Castle season 6 finale review: For Better Or Worse

Review Laura Akers 17 May 2014 - 13:00

Castle comes close to delivering one of the series' best episodes, then falls at the final hurdle. Here's Laura's review...

This review contains spoilers.

6.23 For Better Or Worse

Okay, I take it back. In last week’s review of Veritas, I praised the conclusion of the Joanna Beckett storyline, saying that now that that’s resolved, “Series seven will be a whole new ballgame.” This week’s episode not only put the kibosh on that but was more than a bit of a “get bent” to its audience. Which is particularly annoying given how well the episode was doing until the last few moments.

One of the ongoing problems on Castle is that the basic writing tends toward the cliché or formulaic. Something being cliché or formulaic doesn’t necessarily make it bad. It is entirely possible to use a cliché in a way that is entirely entertaining, and when Castle is good, this is usually what it’s doing. The show has never been anything other than derivative (I’m not unconvinced that the writers don’t go to for story ideas), but when it’s working well, it acknowledges its own formulae and then has a ton of fun with it.

Which was the largest part of what we got this week. In For Better Or Worse, Castle and Beckett go to get their marriage license only to discover that Beckett, very drunk one night many years ago, got married at a drive-through wedding chapel in Vegas (Accidental Marriage trope), woke up with no memory of it (Oops, I Forgot I Was Married trope), and so must go off in search of the soon-to-be-ex-husband (New Old Flame trope).

And yet, despite the formula, it’s all fun.

The two find out that Beckett’s encounter at the Drive-Through of Love was valid when they go to apply for a license. This starts Castle gently teasing his wife-to-be about her first nuptials “Given his (criminal) record, I’m surprised you stayed with him all these years,” a wise choice considering the meltdown that such a thing might cause in real-life, and it’s largely this and the cutaways to the Ryan/Esposito and Alexis and Martha’s preparations for the wedding that keeps the tone upbeat. As a result, we know they will get this resolved, and almost certainly before the end of the episode.

While Castle stays in Manhattan to keep the wedding on-track, Beckett finds Old Flame Rogan O’Leary (Eddie McClintock of Warehouse 13, in a great geek get), another in the list of remnants from “KitKat’s” wild past, who blackmails her into retrieving (stealing) an item he needs from his ex-girlfriend, something Beckett does easily only to have Old Flame stolen from her when she comes to collect the signature on their divorce papers. She calls Castle, who immediately joins her, and when they return to O’Leary’s apartment, they are accosted by a motorcycle gang to whom O’Leary owes money. Normally this would not be a problem (Castle’s writers are usually pretty quick with the Crimefighting with Cash trope), but it seems that Castle left his lone ATM card with Alexis (really? a multimillionaire with a single bank account?), so he cannot buy them out of the situation this time.

And that situation, of course, escalates from there, as each clue uncovers level after level of criminal and immoral behavior in the O’Leary’s small upstate New York town, and all the while, the adventure is funny and upbeat—like when Beckett unties the kidnapped ex, but only enough for him to sign the divorce papers. And O’Leary’s may not be a straight shooter, of course, but he’s not altogether a bad guy, and he keeps us laughing by taking to calling Castle “Man Parts.”

Beckett and Man Parts eventually set up one bad guy—the mobster in hiding—by luring him to where the other bad guys are waiting for them and offer him in lieu of the five grand the bikers think they are owed. O’Leary eventually signs the divorce papers (and the various looks on Man Parts’ face throughout the denouement of the O’Leary storyline are priceless), and Beckett and Man Parts rush off to the Hamptons to get married.

“Can everyone stop saying “man parts”?

Yeah, sorry about that. Had the episode ended here, or continued to the wedding without issue, this would have been one of the best of this series, with a particularly good romantic moment embedded in all the fun and chaos of the first three-quarters of the story—Castle’s pep talk to Beckett when all the craziness seems a bit much and she wonders if it’s a bad sign:

“Maybe it is a sign. A sign that ours is a great love story. Because what’s a great love story without obstacles to overcome? Every fairy tale has them. Terrible trials that only the worthy can transcend. But you can’t give up. That’s the deal. We want the happy ending? We can’t give up.”

