Doctor Who: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship review

Review Simon Brew 8 Sep 2012 - 20:19

Lots of spoilers ahead, as we take a look at Doctor Who series 7 episode 2, Dinosaurs On A Spaceship…

This review contains spoilers. A spoiler-free take on the episode is here.

7.2 Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

“Well thank you, Arthur C Clarke”.

Pretty good fun, that. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship might not have matched the standard set last week by Asylum Of The Daleks, but it still managed - for the most part - a good, 45 minute mini-blockbuster, as had been promised. It’s also an episode that feels a little more targeted at the younger members of the audience in parts, albeit not to the exclusion of everyone else (although there's perhaps less for hardened Who fans), although its lighter tone was punctuated by one or two things we’ll talk about shortly.

We take it for granted, perhaps, that Doctor Who is incredibly good at putting essential story blocks in place very early in episodes, but the economy with which Dinosaurs On A Spaceship goes about things deserves credit. Before the credits have rolled, we’ve been in three different time zones, established that there’s a missile heading to a (fabulously designed) ship that the Doctor has to stop, and see him also recruiting a gang of people to travel with. It feels a bit like a standalone special in that regard.

It also introduces the episode’s undoubted highlight, too: Mark Williams. He slips into the role of Brian Williams as if he’s been playing him for years, and the interplay between Williams and Arthur Darvill is just brilliant. We love Arthur Darvill in Doctor Who anyway, but the double act he quickly forms here is brilliant. It’s a shame that the character wasn’t introduced a little earlier, if anything, as we’d be keen to see a lot more of Brian Williams than we’re likely to. He gave us some good guffaws here, and his delivery of some fine lines from Chris Chibnall was exquisite.

Credit, too, to the title stars of the episode, the dinosaurs themselves. Appreciating that Doctor Who is at the higher end of the BBC budget spectrum, it’s still remarkable just how strong they looked here. Granted, they were used reasonably sparingly, but sequences such as the pterodactyl attack on the beach looked strong, we thought. On the flipside, we hope that there aren’t more pterodactyls in Doctor Who soon, because it’s a swine of a word to type.

As it turns out, and as is increasingly the case in modern day Doctor Who, the creatures you expect to be the foes don’t turn out to the be traditional enemies they appear to be. It’s a tricky one, this. The beauty of modern day monsters such as The Silence and the Weeping Angels is we don’t actually empathise with them: they just scare us, or at the least creep us out. Think back to Russell T Davies’ superb Midnight, too. So: all that considered, this is the point where we’re supposed to moan that the dinosaurs might have been better as genuinely horrible beasties, raging foes to do prolonged battle with.

Yet such an argument for us was rendered a bit moot by the appearance of David Bradley. His character was someone to get your heckles up, a genuinely unpleasant man who’s in it purely for the money. He’d sell the Doctor if he could, but while that’s being made clear, we get a reaffirmation that that Doctor doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Instead, though, there’s the small matter of the dinosaurs that he’s taken possession of. It becomes clear that the ship they’re on is a Silurian ark (with a fleeting Silurian cameo as a result), and that Bradley’s Solomon has killed them. So, as the Doctor says, piracy and genocide. If you’re looking for a nasty Doctor Who foe, they don’t come much more unpleasant when you stop and consider what he’s done here.

His character is the dark heart of an episode that otherwise tends to tread more on the lighter side. In fact, further comic relief, that’s likely to bring grins to the faces of sci-fi enthusiasts, comes in the form of a pair of comedy robots. It’s hard to dislike comedy robots, and their initial quite sinister appearance here is quickly dispelled when it turns out that David Mitchell and Robert Webb are on voicing duties. Add them to the list of creations we’d like to see again.

It’s hard not to glean fun from Rupert Graves on dinosaur hunting duties, too. Throughout, there a sense that tips of the hat are being aimed at the first two Jurassic Park movies, and Graves’ character sits somewhere between Pete Postlethwaite’s Roland Tembo, and Bob Peck’s Robert Muldoon. A pity about the “large weapon” line he has to deliver, though, which felt very awkward and out of place. A clever innuendo it was not.

In fact, it we were being picky, a few of the conversations here didn’t have the usual Doctor Who zip to them. The dialogue, while good on the whole (and strong on comedy), did have a moment or two where it felt like motions were being gone through. Solomon’s threat to break Queen Nefertiti felt uncomfortable and awkward, too.

