Doctor Who: 9 things we know about Clara/Oswin

Feature Louisa Mellor 3 Jan 2013 - 07:31

Post-Christmas Special, we’re still barely the wiser about the Doctor’s new companion. Let’s tot up the facts so far…

Warning: contains spoilers for Asylum Of The Daleks and The Snowmen.

The soufflé, a delicately baked concoction of egg yolks and whites, is so named for the French verb souffler, meaning to blow or breathe out, is usually made in a ramekin, and was popularised by nineteenth century chef Marie Antonin Carême.

While it’s extremely unlikely that any of the above information will provide a clue to the mystery of the Doctor’s new companion, when it comes to what Jenna-Louise Coleman terms the “mad genius” of Steven Moffat, it’s best to cast your net wide. Ramekins then, blowing things up, and French Revolution-era chefs are all being added to our CSI-style evidence wall of Things We Actually Know about soufflé girl aka Clara Oswald Oswin aka Oswin.

Here’s what we need answering: what is the connection between Oswin the Dalek and Clara the governess? How is the same woman reappearing at different points in time, memory-less of her past selves? Where and who is her family? What is her link to the Doctor? Was she born behind the clock face of Big Ben? And most importantly, did she invent fish?

9. She’s not the girl who waited 

Instead, she’s the girl who pursued - or as the Eleventh Doctor might have it, the “bird who smiled” (we’ll put the Gene Hunt lingo down to his post-Pond humbuggery). No sitting in her red wellies by the garden swing waiting for the Raggedy Doctor for this companion, once she claps eyes on her quarry, it’s a running pursuit, a clamber onto the roof of his carriage, and an upside-down “Doctor Who?”, before the credits have even rolled. A woman of action and hand-grabbing, hang about Clara does not.

8. She lives a double/triple/n-ple life 

Before we even wade into the multiple era versions, the Clara we meet in The Snowmen already leads a double life. Initially, we meet her as Clara the barmaid from The Rose & Crown, before she dons a higher neckline, clips her vowels, and becomes Miss Montague, the governess of Darkover House (which, incidentally, seem to have about as much luck with governesses as Hogwarts does with Defence Against The Dark Arts teachers).

Asylum of the Daleks saw Coleman’s character similarly split, though this time as a psychological coping mechanism rather than an act of spirited social climbing. First presented as a shipwrecked Junior Entertainments Officer with a taste for Bizet and baking, it was revealed by the end of the episode that Oswin not only hadn’t evaded capture by the Daleks, but had in fact been transformed into one of them. So that’s at least four identities for the new companion – soufflé girl, Dalek, Barmaid, and Governess, to which we can add the modern day ‘Clara’ glimpsed next to her former self’s headstone in the teaser trailer for coming episodes.

7. She’s curious 

In The Snowmen, Clara’s first remark to the Doctor is a question, and the inquisitiveness continues from then on in. The one-word reason she gives Vastra for seeking out the Doctor? Curiosity, the prerequisite of any Who companion worth their salt.

Like Astrid Peth before her, Oswin joined the crew of a starship to see the universe only to fall at her first voyage, but unlike Astrid, Oswin - or at least a version of her - is about to get a second (or third, or fourth?) chance.

6. She’s quick on the uptake 

Add the ability to psychically melt a horde of snowmen (collective noun for a group of snowmen? A herd? A gaggle? A Frosty?) to the “total screaming genius” who erased the Doctor from the pathweb in Asylum of the Daleks, and we’re left with the distinct impression that Clara/Oswin is one smart cookie.

Of late, the Doctor’s companions have come to knowledge and understanding during their time in the TARDIS, - Donna’s transformation from vapid Chat Magazine-reader to the Doctor Donna was an accelerated example – but Clara/Oswin seems to have hit the ground running, if you'll excuse the er, unfortunate turn of phrase.

5. She’s brave 

In terms of unflappability, compare Alice the housemaid’s reaction to meeting Vastra, Jenny, Strax, and the – I’m going for herd – herd of snowmen to Clara’s excited, wide-eyed absorption of the alien world in which she finds herself. This Victorian heroine is no hysterical fainting lady. “What’s wrong with dangerous?”. Indeed.

The character’s bravery is accompanied by a streak of independence so wide it could be seen from space (should come in handy, that), which means that Clara isn’t much one for following orders. “The governess should enter by the back door unless accompanied by the children”, “Don’t follow me”, “Stay in there” and  “Don’t come looking for me, forget about me” are just some of the instructions Clara neglects to heed in The Snowmen.

4. She’s a terrible flirt 

By which I mean that she’s extremely good at it. In Asylum of the Daleks, Oswin’s dialogue is peppered with flirtation, from teasing the Doctor and Rory about their respective chin and nose, to telling Rory he shared a name with the first boy she ever fancied (a self-confessed lie, it was Nina - she was going through a phase).

Clara’s saucy looks to both Alice and Vastra in The Snowmen indicate that it might be more than just a Sapphic ‘phase’ her iteration of the character is going through, though that full-on Doctor snog and cheeky moment on the ladder could suggest otherwise… Either way, both Clara and Oswin are weapons-grade flirts.

3. The Doctor doesn’t save her. Twice. 

The series new episode teaser trailer said it: she’s "the woman twice-dead". That’s one death on an exploded asylum planet post Dalek-transformation, and one gravity based demise, both of which the Doctor fails to save her from.

2. Clara was born on the 23rd of November 

Which, as eagle-eyed viewers have pointed out, is the date that Doctor Who first premiered on the BBC 49-and-a-bit years ago, back in 1963. What was it that the Doctor tells Amy in The Pandorica Opens? Never ignore a coincidence, unless Steven Moffat put it in, in which case he's probably just messing with us (not the Doctor's exact words, but you get the gist).

We’re privy to the date of Clara Oswin Oswald’s birth thanks to her headstone which also bears the inscription “Remember me, for we shall meet again”. This pithy little motto recalls the many appearances of the ‘remember’ motif in this and recent episodes. We saw snow and ice that remembers, and the memory worm in the Christmas Special. The Doctor instructed Amy and Rory in Asylum of the Daleks to “make them remember you”, and Oswin instructed the Doctor (twice) to “run, run you clever boy, and remember". So here's another question to add to our growing list: who chipped that cunning, theme-tying-in message on Clara's headstone?

1. She’s not possible 

But then again, neither was that astronaut.

To quote another character Steven Moffat has taken onto his roster in recent years, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”. That might work for flappy-coated rationalists, but it certainly doesn’t apply to the world of Doctor Who, a universe where we're asked to believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.

That's roughly the extent of what we know about Clara/Oswin the impossible then, now to start building the theories...

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She's the Rani.

I'll get my coat.

I will reserve judgement until I see how Sherlock escaped death in the upcoming Sherlock season..if it is believable then I'm very intrigued with Oswin, if it's something that the Moff just comes up with as he went along then I'd still watch the Dr but will invest less emotions.

Very worthwhile article,since,as you say we're still basically none the wiser about the new character yet.You omitted ,in your list, to note that the characters may have some kind of universal consciousness considering their similar attributes and interests and that the chance recital of the 'Pond' word in Vastra's one word test to attract the Doctor's attention might not have been accidental,if she has any awareness of Oswins' experiences in the future.

You'll more than likely find out the secret of Oswin before we learn how Sherlock survived seeing as it hasnt started shooting yet.

Are you a Time Lord whose Companion just died and you know you shouldn't be alone because of what happened to you on Mars but you are wary of taking on a new one in case the new Companion dies too? Then you need Clara, the Companion who can die as many times as you want, because you can always pop through time and pick up another version of her.

He's right you know - Sherlock airs this time next year (early 2014) - by that time the second half of series 7 and the 50th Anniversary episode(s) will be several months behind us.

nice summary, but to paraphrase Moffat again "we'll just do a thing & it'll be all ok". Now if there was only a way to get him involved with Torchwood...........