It’s an inspiring speech, one that helps Beckett pull herself together, pull the pieces together, and get to the wedding.

Except, as the last minute or so shows, that speech may have been, unconsciously, not Castle trying to keep Beckett from falling apart, but the writers making an unconscious plea to the audience before they entirely screw us over; because we know, when Beckett gets the phone call at the end, that that’s exactly what they are about to do to us.

Castle has been kidnapped (a slight variation on the Blood-Splattered Wedding Dress trope), the wedding will not take place (even as back-up planned) this season, and we’ve been duped.

Had the entire episode not already been a “get me to the church on time” adventure, maybe this last-minute twist would not have been so bad. But after forty minutes of this, all on top of six years of waiting, the last two minutes of For Better Or Worse crosses over into the realm of “shipping” sadism, and I have to ask: how on earth could the writers and showrunner Andrew Marlowe have thought that this was the right thing to do to their fans?

And many fans are asking the same question. An anguished cry went up last Monday and it’s been followed up by a great deal of fan anger: “I'm so mad with this episode! It's ridiculous! I'm disappointed as hell with the show runners... It's a cheap shot.” “I feel jerked around and VERY disappointed, and I usually love the cliffhangers.” “Marlowe will have an explanation for [the suddenly tragic ending] in an interview, but sometimes I think he (sic) too arrogant to believe everyone just is going to accept his storylines.” (from

And Marlowe does, of course, have an explanation, in an interview in TV Guide: “The story that we're telling with their relationship isn't over. It's going to get deeper. It's going to get more interesting, and there are still a couple of things that need to be overcome.” His explanation, unfortunately, doesn’t hold water because it depends on the assumption that once a couple marries, all obstacles are behind them and their love and their relationship simply ceases to deepen and develop.

So rather than, as appeared would happen after the almost universally beloved Veritas episode last week, allow Castle and Beckett to celebrate the end of Kate’s crusade against Bracken and the beginning of her life free from the shadow of her mother’s death by finally marrying her love and letting them move into a new and exciting adventure together in the seventh series, Marlowe has merely stretched this part of the story beyond any reasonable limits. And it smells of unnecessary desperation.

Next year, Castle will be going head-to-head with the more successful NCIS-Los Angeles which had three million more viewers in the US for its series finale than Castle did in the same week. Granted, NCIS-LA has benefited greatly from the lead-in from its parent series, NCIS, one of the most-watched series on air in the US now. But it will be a formidable foe now that that boost has gotten it a firmly established fanbase. So Marlowe’s choice to piss off his own fanbase, much as he did with this series’ misguided FBI misadventure kickoff is inexplicable.

I hate to evoke it once more, but Marlowe proves again that he doesn’t not get the true lesson of the Moonlighting Curse: Moonlighting did not die because the couple was allowed their happily ever after. It was killed by writers who felt they needed to keep the leads apart in order to keep audiences interested. Marlowe et al are ignoring a simple fact: Castle and Beckett have been together (unmarried but happy) for the last two series and the ratings are higher now than they were in the first two years of the show’s run. The audience has already shown that happily ever after isn’t a deal-killer for them.

But based on my own reaction and what I’m reading on fansites, I have to wonder if the last two minutes of For Better Or Worse might be. 

Read Laura's review of the previous episode, Veritas, here.

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Actually, Season 6 had less rating than Season 5. It wasn't going that well so they obviously thought that marriage wasn't working out, so they created a new mythology. That's good.

Should we have expected any less of a FUBAR from the same person who gave us the 'Squab & Quail' episode in season 5? And the SQUAB episode was supposedly to take place just one week after Castle stood on top of a ticking time bomb with Beckett in STILL?

One week she sees her man ready to face oblivion with her, and a week later she's questioning whether he's truly committed to their relationship, and so starts licking facing with billionaire Voluptuary Vaughn?! REALLY!? MARLOWE?!

I like your site because your reviews are insightful without being mean-spirited and don't serve as a fluff mouthpiece for ABC or Marlowe. I would like you to explore at some point why Beckett does not seem to come to Castle's defense. The "man parts" while funny as the punch line would have been the time when she could have explained how "man parts" pulled the plug on a dirty bomb, broke Coogan's nose, smashed Lockwood's face and figured out how to get her off a bomb. The most that I have ever heard was Beckett defending Castle's theory building or in "The Final Nail" that she "believes in Richard Castle". It's also about time that she pulls Perlmutter aside and sets him straight in a similar manner.