But then, there were the tender moments, which worked a lot better. In particular, Amy’s conversation with the Doctor about how far apart his visits are becoming was really well done, and in a seemingly standalone adventure, it contributed to the broader build-up to future events. There’s an inherent sadness to their conversation that strongly came across. There’s another glimpse at the darker edges of the Doctor too, with his refusal to save Solomon at the end. Is he deliberately being presented as a little harder and just slightly less compassionate this year?

The rest of the back end of the episode followed a fairly familiar race against time mechanic, and allowed us a dinosaur shootout (that not even the end of Jurassic Park III could afford) by putting stun ammunition in Rupert Graves’ gun. Good fun, that. And it all ended on a lovely note, with Mark Williams dangling out of the edge of the Tardis. We love it when Doctor Who takes the time to do something like that. It found time to send a few postcards, too.

This, then, was the second in the series of weekly blockbusters we were promised for the seventh series since Doctor Who was revived, and Dinosaurs On A Spaceship was by turns funny, lighter, a bit disjointed, occasionally slow, but on the whole good fun. It’s also proof that Doctor Who does funny a whole lot better than many modern comedies.

Next week? It’s one of our most eagerly awaited episodes of the series, as Toby Whithouse takes us to the wild west in A Town Called Mercy. And just how good does that look? For now though, two episodes in, this run of Doctor Who is doing really rather well.

Our review of last week's episode is here.

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Dinosaurs, Silurians and Peep show robots! Yaaaaay!

It was incredibly dark in places - comedy robots executing my wife's favourite dinosaur being one of the darkest moments. On the whole though - enjoyable.

Made me laugh ("my balls") and made me go "hmm" (doctor leaving Solomon to the missiles) Enjoyed it

Nice tip of the hat to "2001: A Space Odyssey" with the disconnected robots at the end too!

Yeah, really didn't like the line about 'breaking' Nefertiti. Other than that it was a decent episode. Next week's looks amazing though!

The Doctor dealing with Solomon put me in mind of Sylvester McCoy's Doctor at his darkest. This was a man who gained satisfaction from seeing his enemy defeated - almost gloating. Not the somewhat overdone (imo) Time Lord Victorious, but a more measured darkness.
Can't wait to see if this is a trend for this series as the Doctor becomes less 'imaginary friend'...

Now I'm a fan of peep show myself and a fan of nearly everything robot but I thought the two "comedy" robots were just awful and ruined every scene they were in.
It was a fun enough episode but not one I'll rush to watch again

REALLY enjoyed this episode!! The comedy beats were good and I liked that Amy and Rory's relationship was back to 'normal'. Also, Rory's dad reminded me a bit of my own dad which made their banter more entertaining.

While I enjoyed it considerably more than I expected to given the writer's track record, I disagree with you on several points. I thought both the character and portrayal of Rory's dad were thoroughly out of place in the episode, and Mark Williams broad comic gurning was out of place entirely with the series. The character had too much slapstick to him to be enjoyable, and the performance was hammed up beyond tolerance. If they'd jettisoned that character, they might have had enough room for some proper build up to Neffy's character so that when she's taken prisoner we care. That said, Brian's final shot surveying the Earth was very nicely done.

The tender moment you spoke of between Amy and the Doctor also seemed out of place. It's one thing to keep a story arc developing, it's another to have the Doctor say, in lieu of absolutely nothing, "Let's pause the episode while we discuss the through line of the series".

However, the episode had moments of greatness. Besides some brilliantly Doctor-y one liners (Chibnal or Moffat?), the dialogue and interplay between the Doctor and the villain was outstanding. Creepy, meaningful, and entirely logical on both sides. This was a man the Doctor could never hope to reason with, nor change. (Although, does that justify the Doctor CONDEMNING HIM TO DIE? Hmmm.)

And the stuff with Neffy and the Hunter was pretty great, both individually and as a duo. Plus, shootout with dinosaurs. Come on! But both characters would have benefitted from more screentime. I remain unconvinced that a 45 minute blockbuster will ever work, because it's just not enough time for the scope of the stories (in the case of last week's episode) or the number of characters (as here) that Steven Moffat is trying to display. But otherwise, good episode. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Still not sure what I think of Mitchell and Webb though.