I think she's somehow a physical manifestation of The Doctor's ideal companion. She has all the Doctor's favourite qualities in his companions in abundance and it just makes me think that the fact the Doctor finds the exact companion that he needs post-Ponds is no coincidence this time.

That does sound feasible

#10 - She's a very good reason Dads can enjoy watching Doctor Who. Even an episode as utterly ridiculous as the Snowmen. I mean - seriously?

I love how little we know about her. Moffat really does have a masterplan here.

Since she was born on the same day as the Doctor Who Series, perhaps she is the Tardis reincarnated yet again.

I think it's safe to say that she's not a Time Lord since she doesn't really regenerate in the conventional sense. I'd love it though, if she turned out to be Romana.

I wonder if the 50th Anniversary and the mystery of Oswin are going to be used as a vehicle to explain why the TARDIS exploded back in series 5 and who exactly The Silence are and what they are up to...

Another great Article Louisa, really liked the "hit the ground running"

aaaaaand now I really want to see the TARDIS land at Milliways, thanks for that DoG.

Say what you will about Moffat but he really does know how to throw something new into the mix with tremendous style. He's also remarkably good at hiding important stuff in plain sight so I can't help but wonder if the Clara mystery is diverting attention from other questions. The Great Intelligence for example, yes it ties into episodes past but would you put it past Moffat to build it into the show's future too?

Moffat admits to being influenced by Douglas Adams. Could have split herself in time, like Count Scarlatti in City of Death? She's certainly got the moves like Jageroth (sorry).

Ok, So something has been bugging me since the Christmas special. The two last names of Clara. If noticed that they both contain the letter W. so After careful figuring, I might have stumbled on to something. First her first name, Clara, never changes. Second, her last name does, Oswin then Oswald. I think that Clara is a letter bank and by replacing the W in the last names creates an anagram. Read on. If you take Oswin and replace the W with the letter C from Clara you get OSCIN which is an exact anagram for SONIC. If you replace the W in OSWALD with the R from Clara, you get OSRALD which is an exact anagram for DORSAL which could also refer to BACK. My guess is that Clara will have a new last name in the next show and one of the remaining letters, L,A,A, will help form a new anagram. Any thoughts?

Yeah that exploding TARDIS is really bugging me, Im confident the silence will return when "the question is asked" seeing as they wanted to kill the Doctor to prevent that happening. Also I still believe the silence and the army they set up to kill the Doctor had something to do with Omega so its likely it was his voice we heard before the TARDIS blew up but he hasnt half dragged it out, casual viewers will have forgotten by the time we get an answer.

I'm not sure. You might be on to something but I thought it was Russell T. Davies who was obsessed with anagrams. But it's possible that her surname is a key to figuring out who she is.

I don't personally subscribe to the theory I put forth but I do think that the relationship between The Doctor and Clara is most akin to The Doctor and Romana so here is a possible scenario for it to turn out to be miss Romanaveratnalunda.

Let's say that Romana too used a Kamelian device to turn herself human. She then became the Clara who became a Dalek. Now, we never actually discovered what happens to a Timelord when they are killed after using the Kamelian arch. They certainly won't regenerate but perhaps the arch has a back up plan. We already know that the TARDIS creates a life and background for the changed Timelord. Maybe, when death occurs it somehow transports the essence of that person and sets them up with another life in another place and time. Hence, Clara's different lives in different times and places an alternative to regeneration for the Timelord turned human.

I honestly don't think this is the case but I have enjoyed dreaming it up.

That said, wouldn't surprise me if she turns out to be the Doctor's and Rivers granddaughter and that Moffat, for the fiftieth anniversary is giving us a modern take on a certain Unearthly Child. She is intelligent like a Timelord, speaks like Romana used to and has a mystery involving time and space... Would make that kiss a bit dodgy though, but if it's okay for Luke and Leia...

"Moves like Jageroth" Excellent! I think you might have stumbled upon the title of a future Moffat script.

Clara means "clear, bright, famous", Oswin means "friend of the Lord", and Oswald means "power of the Lord". Just throwing that out there.

Also, the Great Intelligence = Yog-Sothoth. More Lovecraftian references to come, I bet.

What in the world are you babbling about?

In "Asylum of the Daleks" she introduced herself as Oswin Oswald. Oswin is a first name or middle name and Oswald is her last name. In "The Snowman" her FIRST name is Clara, her MIDDLE name is Oswin, and her last name remains Oswald.

How about Clara being a trap for the Doctor? She's been peppered throughout time at particular eras where she is likely to run into the Doctor and her nature is designed to pursue and ensnare the Doctor by pushing all his buttons so that she is bound to become a companion. The dual nature could indicate that she may or may not be aware of her purpose.

This suggests that someone really wants to get hold of the Doctor for some reason and will use his natural curiosity against him.

She did say when she went into the TARDIS that she wasn't really sweet and her appearance is very convenient plus whoever has been attacking the Doctor has been watching everything he does.

One question: Oswin or Captain Jack... Who would win the "Flirt off"???? (after all, they both have kissed a Doctor...)

What if she's the Doctor's daughter's daughter? Maybe Jenny gave birth to her,and because Jenny died and was brought back to life again, now, whenever Clara dies,she is brought back to life also?

Perhaps River Song didn't really use up all of her regenerations and this is a future River who got into some time splitting trouble.

Or perhaps this relates to the crack in time and the TARDIS explosion from Matt Smith's first series.

Or perhaps this is the first wife of the Doctor, Susan's grandmother.

Or perhaps this is someone who escaped from Gallifrey out of the Time War but was split in time in the process and can't regenerate.

Or perhaps this is another daughter of Rory and Amy who escaped but was split in time.

Number 8, she lives a n-ple life? Ohh err..

It's a bit of a long shot, but my theory is...

She (the modern clara) was the person trying to create that TARDIS above that house under the influence of the Daleks who have given her lots of knowledge. (which enables her to delete the Doctor from the Dalek's history). They want to know how a TARDIS works so they can cause the Doctors TARDIS to explode. The Daleks then turn Clara into a dalek so she cannot remember what she's done, but because she's now so clever she remembers so they lock her up. When the Doctor 'reboots' the universe, he brings back Clara (but in the victorian era) because she was the key to the whole thing , but cannot remember anything now because the reboot wiped her memory. I think the doctor will now find the modern day Clara, and because she's with the Doctor, the daleks will capture her to use to create a TARDIS.

I doubt any of that will be anywhere near correct - but that's my theory! Haha :D

The Doctor's already snogged both his mother and farther in-law. He's a bit past wierd hook-ups.

I believe the "TARDIS" above Craig's house was the Silence's ship from "Day of the Moon." It was the same set, anyway. It was abandoned without a crew, because River killed the crew in 1969 and didn't realize the ship itself could be dangerous. It does make sense that the Oswins he's run into on Earth are earlier in her timeline than the Dalek, since they are earlier in real time as well.

Exactly what I thought

oswin=captain jack

Aside from Jack, I really want to see Jenny again.

I think that Clara might be a product of the Silence, just like River Song. I think that maybe these “Claras” that we are seeing are duplicate “gangers” as in “The
Rebel Flesh/The Almost People”. The Silence did it with fake Amy/fake
Baby, so why not arrange for someone completely new to tantalize the
Doctor and make him curious – luring him to his death.

The Doctor will figure out that the Claras are duplicates and that the Silence has the
“original” Clara with them. The Doctor will want to rescue her only to
fall into the trap (located on the fields of Trenzalore?) I’ll also
mention here that Clara knew the “one word” that would capture the
Doctor’s interest and make him investigate. “Pond”. Now just how would
Clara know that?! (The Silence will have fed her that info.)

I even think it’s possible that the “Original” Clara (held with the Silence) will prove to be the 11th Doctor’s assassin.

Hmmmm. An assassin with the last name Oswald? I find this so interesting that…

…I can’t possibly be right! Because Steven Moffat constantly throws
misdirection out in every direction.

