks, oh yeah? Then baptise me) and I thought it was a good throwback to a bygone era, toy sales, not withstanding. Moff was able to write in a scene where every Dr, past, present and future, were all on screen at the same time. He also gave the best Dr ever, Tom, a chance to shine, once again, and for that, I will forever be grateful. Moff was able to write a tight, well paced, and engaging script, I wondered why the rest of his output was so lacklustre, now I know, it's because he was saving it all up for the 50th. Well Done Steven Moffat. You revitalised my dwindling love for the show.
The homages to the last 50 years were well implemented. From the opening "sting" of the original classic series, down to Tom's scarf, and all the other subtle hints, here and there, to the past 50 years of the most amazing show, on Earth. I was in love with this episode, I finally felt the Moff had done our good Dr, the justice he deserved. It will take multiple re-watching's to unravel all the little touches and flares, for instance, Potters Lane references and even a billboard of past companions, so neatly intertwined throughout the episode. This truly was a a massive wink towards all the Whovians that made the last 50 years a possibility.
John Hurt.......
What's there to say? The man is a legend, who doesn't love Mr Hurt as Kane, in Alien? Or as Winston Smith in 1984? Or even as the dragon in Merlin? It was a tribute of the highest order to get John onto a Dr Who set. And a stroke of genius to have him play a Dr. And then to have him regenerate into Chris, off screen, tying up all the loose ends over since the 2005 reboot. There was no logic behind the regeneration though, it just happened. Maybe I need to see it again, but either way, it was fantastic. We now know how each Dr, regenerated, including Paul's 8th Dr. Another neatly tied up package, thanks to Mr Moff. Which makes us look towards the future, as we follow the soon to be unleashed 13th (yes, 13th, it's canon now) Dr as he travels home, the long way round. Is a revival of Gallifrey on the cards? From the hints dropped in D.O.T.D, I'd say yes. And we will be following 13 on his journey to restore Gallifrey (could Omega return at last, after all we have had huge hints from day one of Moff and Smith's tenure, that would be the case?) to it's former glories.
Billie's return was poignant, and so too was the return of the Brigadier's daughter. So many nods to the classic era, just in the U.N.I.T moments, alone. The nostalgia factor was turned right up in this episode, as it should have been.
There are some things that disappointed me, for example, why do the TimeLords fight wars like army grunts? And why did the wardrobe make the TL's look like peasants, as opposed to RTD's majestic, regal, offerings? Also did anybody catch the TL children's "Wickerman" dance moment, around the Maypole? The ending, or should I say, solution to the Time War that as made the Dr suffer these long years, was rather too easily dealt with. Why didn't he just do this in the first place? Go back to the Moment and bring a few of his past selves along with him, in order to save Gallifrey? Would the super intelligent Dalek's really fall for the old, switcheroo? I can't see it myself. I'm sure when I watch it again, not in fan boy mode, I will see even more glaring errors. But, whatever, all in all the episode was a brilliant ride through the past, present, and future, and isn't that what Doctor Who is supposed to be?
So., as much as I would like to spoil it all, and recount it line by line, just to recap how great it all was , I won't. I shall finish by saying, here's to Doctor Who, and here is to the next 50 years. May the TimeLord's forever reign victorious.


The guilt thing was mentioned - Hurt's Doctor saying that he wouldn't remember that he had tried to save Gallifrey and not burn it, and that he would have to live with that - it works brilliantly, and maintains the character traits of each Doctor up to now. Because the story was set from 11's point of view, he will be the one that is finally relieved of all the guilt, because HE remembers what happened, while 10 and The War Doctor forget and believe that Gallifrey was destroyed. This essentially reboots the character giving a fresh slate for 12 (why do people keep calling him the 13th regeneration by the way? He's the 12th...which means as per "classic series" cannon, there's still one left...although we all know they won't stick to that...and actually now that The Doctor saved Gallifrey from burning in The Time War, surely they have every reason to give him a fresh set of regenerations WHEN he eventually finds Gallifrey and frees it from the pocket universe?)...and now I'm rambling...sorry...that special was SOOOOOO good it's having the same effect as a kilo of top grade class A's...I would imagine


did anyone else spot the gold/red supreme dalek (stolen earth/ journeys end) in the background of the scene with 2 kates?

That's coming at Christmas, along with daleks and cybers.....

The one, final thing that could have been the silver baubles on the icing: a full regeneration from Hurt to Ecclestone. And recovering, confused he'd say two words out loud: "Rose Tyler".

and the toy daleks that said "seek, locate, destroy", my other half got me one in 2005 :)

yes, but he will be gone soon, and dr who can be good again.

daleks and cybers and angels, oh my!

John Hurt. Legendary British actor. Nailed it. It felt like he had been playing the part for 400 years.

no it doesn't take place before trenzalore as Clara clearly asks the Doctor what he meant when he said the name he chose was a promise. She also didn't seem phased by David Tennant being the Doctor in the painting.. yet oddly didn't recognise his voice later (One of the many timey-wimey errors in this episode)

Yeah, I was disappointed we didn't get to see more of the War Doctor's 'adventures' previous to this, even if it had just been some brief details. Hopefully someone will write some novels, comics, etc. at some point about that period.

in a nutshell, F*ck the DM, they wouldn't know the truth if it punched them in the face :)

I agree, and I normally hate moff.

Yep. If you watched the spectacularly shitty after show, there was a countdown of the Doctors, in which all retained their original numbering and Hurt was labelled the War Doctor. in the picture COULD be retrieved, and that had been clearly established by the silent invasion of the Zygons...

Admittedly it ,makes a bit of a mockery of the whole "time lock" scenario, but for once, everything in the story itself was flagged or had precedent within the story. You may not like the story, but it was not poorly written.

I wasn't referring to the Doctor's personal guilt at all, but to the guilt of the Time Lords for the atrocities that they had committed during the Time War. There is no actual mention of Rassilon and the Council beyond a throwaway-line, meaning that they still might have an opportunity to influence Gallifrey from within that frozen moment. If they are capable of moving inside it and are aware of being sealed and isolated from the rest of the universe, then that might give the evil Time Lords motivation to become even worse than before. And seeing how the Daleks have re-established themselves in the universe, the Time War might be resumed again at some point.

I think Pete will be a return to the dark Dr, I hope so anyway, Matt just doesn't have the gravitas to pull off angry Dr. But he is good at cartoon antics.

She works for the government, nuff said..,...

Raises the question, for the Zygons AND the Doctors to be able to get out, they must know what's going on outside the painting to know when to get out..., time must be continuing within the painting?? And if so, how come the Daleks don't just get out of the painting as well?

All those things happened yes, and billions of races were said to have been caught up in the time war - but the final confrontation was the Dalek attack on Gallifrey, and that is what we were shown - the final day of a war that had raged for an a still undetermined amount of time (8 was shown regenerating into a YOUNG looking Hurt...and Time Lords age MUCH slower than we do) so who's to say that those things were still happening at that point?

Don't worry, the new Dr is going to be good, much better than Matt. A return to the dark Dr. And Moff won't be around much longer, the only reason he still is , is because nobody else wants the job. I feel exactly as you do, but this last episode was worth watching, just for Tom Baker.

She's a kissogram? What sort of role model is that, for our kids? And even after, she still didn't get a proper job, she became a model. The cult of celebrity, alive and well onDr who.

Sorry but I think there's nothing to interpret! he's actually saying that he's the future doctor who has revisited some of his old favourite faces in his old age...

because he knows about the doctor having old faces to revisit?