Loved it! Apart from annoying robots

* Some great one liners although essentially it was a kids programme for sure tonight (the robots...great action figures; terrible characters).

* Good to see how far the BBC's CGI has come when one compares to earlier episodes.

* Catch the Doctors face at the end of the discussion about Amy outliving him?

* And why would a Doctor that isn't a Dr not call on the nearby qualified nurse when performing a medical procedure?

* Finally, Argos couldn't buy publicity like that!

I agree with pretty much all the review, Rorys dad was wonderful but with an actor of the quality of Mark Williams that was no surprise at all - the only slight disapointment was the big game hunter, he didn't have to be quite so unreconstructed. The Dinos were wonderful and i was quite surprised there were so much in the way of character moments . The direction was very good as well, very atmospheric, great lighting, excellent story.

And my faith with Chibnall writing episodes is rewarded, a thoroughly enjoyable episode. Not a great episode, but not a Love and Monsters (god help us that rubbish such as that never defiles our tv screens again). Mark Williams was fantastic and David Bradley was amazingly creepy considering the only other thing I've seen him in was Harry Potter, where my abiding memory of him is Filtch running down the great hall in a most absurd manner. Amy and Rory proving to be gaining independence from the Doctor is a good thing too - did anyone else notice Amy taking the Doctor role when they split?

My only criticism is that I wish I wasn't eating while watching it. I found myself laughing too bloody hard to eat half the time!

I loved it!!! It had great characters, looked amazing and had one of the nastiest bad guys ever! Brilliant, this series has been amazing so far. I love that the Dr, Amy and Rory have FINALLY gelled. It didn't really work in the last 2 series. I can't wait to see the rest of the series! Great work Doctor Who team!

A bit like the Fast Show... but without the funny bits. Although I have to agree about the CGI. Moving the whole of the BBC to Salford was a masterstroke so more money could be spent on decent effects.

Great episode overall but put me on the list that hated the comedy robots. The great Mitchell and Webb were so miscast here.

Loved it. Genuinely horrible bad guy, some great lines from the doctor, and I loved the design of the alien ship they were on. I also LOVED the robots (very fifth element) and when they spoke with that high voice "you're in a lot of trouble !" or whatever he said, just made me laugh. A wonderful juxtaposition. My only problem is that once i'd figured out who was doing the voices, that was ALL I could hear. The actors. Not 'the robots'. But great fun though.

On the split opinion of the robots: I think if they had been in any other episode, I would have hated them. However, Dinosours on a Spaceship was mad enough for them to get away with it.

Agreed, "It’s hard to dislike comedy robots," did George Lucas write this review?

Can I remind people that Doctor Who is a family show? We're adults (well, the vast majority of us). Ask any 6 year old about those robots, I bet they loved them. I thought they were funny myself, although I can see why people hate them. It's like Waters of Mars - who doesn't like a funny robot? (yeah, I wasn't a fan of gadget either...)

Mitchell and Webb as robots in Doctor Who, your argument is invalid.

Yah, there was even that part when when Riddell asks where the Silurians are, the way Amy quickly stands to look at him and then turns back to what she's doing is very Doctorish. XD

Well, the Doctor does seem competent at using the medical equipment on this ship, I doubt that Rory would know how to fully operate it, especially is he is a nurse (a very competent one, know doubt, but a nurse) not a surgeon. It has been shown that the Doctor does know a lot of medicine anyway.

I love Mitchell & Webb, but my god those robots were irritating. Aside from that, an enjoyable episode, but it was certainly not as good as Asylum.

So Rory's 31 now? I wonder how far they will take this - as I understand it, Amy and Rory getting older between adventures is a bit of a theme for the first part of this series. Wonder if 'old Amy' from The Girl Who Waited was a fore-shadowing on the part of the ever forward-looking Moff? Really enjoyed this, the production design/lighting etc. was enough to offset the wackiness and give it a real sense of atmosphere and suspense. And I agree with AetherKnight, he did remind me of McCoy when he did a Batman/Ras and didn't save the villain (a good thing in my book, McCoy was awesome)

Anyone else notice the subtlely changing "blockbuster of the week" Doctor Who logo? Last week it had Dalek "baubles"; this week a dinosaur-like skin effect. Next Week, maybe a western gun shot effect??? Better than expected. Don't know if Chibnall was deliberately exploding each attempt at misogyny with a feisty comeback from Amy or Neffetiti or whether that was Moffat reigning him in. Good fun for the kids but looking forward to next week's episode more.