Yes, Clara’s tombstone at the end of “The Snowmen” reads that she was born November 23rd. Of course, that’s the air-date birth of “Doctor Who”. But that fact really can't have any connection to the character as that would be "breaking the fourth wall" between "Doctor Who", a BBC production, and the Universe the Doctor exists in. I find it more likely that the November 23rd date is connected to the November 22nd (1963) assassination of President Kennedy. Let's see... what was Kennedy's assassin's name? Oh that's it. Lee Harvey ---

So again, I’m reading so much into it, that I’m going to be proven
completely wrong. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go climb up the
flight of stairs to the non-existent third-level of Amy Pond’s house
and have a good think on the subject of conspiracies.


Damn, that's actually quite genius! I cannot wait for that Fields of Trenzalore episode, the Silence are not a creation that are gonna die without attaining Dalek-level infamy

I am, to this day, waiting for that Kamelian Arch to return. If I were Moffat, I would be drooling all over that little Dream Machine! And I think that would be fraggin' amazing for them to make a second Unearthly Child, and the new TARDIS console makes that even more of a possibility...

I think she's a trap. Perhaps multiple clones of someone that are scattered through time and space, placed to lead the Doctor back somewhere.
A nice twist would be that she been placed there by his Grandaughter, who's grown up to be powerful, corrupt and slightly peeved to have been stranded in the 22nd century :)

It's no coincidence that she was born on November 23rd. My guess is that her birthday is going to play in big time in the 50th anniversary special.

Well... Even if Moffat did decide to make Clara, The Doctors and River's Grandaughter I'm sure he would make sure the method of conception would be timey-wimey as opposed to hanky panky. Alternatively, Clara could be Jenny's daughter.

Clara has been flung back in time by a Weeping Angel.

But by some improbably mechanism [perhaps her time-flung body intersected the exhaust wake of the Doctor's Tardis -- some sort of moffitty-hobbitty handywavy explanation] that both split her prism-like into separate existences and left her quantum locked with the Tardis,

Hence her turning up in it's location so often.

On coincidences: both her episodes involved lots of snow. Just for fun - rearranging the letters in "Oswin" gives you "I Snow" - add on Oswald, and you can get "I was old snow" or even, "so wild a snow", and many others I suppose. Writers, feel free to use any of those anagrams a episode titles : ) Just musings....

I prefer 'drift' of snowmen, personally.

I think Clara is linked to Trenzalore as well; remember "Silence will or must fall when the question is asked" and the question is "Doctor Who?" which Clara already has asked. I also think the Silence and the Great Intelligence are connected. Lastly, remember the dalek asylum planet was also covered in "snow". Hmmmm.......

It's a 'flurry' of snowmen.

at last wondered how long it would take its so obvious

Yup - spot on. Had the same idea.

That is too close to what River Song is. I highly doubt it.

Right before Clara says 'Pond,' Vastra mentions 'the Ponds.' She's fed the weight of that word, and that ties it together for her.

Here is what I'm thinking :

She's a daughter of JACK
-he CANT die remember??
And he DID like to park behind the clock of big ben.

On a less ovious path, she is related to Jenny (the doctors daughter, remember how she left on a spaceship AFTER the doctor left, capable of regenaration -> making her the 2d timelord alive)

to add to your story, mbaye The Silenece are a a religuous Order worshiping Omega as a God, Mabey Omega is using the Tardis explosian as Gateway from his dimension into our using the Tardis wormhole as a link to Omegas Dimension. On the Clara mystery-most likely a time lord such as Susan,A Long Lost Wife or Sister, His daughter,the Rani, Romana or New Timelord charachter.

I always thought that idea was a Time Anomolie too far, i love overly complecated time travel plots like the whole doctors death and river being amys daughter thing but splintered in time is silly and makes no sense

he will make it up as he goes along as usual HE ALWAYS DOES, the best examples of making it up as u go along is Lets Kill Hitler and The Wedding of river song, the were clever but he most likly thought of it when he started writing.

I have a great idea for the doctor meeting kenedy, The Doctor visits Kenedy in 1963 to Prevent an intergalactic war from ripping the planet apart in 1963, The twist in my story is that NASA made first contact properly in 1962, President Kennedy then Orders the world goverments to implement First Contact protocals for the Arrival of An Alien Race. in 1963 podiums and special tv equitment are built for the Aliens arrival in New Mexico (Similar to the aliens arrival in Mars Attacks), but when the doctor arrives in 1963 and learns of kennedys plans to introduce a new species to the human race he tries to Stop kenney from making a desicion wich may end the world. then it is descovered that an Alien race has infiltrated NASA and The Whitehouse to make sure first contact plans are sabotaged, the doctor uncovers there plot to Take Office and sell the human race into the slave trade on there Home Planet and then destroy the Earth to make sure the humans could never return. The Doctor defeats them by using a genetic weapon to destroy the aliens but in the End One escapes and on November 1963 The Escaped alien Possesses Oswald and Assisnates Kennedy,In The Epilougue the doctor tells clara that All First contact plans are shelved in 1964 by Lyndon B Johnson, and the Aleins are told to come back when the earth will be at peace. the last sceane shows Lydon B Johnson in the Ovel Office and reavels him to be one of the aliens that survived. What do u think ?

She's another companion who probably doesn't deserve to be picked apart with a fine-toothed comb, as in 2 or 3 years time there'll be another one under the microscope with a scintillating, red-hot list of razor-sharp observations like "She's curious".

Surely a "Blizzard" of Snowmen?

Thing is, I'm always disappointed with these theories. None of the ever prove to be addressed, Moffat has so much hanging he can't possibly explain and resolve everything before he leaves the show.

learn to spell. sounds similiar to the silirian/lizard species episode in series 6?

nice theory you've put a lot of time and effort into that idea!

Sorry for my bad spellings,I didn't know I was back in school, I type fast on my phone, no need to be nasty with me, I was just forwarding an idea that's all, and no I didn't see the Silurian episode from series six of the Classic series !

Not really. It was a plotpoint that she killed the doctor but she was never created for that. I'm not even saying that Clara will be but it would be good to have a modern take on Turlough's character.

Most ideas come together when writing... :)

In lots of doctor who stories an unassuming device or person will end the world or become an important plot point. that shows they had the ep planned not just pulled out of there ass.

Clara is obviously Mary Poppins, the governess with the magic bag and umbrella. With Sherlock showing up as Madame Vastra, what other Victorian era stories can they fit in. Peter Pan, Poe, Lovecraft?

It's a bit far fetched, but in "Asylum of the Daleks" when Clara/Oswin wipes the Doctor from the Daleks' memories,and the doctor then meets with them again, they all ask, "Doctor who?". Could this be the "Silence will fall when the question is asked" the silence were going on about?

and never mind how impossible breakfast is! ... mine was just a caesar salad with chicken lemon parmesan dressing which i put in the fridge several weeks ago and improbably survived completely intact and uneaten until this morning, when it was impeccably delicious!! ... how impossible is THAT!?! well anyway, moving on, coffee and cat time at the 211 ...

I've been under the impression that the TARDIS exploded because Amy ran away the night before her wedding, not to mention Rory died, so River hadn't been conceived but was hopping around through time and space interacting with her own parents and having an effect on the timeline, culminating in the events of "The Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang" where Rory kills Amy (so many reasons why River shouldn't exist!) River is flying the TARDIS in a universe where she shouldn't exist and timey-wimey paradoxical fun ensues.

You may find the answer to that in the original Conan Doyle books no doubt, i think it's "The Return of Sherlock Holmes.".

Good theories but... at the end of that episode The Doctor says, after picking up Amy & Rory at the end of their wedding - following all the events you mention above:

"Space and time isn't safe yet. The TARDIS exploded for a reason. Something drew the TARDIS to this particular date, and blew it up. Why? And why now?"

Having recently rewatched the entire Matt Smith run, paying great attention to detail, within a few days I can safely say that those questions have yet to be answered.

It couldn't be River because in the first episode she was in (well, technically the last, but you know) she was still River!