I tell you something I have noticed about Who, as of late. The Dr seems infatuated with fitting into the tabloid stereotype of having a job. Last night, he made a lot of references to being in a job, and working hard. What happened to the rebel Dr who ran away from his hard working life? He didn't want to be a taxpaying TimeLord. As I recall, the 10th Dr didn't even know what a job was, or how to get one.. In fact, he used his sonic to raid a cash machine. Now that's the Dr I liked, the non conformist Dr who doesn't' bow down to tabloid journalism. In the episode, The Beast Below, the one about Starship UK, it is a very political affair, when you watch it again. It's about democracy, and the point is made that anybody who is unproductive to society in the UK (the jobless, sick, disabled, political protesters) are all fed to the beast. Could "the Beast" be a allegory of Universal Credit? That too, is known as "the beast". Now I'm re-watching the Moff era, it's all too apparent the political messages hidden in his writings, are for one thing, to brainwash children into following the tabloid mindset. It's also full of multicultural pandering, for eg, Liz 10 is black, and "Ranghit" is a very good boy. Don't forget the liberal A-sexual relationships of Jack and River. And let's be honest, it's hardly done in the most subtle of ways, it is forced right into a young mind. They even tried to shoe-horn in a muslim companion, for one episode.The good Dr as become the thing he hates most, a rewriter of history. The past ages of violence, which children should be educated about, are being glamorised and turned into PC, fluffy, friendly fairy tales.

of course

I know!

its moffat

Probably correct in this assumption that Hurt had to be retconned in because Christopher Eccleston cba to take part, but I did like the way it turned out with adding in a new doctor. It seemed fitting to play around with regeneration for the 50th!

This episode seemed more to suggest that the Time Lock and The Moment are separate issues (When Ten and Eleven arrive to help the War Doctor, Ten talks about being surprised they got through the TIme Lock and Bad-Wolf Rose makes a comment suggesting it was her help.)
So the Time Lock was in place when Gallifrey from the End of Time came to Earth, but if The Doctor had let it out then, it would have allowed everything else from the Time War out as well. What he did in this episode was remove it from the Time-Lock and place it an pocket universe somewhere.
Also for those saying Peter Capaldi called himself 13, that wasn't him that delivered the line, that was one of the Time-Lord guards.

The overnight viewing figures are in for The Day Of The Doctor.

The episode achieved a figure of 10.2m viewers, with an audience share of 37.4%, and Doctor Who was the second most-watched programme for Saturday, being beaten marginally by Strictly Come Dancing.

This doesn't include Iplayer, which I watched it on.

So The Day of the Doctor sold over 500,000 tickets. At $15 dollars a pop, it grossed 7.5 Million?

disgusted eccleston couldn't spare at least half a day to complete the regenerations cycle and in years to come if he trys to muscle in on conventions as a way of making money they should tell him to do one

yeah, he's the 13th incarnation, the question is did the regeneration 10 use to keep himself alive but stay at 10 count a regeneration. there are a lot of views but until its addressed in the show no-one knows

Did anyone else feel like it was a Whovian Christmas Carol? 'I'm a conscience, let me show you alternate versions of yourself to change the present, make you a better person!'

I admire Chris for not getting caught up in the hype and sticking to his guns, he really showed the beeb where to get off :)

Don't forget the tv rating, and that is without Iplayer.

Stop trolling please, this isn't funny anymore ! John Hurt is between 8 and 9, it was explained AND shown. Hartnell is the First Doctor. So it's logical that Hurt has the same Tardis.

What plot hole ? They changed time.

So I was not that impressed with Tom Bakers appearance. It seemed to be a bit too far. However something occurred to me. In a Moffet interview recently he said he he will explain why the people pop up in multiple roles in the Doctor Who universe and the explanation comes from RTD.

I love btw the quality of writing of the 2005 series where fans are not treated like idiots.

Then why are you here and commenting? Shouldn't you be farting all over something you actually care about. Weirdo.

By choosing not to give in to the hype train that is the 50th, Chris Eccleston as demonstrated what an admirable person he is. By not appearing, at all. he as cemented his legacy and mystique as one of the most memorable, and "unknown" doctor's, of all time. The Eccleston years will now be looked at as a fluke bit of genius, on behalf of RTD and Chris's acting abilities. Chris hated the show, as is clear by his lack of commitment to the 50th, but at the time, so did Colin. I await the 75th anniversary when Chris finally puts an end to the controversy, and all his detractors on here, renege on their hatred of him. We know everything about every reincarnation of the Dr, we even know how Paul became John. Moff has destroyed the mysticism behind the character (even though I liked DOTD) but the mysticism behind the hardly seen Chris Dr, will live forever in infamy.When you think about it, Chris as done the right thing. He left because he didn't want to be stereotyped in his career. Look at any other actor who played the Dr, what are they remembered for? Being Dr Who. What will Chris be remembered for? Not being Dr Who, but being a versatile actor that can turn his hand to anything. Think of it like this, Chris is the only other Who actor (besides Paul) who as made it in the movie world. DT as sort of broke into Hollywood, and Matt is trying desperately to, but what will both DT and MS have has their defining roles? Being Dr Who. That's all they will ever be. Even when DT was in Fright Night, all I could think of, it's Dr Who. Not Peter Vincent. When he was in Harry Potter, I just thought I was watching Dr Who play Voldermort's lackey. Chris as not cemented himself in that stereotype. If anything, Chris as leant a much needed mystique to the Dr character, because every other actor who played the role, as only taken the mystery away, after being endlessly dissected by fan boys and new producers. Chris stands alone in what he has achieved, that is, keeping the Time Lord a mystery. And not giving in to the hype surrounding the 50th.

But what about the Zygon version of "scarf girl's" wink and a nod about a "shimmer?" The bit where scarf girl lets out a deep-voiced cough and the Zygon hands her the inhaler.

Should have been obvious - scarf girl was the 4th Doctor the whole time. And the Curator was just a different shimmer disguise. No need to get all deep about the doctor regenerating back into Baker's face. "Revisiting" can just mean visiting again (timey wimey stuff - like placing that cell phone call to the scientist in the gallery).

Loved the second mid-credits scene in Five-ish Doctors, wonderful!

Yep, thought the same

That was better than the actual episode, in my opinion. Like RTD said, there would be no 50th if it wasn't for him. Everything Moff has done is off the back of RTD.

After reading all that (white on black) and coming down to the comments (black on white) my eyeballs have just exploded. At least I can now begin my life's ambition to become the next Davros.

Oh, the episode? Marvellous, dear boy. Marvellous. I almost threw up in my mouth a couple of times towards the end, I was so excited... or hungover... or both.

A Coburn - Tardis designer!!

Just one bum note for me ... a domestic lop-eared Rabbit that the Tenth Doctor speaks to!
Also, I do hope that when Capldi takes over as the Doctor that the series takes a further nod to the past and has the Doctor wandering in and out of situations, accompanied by companions he picks up along the way but without their tedious families and employer's children.

I hope they get back to the stories not revolving around the Dr. The Dr is now the whole Whoniverse, every story is about how great he is, etc. I miss the days of old, even as recently as Harold Saxon, when the Dr had a genius villain to contend with, and it was not just all about how great the Dr is. Dr who was about an ongoing struggle with whatever species on whatever planet, the Dr would drop in, help them resolve their issues, and depart, without so much as grandiose scene, now it's all about how instrumental the Dr is to the workings of the universe. They have turned him from a wandering meddler who made mistakes, into a super hero god.

I just realised, if the Dr is only 1200, then what happened to the years he was a prisoner in the Pandorica? Maybe they explained this a way in line somewhere, I'll have to watch again but talk about continuity breaking......

Yup! Currently a well known name in the news at the moment, for not so exciting reasons!

Noooo, stop asking questions!

But I thought the whole point of Moff's tenure was "the question"? lol

My wife, who has never watched Dr Who before this episode, told me that the curator was obviously a future, retired version of The Doctor... so I guess she agrees with you!

There are many questions; I think my son asked most of them last night (it was his first ever Who).

I just reckon the Dr has a loose grasp of time, he may be 1200, he may be a lot older ....

I was disappointed with the "undo". Why can TV never just leave things as they are? Part of the strength of the Doctor was this terrible shame he had to live with, and the idea that he was alone in the universe. Now it's all neatly wrapped up, everything's better and I'm now predicting a "quest for Gallifrey" story arc coming up...

It's a harsh reality of life that we have to live with the consequences of our decisions and I think they should have left the Doctor to live with his. The scene where all three of them were going to press the button at the same time could have been the most powerful in the episode if they'd gone ahead with it, having decided that it was the only way. Instead they wimped out with a weak technobabble idea of making the whole planet disappear. Nearly as bad as storing River Song in the sonic screwdriver...

The most interesting character by far was John Hurt's War Doctor - I wanted to see a lot more of him, and it seems such a waste to pass over a whole incarnation like this*. I would LOVE to see a spin off series of the Hurt incarnation showing the Time War etc. I was curious about the Time Lords' generally poor opinion of him and wondered what that was all about as well. It's begging to be explored further.