I really enjoyed the episode. Funny, a bit silly (nothing wrong with that) and all round fun. Rory's dad was a great character and all the actors where having fun and on top of their game.

Did anyone else notice that they used the 9th and 10th Doctor's TARDIS model in the last shot, on the postcard? I don't know why but that kinda annoyed me. Man, I need to stop noticing these things!

If you take a look at the Doctor shouting about the bad effects his mercy has in some clips from next week's episode, it looks like a continuing trend....

So what happened to the dinosaurs at the enkd the?
Where did they go?

Not at all.
Mitchell and Webb are fantastic, but the robots shouldn't have been comedy stooges. They were deadly killers.

This week i am mostly battling dinosaurs!

"...Brilliantly Doctor-y one-liners(Chibnal or Moffat?)" - Undoubtedly Moffat!!

They reminded me the the RC Car and Radio robots from transformers.

He could've saved Solomon, yes, but I don't think that signals a greying
of his morality, he needlessly gassed Solon to death in Brain of
Morbius. William Hartnell's Doctor was going to kill a man simply for
being injured and slowing down his and his companions escape in 100,000

Excellent episode - including the much maligned comedy robots.

It had everything a good Doctor Who episode should have; Running, comedy and something really dark and nasty at the core. The Doctor letting the baddie get killed in the end had me on the edge of the sofa with my mouth hanging open - very out of character (modern who anyway, when not dealing with the Daleks).

Overall brilliantly done! (And loved Rory's dad!!!0

Did anyone else think the sexual innuendos were slightly inappropriate for DW and it's audience?

The line about Nefertiti needing a 'big weapon' was tonally just about tongue-in-cheek but the 'breaking' Nefertiti bit seemed aggressive and violent in tone. I actually exclaimed out loud 'WTF?!' at that bit.

He'd offered the ghastly free marketeer a way out, but he refused to take it, just as he refused to learn the lesson that making money his only good was disastrous for everyone, including himself. So he suffered the consequences of his own actions. A judgment of Solomon indeed, given that human justice would probably have given him a peerage and a long interview in the Sunday Times so he could boast about his entrepreneurial genius and his plans to pass it on in a chain of free schools.

I'm glad it wasn't just me who thought 'fifth element' when the robots appeared

On David Tennant's first appearance, the Doctor send the Sycorax leader to his death with a well aimed orange. The Doctor isn't always benign.

By the looks of the postcard the planet the Ark was aimed for

Did anyone else want an explanation as to why they were leaving? and also I love the new appearance of a organisation like the Indian Space Agency (this is there first appearance right?) like when the Church got introduced. And how did they know he was the doctor isnt he suppose to be unknown?

No explanation needed - they were clearly leaving, millions of years ago, to seed a new planet (the 'Siluria' of the postcard at the end) but Silurians and Dinos were woken from hypersleep before reaching their destination - Solomon's robots could easily dispatch a few Silurians at a time but the dinos proved more difficult.

I know it's so wrong ,but despite it's terrible plot contrivancies and strange inconsistancies,Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is actually my favourite television of the week.Parades End is superior,more intelligent and so well acted but i like Doctor Who so much.My brain is ashamed of my body but my heart knows what it likes.

Although piracy, genocide and pride in how he acts suggests this is a good baddie I think meeting him when he can't move and his muscle being comedy robots sort of ruined that. Last week the daleks were meant to be scary again but started scared and ended confused. I just don't think we've met a credible threat to the dr yet this series which I'd like to see in future episode, it's still early days though and it's probably just a personal thing but my favourite episodes are those where I really think the dr could be in trouble. Loved the engine rooms, Amy Dr conversation and Mark Williams - I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

The Doctor let Solomon die! I'm still shocked! It's he didn't even give the guy a chance, that's very undoctor like.

Took me a little while to identify the voices as I was trying to ignore them. A waste of a pair of good guest appearances.

The robots could well have been a great juxtaposition in an episode focused on them as DW is great at creating villains who appear harmless in some way only to turn out deadly. A waste.

perhaps they are setting up the Doctor to kill Amy after all as she becomes a danger for some reason, then Rory tries to kill the Doctor in revenge.