That sounds like an interesting plotpoint, but perhaps a little too familiar.

But we don't know if she's totally immortal or if she has only a few versions of herself.

my husband thinks she is like Captain Jack in the fact she can't die and was actually brought back by Rose. The Face of Boe says he is the Last of his kind, Not the only of his kind.

Well don't Judge a book by its cover ;)

It could just be a simple Easter Egg. A nod to the classic series, of sorts. We've done this before - over analyzed things - and the last time we did it was with River Song-Melody Pond just before AGMGTW. We all were like 'No...they wouldn't do that. That's too obvious. She's not Amy and Rory's baby!' Then they kinda did.

If Clara is dying but coming back to life rather than being reborn... isn't it possible that we know someone else just like that? Jack? You know, when Rose absorbed the time vortex, she had the ability to see all, past, present, and future. Maybe Clara was on Satellite 5 and got the same treatment Jack got, just nobody knew about it? Just a thought.

Stick her in an orange parka and she's indistinguishable from Kenny in South Park.

I thought I'd just leave this quote here.

Series 1, Episode 6 "And over on the Bad Wolf Channel, the Face of Boe has just announced he's pregnant."

You never know.

Miss Montague (Romeo and Juliet, anyone?) From the Rose and Crown? It can't be a coincidence!

Moffat sure loves his anagrams. I think he also liked the movie the sixth sense. When I saw the scene below it felt like the scene from the sixth sense when the boy tells the "dead" guy that he sees "dead people", but at this point you dont realize that the guy is dead.
Doctor: Maybe it's snow that fell before, maybe it remembers how to make snowmen.
Clara: What? Snow that can remember, thats silly
Doctor: Whats wrong with Silly?
Clara: Nothing, still talkin to you aint I?
Oswin Oswald= I WAS OLD SNOW
Interesting that both times we have seen Oswin. There was snow.

I think you accidently... a word.

heh. the SEAT in her craft

Either that maybe she was sent by the Universe to save the Doctor from himself? After all he did make a deal with the Universe in The Snowmen special. "I'll save the Universe and you let her live." Just a thought.

i only saw one person came back from the dead that was doctor daughter jenny could they be the same person

She's a physical manifestation of the TARDIS.

\o/ Nailed it!

Mostly a 'stack' of snowmen would do.

I think the mystery about Clara will get clear at season 7 episode 7. Because, remember, the doctor said at the end of episode 6 "Clara, who are you" which gives a clue to us about what is going to happen at the new episodes

Amy was little when she met The Doctor, so that's why she waited.

I am so sick and tired of this sort of thing. Why can't we just get a regular old companion for once? Clara seems great but she's exciting theories and twists that jj abrams on lsd couldn't follow. Fixed point trying to keep clara in the picture, that's fine. That's PLAUSIBLE for Moffat. Phydical manifestation of desire and some of the others i've seen are NOT. Look, it's obvious that she's a one season character, so after this, how about another sarah-jane, another jamie, maybe even someone that isn't from our time. I was certainly disappointed when I learned that the doctor wasn't going to be traveling with a woman from the 1800's. Please, Moffat, some people have had enough of onion layered companions with a moniker stuck on as a matter of course. Please.

I just know she's going to be a Silence plot, Moffat needs to wrap that plot line up before the doctor's next regeneration, which is one or two years away at the most, honestly I think all these timey-whimey plots are terrible, I'm sick of all the rebooted timelines. in the past a season finale just involved a slightly worse threat than usual, nowadays the whole universe has to never have existed, it's just getting a bit too complicated and losing it's connection to reality and the audience, the very day the eleventh doctor started, he stopped visiting our present, he was seeing an amy around a decade into the future in the end, and that wasn't something that happened before moffat's days.

I think we are over thinking this. She knew pond because that is where the dead governess was and it was still frozen. I think that there are more answers in the stories and that we are not seeing them yet. as the story procedes we will start putting 2 and 2 together. I bet there are more clues in the stories just before amy and rory were taken. we just do not see them yet.

my best guess is her dalek self is her future, but like river and the doctor, they met at a point in time that came before the doctor could remember her. When they met in the snowmen episode, that was their original meeting date but maybe seeing her as a dalek was simply a glimpse into the future. She couldn't remember anything other than being consumed, possibly explaining her lack of memory of the doctor, so maybe the doctor is going to lead her into the situation where she is captured by daleks. time can't be rewritten once it's read and the doctor already had a sneak peak. my guess is she's doomed to eventually become what we've already seen

It would have echoes of Moffat's best season/through-plot - I'm talking about Matt Smith's 1st season, ending in the brilliant Pandorica Opens/Big Bang. Set up a mystery that just BEGS the doctor to come and unlock it, while using his own sense of being 'the perfect detective' against him.

I'm still disappointed that the Silence really didn't get an equivalent treatment to the crack in the universe in the previous season - virtually every invading alien species in the previous season refers to 'fleeing from the silence', and that the Silence invaded through both space and time, through the crack, all over the universe. The image of the Silent watching the picnic and doctor's death (when the timeline should have wiped them off earth by then) also promised some further follow-through.

They were also perfectly designed to be kept in the background like the crack in the wall, rarely interfering in the story-of-the-week.

I'm not expecting too much this season though. There's been plenty of great single-episode stories, but the throughplot has always needed the occasional 2 or 3-parter (and the show WAS traditionally a serial). I just can't see the 'every episode a blockbuster' leaving enough time for the kind of characterisation and through-plot needed to match Moffatt's 1st run as showrunner.

Moffs companions always turn out to be the most important things in the universe ever. I miss the days when they were just normal Earth girls, that struggled with the Doctors morality choices. The problem with making the companions even more important than the most important ever, last year, is where do you go from there? With RTD we had bigger big bads four years in a row, with the stakes going up each time, Moffat is following the same trend but with the companions. Painting himself into a corner. With all these super important universal affecting companions being trotted out all the time, when the next guy takes over and brings us back to a normal person companion, it will be far too underwhelming. So to fix this we will get yet another bit of eye candy with no acting talent whatsoever instead of an interesting, every man character the audience can relate to.

I couldnt agree more.

Like Bory Williams

RThat picture really reminds me of Hagrid flying over London on his bike. I keep saying it's turning into HP.

People moaned about the RTD Doc/Rose love and flirting, yet they praise Moff as a god for pulling the same rhetoric.


Dont worry about it, your ideas sounds far more cohrarant then anything Moff has produced.

Bingo, we have a weener:)

Well played.

That's quite easy to guess actually ! It's pronably not the real Sherlock who fell from the building, but a corpse with plastic surgery on his face to look like Sherlock, and dressed like him.

"Clara Oswin Oswald" is an anagram of "Kenny McCormick"
(OK, not really but think "South Park")

I bet that Clara and the Doctor are supposed to travel together and that her survival after their "first" encounter is a fixed point in time.

I hope so cause they just left that hanging,its bugged me for years.

Have you considered that maybe this is The Doctor's daughter originally played by Georgia Moffett? Perhaps she did find a way to change her appearance and she isn't dying and has a whole new self.. she is just coming back to life like she did at the end of her one and only episode! I've been saying for a while they need to find a way to bring her back.. and she keeps telling him to Remember.. So its something in his past that he needs to recall.. Something he should already know. Who knows but can't wait to find out the truth and how the question gets answered... Ya know. .the oldest question in the universe.. The Question that should never be answered that is starring you in the face... Doctor Who!

Or....she's Rose.
Please, don't get out the pitchforks, guys...

Jack and Jenny hooked up and had Clara. Ta-da! That was easily solved.

I reckon Moffat's entire tenure over the last three years has been building towards this so fingers crossed for a few answers!

Propably she's got something to do with the rift...? I'm not sure but the lines 'remember' could mean, she's inside the rift... but instead of getting out completely, there are just kind of illusions of her outside, trying to make the Doctor remember her... :P

Look at the apron,I see roses,roses on the headstone and there are 3 other places I noticed them.I still think she is the offspring of Rose Taylor and meta crisis Dr.