* Bearing in mind that Capaldi will now be the 13th incarnation. Having used up all of his 12 regenerations, will they kill the Doctor off when Capaldi decides to leave? Or will there be some Deus Ex Machina get out explanation that will magically give him another infinite number of regenerations?

There will be a deus ex, maybe even the Dr will become a woman for the next 12.

Have a look at Capaldi's eyes on the pics they have released from the teaser, yesterday. Is it me, or does he look a lot like William Hartnell? The same hawkish features. He looks like a Dr who isn't going to take any nonsense, peeps. A Dr you wouldn't want to cross. We saw that the 11th Dr could scare away entire armies with a shoddy speech, well this new incoming Dr looks like he can terrify the Daleks into submission with just a glare.

Dear lord, I hope not. Why not just have him regenerate into a Wookie, do the crossover and be done with it all?

Either that or Moff has a shoddy grasp of his story arcs :)

Well the sonic is now more or less a harry potter wand with light sabre capabilities.

He didnt age in the Pandorica, it was a perfect stasis that could even hold off death. To most people travelling through time the normal way it might have meaning but to a time traveller he could have been in there a billion years and just walked into his tardis and been back for breakfast on the same day he was locked in the box not one extra grey hair.

That didn't make sense to me either - he was "around 900 years old" several incarnations ago, so even if his regenerations happened in real time, he should still be at least 1300...

Ha, I must have missed that hastily garbled explanation, thanks for clearing it up.

That's the "Deus Ex Machina" I was talking about. "If I reverse the polarity of the Sonic, I'll get another 12 regens and a sex change into the bargain!

I laughed at Hurt's comment - "What are you going to do? Assemble a cabinet at them?" Nice one John.

Yes, there was a lot of in-jokes based upon Moff criticisms, I liked the "why do you talk like a tellytubby" quote, the best, to paraphrase John.

I agree, I was having a debate yesterday about the way The Doctor rarely has to deal with the consequences of his actions. Compare it for instance to Breaking Bad where there are no undo buttons to change terrible decisions; instead you see how they affect people and ruin their lives. The Doctor should be a broken, wrecked man with his history but now he's merrily wiped the slate clean. It takes away any emotional impact and it also makes a lot of the preceding episodes make no sense. Mind you, I still enjoyed the episode.

I enjoyed it a lot - I think the show is best when it really embraces the time travel aspect.


1). It was a shame Eccleston didn't come back for a 30 seconds cameo (at least).
2). Tom Baker turning up made no sense.


Yes, now we have 8 years of time war angst, that meant bugger all.

Just a few seconds and a line after regenerating would've been enough.

Although the War Doctor concept and John Hurt were great - wouldn't it have been great if they had changed the story to have Paul McGann in the role. He only got to do the TV movie and was clearly up for joining in the celebrations...

But Moff believes that to make up for his dire story telling, he needs star power to bring in the fans, hence, there is not much bigger than the awesome John Hurt.

DVD pre-ordered. Tom Baker fitted snugly back into the role of the fourth Doctor and bounced off well with Matt Smith.

He was a massive surprise in the mini-episode. Imagine if he hadn't turned around and then was revealed 'live' yesterday - would've been great!
I'm not anti-moff

The Anniversary show was incredible, ,so many things to love, so many little nuances. . .the inclusion of Peter Capaldi at Gallifrey, the Moment's "Rose Tyler", even the marriage of 10 to Elizabeth I and the image of ALL the Doctors at the end. . .and how can anyone leave out the Curator. . .Tom Baker. . .we saw his scarf on the Assistant, but never expected him to make an appearance. . .happy tears at the very sound of his voice.

A great show, a great tribute. . .here's to a great future!

I see we will finally learn the significance of "silence will fall", well, it's only taken five years. So that means the entire Moff run as been about the silence falling. And people used to give RTD stick over the well realised Bad Wolf thing. "Silence will fall..........."
At the end of Smith's tenure :)

I'm not anti moff, lol. I just think the show as grown very stale under him. With the exception of DOTD, of course.

Lex Mastermind Lotharr would you please have replied to EVERY comment on this article and not really provided anything.

FFS...we get it. you like the show but your commentary isnt adding anything..

In a word?


Wait till you see my next posting. And, you are clearly not clued in, I haven't replied to every comment or article, that would take a miracle, wouldn't it?

Peter Capaldi has only just signed up to replace Matt Smith in 'Doctor Who,' but he might not be sticking around for too long, according to the show's creator, Steven Moffat.

The Scottish scribe has admitted that Capaldi is only on a year long contract, which will be extended if both parties deem fit.

Capaldi was hand picked by Moffat to replace Smith as the beloved Time Lord, and 'The Thick Of It' comedian will inherit the role during the show's Christmas episode, while Moffat confirmed "cameras are now rolling" on the festive instalment.

According to the Express, Moffat has teased that Capaldi's incarnation of the Doctor will have "the best ever entrance into the TARDIS." He will then star in two series of six episodes, and after his debut efforts, Moffat, Capaldi and the BBC will then decide whether to keep him on, or not.

Moffat even revealed why he went with the 55-year-old actor, who is 24-years-older than the man he is replacing, which suggests that the show is about to go through a monumental shift in tone.

"We couldn't have had another quirky young man because Matt had nailed the part," admitted Moffat. "Peter's already a bit of a national treasure, an incredibly skilled, fine actor. As most people have realised, the moment you think of him in the part, you find it hard to think of anyone else."

However, he is adamant that the change won't be too substantial, reassuringly noting, "I sympathise with the kids who have grown up with Matt. It's like when you move home and your mum and dad say, 'You'll make new friends.' I always resented the intruder, but then after a while I forgot there had been one before him."
I just read this on Yahoo news, thought it was of interest.

Meanwhile, Moffat confirmed that Capaldi, who as a teenager wrote to the Radio Times about the Doctor Who, always sought him out at events to chat about the show.

He recanted, "Every time I was at a TV do and Peter was there, he'd come over to talk about Doctor Who and he was the first to congratulate Matt."

This lead Moffat to first consider him for the part, with the writer admitting, "I started thinking, 'What if that genius actor might actually say yes?'"

If Capaldi does leave after just one season of Doctor Who, he will follow in Christopher Eccleston's footsteps, as the Mancunian thespian only played the role for one year, in 2005.

Personally, I think the time was right for Doctor Who to alter a tad, and Capaldi will not only be delightfully grandiose as the character, but he'll also bring humour, maturity and a sternness to him too, which might also be a bit campy too.

seeing as how i am done with this article, i wont give a damn.

Just read this on yahoo news, very interesting. I hope thy keep Peter on, and have a gander at the bit that says, a full series is now only 6 episodes. So, looks like Moff was telling porkies.

Well don't let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out.

I see the only comment you have made is the one bashing me for commenting, you prize pilluck.

The end scene of Day of the Doctor...with all the Doctors, does this mean that the Doctor basically dreams of himself?.... Otherwise...great episode. So much fun!

I would go as far as too say the Zygons were there just to draw an audience, they weren't a plot hole they were the opposite of one, what do you call one of about some sort of annoying metaphorical traffic cone, they were just there and where the time war story was concerned they were just a side along story, a side along story that wasn't needed!

I took it as meaning he walks in eternity,, or some such. Not logical, but pleasing to look at.

Still incredibly cool to see them back on screen, though. Much like with the Ice Warrior, in last season.

With regards to tom bakers appearance, did anyone else notice the tardis roundels on the gallery wall, especially after they mentioned them in the tardis earlier. Perhaps they were in a tardis...

Maybe he just swears at them a la Thick Of It...

ok, that makes sense. I know what "Bad Wolf" is and i know who Rose it, but i couldn't figure out what either of them had to do with the John Hurt Doctor....i get it now =)

Oddly enough, I was just imagining what a witty wordplay session between 13 and the new Master would play like, using Peter's usual repertoire. He is an actor though, can turn his hand to any role, I bet he utters not a single swear word throughout his tenure as the Dr. But I also bet he nails the angry Dr persona, perfectly. The oncoming storm will never have been so er, vicious.

it just struck me as strange that the episode seemed to sweep that hole paradox thing under the rug. in any other episode the doctors/the writer would have been all over that fact. like the episode anyway though =)

He's still a massive Richard though.