This one was very much 'for the kids' despite it's darker moments.

Although saying that, if you asked most kids what should happen to the man who killed thousands of people I don't think they'd be saying let him go,

I'm not getting the overall love for Mark Williams. Perhaps people are just missing their fix of Bernard Cribbins?

I much preferred Rupert Graves' character and would love to see him return regularly, but then maybe I'm just missing my Captain Jack fix.

Technically, Solomon had a few seconds before the missiles hit so he COULD have done something, but the Doctor's patience seems to be running out now for those who cause needless and thoughtless loss of life.

Expect him to not be able to save Amy or Rory at the hands of an old foe and then feel compelled to make up for it with Clara in some way.

There are always innuendos in DW unfortunately Chris Chibnall makes the dialogue of a Carry-On film looks subtle.

Depends what you're looking for in a DW episode, I have to say it was one of Chibnall's better episodes though as I really liked the two new characters, especially Riddell who could be a new action companion in the vein of Captain Jack.

Unfortunately, Chibnall's weaknesses were still on display too with some dialogue that was far too obvious and childish. There were also plot elements thrown in and then never picked up again so the story felt frayed at the edges.

I'm not going to moan too much about the episode though because at the end of the day it was fun, I just hope we get a more challenging episode soon!

I quite liked Riddell. More for his action chops and sense of adventure though.

I can imagine the Doctor going to him several times just because he wants someone to share the excitement of an experience with.

If he becomes recurring though it would be good to see him go on a character arc to smooth off some of those edges.

That was typical Chibnall though. Never quite knowing where the line is.

not miscast as much as they were a wasted opportunity. they deserved better,

Yes - a very good episode indeed - season 3 shaping up to be the best in a long while, although i still miss the chutzpah of the RTD years

Riddell would actually be an incredible companion. Adventurous, fun, but a lot of room for growth. It'd be awesome if they brought him back.

Well, that's my Oswin theory shot in the foot. Ah, well..... I just hope they don't get all timey-wimey with the Doctor saving her from the Daleks. Sounds too 'River Song' for my liking. But still, wonderfully silly, utterly enjoyable episode here! Very happy with all of it, even if Mitchell & Webb's robots did grate the more they showed up. But, the standard's are pretty high this year. Let's hope they keep it up!!

I have two theories after this episode (apologies if they've been mentioned before):

1. The Doctor's going to visit Amy on the day she dies, probably of natural causes as an old woman (which would be an excellent end as it would mean he's involved in her whole life)

2. Solomon may not be dead, he offered the Doctor anything he wanted, who's to say he doesn't save him just before the ship is destroyed because he needs something from him?

I thought it was brilliant, I liked that the bad guy was really cruel and evil and the comedy was great, the Doctor kissing then slapping Rory had me howling with laughter. This was truly great family viewing with something for everyone, the green title was a nice touch too makes these episodes feel like real events. Its a shame theres only 3 episodes left.

It was a good episode better than Asylum of the Daleks

"Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" got to be a classic line in the making. Worth watching just to hear it :D

Daft question... why didn't Brian recognise the Doctor (or vice versa) from Rory and Amy's wedding? Do we have another case of not-at-the-wedding-itis?

Did anyone else notice that it was the Silurian Malohkeh (I think was his name) from Cold Blood that was on the file that Amy played?

A truly awful episode. That Matt Smith came out of this as brilliant as ever is testament to his acting skills. Please Mr Moffatt resign asap.

I thought that was a superb episode. I was shocked to see the Doctor let someone die, as I thought Amy doing the same thing last season was part of the start of her exit.
I must say tho, I will miss Karen Gillan, she has been my favorite side-kick ever, and I have been watching 39 years.

I don't see the 'darkness' in the Doctor allowing Solomon to die. It was a clear choice between him or the dinosaurs and he obviously made the right decision. Although... just how much bigger IS the Tardis on the inside? If it can materialise around things... why not a spaceship?

I loved the Riverworld series of novels as a teenager as well Alan Moores' graphic novel series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen so it was rather exciting to see the Doctor plucking famous figures from history to beef up the gang. Hopefully something we will see more of in future episodes.