Could she be an escaped soul of a TARDIS as in the Doctors Wife episode. She has the ability to time travel and be at various points in the timelords timeline, is ultra smart and has the ability to hack Dalek tech? The Clara character reminds me so much of Idris and as Idris was one of the most popular characters and storylines going it kind of ties up

Two possible variations of that (1) The TARDIS has learnt to project its self in human form to protect the Doctor, making her the ultimate companion (2) Could it be "House" from the Doctors Wife episode. There was no confirmed kill there

Sherlock reference :p

could she be the doctor's daughter from season 4? paradox could be used to explain twice dead.

In the episode where The Doctor has to become human to hide from the aliens who turn scarecrows into soldiers - The Doctor talked to the young psychic boy, 'Timothy Latimer' from what I can tell, and refers to him as a "Clever boy" - he also gives the boy his special pocket watch, thereby allowing the boy to cheat death - but how can a young human boy use a Time Lord watch to cheat death? We see the doctor attend a ceremony & the boy is an old man still with the pocket watch. Clara could be a daughter, grand-daughter, etc of that boy? We know she has something to do with time, and Timothy had the watch - and we know her using "clever boy" is likely a clue, and it's the only other time I remember it being used by a character. And the boy is the one that says a very iconic series of lines: "Because I've seen him. He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And he's wonderful." So, that's my theory, that Clara has something to do with that little boy, somehow.

I can almost tell you with 99.99999999% certainty that she is NOT the Doctor's daughter. Why, you ask? THEY FREAKIN KISSED.

Warning: Incredibly mild spoiler alert.

Seems people have a hard time remembering this, but she could not possibly be Amy's Child. according to The Asylum of the Daleks, Amy is not capable of having children, thanks to whatever happens on Demon's Run. This leaves only her being River, which is also not possible, but that has been said already.

Before I comment on the theory, I would like to say that I appreciate the associations made with assassins and Oswald, quite clever.

Now that that is out of the way, the theory you proposed is possible, but the first C.O.O. (yes, I abbreviated her name, but ended up typing more just to explain it... what of it?) erased all of the Doctor from the Dalek psychic database. It seems that the database wipe extended much more than that and the Doctor has been erased from all information transfers. So, with this in mind, I find it improbable that the Silence would be able to track the Doctor throughout time and space without that information capability to have him run into the gangers. Aside from that, I feel you have a rather potential theory being formulated...

To counter my own argument a bit, it would seem after the Snowmen, the Doctor avidly starts to actually search for Clara, which would reduce the need for random encounters with her...

im having fun looking through these comments just finishing up ep6.

but this sort of in plain sight thing i couldnt pass up commenting,

when straxx refers to clara as him originally???( i know they explained it, but that could fit into some foreshadowing thing)

Everyone asks that question throughout the show. It was one of the first things Rose asked the Doctor. Everybody asks "Doctor WHO?" so I doubt it has anything to do with Clara in particular. The only difference regarding Trenzalore is: the Doctor would have to give an honest answer to whatever question might be asked.

Yeah, and I'd like to know when exactly it was established that Jenny was capable of regenerating? The Doctor thought she was dead. She wasn't and left after he was gone. But she was still Jenny, so she didn't regenerate. And they didn't tell us she could do so.

Secondly - Jack CAN die. Remember the episode "Gridlock"? The Face of Boe did die. So, if we assume that Jack is the Face of Boe it's also safe to assume that he can die. Apart from that - it was never truly revealed whether he was the FoB or not.

As for the bit with the Big Ben - Clara told the children she was born there, yes. She also told them she invented fish because she didn't like to swim alone.


Didn't River Song use Run You Clever Boy?

Theory: she is the doctor's daughter...somehow. She has all of his best traits and the writers went out of their way to make the doctor her "protector" and more "fatherly" in the new episode (as evidenced by tucking her into bed, leaving cookies, being concerned that she isn't doing "young people stuff"). I'm sure this theory will get shot down by tons of people, but I'm placing my bet now.

Well, the Great Intelligence is, in fact, Yog-Sothoth.

What if clara is the only one that knows the doctor's real name(or destined to use it), , and time cannot let her die(another jack). What if she clears her memory on purpose every time she recollects the doctors name? Not as crazy as some theories :P

I came to this conclusion not by random, but how they accented her saying 'doctor who'. I believe it goes deeper than a reference to the daleks deletion.

I like the thought of Clara being Jenny's Daughter and since she would need a dad, I like Jack who cannot die as the dad.... After all he is the Space playboy and Jenny went off seeking adventure.

I think she's more than the Doctor's perfect match!

the remem bering motifs been in moffets doctor who a while. i say that but i can account for it in the first season

in order for the doctor to return amy must remember him

thecnically its the same deal with rory in that season

the doctor remebered to come back for amy

"if somthing can be remebered it can come back"

Here is a bit of fun... Clara oswin oswald, subtract every letter that appears twice and your left with...CRINAD. the four letters in the middle spell RANI when rearranged. Also the C and D could stand for Colin and Doctor, as the Rani first appeared in his tenure...just some cryptofun :D

Have you seen Torchwood? Jack does have a daughter (adult), and a grandson in modern day times. Spoiler: They can die.

She died three times in three episodes.

Here's Rory!

Moff's a genius, he wouldn't repeat himself like that, no?

For me Clara has to be Jenny, the doctor's daughter which if you remember
well survives at the end of the episode and begins a transfmormation.
The "run you clever boy and remember" makes perfect sense because she
likes to run (so does the doctor) as she says countless times in the same
episode. Jenny declares willing to travel among universe to
see a maximum of things and she escapes aboard a spaceship while
Clara's first appearance is on a spaceship wreck.
Clara being a timelord would explain why she could die more than once. (ok a lot of species/phenomenons can do the same, right)

plus many more coincidences...

2 things i see does not fit this theory...

1- birth date of Clara...if she were to be Jenny it should be July 24th when the doctor was "cloned" into her.

2- Clara's looking at the Doctor's butt (ladder scene) and kissing...not very welcome if she is to be her daughter.

Please excuse my bad english and i hope my theory is the right one...We may, by luck, learn more about it soon...who knows.

emergency temperal shift. just saying

I would love it if she turned out to be Susan!


One coincidence that makes me think you are right.... The Silences made you forget you ever saw them. Clara always tell the doctor to remember.... But remember what? Her? Or something we haven't seen yet?

I don't like her. She's has had little characterization. She seems more like an NPC from WOW, than an actual relatable character.

Are Clara 1 and Clara 3 wearing the same ring? (I didn't notice if Clara 2 is too)

I believe she's the Doctor's granddaughter.
One: She understands the TARDIS. In the Rings of Akhaten (spelled right?) the TARDIS refused to open up for her, and she had a look of realization on her face and said "I don't think it likes me" how would she know unless she's Gallifreyan?
Two: The TARDIS automatically translates languages for his companions. In the Rings of Akhaten, the TARDIS did not do that for her. That Lionish woman spoke her native tongue.
Three: The 50th anniversary special is coming up, and it's about remembering the past. What better way than to bring his Granddaughter back?
Four: 9, 10, and 11 have NOT mentioned their granddaughter until now. Why?
Five: He took her to a place he went with his granddaughter.
Six: He told her "You remind me of someone I lost" Who? Rose didn't act like her, nor did Donna, Martha, or Amy. And he wouldn't be talking about a past companion from the old days, unless he mentioned them before.
Seven: She sacrificed her most treasured item to save millions of people, and she knew how to take down that alien star automatically.
Eight: She acts JUST like the Doctor, she's mischievous, gets into trouble, is a genius, cooky, compassionate, understands the TARDIS, stubborn and slightly headstrong.
I don't believe she's Jenny cause in the IDMB page for the 50th anniversary special, it says she is one of the cast mates.