I though his name was Chris :)

Also, let's have a Blatant Fan Service roundup:

1. Captain Jack Harkness vortex manipulator

2. Tom Baker's scarf on the UNIT girl

3. Kate Stewart is Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart's daughter

4. Billie Piper back yet again.

5. Reference to Bad Wolf

6. Tom Baker. Nice (my fave Doctor of all time). But WHY?? HOW???

7. Clara teaching at Coal Hill school

8. I. Chesterton is chairman of the governers

9. Opening credits

10. Zygons. For no apparent reason to the plot, other than ZYGONS!!!! (squeeee!!)

11. "You’ve redecorated. I don’t like it." - lifted verbatim from The Three Doctors

12. Sign to I M Foreman scrap merchant at beginning

Any others I've missed?

Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow
The Omega weapons (hand of Omega)
"seek, locate, destroy" from the first new dalek toys after the reboot
"I don't want to go", DT, he always says that.
The scarf defeating a bad guy, temporarily
The "dandy and a clown" paraphrasing from John Hurt

there are literally hundreds, you would have to watch a heck of a lo of times to decipher them all.

One of the things I wondered about the under gallery scene....why did the Doctor ask for the sand to be sent for analysis? He could have just tasted it.....he's done it so many times before.

maybe he wanted to impress the intern :)

It was unbelievably awful. I switched off after 5 minutes, how does Zoe Ball get these gigs? And the other guy... eugh.

One minute.Capaldi is last Doctor?

I watched it up to John Hurt and DT had their say, them switched off, and started watching Series 5 again.

I have a question, in the end of days you see Galifray and instead of it being "set on fire" they say it was in time lock. So what was the point of The End of Days and the mad President of Galifray? or am i missing something obvious?

It would appear so. He is the 13th, however, there was an episode of SJA where the Dr made a one line comment about a Timelord having far more than 12 lives. Also, it was a rule of the show that it was the TL's themselves that kept the 12 regen limit strictly upheld, except during the time war when they granted "warriors" a new set of regens. So, Pete could be the last, rescue Gallifrey, which we now know is possible, and the TL's will grant him a new set of regens as a reward. Also don't forget, it turned out River was part TL, and gave up all her remaining regens to Dr 11. In lets kill hitler, I think the episode was.

The End Of Time was written by a different guy. Dr Who is renowned for it's continuity, or lack of, when new a team takes over. Example, a fixed time event can be retconned any old way if the new writer desires it so.

There is a passing reference to it. Remember, it is the War Council they deal with. They mention something to the effect that the High Council was doing something else, and that it had failed. I think if the Doctor "finds" Gallifrey again they may have to deal with Rassilon, but know with the threat of their annihilation gone, maybe the High Council has turned in Rassilon.

But yes, the question of the "Time Lock" has been unresolved. The Doctor does talk about "fixed points" in history. Surely, the Time War is one of them. It may be locked in that sense.

That's exactly what I thought.

I always thought the time war was time locked and could not be dabbled with. Otherwise the Dr would have gone back, ages ago and sorted it all out. I thought it was the one event he deffo could not interfere in, even though it was the one he would want to rectify the most, sparing his people. Moff as retconned the time war, which in a way, is a good thing, because the TL's can return, but in a way, is bad because we have gone through 8 years of time war PTSD with the Dr, for no reason at all, because he could have just gone back, any time, and fixed it. Which makes the whole 8 years, utterly pointless. No doubt the Moff fanboys will blame RTD for writing it that way in the first place. Thing is, continuity really doesn't mean much in Dr Who. A fixed point today, can be unfixed , next week, if the creative team needs it to be. A lot of people have problems with Moff's lack of consequences. No matter what the Dr does, it's all resolved next week, for example, the Rory death repeats. LOL. Nobody stays dead in this show any more, robbing it of it's power. And the power of love, deus ex machina resets are more prominent now under Moff, than ever under RTD.

I just wish Tom Baker had offered Matt Smith a jelly baby...

Oh puh-leeze. People were saying the same thing about RTD when he was leaving. I'm sure the next writer will be just as criticized as per the course of fandom.

Call me completely thick (and before I go any further I don't think it was spelled out well enough) but is John Hurt The Ninth Doctor (therefore making Ecclestone 10, know where I'm going with that), I want to know so badly!

My thoughts exactly :) I do much prefer the idea that The Curator is a totally separate character, and the idea of him being another Time Lord :)

he was only in the Pandorica 5 minutes before rory released him. Amy was in it for 2000 years

I must've jumped in my seat and shouted YES!!! at least three times during that.
Once for getting some McCoy dialogue (my childhood Doctor), once at the "All 12- No, 13!", and once at the curator.
Gold, pure gold. Multiple reviewings ahoy between now and what promises to be a beautiful Christmas :)

yes, Peter is the 13th, meaning the 12 regen as been negated.


I have felt for a while now that the guilt of war thread had hit it's limits and needed a shaking up. I like the idea that The doctors unconscious response to such a terrible burden has been to in many ways become a child and avoid the responsibilities of being an adult. This mindset had held The Doctor in an infantile state but following the events of TDOTD now he is free to mature and experience new and complex levels of responsibility within the universe. To truly take his place as a lord of time. Also If (and i really can't see why not) Hurt's Doctor is the 9th it means that (If The Moff is to adhere to accepted cannon) Capaldi is not only the doctor but The Valeyard. Exciting times ahead i fancy.

Concerning the time war I wanted to see The Deathsmiths of Goth, The Nightmare Child,The Skaro Degradations, The Horde of Travesties and of course The Could've Been King and his Army of Meanwhiles and Neverwheres...if it was just the Daleks firing on Gallifrey at the end then i except what i saw on screen. In conclusion I'm now going to call the trio of doctors i saw last night by their nicknames: Chinny, Matchstick and Grampa!

I agree, the Capaldi Dr is the Valeyard Dr, the most ruthless, aggressive, unstable Dr of all. Should be epic, to say the least.

Do you have any idea where the Zygons fit in their own history on Earth? They go from 1562 to 2013 in the DotD, are they from the same batch in Terror of the Zygons who also mention their world was destroyed? As Kate Stewart says to them to check their memory of her dad (from the 1975 Scotland events). How would they know of that?
What did you make of Light at the End? The real buzz was from the multi doctors, and they did 1-3 very well I thought, but the story was a little underwhelming. I'm not totally convinced by the chap who plays the Master.
Thank heavens we have another 'event' story in the Xmas special, I haven't nearly had my fill yet. I'm so glad we have Capaldi taking the reigns, it might help to counteract some of the filler episodes that are bound to come in a normal series.
And damn you Eccleston, with the Night of and Day of the Doctor being so well-crafted, you were glaringly absent, I prayed that it was one of Moffat's lies.

It was written by Steven Moffat, we can safely ignore the simplest explanation!

I, for one, am glad they are probably bringing back the Time Lords. Mainly because it seems a bit unfair that the Daleks are just as powerful as they ever were. Could do with an explanation of End of Time though (I had a thought that Gallifrey was actually being pulled out of stasis and not a time lock as the Doctor assumed).

So what does this say about End of Time then? The Time War ended. The master was never embedded with the drums by rassilon? Gallifrey was never timelocked. End of Time never happened?....David Tennant never regenrated? or....he did and we don't know how...?

I just don't understand that the coming together part where they "disappear" Gallifrey I don't really know how all of the doctors could come together like that, but i suppose they could have contacted each other almost like how they did at the start, anyway i liked this part and thought it was well done.
The part that really confuses me is where they all come together at the end and look at Gallifrey, because that kinda confirms that every thing is fine and dandy yet just before that they talked about it not mattering and the only thing mattering being that they didn't give into destroying Gallifrey and the Daleks, i think it was left better like that with a return being less definite and more of a surprise for later on.

No I think the end says that things proceed as they did, just galifreys last few seconds had it "frozen" rather than burned. So Timothy Dalton and co, who we saw on the last day, before galifrey was going to be destroyed, inside the time locked war, still did all that stuff, but when they got sent back they were then stuck in a stasis pocket.

He spent 1200 years running away from Gallifrey, only to now decide, he wants to go home, after all. Tom Baker is truly remarkable. There were so many great acting moments, from actors with great calibre, but upon watching it again, it's Tom's final scene that brings the tears to the eye. Tom made the show what it is today. A testament to his brilliance.