It was great to have Rorys' Dad along for the ride but man, I really miss Bernard Cribbins! So many great supporting characters in DW that I can't wait for the 'Companions' side series. We need something to fill the void of The Sarah Jane Adventures... I just hope they make it for a family audience and not just for the kids.

The episode was ok. Didn't like Rory's father. Liked the robots, they reminded me of Monty Python characters. As for the Doctor killing the baddie, the Doctor has killed before. In the Runaway Bride, the Doctor drowns the spider queen's children and would have killed her if Donna had not talked him down.
Now, something that confused me: Can anyone tell me how Amy was able to operate the Silurian computer as there were no buttons clearly marked in English? Also, can anyone remember any Human companion who could operate alien technology WITHOUT the Doctor's help?

That was a very dark line wasn't it, we already know Solomon is the worst kind of pirate and has committed genocide, now we can add rapist to that list.

Your first theory sounds very plausible and I have to say, it sounds like a really great ending, that.

It was something the Doctor said to Amy when she was worried about him weaning her off, can't remember the line though!

TARDIS translating the screen and text? Just a guess.

That was Matt Smith's best performance as the Doctor so far..

Anyone else notice the 'butt' of the guns at the end were shaped like the lower half of a dalek, (side profile), and had the dalek spheres too?

...and the same bronze colour as the RTD ones?

Dr Who does Hitchikers guide to the galaxy.

"And then I rode a triceratops round a spaceship... which was nice"

I haven't seen any mention of when the Doctor says, "You'll be there til the end of me." Then Amy says to the Doctor, "or vice-versa." Then the Doctor looks at Amy with those eyes and silence that says he knows more than he'll tell, as always.

Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. Is it just me? It seems that there's just not enough time to tell a proper story and so everything is always so rushed. Even the speech. I'm in the States, yes. However, I've been watching DW since the 4th Doctor days. Never before have I had trouble understanding what is being spoken on screen. The Doctor's lines seem often to be spoken at light speed. Amy's words come out almost as fast. I enjoyed the episode very much but I'll have to watch again (and again?) to catch everything. I don't know who the guest stars who voiced the robots are. So regardless of that, I can say that I too found the robots quite irritating. I would think that Solomon would have reprogrammed their personalities long ago. Speaking of Solomon... Was it just me or did the actor playing Solomon strike an incredible resemblance to Patrick Troughton?! I was reminded of Troughton's evil twin, Salamander from the DW story, "Enemy of the World". Perhaps the actor could take on the role of the 2nd Doctor in the upcoming 50th anniversary story! Nefertiti and the Hunter were absolutely wasted. There was no reason for either to be included in the proceedings. Their absence would have left time for more action time for the bad guy verses the Doctor. Still, two pretty darn good episodes in row!

yes! yay! I laughed, I cringed. I loved the energy which carried it overall. And yes I loved Rory's dad sitting in the Tardis' doorway with a thermos and sandwich watching the earth. More laughing. Amy was very Doctor like, and then the Doc looks so sad at the mention of the end of Amy's life. What is happening? Timey Wimey indeed. Happy. Sad. Goofy. Bad. Tricy. Glad. Onwards! The Old West!

Not going to go over the 'silly robots' as they've been covered enough on here (although why did Webb has so few lines?.....doh I did it!).

One thing though. The Daleks have forgotten the Doctor and everyone else thinks he's dead......except the Indian Space Agency who enough to know he's the man to rely on when you need to stop a ship crashing into the Earth?????

Overall a decent episode. "My balls"!

I thought it was implied that they were fleeing the 'asteroid' collision with Earth that wiped out the dinosaurs, I'm sure there was some dialogue along those lines from the Siluiran on the video.

Just rewatched it - you are right daleofcourse - at exactly 15:00 the Silurian on the video screen refers to a 'destructive impact'

Just what I was thinking, especially when Rory's dad produced a trowel. He's a man who obviously knows where his trowel is!

Exactly. I feel the problem with this latest series is with all the zip and zing of clever dialogue we never get any sense of real peril at any point. Killer robots? Fine. But with these two voice talents they came across as less threatening than C3PO.

Incidentally, can someone tell Murray Gold to calm it down?