River learns his name. As mentioned in Silence of the Library.

cant be river, BUT what if on demons run there was twins? prgramed with killing the doctor, like a backup plan, and she does kinda look like the young girl in the ally, who knows maybe its rivers twin sister. afterall has anyone seen the finale cast? river is back along with victorian clara.. and dont forget maybe vastra , jenny and strax are under the silence influance and brought back a twin, or triplet, etc to victorian times without the doctors knowlage, its funny how clara is found in that era

Could be the Drs old Time Lord companion Rowenna is back. Presumably she escaped Gallerfry in a similar manner to The Master which would explain he loss of memory and false lives - she missing her memory. If she used the Tardis core as her memory escape vehicle then maybe she's been present all the time and couldn't escape the Tardis core until Rose Tyler came along. Who knows? Just theory.

I can't believe no one has thought this, she is the Doctor's daughter, Jenny. We were left hanging, with Jenny going off in space in a ship, after her regeneration. The Dr. had no knowledge of this, and thought she had died. Would explain her reoccurring after death and her fascination with the Dr. and her intelligence, curiosity, and spirit. I am probably wrong, but it is my theory.

I was thinking that perhaps Clara is just like the dream lord-ish. Well, the idea that its all just in his head. He is so powerful and the time lord contains so much timey wimey stuff perhaps to cope with the loss of two great friends, he has invented and manifested Clara as some mystery to keep him self occupied and to keep him saving the world like he needs to. It could even be that pollen thing from Amy choice?

She has been confirmed for the next season, actually. Does anyone here do any actual research on the writers, producers, actors and others involved on the production of this show? It seems not, because they would know that there is no master plan, that Moffat is a berk, and that Jenna Louise-Coleman is going to be in season 8.

The two aren't mutually exclusive! Just because she ties into the greater plot arc doesn't mean she would have to leave when it is resolved. I actually like the idea that after her mystery is solved she still hangs out with the Doctor.

I've looked at the cast for the Series 7 finale (I haven't found anything on episodes past this one) - not particularly interesting, Madame Vastra & Co. and River Song all going to be there.

Jack said he was called The Face of Boe back on his home planet. I can't remember the exact episode, I just remember Martha being there and they were in Cardiff...

Shes the doctors granddaugter

Her birth date is the same as the first Doctor Who episode in which his first companion is his granddaughter. The Doctor mentions visiting Akhatan once before with his granddaughter to Clara while they are there.

Clara - the daughter of Rose and Doctor 10.5. Especially after the wolf reference on the submarine

I thought the entity that blew up the TARDIS was just another alien, of the same species as House - who could also assume control of the TARDIS

Except the TARDIS isn't designed to inhabit a human body and Idris died as a result

Jenny and Jack definitely. What I'd like to see is another child of the Doctor, maybe with River as their mother. Or Romana. Or "The Woman".

And if she's saying remember, then it might mean remember those events and maybe by remembering Jenny it'll establish a psychic link between him and the still-alive Jenny

And the TARDIS wouldn't like The Rani, even if she was under a Chameleon Arch and didn't know who she was

THE CLUE: Nanogene infused bodies are the only ones who have ever called the police phone outside the TARDIS. The Empty Child & The Bells of St. Johns

That would create a time paradox because she's been in the TARDIS multiple time.

Could Clara be a manifestation of the TARDIS?

Here is a question that has bothered me since the beginning of the series. Who was the woman in the shop that gave Clara the doctors number and told him "it's the best helpline in the universe"?
Is it Amy? Rose? Sarah Jane? Riversong? (Although I don't know why she would be working in a shop)

Any ideas?

Does River know?

She also happens to be talking about a POND(very common word for small body of water) where the previous governess was drowned and frozen for a month,...

I would agree with this post,.... the whole point of the silence is that you have to find a way to remember them at all,... the doctor, since the moon landing, had given all humans a genetic predetermination to exterminate(couldn't resist lol) and forget the silence,... I often think to myself, are we walking over dead bodies of the Silence on a regular basis? haha

Best theory yet, honestly. Rivals even my own mundane ramblings. I doubt shes related to him tho, as shes constantly flirting, they seem to be attracted to eachother, and she often kisses him and makes ref's to his rear end,... not the type of thing my kids would do with their parents,...

That being said(see above), if any of you remember the past,... Time Lords are not "born",... they're "loomed" in a genetic machine,... each "house" (as in name of nobility, not dwelling) is allowed a certain number of "members" that can be allowed at one time, and so many seats on the High Council, depending on level of nobility. So all this Snog talk, is kinda silly in the first place, since the looms contain all the genetic knowledge of the past Time Lords in their society, and its even been stupilated that the Doctor is the genetic loomed reincarnation of Rassilon's best friend, which rassilon betrayed, and had killed,.... look it up if you don't trust my words lol. Ive spent the past 2 years sick and almost dead watching Doctor Who,...

This theory actually has merit. Ive spent a lot of time going over my thoughts on Clara, and I had thought maybe it was Jenny, but again, the whole kissing and such. Incest is a pretty huge thing for Moffat to try and tackle using Gallifreyan Science,... but Harkness,... we know that he had Baby Boe-mina's as they were stated in The End of the World,.... we know that Jack's offspring all D I E tho, unlike him.... so,... your theory on Jenny and Jack hooking up, actually would hold water. It may have that "spark to the synapses" (Doctor Donna) that allowed Jack's kid to utilize regen energy unlike any other child of Boe,... would also explain how she keeps coming back, it just takes time for her to regen. Harkness was literally blown to smithereens in Torchwood, it just took him a few days longer to come back. So his regen depends on method of death and damage to system. Clara, would have had one hell of a regen dropping from above the clouds to a FROZEN SOLID dirt packed ground, it would've actually shattered every bone in her body honestly,... but, doctor who,...

read my post above,...

Jack IS CONFIRMED to be the face of boe, read up lol.... further, he died at BILLIONS OF YEARS OLD, and that's just a TIMELINE, in a universe where he could've been bouncing around for years with the doctor, decades even, just to be returned home as rory and amy did so long. They even made ref in the episode with the boxes all over the world,... about how their "friends are starting to notice",... Jack can NOT die, in Gridlocked, he WILLINGLY gave the last of his life essence to reactivate the city and take away the deadlocked seals,... he was blown into TINY PIECES in Torchwood, regen'd,... a life sucking demon ATE SO MUCH IT DIED at the end of s1 of Torchwood,... and he STILL had enough to live to over 5billion years old, and witness Earth get cooked by an exploding son, which also, mind you was around the same time he allowed his life force to be used, since the penance of the Cat was to serve as Boes nurse for what she'd done in New New NewNEWNEWnew new, new new, new York, lol,...

It was right after the master dies, and the world gets reset, "the year that never happened" to Martha and her family,... one of my fav scenes. He asks the doctor(whod been avoiding jack, cuz the "idea" of jack pissed him off and made his stomach turn) "What would happen if I never die, but keep aging?" The doctor responds that he doesn't really know,... harkness then makes a joke about "the occasional grey hair" saying "Vanity,... I just can't help myself. I was the FIRST(human from BoeShane Penninsula I believe it was) to sign up for the Time Agency,... The Face of Boe they called me"

He did. One of these new episodes, since your post was 4mtnhs ago, I assume you noticed, that the puppeteer behind the "spoon head" wifi stuff, was in fact, the Great Intelligence, and even his avatar on the screen looked like the guy from the Christmas special.... Moffat also is not alone,... Im not sure if you guys know this, but the guy who plays Sherlock's brother on Sherlock, is also the co-creator with Moffat of the new Sherlock stuff, and also a writier. if you read their profiles, youll see that each of them have worked together in the past Who-niverse to pen out seasons long arcs and simple episodes,... Mycroft Holmes/Dr Lazarus(s3 new who series),... Moffat and the guy that was Dr lazarus are a great team, and even if he isn't writing for who cuz theyre busy with Sherlock, they're good friends and cohorts, the same way davies was with them before taking his break....

not true. There have been HUMAN FORM TARDIS's in the expanded universe, tho I found that to be a silly idea to begin with,... but, keep in mind,... Idris invoked the TARDIS comm system the Doc built so he and her could talk, so that she could talk to CLARA,... some thing we've never seen Idris do before,.... we also know from this last episode that Idris is NOT FOND OF CLARA, but I would probably attribute that to A) The same way 10th felt about harkness being a "fixed point, and anomaly" and B) Idris has emotion for the Doctor, and probably is getting rather pissy about all the flirting/kissing/obsessive behavior that The Doctor is showing....