I think that was all just cool sounding gobbledygook from RTD, but I admit, as pointless as those names are, DT was the man when he said them.

Sent shivers down my spine.

Doesn't that still just mean he's the last one until it's written around (13 bodies, 12 regenerations)? So nothing has been ignored or negated yet (unless you think Tennant wasted one on his spare hand, but I don't think that was clear either way. Or he picked up some extra from River, although that wasn't clear... I suppose it just means they have to wait for Capaldi to get bored before they have to work around it, although the SJA Death of the Doctor episode suggesting he had hundreds works fine for me! Or a simple, "yeah it was 12 but during the war I got a spare set"
Or indeed the one Moffat used for Comic Relief, the universe just couldn't stand going on without a doctor.

Some of Moff's writing goes over everyone's head. I don't even think Moff knows what most of it it means, himself. Just be thankful we got a half decent, episode that actually fit together and was watch-able. It could have turned into Let's Kill Hitler....

Dylan, that was his dream. He told Clara he dreams of his future, or what he's looking for, whatever the wording, that's what we were seeing. They didn't all just get back together again for a look once they'd found it. I figured it was a bit of a background mission for him, like Stringfellow Hawk, it's not what the show is about, but knowing his brother is out there somewhere. Yeah, Airwolf. I went there.

Let's give a big round of applause to Mr Christopher Eccleston who wasn't so far embedded up his own backside to give up an afternoon to film a regeneration sequence and stand beside the other doctors for 20 seconds... Oh, wait... But wow, what a bl00dy brilliant ep.

My ideal way would be to let Capaldi be the last, and let the Dr bow out gracefully, with his dignity still intact. Albeit, I'd tie the last regeneration into the first, like a cycle, so that he never really came to an end, his story just started again. If you get my meaning. I'm sure the BBC could do a multitude of spin off shows, to cash in on the Doc's popularity. It would be a shame to milk "the franchise" for every last penny until nobody cared any more, which happens to every "franchise" there as ever been. End the Doctor on a high. Let him go out in a blaze of glory. People would still buy the dvd's and toys, they could do cartoons, and a whole host of other stuff set in the Whoniverse, without milking the cash cow to death, as it were.

Speaking of lost brothers, Kung Fu would have been another example, Kane's whole point was trying to find his brother, helping others along the way.

Wasn't he 'clear' before the episode aired? Moffat lies! Hurt was referred to in the end as the Doctor ... So he is number 9 IMO

He's a very important thespian don't you know? ;-)

Chris wasn't going to be bullied by the bbc into conforming with their hype machine, and they had him anyway, without him physically having to be there. I already give massive props to Chris, but by defying the 50th, and more importantly, the beeb, he has my utmost respect, now.

As well as this, because of the paradox of the same person (the doctor) being in the same place, the Doctors wouldn't remember what happened john hurt's doctor confirmed with "I wont remember any of this" and so therefore how did all of the doctors go to Gallifrey at the end.

The Doctors would still think that they had destroyed the planet as Hurt also confirmed this because when he was in the shack with the other doctors planning whether or not to destroy the Daleks and Gallifrey he confirmed AGAIN that he would still think he destroyed the planet and that they would have to live with that although he was now going to save it, so how did he know to go and find Gallifrey at the end.

i truly think that the very end scene shouldn't have happened as the message that the effort they made was what counted rather than whether they succeeded or not was infinitely more potent than every thing being wrapped up and perfectly good.
I think doctor who should be murky and mysterious, this ending was instead: its ok the doctor saved everything its fine.

Agreed. The rest of the universe thinks that Gallifrey was destroyed along with the Daleks, the War Doctor and subsequent regenerations up to 11 (or 12 really) remember the decision to destroy it and bear the guilt of it. There is no need to re-write any of the history because due to the out of sync time streams, none of the previous regenerations remember what really happened. It's kind of like how the Doctor got around his death at lake Silencio, he faked it and made everyone believe it really happened to avoid the paradox.

That's the message of the show since Moff took over, nothing as any consequence. A person who dies this week, will be completely fine by the end of the story arc. Or some people can die repeatedly, like Rory, and Clara. But are fine the very next scene. In the classic era and in RTD era, when people died, it meant something. In Moff's era, not so much.

So, time, an infinite, all powerful, all knowing source, was duped by a robot piloted by the numskulls? If paradoxes were so easy to cheat, explain Father's Day? When Rose stopped her dad from dying and the Reapers turned up to eat everything. Why didn't the Reapers turn up when the numbskull Dr cheated time, in Moff's script?

"I never forget a face.."
Matt knows it's his previous self.
"In days to come you might find yourself revisiting a few, but just the old favourites"
Implies he could/will regenerate back into Doctor 4..

But most importantly "perhaps it doesn't matter either way.."
It doesn't matter, maybe he's imagining it, or maybe it really is a later regeneration where he's cycled back..!

Who knows? Who..knows?!

It was explained expressly in the episode that the fixed points in time should be locked, Tennant said this should be locked but something let us through. It was The Moment, AKA Bad Wolf, AKA Rose who let them through. The Moment was sentient, and knew there was another way to end the time war without the destruction. That's why it picked a face from the doctors future.

Also, interesting point. The War Doctor didn't have a companion, and he destroyed gallifrey (or at least he intended to, and thought he did) but Clara wouldn't let her doctor press the big red button. Makes you realise how important a companion is to the doctor. In the end, it was clara who made the doctor realise there was another way. Brilliant stuff. And brilliant in that the episode ended resetting everything to the way proper time line without rewrting everything. i.e. Gallifrey was always moved into a pocket universe, but the doctor forgot due to the timestreams, and thought he had destroyed it.

I just wonder how the doctor is going to remember to go looking for it now, as in theory all of the doctors should forget.

I thought it was because he knew what was going to happen, and wanted to get the intern out of there. However, she came back anyway and got copied. So I don't know,

I am so glad this episode was not a RTD style everyone comes along at the end and there are constant explosions and as many Daleks as possible and Davros and the Master and all the enemies wank-fest. It was a great episode of Doctor Who and really celebrated the show. The only downside is I can now only see Christopher Ecclestone as a massive 'too good to return' pillock.

Semantics (or not knowing the Moffat-verse), but the Timelords didn't expressly refer to Capaldi as the 13th... they said "All 12 - No, 13!".

By that bit of verbal obfuscation it doesn't confirm the numberings at all, nor clarify whether The War Doctor is regarded as an incarnation or standalone.

Does no-one feel cheated by this easy fix resurrection or. Gallifrey being resurrected at all?? I also felt as if it was sort of disrespectful to Russell , a very lacking use of bad wolf imo and Clara still.seems .... Well she still has time so I won't comment on her really - don't get me wrong I was squealing the loudest in our cinema :D but the more au reflect the more queezy I feel about it, still best of the whole last season, with the exception of Asylum of the Daleks and The Angels in Manhattan ... (maybe)

Why mend something that aint broke ? Rather than argue the case for a black, lesbian, child, adult, teenager, blind, blonde, bald, wheelchair bound Doctor....let him continue to be a caucasian male. Keep your meddling hands off the Doctor. Go change something else or go write your own creation.

Why mend something that aint broke ? Rather than argue the case for a female, black, lesbian, child, adult, teenager, blind, blonde, bald, wheelchair bound Doctor....let him continue to be a caucasian male. Keep your meddling hands off the Doctor. Go change something else or go write your own creation.

Errrm....I don't remember The Brigadier's daughter ever falling in love with a Doctor !

Only because she hasn't been in the TARDIS yet. It's his pimpmobile.

Despite my disagreements with his writing style and choices, I felt sorry for him then.

( Facepalm ) Doh !!

I've been too busy enjoying the celebratory tone, clear love of the show in the writing, enthusiastic performances, record-breaking scale of it all, the myriad extra little surprises and generally having a brilliant nerdy weekend to feel anything other than grateful that Doctor Who exists. And it's not even Christmas yet.

Is this the most commented on article on DoG? If not it must be getting there.

It was still "him" (nine) in a sense. Someone who wasn't Hurt Time-Locked the war after all this happened, since the time lock is there for the Master to break. Since we see Hurt regenerate, it must have been nine who made the decision to time-lock the war, not realizing his planet would be spared from being trapped for ever.