How cool are the Silurians? not only do they build an ark to save themselves, but they try and save the Dinosaurs too

Thought it was great fun. Had a bit of a duh moment when it was revealed to be a Silurian ship. Also my dad said "Oh er, the doctor killed someone, thats new" to which I noticed a few comments about. Does seem to be a bit of a "won't kill you / don't have to save you" distinction given how often the doctor merrily wipes out hoardes of baddies, albeit indirectly.....

Even cooler than you think because they are probably buried so deep under the ground that the asteroid would do them no serious harm so it makes sense that the ONLY reason they built the ark was to save the dinos and the SIlurians just accompanied them to oversee the seeding of the new planet.

Everyone liked this episode, and here's me feeling a bit Scrooge-ish. Because although I loved it, it didn't grip me. I kept getting up and doing other things. Also, I felt like there were too many dangers, too many storylines for one episode.
However, I LOVED Mark Williams, Nefertiti was a stroke of genius, and the robots were very Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, which couldn't possibly be a bad thing, in my opinion.

No - it was just the same actor. It can't have been Malohkeh as at the time of the dinosaurs he was asleep beneath the earth. He was awoken from that sleep in 2020 and that same year went back to sleep so since this story was set in 2367 it can't possibly be him.

The reason for identical Silurians was explained in Cold Blood/Hungry Earth - Much like the Sontarans, Silurians from the same genetic stock are identical in looks so the one we saw on the video screen is a relative of Malohkeh rather than the man himself. Remember that two people from the same gene chain were required to fly the ship...? There will have been several more Silurians who looked like Malohkeh on the ship.

It's the same reason why Restac and Alaya were played by one actor - the same actor who played Madame Vastra in A Good Man Goes To War.

No - it was just the same actor. It can't have been Malohkeh as at the time of the dinosaurs he was asleep beneath the earth. He was awoken from that sleep in 2020 and that same year went back to sleep so since this story was set in 2367 it can't possibly be him.

The reason for identical Silurians was explained in Cold Blood/Hungry Earth - Much like the Sontarans, Silurians from the same genetic stock are identical in looks so the one we saw on the video screen is a relative of Malohkeh rather than the man himself. Remember that two people from the same gene chain were required to fly the ship...? There will have been several more Silurians who looked like Malohkeh on the ship.

It's the same reason why Restac and Alaya were played by one actor - the same actor who played Madame Vastra in A Good Man Goes To War.

Just from the title, I had expected something cooler but no more subtle than "Snakes on a Plane," and I was not disappointed. I can just imagine the screenwriting meting including a line something like:
"Well dinosaurs are cooler than snakes and spaceships are way cooler than airplanes..."

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. This is supposed to be a family show, but I'm getting uncomfortable about letting my children watch it. I think I'll be skipping the intro when they watch it - I think it was unnecessary and out of place. And yes, the 'breaking' Nefertiti bit was a bit violent. I also disliked the doctor kissing Rory and the fact that he let Solomon die on his spaceship. I know he was guilty of genocide but who appointed the doctor judge & jury? Couldn't he have delivered him to some intergalactic council or something. Overall a good story, but they need to remember there are children in their audience.

I thought Boomers

Plus he killed the Trike - thus making it thoroughly deserved

I'm hoping that Oswin was just the image that the Doctor projected on her, after he's met Clara, I was hoping for an 'Oswin' in every episode. He's not linear so why not, its got to have been someone's subjective perspective!

Noticed something in the scene when the robots execute the triceratops...

The big game hunter, Riddell, sees this mindless murder without respect for the quarry and removes his hat. Subtle, but a moving little touch.

I think they were trying to go for a Hitchhiker's Guide-esque thing here with the robots. At times, it worked. But then I just kept focusing on the fact that they were Mitchell and Webb.

Mark Williams has now been in my favourite British geek shows. Dw, red dwarf and potter. He's been amazing in them all!!! More mark Williams!!!

I did like the bit though where they sung Daisy as they were destroyed. Nice in-joke

What's wrong with the Doctor kissing Rory? That fits into the Doctor's character perfectly.

why did solomon want nefertiti when shirley the last tardis in the universe is more valuable than her?

I think it was another case of "alternate-timeline-didn't-really-happen"

I am utterly confused as to why you have a problem with the Doctor kissing Rory.

if you're uncomfortable with your children seeing guys kiss, sit down and talk with them for a few minutes about it. it's your responsibility.

were the dinosaurs machines?

In short: she started randomly pressing buttons and hoped for the best.

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