Seriously? Id been lookin at her name for the past 20 minutes thinking of rearranged lettering,... you just hooked me up. Thx for this!! I would've said that 4months ago, but I usually don't look in to theories, just make them up,... spoilers and all that :)

it's been pretty much established by every show writer that the loom theory is totally non-cannon. it might have become cannon, it was dreamed up essentially by one of the head writers for the seventh doctor and there was dialogue there at the end where they'd say things like "you're more than just a time-lord" and all of that was leading somewhere, but never actually fleshed out. But the loom thing is pretty much out, at least in terms of t.v., and to be honest, i hate that idea anyway, too weird, don't forget RTD had the Doctor's Mother in The End of Time... so....

Clara is another black cube from the Shakri. To destroy humanity they realized they need to first destroy The Doctor. So just like the black cubes they made for people, they have made a bunch of Claras to get the Doctor's attention.

1. They can't just drop villains as powerful as the Shakri.
2. Dalek Clara was smart enough to hack Dalek technology. You have to be some kind of much higher level being (or their product) to do that.
3. The Shakri are cocky as hell and not about to quit trying to wipe out people.
4. They tried to kill the doctor once but he lived because the black boxes were designed to kill humans (one heart). They had to go back to the drawing board for the Doctor.
5. She keeps popping up just like the cubes. To grab the Doctor's attention though you would need to scatter Claras (black cubes) through time not just around the streets.

I am sure there are a ton of more clues that I just can't think of right now but you get the basic idea.

In fact I hope to hell this is what is going on.

agreed, and i'm getting impatient, Moffat's great at starting these grand arcs, but so far, just so far, not so great at resolving them, say what you will RTD did leave you feeling pretty satisfied at the end of a season, Moffat starts seasons better, RTD ended them better, but i'm still on board, Moffat can totally redeam himself. I need to know who blew up the Tardis, why. What's so special about the Doctor's name (i don't really expect to get that one, but Moffat's opened a can of worms with season sixes spectacular last minute. didn't really care for that episode, just the last minute...) and of course, resolve just who in the heck the Silence are, i really feel that the season 5 build up, and season 6 reveal of The Silence aren't the end of that story. I need more. They seemed more powerful and ominous than what we actually saw, and what we actually saw kind of implied that we still don't know all there is to know about them.

me too. or his granddaughter, i still can't believe The Doctor just dropped Susan off like that and to my knowledge we've never heard anything of her again. There should be at least one Time Lord besides The Doctor (and possibly Jenny, and possibly Romana, and The Rani, you get the point) and that is Susan. I know the Doctor's all like "I'd know if there were any more Time Lord's. I'd feel it. But screw it. He's just wrong. I never quite got why RTD decided to go with destroying the Time Lord's in the first place (yes i know it happened in the books, but the books aren't cannon, and heck they destroyed Gallifrey twice so.... if he resurrected Gallifrey once..). It''s never felt organic, or necessary, plus I feel no connection with it. Had we even seen a bit of the Time War so i could get emotionally attached to the idea... I guess that was RTD's one Maffatism, he started series 1 of NuWho with the Time War kinda in the background, gave some hints, but never resolved, went for the Bad Wolf thing instead, which makes sense, that's really more Whovian anyway i guess, still... i was kinda bummed early on by the idea of no other Time Lords, so i hope they get rid of that. Should be simple enough. It's Doctor Who.

me too, that would be the best

So you made me just go back and rewatch the City of Death 4th doctor serial lol,... I know am in total agreement on the fact that your comment is exactly what Moffat WANTS YOU TO THINK, until he flips it on us, and blows our minds,... :)

Welcome to the world of Doctor Who... Where the impossible happens and nothing makes sense til the season finale...

Have we forgotten who Rose is with...? The Doctor with one heart... He's still part Doctor and part human (Donna). He's still part time lord. I think Clara is their daughter. She "regenerates" differently due to being fathered by a partial time lord. Her attraction is due to him sharing the same blood. Could it be...?

I think River was conceived in the dreamworld provided by the "Dream Lord". Amy was in labor in the dreamworld. They were told that it was their future in 10 years. Dream or not. Isn't the impossible what's possible...?

How about cloning...? Cloned Clara's.

She can also read Gallifreyan. The book she read about the doctor in 'Journey to the Center of the TARDIS' was written in Gallifreyan. The TARDIS doesn't translate Gallifreyan.


Rose sent her

She is the granddaughter of the Rani. And The Doctor is Rassilon Jr.

Actually, River/Melody, has regenerated in Amy and Rory's past. She was a black girl, and Amy's best friend, at one point when they were in school.

i have watched till center of the tardis..... i think there is definitely some assosiation between clara and the great intelegence

She could be a ganger. And someone's using her to manipulate the Doctor.

What if the Doctor is still in the Assylm, and what if hes gone mad, with the impossible girl a constant reminder that the entire reality he is in is impossible.

After reading several theories about who Clara is, I'm more convinced then ever that she is the Doctor's wife from Gallifrey. She was able to read the book with the Doctor's name in it, to me, that is a big clue right there. Go back and watch the end of "Hide" when the Doctor is talking about the love story of the monsters, being separated through time and space and across dimensions. It makes perfect sense to apply that to the Doctor and his wife.

Nothing like late night time-lord infomercials!

She's the 12th Doctor. The season finale says that the Doctor needs saving this time - in other words, 12 needs to save 11. I've seen a boatload of evidence to back this theory up, including the books (101 Impossible Things when 12 was written in red ink, Summer Falls by Amelia Williams/Amy Pond) to the children calling HER the time traveller, not the Doctor, to the fact that when she's depicted as a young girl her sweatshirt had two hearts on it. Her date of birth is also the same date (November 23rd) that Doctor Who premiered, so in a sense, her birthday is the Doctor's birthday. There's also dialogue clues here and there:

Doc: "You remind me of someone."
Clara: "Who?"

I'm guessing River, the only person with knowledge of the Doctor's future personas and conveniently in the season finale, arranged this and is the "woman in the shop".

But the best bit of evidence is right in front of all of us: There are two questions that need to be answered this season - What is the Doctor's name, and who is Clara Oswald? I submit that both answers are the same. One question answers the other. That kind of thing is totally Moffat's shtick.

And I'll bet you dollars to donuts that the Doctor's name is Oswin.

I like the allure of the mystery. I'm afraid, much like the Doctor's true name, I'm not sure if I really want to know how the impossible is possible. I'll just have fun with the character, and see where it goes.

At the very least, she's a good hook for new fans.

The finale features a post-library River Song, make of that what you will :P

Moffat loves his red herrings, doesn't he?

Sounds like something a Dalek would think of. Think about it.

Prepare for a big rant from me....

To understand who Clara is we must first established what we know for fact, what we think we know based on evidence in episodes, and what we assume.

What We Know:

First, we know she has met the Doctor more than the three times we know of (not counting the prequel of her as a little girl since that is the same Clara as the current Clara. This comes from a quote by JLC)

Secondly we know that her physiology is currently human; Referenced multiple times in multiple episodes. We find it difficult to believe that The Doctor would not have noticed if she did not have basic human physiology with all the research he has been doing on her and in the medical scanning she went through in The Snowman.