Of course it makes it a bit silly because how would he not realize that Gallefrey is absent and the Daleks are dead while time-locking it all?

I think he was saying that the problem was that everything COULD be retrieved.

So how do you create these kinds of pictures as works of art, if the characters are literally being trapped inside like the Zygons? What kind of art form traps living creatures as part of the entertainment?

This special and the Time Lock stuff is almost completely incompatible as far as I see... if Gallefrey is not in its' place in the Time Lock, how did the Master "find" it by simply opening the time lock to the place where it was supposed to be?

Why did Nine, after this special, still create the time lock without realizing that his planet was missing and the daleks had killed each other?

Hurt's "weapon" was, as he said, to destroy the galaxy. That wasn't what Hurt's doctor was supposed to do. No one ever destroyed Gallefrey. The Doctor's "weapon" was the Time Lock that still happened.

Of course the Time Lock is still in place, the Master has to break it, etc. Nothing was changed in the Doctor's time line. Nine, after regenerating, must have continued with the original "time lock everything" plan despite the war being over...

We know this because Ten mentions that the entire situation is Time Locked and they shouldn't be here. The weapon they were there to set off was a "galaxy destroyer", not a time lock, so the time lock was still going to happen.

Which doesn't make any sense since (1) how did Nine fail to notice what had happened at the point the time lock as set up? and (2) why was Gallefrey still in its' position in the Time Lock when the Master unlocked it? It should have been in a pocket dimension, not inside the time lock.

Interesting, I didn't hear that watching the episode. So I guess the time-line is:

- try to blow up Gallefrey (Hurt)

- special culminating in preventing blow up AND Master is pulling the planet out of the Time Lock at the same time

- Master's plan fails, Gallefrey is stuck in the Time Lock

- The Doctors succeed and Gallefrey is put into a pocket dimension

- Ninth Doctor, right after regenerating, sets off the Time Lock in the first place, not realizing that the planet is gone and the Daleks are dead...

I thought it was a mess, personally. Not sure if the actress was awful but the dialogue and plotline was just pointless and boring.

I realize marriage is meaningless to the Doctor, being a 900 year old alien, but it was the punch line to a joke that wasn't even funny... even River Song's marriage (and I love River, but the marriage was a bit silly) was better. Moreover, the fact that the married 11 never mentioned that to 10 was a missed scene imo...

Yeah to be honest I was confused why the Daleks and Time Lords with all of time and space to fight and use, were just having the most conventional war ever and the Daleks could be defeated by removing their target and letting them kill each other. Really?? Come on.

Especially since it wasn't even necessary to defeat the Daleks in such a blatantly stupid way. They were time-locked they could win the war and it wouldn't matter so long as someone put up a Time Lock.

The whole time war thing was a bit underwhelming...

To be fair, the description of the Time War was obviously stuff that couldn't be shown on a TV screen. But they could have at least kept it vague and not shown a silly fleet surrounding a silly planet (did the Time Lords not have a fleet then? lol).

Not sure if it has been discussed yet, but as soon as Gallifrey is found and restored then presumably the Master can/will return.

I only wish we had seen Hurt regenerate into Eccleston, but its just a minor niggle. it would of fixed the timeline confusions some people had

You can now purchase it on iTunes. Which I did first thing this morning. Now I can watch it again on the bus ride in to work....and listen to it it (well, yeah, I'll be sneaking a peek) during the day.

Was the original premise that a time lord can regenerate only 13 times? If so, does this mean that Peter Capaldi will be the last doctor? Or will some creative writing sidestep this detail?

It's generally accepted that Time Lords have 13 lives although there have been various workarounds seen. The most likely thing seems to be the Doctor being offered additional lives in return for saving Gallifrey. That's just my guess though :)

Just a few seconds of Eccleston would've gone a long way, I really hoped he was in there somewhere as well.

I'd agree about The Light At The End, it was a little flat. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it but I've certainly listened to much better Big Finish stories. In my mammoth day of The Doctor I also read all 12 issues of Prisoners Of Time, I really liked that, recommended!

Throughout the day I finally watched the 2 found Troughton stories as well, really enjoyed Enemy Of The World, I'd heard it was a bit of a duffer but I thought it was great fun, Troughton had a blast with it. An Adventure In Space And Time almost reduced me to tears, I finished the day with the brilliant Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, amazing stuff!

I think there are elements of the Zygon storyline that are open to personal interpretation, so I'd only be guessing, maybe Moff has something else planned for them that might clear that up, probably not! Either way it didn't spoil what I thought was a truly amazing episode of Who. 30 days until Matt's swansong and we see Capaldi, I'm going to have to start counting them down!

A great episode of Who, but one which also demonstrates the huge gulf in budgets and SFX between BBC shows and American products. The time war just looked...small, with all the on-the-ground action looking poorly realised.
Given that this was broadcast in 94 countries and has been hyped for months, and will make the Beeb some nice cash, surely they could have ramped up the budget. With monthly reports in the press of the BBC wasting money left, right and centre, this seemed like a missed opportunity to make a world class episode of TV and bring in a lot of new fans.

The Episode was "Entertaining" and got alot of things right,but if u want to nitpick there was lots of things i dindnt like about and i just cant ignore them (most of these criticisms were near the start).

1.The Characterization of the 10th Doctor was disrespectful to RTD.I didt like how 10th Doctors seriousness was turned into a Joke. ie, the rabbit scene and him misreading zygon detecting the machine, moffat seems to be making fun of how 10 was a serious man.

2. the 10th doctors sonic screwdriver is the wrong color, The yellow screwdriver handle was used 9ths era, 10th Doctor screwdriver handle is grey in series 2-4-specials-and season 5 ep 1)

3. The 10th Doctor is a flirt,WHY ? he wasent this randy in series 1-4, he fell in love not woooo all the woman he seen, He winked at the 11th doctor when he seen how sexy clara was ???, he`s not Cpt.Kirk.

4. Last 10th Doctor niggle, it never explained what part of his timeline he came from, it was obviously after season 3, but were after S3, Before the End of time or after Planet of the Dead, ????

5. Kate Stwerts PA with the glasses was potrayed as a stereotypical "Hollwood" style Nerd with glasses and a health defect, this was out of place in Doctor who, dr who has always had a message of acceptance and the everyone is special. now a days its not as embarrasing to be geek like it was in the 90s when i was a child. This sort of Nerd potrayel was Awfule. Doctor Who was always a show about moving forward and celebrating science and people involved in science, not insult those who are enthusiastic, if this were an american film i wodnt care, it Doctor Who not some american jock film.

6. Rose was not actually Rose. if rose wasent going to be init why bother bring back billie to play a Computer interface.

7. Moffat has dont it again for the 3rd time. Hes wiped everything RTD has put down, now the doctor dint kill the time lords and Everybody lives, Bullshit.

8. Would it have killed them to have Ian Chesterton walk into the classroom to say hello to clara before she leaves, and no idont want everyone ever on dr who back. They should have got ian for at least 5 second cameo.

9. Not enough daleks

10. Latly the 9th doctors theme should have been more porminent throughout like the dalek song was.

Other than that I Loved it.

Steven Moffat said in an interview that while Matt Smith's Doctor is still the 11th as John Hurt's Doctor never called himself 'the Doctor', the regeneration at Christmas will be the final one (until they get round it I guess!): "Paul McGann turns into John Hurt so they're not the same incarnation. He used up another regeneration and I expect he'll be in trouble shortly - you can't break rules laid down in 'The Deadly Assassin'," he teased (from an interview in Digital Spy)

Should have said 'he hinted that the regeneration at Christmas will be the final one'!!

God, that has to be the biggest load of twaddle I've ever heard in my life - "it's not a regeneration because he never called himself the Doctor"???

I should point out that he would have quite happily referred to himself as The Doctor right up until the point where he felt he didn't deserve the title - when he wiped everyone out - which was, incidentally, right at the end before he regenerated.

If this is the weak **** Moffat is coming up with, it's about time he handed the reins over to someone who can put together a half decent plot. Is JJ Abrams doing much at the moment?

The Xmas thing looks good, plus there seems to be a new arc for the new doctor...

Tennant is just supreme. Smith is good but Tennant just stole the show for me.