Very disappointed in the finale. Mentalist, Blacklist were much better. Give your fans that watched all year a reward show with something that satisfies. How 80's of the writers. Castle is being deleted from my DVR record list. Writers are bored, I am bored.


Moonlighting's contorted contrivances were what ruined that show. And the same has happened to Castle. Watching that episode was almost as bad as watching Bones ( a show I quit watching 3 seasons ago, because of crap just like this).

I actually thought they were doing a different trope, the "character disappears on their wedding day and is presumed dead until they later resurface with amnesia". Which I think neighbours did twice in the 80s and 90s.

First, thanks. I love writing for Den of Geek for exactly the reasons you cite. My fellow writers, AND the readers, are a cut above. It's great company to be in.

As to your concern: I largely think she doesn't come to his defense because a) he really doesn't need defending and b) the teasing is good for him.

Castle is a big boy and knows how to defend himself if necessary. Let's face it, he's in such an insulated position, it doesn't really matter if anyone lashes out at him because they actually can't touch him (being a multi-millionaire has its perks). But I also think to some extent that protected position has allowed him to develop an inflated sense of himself, and even he knows it. It's why she doesn't pull punches with him and why he loves her for it.

It looks like that may be true though the final numbers still aren't posted. But it's a fairly small drop.

Really, always women standing up for him? Nah, it's better they don't. Actually I would like Castle arguing with somebody who calls Beckett anything bad.

Agree with everything said. I don't care how contrived that ending was, I'll be sitting in front of the TV come september for more Fillion-y goodness. Which says a lot cos I'm a HUGE NCISLA fan!

I thought it was a great ending, no problem at all. Actually I don't want them to get married anyway. It will ruin it.

Laura: First off, I enjoyed your insightful review of "Veritas," particularly your assertion that Beckett is in many ways the true protagonist of the show. You have been critical but fair-minded toward CASTLE this season, so for you to write so lacerating a review of "FBOFW" is a source of legitimate concern over the (mis)direction of my favorite series going into Season 7. I personally despised the ending, which I considered a cruel joke at the expense of a long suffering fanbase, Loyalty works both ways, Marlowe. , .

I wish that Castle gets bigger than he is now. I mean, Beckett is taking the whole show, she is the main deal now and I, personally, don't like that. She is the perfect one in a relationship, she is the one doing all the work, Castle hardly is useful, and even in Beckett's mother case, which Castle had opened actually, Beckett did everything, I mean, most of the things, okay, but everything, damn! I wish Castle gets the limelight now, I am tired of watching Beckett being the upper one.

Cruel joke? How exactly do you think they can end Beckett mother case and get them married, the biggest deal of the whole show would be gone together! And, right now the show has become too Beckettish, she does everything to solve the mother case, she needs a divorce, she solves cases, Rick is just an art piece for show, who clearly is shown to be way weaker than Beckett in a relationship, in this situation, Richard Castle character needs a great push, all his good things are gone, handsomeness, annoying, smart-ass, witty answers. He needs to get as much attention as Beckett again to get them married, after all, HE is the titular character.

I mean okay that she solved the mother case, but at least some help from Castle would have been good. And even otherwise, Castle character used to be great first, now he is an art piece for show.

Very disappointed no wedding and what seems to be obvious kidnapping of we all he "ain't dead"... On that note the expected or obvious is not what Marlowe does, most of the time. What if's Jim Beckett's car and Castle is off to the side....and the new story line has is going off in a 180 degree turn from what is expected....most of the fans think it's 3xkk...but this doesn't seem like his m.o.....all in all - poorly written episode especially after Veritas......should have been a wedding.

true looking back on the episode it does kind of ruin the season with that ending but at the time of watching it i didnt know it was the last episode of the season so i was like ok they will get married next week... then yeah found out etc hulu and not saying its the finale. but yeah from the get go of the episode i was like really she "forgot" she got married on do you forget that? and then have perfect recall about the situation. just a lot of ok yeah right moments. either way i think season 7 will be the last for castle. when the show is good it is great but these last two season finales have just been very flat and too unbelievable in the castleverse.