Finally we know there is some connection between all three incarnations of Clara even though they have no recollection of any previous lives (referenced by reoccurring comments amongst the three versions that we’ve seen; most notably Run you Clever Boy and Remember)

What We Think We Know:

There is really only one thing we think we know, and that is that we think Clara is a Time Lord. We base this theory on several circumstantial things, and one fact: the fact that she could read the History of the Time War. Since only those involved in the Time War would have any knowledge of it’s history and we doubt that the Daleks felt the need to transcribe it, we assume that the book would have been written in Galifreyian and therefore the Tardis wouldn’t have translated it for Clara (we learn the Tardis doesn’t translate Galifrayian at Demon’s Run). We, the viewers, see the cover in English, but we are also seeing it through Clara’s perspective. If she is a Time Lord without a memory she may be reading Galifrayian without even realizing it. As we see in real life, if a person suffers certain forms of memory loss, that does not necessarily mean that they will lose their ability to speak or read the language that they knew previously.

At first glance she doesn’t fit into any of the molds of other species we’ve learned about that don’t stay dead (Time Lords, weeping angels, face of beau, or even the Doctor’s Daughter). She is actually reborn - she does not simply reawaken or regenerate. So we feel she is either a species that we have not yet learned of or… she is a Time Lord who is right now human. Which leads us to what we assume.

What We Assume:

If Clara is a Time Lord, why does she have normal Human Physiology? And why is she reborn rather than regenerated?

The most simple and straight forward assumption that answers both of those questions is that she used the Chameleon Arch or it was used on her. The Chameleon Arch traps the essence of a Time Lord in a FOB watch and stores it there until the Time Lord opens the Watch, undoing the process. The Chameleon Arch process not only removes and manipulates the essence and memories of the Time Lord, but it can also change the Time Lord’s Physiology (as seen in the episode the Family Blood). So, if this is true, then she can be both human and impossible without her knowledge.

For, if she is fully human at the point of her deaths, what does that mean for the trapped essence of Clara’s Time Lord self? Our second assumption is about how the Chameleon Arch works. If a Time Lord dies while using the Chameleon Arch, our assumption is that the essence refuses to die or dissipate into nothing. Instead, the Time Lord essence finds a way to be constantly reborn in the form that the Time Lord was in when they died - constantly fighting it’s way back into existence until the Chameleon Arch is resolved. Whether by glitch or by design, this could explain why Clara always looks the same. As we know from The Doctor’s regenerations, it’s accepted that many personality traits and one’s core self carries from one incarnation to the next.

So where is Clara’s FOB watch with her Time Lord essence and how does this theory fit into a larger picture?

Putting It All Together:

During the Last Great Time War, Rassilon had developed his ultimate sanction to try and win the Time War. The Doctor, not being okay with the destruction of all creation, decided he had to stop everything, the Daleks and the Time Lords. To do this, what if The Doctor worked with Clara, a Time Lord ally (wife possibly?) to create the Time Lock that removed the Daleks, Galifrey and the Time Lords from all space and time. What if to create the Time Lock required two people. One to be the gate keeper who would be the only one who could open the gate. The other would become the very key to locking and unlocking the gate. This plays out practically that the Doctor’s real name became the word to activate the Time Lock, when said by Clara. The flip side of this being, if Clara ever said his name again, it would reopen the Time Lock. When the Time Lock was locked, The Time Lords, the Daleks, and Galifrey were all removed from Time and Space, if the Time Lock was ever opened, they would be dropped right back in like a giant boulder dropped in a pond. So in order to prevent this from ever happening Clara and the Dr both under went the Chameleon Arch process. Clara became human and disappeared into the universe. The Doctor only had his memories of Clara removed so that he wouldn’t recognize her if he saw her, or go looking for her. Clara’s FOB watch was kept by the Doctor to protect it and her and was stored in the Tardis. The Tardis, being fully aware of everything that the Doctor and Clara did took it upon herself to help protect them and everything they sacrificed in order to protect the universe even though they are reunited. So when Clara thinks the Tardis is being resentful or jealous, it is actually that the Tardis is just trying to keep Clara away from the FOB watch. in the episode Journey to the Center of the Tardis we clearly see the Tardis protecting Clara, even though she doesn’t know it, by constantly sending her back to the control room.

Where This All Leads:

Since we are assuming that Clara is the gate to the Time Lock, it is conceivable to think that any weakening of the Time Lock would have some effect on Clara, even if just subconsciously. The Time Lock has proved vulnerable before - battered over the years by events such as The Master opening a portal and the Dalek’s escaping thanks to Dalek Caan, so it seems plausible that the Time Lord essence of Clara has sensed this and has started to pop up in the life of the Doctor to try and get him to remember. The phrase that Clara repeats at her death “Run You Clever Boy and Remember” may in fact be her attempt to break through to the Doctor and urge him to remember what they have both fought to keep secret. The Doctor and Clara may have always known that the Time Lock wasn’t a permanent solution, but since they had to alter their memories - they may have built into their plan a word or phrase to lead The Doctor back to the trail. A trail that would hopefully lead to an end of time war, the defeat of Rassilon and his ultimate Sanction and possibly even the restoration of Galifrey.

The Doctor and Clara have battled the Great Intelligence twice now; what if the GI was a threat that was bigger than we have yet realized. With the Time Lock at the weakest it has ever been, it is possible that a Time Lord (most likely Rassilon) has projected his consciousness out of the Time Lock in order to free the Time Lords? What if Rassilon is the Great Intelligence? Whether he means to create an army of vessels on Earth to be hosts for the remaining consciousness of the trapped Time Lords, or simply build an army to force the Time Lock open is unclear. But Rassilon/Great Intelligence has an ultimate goal: to free all of the remaining Time Lords and to perform the Ultimate Sanction. With the title of the season finale being The Doctor’s Name, we can guess that all of these things will come together and lead us to the opening of the Time Lock as the conclusion of the season - leading into the 50th anniversary episode when all Time will break loose.

The situation is perfectly summed up in this exchange between The Doctor and Clara in The Journey to the Center of the Tardis:

The Doctor “Secrets protect us. Secrets keep us safe.”

Clara “We’re not safe!”

And just a little reminder that may put you on thoughts.. when Clara says "Run you clever boy.And remember" why is she saying that? why does the Doctor need to run and what does he need to remember because she doesn't say 'remember me' she just says 'remember'

Ok and rant over

She might be a trap because:

1) She keeps reappearing

2) The TARDIS doesn't trust her

Or maybe she's just Jenny..?

I feel like Clara is related or linked to Rory. They both died a lot. Both fall off a building. Whenever we saw them it was a different version of them like how we have genuis Clara, past Clara, and modern Clara. And then we have normal Rory, Roman Rory, nurse Rory, and old Rory. I'm probably just over-thinking things. I also think after she got the burn from the TARDIS the TARDIS give her some it's powers and now she's part time lord like River. Oh and she could be a product from the Daleks. In Bad Wolf the controller girl got turned into a dalek so she may be her.

Also, in the first episode she said "It's smaller in the outside" I think she said that cause The TARDIS in Trazenlore was getting bigger in the outside so she wiped out her memory when she saved the Doctor except for that moment in Trazenlore when the TARDIS was actually bigger outside. And now she's trying to get her memory back by traveling with The Doctor.

I think it has to do with remembering because when the doctor and rory got deleted from time and Amy remembered them they came back to life/undeleted from time.

OK.. Am I the only one that noted the fixation with Clara's hand in this episode.
If you look carefully. When they come from Galifrey from the frame. Clara's hand is wrong, is the right hand (not the left) and has 3 rings (Clara has 2); plus the angle is anatomically impossible (trust me I am a doctor) obviously someone else came threw the frame at the same time.. second post

OK.. Am I the only one that noted the fixation with Clara's hand in this episode.
If you look carefully. When they come from Galifrey from the frame. Clara's hand is wrong, is the right hand (not the left) and has 3 rings (Clara has 2); plus the angle is anatomically impossible (trust me I am a doctor) obviously someone else came threw the frame at the same time

Maybe Clara is his daughter remember s4 e7 "the doctor's daughter" at the end of the episode she leaves in a shuttle and is never heard of again she is 100% timelord since she was progenerated from the doctors cells so it could Clara could be of of her regenerations

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