Agree that the Zygon plot got rather pushed to one side.

Was Tom Baker supposed to be playing the Doctor at the end? I really can't decide.

I thought they were going to have a couple of seconds of Eccleston with the Hurt regeneration but no. As this didn't happen can we be sure there isn;t at least one more between Hurt and Eccleston?

I read an idea on DoG ages ago that perhaps when a Doctor regenerates, the original body effectively gets...sent somewhere, and lives out its days as a (mostly) ageing human. It's a bit clunky, but was a lovely way of reopening the door to the older (I refuse to say "classic") actors. Oh, the irony, actors who play a time traveller being beaten out of a role by time passing unstoppably.

But isn't it realistic to assume that if the mechanic of time travel was available to you and a solution to a past tragedy presented itself to you, like it does to the 11th Doctor in DoTD, that you'd do something to fix it? It seems very real to me that, with the unique situation of having three Doctors together, he made the decision to relieve himself of his guilt and save his people. The 9th Doctor mentioned in Father's Day that it had occurred to him to save the Time Lords, but he had no way of doing so. Here, he did. It just makes sense that he'd do something about it.

Hmm, RTD? No thanks. Huge respect for the man for bringing back Doctor who and he did some great episodes but to me he always crossed too many lines.

If he did the 50th:

David Tennant would still be the Doctor, or whatever pretty boy took RTD's eye at that time.
No past doctors would have been included. (RTD never really celebrated the past)
It would have been set on Earth in the year 2013
An army of 40' cybus cybermen would have been threatening central London.
The Daleks would show up, with there own 40' versions just to balance the fight. Perhaps a couple of Dalek emperors too.
chuck in some sontarans for good measure.
John Simm as the master would have a scheme in all of the above too.
Jack, Martha, Rose, Micky, Donna, Wilf, Sarah Janes son and K9 would
all team up to help. (That is about the limit of RTD's nostalgia).
The whole universe, time and creation would have been under threat!
The story line would be a mash up of various populer sci-fi movies/games with no original ideas.

doctor would save the day thanks to everyone in the world chanting "I
do believe in fairies (Sorry, Doctors), I do, I do!" somehow giving him
super powers and all the bad will just melt away following some wibbly
wobbly timey wimey stuff (don't forget, it was RTD that came up with
that catchprhrase).

The episode will end with the doctor sharing a passionate kiss with any of the male supporting cast.

special we got was fantastic and I couldn't have asked for more.
Stephen Moffat has made my year and has made be feel 12 years old again.

...there are many kinds of monster present within the Whoniverse that would trap living creatures as an art form, but I get your point. To be clear, I didn't say I agreed with it, I just said that a precedent had been set within the script and clearly flagged earlier in the episode.

The Master didn't "find" Gallifrey - he was the trigger signal for the Time Lords to find him and escape it. And Gallifrey is in it's place and time both before and after it was destroyed - it's a time locked time war, where every events continually repeat itself.

It is often referenced from 2005 onwards that The Doctor saw Gallifrey burn - that he caused the destruction of his people, and The Daleks by using The Moment. It is NEVER implicitly stated that The Doctor instigated the Time Lock, or that the moment is anything more than a giant bomb (albeit a sentient very Douglas Adams!), but more so that the events BECAME Time Locked due to repeated use of time travel between various points in it. The Moment (also known as The Galaxy Destroyer!) did NOT Time Lock the war - it caused Gallifrey, the amassed Dalek fleet, and any other planet that got in it's way, to burn.

It's difficult to picture because the time war does exactly what it says on the tin - it is a war of indeterminable length happening all at once over and over again - with factions from both sides repeatedly using time travel to change the outcome of battles and events. Everything from the very first day to the very last is constantly happening - and as the show is told from the perspective of the current Doctor, and Gallifrey is removed from the Time War at the point when it was originally destroyed, on the "last day", none of the preceding events in the war are changed, and his past selves have no knowledge of it - thus none of the series HAS to be retconned, all of his guilt remains, but 11 and on know the truth, so nothing changes while everything changes. Brilliant writing if you ask me!

Not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords - I would imagine that, following the events we have seen, there would be a considerable uprising against the people that ordered those's happened in our history - who's to say it won't happen in their future?

Similarly, The Daleks now know that they were ALMOST erased from existence as a result of that war - even they wouldn't be stupid enough to do things like that again (if they were they wouldn't have formed part of The Alliance against The Doctor and help in the creation of The Pandorica)...they would try to find other ways of claiming the universe for themselves!

no they didnt cause if it happened this way it always happened this way cause the moment brought john hurt to the future to see himself. he just thought he blow them up cause he couldnt remember anything

I honestly despise the very idea of the Alliance, because it goes against the character of most of the involved races to band together, even if the universe would be at stake. Instead they would probably try to kill everybody else and try to claim the universe for themselves.

As for the Gallifreyans, let's imagine the worst possible outcome of sealing Gallifrey in a single frozen moment and time-locking the rest of the Time War: Rassilon and the other powerful Time Lords would be stuck on Gallifrey together with the normal non-Time Lord Gallifreyans and lord over them in an even more horrific manner. If they can move within the frozen moment and are aware of their complete isolation, then they might feel compelled to try to escape from the seal and might become even more monstrous than during the Time War, like an entire army of Omegas. Considering that non-Time Lord Gallifreyans don't seem to be that different from regular humans and that Rassilon had virtually the entire establishment on his side, as well as how insanely powerful they in turn all are, I'd say that Gallifrey might become eerily similar to North Korea.

Besides that, the Daleks are doing more than fine these days and have resumed their old position within the struggle for Galactic domination. And now the Doctor's main story seems to be about discovering Gallifrey again and possibly bringing it back to regular time and space. This could in the worst case lead to an even more devastating Time War, when the Time Lords and Daleks start duking it out again. That might actually be what the Silence is worried that the Doctor will accomplish and decide to stop him.

You missed the joke.

Eccleston was kinda in it. You saw a flash of his eyes through Hurt's regeneration. It wasn't newly shot footage, but seeing those eyes through the light was just enough to satisfy me as having it fully complete.

I too thought the Alliance thing was a misstep. However, it happened, and as such represents canonical behaviour for the characters...they may all crave universal dominion, but they at least have the sense to see that in order for them to rule it, it has to actually be there (which is stark contrast to Davros' reality bomb, and Rassilon's Final Sanction, as well as numerous other Who plots...but still, precedent is precedent, whether it underwrites its own history or not!)

The only other angle I can see is that Gallifrey is now trapped in a single moment, frozen in time - how long a moment that is is speculatory, but I would assume that it is long enough for its time sensitive inhabitants to understand that they are in it (and hence have hope that they can be set free), but not long enough for a small faction of Gallifreyan hierarchy to persuade a planet-wide war torn populous that all those atrocities were committed in the name of peace and if (when) The Doctor finally locates and frees Gallifrey, it will be interesting to see if Rassilon is still there (ie whether the events depicted in TEOT had already happened before the moment Gallifrey was frozen or if they were STILL happening...timey wimey...and what the outcome of The Masters attack on them was) and if, at all, events have progressed from where they were left.

At the very least, all the things being discussed here create many opportunities for future writing and production staff - Here's to the next 50 years!

The Master's return does indeed become infinitely more likely than if Gallifrey had burned. Besides that it also raises a great mystery of what has happened to the planet and whether its return is good or bad. Lots of good potential there.

Firstly, I read somewhere else that Moffat said that the regeneration into Hurt counts as a regeneration, but it's only the numbering system that hasn't changed because John Hurt isn't the Doctor so he's not the 8th Doctor he the Warrior or the War Doctor - so the regeneration counts but the numbering system stays the same - 9 is still the 9th Doctor because Hurt isn't the 9th Doctor - he's he's own man. I've also heard that the upcoming special actually deals with Matt Smith being the LAST Doctor - and his regeneration will come as a surprise to him. The special addresses the fact that he's actually regenerated 12 times already with the Hurt Doctor & the metacrisis Doctor (10.5 in "Journey's End") taken into account. That's what I'm hearing anyways. "Who knows?"

Moff delivered! That was a wonderful outing for the Doctor and simply exceptional telly. Personally, I don't see why anyone would feel short-changed by the 50th, that was exciting, funny, clever and moving.