I disagree that the first part of the episode was good -- it was completely contrived, and not remotely of the Preston Sturges, Cary Grant/Irene Dunne quality that AWM said they were going for. The mobster, Justified-like bums and so on -- ho hum. And the end was just stupid -- it was particularly stupid that there was a contrived blaze going on hours after the car had gone off the road. The shot of Kate in her dress was just so cheap. It was not just that they betrayed Beckett's character by the plot line, it was that the whole episode from beginning to end was so obviously a "Writer's Room" gimmick. It made the serious moments (e.g. the earring scene) just cheap.

thanks for your review. You said was a lot of us have been feeling. Like AWM was like F- you fans, I am God and can do what I want. I dont care....

My question, is has Castle broken the fandom ? I am a big long time fan, buy the books, the DVDs, watch faithfully every week etc. After this finale, I will be honest, I am not feeling the love like I used too. Why invest in a show, that is just going to torture me ? That is how I feel. As you alluded too in your review, do you think there will be a material impact on the show ? I honestly dont know if I will be back in S7, and if I am probably for the first episode, but based on AWM's interview, if AWM is arrogant enough to think is he going to be jerking us around indefinitely, and we are going to take it, than I most likely will check out.
I am with you I wouldnt have minded the stupid, Becketts already married story, if they had gotten married, also , ALL Season , AWM and Co mentioned the wedding, in EVERY episode...... and to have to gall to say, yeah, half way through the season I knew they weren't going to get married, ... but you kept stoking the fires ? That is just cruel. And that is the thing that really I think has turned off alot of fans, we are not his play things, and yes we love the show, but it is just that a show, and we can watch other shows, that wont hurt us for no reason other than to feed the ego of the showrunner.

thoughts ? Do they have a problem of their own creation on their hands ?

Thanks again for your review.

Laura, did you really want Caskett marriage and the mother case to be done together, one by one? That would like an end of the major part of the show, from where it will just have been dragged! And Richard character is way below Beckett, they already needed to make him more than an art piece.

You wanted them to get them married and end the mother case together? Really? After that, everything would have been minor part of the show.

Fillion-y goodness? That's long gone bro. Now it's way too beckettish.

I also don't think Beckett should be standing up for Castle or something, but right now Castle just gets insulted everywhere, first there used to be witty answers, now that's also, sadly, gone.

It was the other way round, wasn't it? Still, I actually hated that Eric Vaughn episode.

Drop is a drop, obviously people didn't get that interested on that marriage angle, or at least didn't look like it. Ratings were higher when Castle and Beckett got together, but now it will be like, doing that all over again. They needed to make a major villain, I don't understand how you can't see that as Bracken is gone, it would be like one end of ''Castle'', it will later just be returning to deal with minor things. Castle and Beckett got together, that was enough for once to make the fans happy, but just now getting them married, a week after mother case is solved, it would like an end of all the major part of the show.

A wedding and the mother case solved, it would like Castle coming back to deal with minor things in the season 7 and no Bracken type big deal to look forward to!

long suffering fanbase has been delighted by the makers for the past 2 years, with once Beckett and Castle getting together, and once Castle proposing, but you want them to just keep continuing every season, and that also, now, without a major villain?

Bones has done it. Why can't Castle?

Castle would do that, Marlowe has made it clear that they would. But after bigger obstacles, and not just after clearing another major part of the show.

It's not a matter of what I want, Harvey, it's a matter of what works artistically, and this didn't. It was clumsy as hell. I think I made it pretty clear in this review that them getting married right after Beckett freed herself of her lifelong obsession made a lot of narrative sense.

And again, your concern that they'd have nothing to do once those two things happened? Bones did just this and still enjoys solid success. Good writers can always come up with another great adventure. But then Castle is not blessed with the best writers.

Still, fans have already shown that they will stick with the show if the two are together. At this point, we all get that the wedding is nothing but a lovely formality, which makes Marlowe withholding it just that much worse--it's no longer the be-all, end-all. Hell, at this point, I would have thought it more in character for them to decide NOT to marry. The wedding isn't the point. The cheap plotting is.