I was enchanted by Steven Moffat on top form here again, indulging the fans in his characteristically challenging style. The way he brought back Miss Piper -cheekily reincarnating her as a genie representing the Doctor's conscience- was a master stroke. I was resistant to the idea of a story based in the time war, feeling this could be more effective in our imagination, but it was spectacular and thought provoking.

I also enjoyed the sonic allegory: like the screwdriver, the various incarnations of the Doctor had different casings but with the same basic software. A comparison dying to be used in the show at some point and serving to support the conclusion of the story, when all the Doctors teamed up to save Gallifrey.

I thought Hurt was magnificent and I recognised my beloved Time Lord within his big sad eyes immediately. Whatever number Doctor history assigns him. I'm sure I could make out the faint visage of our Northern accented rogue Time Lord amidst the shimmerings. But I could be wrong.

I disagree.

1. The Doctor used a similar device in the "Blink" also written by Moffat; that one worked but had side effects involving exploding chickens I think so there's a precedent for this sort of thing. And the 10th Doctor was often funny. He wasn't always serious.

2. I honestly didn't notice the sonic but as far as I knew the 9th & 10th's were exactly the same. I guess I don't know everything. :) Good spot.

3. 10 flirted with Rose, Sarah Jane Smith, Madame de Pompadour (and those were all within his first 5 or 6 episodes). He also flirted with Martha and countless others. His adventure with Elizabeth I is a long running joke within the series that began with "The Shakespeare Code". And we also have to remember that this version of 10 is likely to be acting slightly out of character.

4. This version of the Doctor marries Elizabeth I; in "The End of Time, Part I" he mentions to the Ood that since he ran away from them in "The Waters of Mars" this was one of the adventures he's had while he's been running away from his own death - so this story is set between those 2 specials; in the latter he's 906 years old so that all fits.

5. I thought she was fantastic. She's the one who figured out the bit with the statues...and she fought back and in the end she did her bit to make peace with the Zygons. How is she not awesome?

6. I love that it wasn't Rose. Rose's story feels finished; it has a beginning and a middle and a happy ending for Rose and her Doctor. But having Billie there as Bad Wolf / Rose / The Moment (which ties into her line "The Time War Ends" in "The Parting of the Ways") allowed for the War Doctor to meet a version of Rose before he became 9 and met her; this adds symmetry to the 10th Doctor visiting Rose in "The End of Time, Part II", before she met 9; now some version of them have both met the other before their believed first meeting. Also, it comments on the Rose / Doctor relationship and gives a nice nod to the Bad Wolf storyline. Having said all that I have friends who feel exactly the way you do! :)

7. I don't think it is bullshit...and I'm one of those people that hates Moffat's everybody lives thing. Firstly, I don't think anything was changed at all - I think his happened every time; I don't know how anyone could prove otherwise. Also, the Doctor did commit genocide - only it was against 1 race (the Daleks) instead of 2. And though it's nice that he saved a bunch of Time Lord children and his home planet, it means he also saved the bad Time Lords from "The End of Time" as well - so it's not a perfect, happy ending. Plus his actions here ensure that 9, 10, and most of 11's life will be spent regretting and mourning for something that he didn't really do - which is still very tragic and moving. And, let's not forget that while Gallifrey was saved it was also frozen in another universe that may or may not ever be found, so even with this new knowledge, the struggle isn't over yet. I like it.

8. It wouldn't have fit into continuity for Ian Chesterton to walk in. In The Sarah Jane Adventures "Death of the Doctor, Part II" they say that he and Barbara haven't aged since the 60's - and they probably didn't have time to explain all that - so the nods to his character, both his title and his photograph and the school were homage enough.

9. How many Daleks would have been enough? Personally, I'm not a huge Dalek fan, so I've been very happy with the use of them in the last few years...though I do love "Asylum of the Daleks".

10. I thought the subtle use of older music, which I noticed constantly, was brilliant and subtle and classy and moving. I'm so glad they didn't over do it. :)

12 regenerations. 13 lives. It's rumored that the upcoming Christmas Special will address this and I'm sure they will sidestep it in some way (thankfully).

This is always the case with Dr Who, has been ever since they rebooted it. Complete non-story.

My imagination has just been blown by the Dr Who 50th Anniversary episode - Felt like i was a child again - gripped, thrilled and emotionally exhausted -

was it just me or were we being fed a weeping angel red herring with the covered up statues and stone dust?

It's not a matter of mending what isn't broken, but expanding on the possibilities and offering a greater diversity of experience and perspective. A female doctor would offer different possible story lines and interactions with past and future companions. It would bring about a possible change in focus from the doctor as a character and how others treat the doctor. Considering how much and how often in recent years that they have revisited past companions and situations, how would those various previous interactions be shaded by the unconcious bias we as people all maintain without even being aware of its existence. Previous friends, allies and even enemies would have to have a different reaction to a female doctor then they would a male. And that would be an interesting facet of the character to explore.

What I don't get is this: why did the War Doctor regenerate? He wasn't injured, so what caused it?

old age, just like the first doctor, hence repeating his words before regenerating

well they did super-impose eccleston's eyes, so I think it was implied to be eccleston.

The chap who played The Master was the same chap who played the Master in Keeper of Traken....and in fact the same chap who has played the Master in many Big Finish stories. His name is Geoffrey Beevers and he's actually quite brilliant!

Oh I completely agree with that, I just didn't agree with people who said they think the original plan was to have Eccleston as the Doctor who used the Moment and when he backed out Moffat just replaced him with Hurt almost line-for-line.

Agreed! Eccleston is an immature diva. His bad attitude is more than well-documented, but without his juvenile "I'll do what I like" behaviour we wouldn't have had the brilliant John Hurt.....looks like it all worked out for the best.

well if it happened that way then it always happened that way cause for john hurt it was his present not past he just doesnt remember, thats why he thought he destroyed his planet

I don't think it'll go that far. My current theory is that the time lords in Arcadia didn't tell the High Council about The Doctors' plan because they were a bit mad by that point and so the drumbeat plan went ahead but they were actually getting pulled out of stasis and not a time lock. Or something.

We had M&S ones - it was that special an occasion

Agree. He could've adapted the story to fit Doctor's 8 or 9 but I never felt the War Doctor was tacked on at all.

actually i think it was called a "galaxy eater" wich would imply something other than simple destruction.

Trust me....the Doctor will continue to be male. I have no intention of writing him any other way.

Having now given in to the overwhelmingly positive response around the world, I've actually put aside my dislike of the opening and watched the whole thing. While I still have issues with some of it, it was a largely positive experience overall and worthy of a lot of the praise it's been getting.

With some tightening and tweaking it could have been so much more, though, that's the sad thing. I'll admit to a warm tingling feeling and a tear when the 13 Doctors united towards a common goal but not nearly as much as I would have done had there been some hinted suggestion/explanation as to how they were assembled.

"This time there's more than one of us."
"When shall we three meet again?"
"At the moment. In the meantime, Gentlemen, we have some work to do!"
"You know, I'm excited just to be a part of this plan."

Having withdrawal symptoms already. Really want more of the new ninth doctor and his battered old Tardis.

So, nearly two weeks on and, now the dust has settled and the sugar rush of watching what was undeniably an exciting and surprisingly well-written episode has passed, it's time to say what has been bothering me: this just wasn't how we should have celebrated the 50th. Somehow, a way should have been found to include all of the surviving actors who have played the character (even though CE still wouldn't have shown up!) - not as flashbacks or clips but actually on set.

Yes, they might all look older now but, if even I can think up storylines that would accomodate this, I'm sure it wouldn't have been beyond the wit of SM.

The Day Of The Doctor was big and brash and whizz-bang but The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot was a far better celebration; it's just a shame that it was necessary.

If you're in Newcastle March next year, Tom Baker and Paul McGann at the Newcastle Film and Comic Con!

Because an actor who wants to distance himself from a role should totally HAVE to return to it just to make YOU happy. AMIRITE?

It took a couple viewings for me to notice, but when the General enters the room on Gallifrey he's told that the High Council's plan has failed. The end of time happens just before this from Gallefrey's perspective.

Time wasn't "duped". The fixed point in time was ALWAYS the robot's destruction. The Doctor used that to make people think he himself had died.

Did anyone notice a red light over curator's ear during chat with 11?

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