Actually, he has not made that clear. He appears to think getting to the wedding is the big obstacle. It ain't.

Laura, I agree, that the show would still have a very loyal fanbase and now the marriage would seem better. But they also need a bigger villain, and something that's not just the same as it was 2 years ago with Season 5. And as I said, the characters are not matching each other right now, Rick needs a push. The way they showed the last episode wasn't good for me, but marriage not happening definitely has it's reasons too, till now it's always in every season the relationship going forward, this time they used the finale to build a new villain too.

He said something about having to face more obstacles until the fans get there, something like that, he was talking like the story would get deepen between them and marriage would probably happen.

No, just other adventures. Now they have to deal with the damage they did to themselves. Look at the Mentalist and Bones finales, both done way better than Castles. Both have strong jump off points for next year. And the Mentalist ended a long story arc, this season. Every season on Castle doesnt need to be a dire cliff hanger. And if they are going to do one, at least do it well. This finale was really below what we have and should come to expect .

Yeah, the cliffhanger wasn't shown that good, the whole episode wasn't shown that good. But about every year's cliffhanger, they also can't just continue the relationship every year, especially right now, when they need a back story of a great villain also.

Or Caskettish... :D

Marlowe is a MORON, who seems to be completely divorced from the reality of how real relationships work! Marriage is only the BEGINNING!!! A couple's life, any couple, is always completely different after the marriage, than what it was before! Once the wedding takes place, then starts the great adventure!! But Malediction Marlowe doesn't seem to have the brains to grasp this simple truth!

Before the Boston Bombing took place, STILL was scheduled to broadcast that night. ABC decided to switch the broadcast dates between STILL & SQUAB following the bombing. But if the bombing hadn't occurred, we'd have witnessed Castle standing fast & faithfully by Beckett's side one week, and then the next we'd have witnessed an angsty Beckett pondering whether Castle was serious about his commitment to her and their relationship, while drooling over the Man-Whore Voluptuary Vaughn!

One week Castle is ready & willing to die along side her, and the next she's telling this complete stranger, whose doing his all to seduce her, that her relationship with Castle is complicated! On top of all that, we also get to see Lanie doing her best to pimp out Beckett with Vaughn, saying she should go for it, in spite of her now being in a serious relationship with Castle! The episode was a true Slut Fest from the word GO! It was also an example of how slow and careful work of years, building up these two characters, can all but be ruined in the space of a 5 minute scene!!!

Agree about that that, didn't like that episode.

Castle and Beckett would get married, but just not now. Not much of a big deal in that bro.

It doesn't even seem that way bro, as Castle hardly does anything now.

I know that so many people hate the ending for this episode, but I personally thought the ending was epic! I mean they only had like two minutes left in the episode and I personally would have felt gypped if they would have squeezed the wedding in those two minutes. It would have been too easy and besides this sets up for an epic 7th season premier! Beckett thinking Castle is dead? That is going to be so dramatic and cause some awesome tension as she tries to piece things together and somehow save Castle or whatever they are going to do!

I think it was good for them not to wrap things up so quickly. Like for instance Veritas. You only get a glimpse of Bracken this season and suddenly, without any building throughout the season (just the Belly of the Beast: one episode), he is taken down? I honestly thought they wrapped it up too fast. And seeing that Bracken was the main villain, this could totally set up for a bigger villain or bring someone like 3XK into the limelight. Besides we know Castle is alive and they will get married eventually, probably next season.

I've been a fan for a while now and I'm not really feeling "tortured" as everyone is saying. I could see how people would be upset, but I'm too excited to see what is in store to be upset!

Agree with everything you said.

So, what it basically come down to, is, what should one really expect when one realizes that the same idiot who gave us SQUAB, also gave us this drivel! I no longer trust Marlowe any further than what I can throw him!!

What I'm basically trying to say, what it ultimately comes down to, is, that should realizes that the same idiot who gave us SQUAB, also gave us this drivel! -and thus tailor our expectations accordingly!!! I personally no longer trust Marlowe any further than what I can
throw him!!

A VERY BIG DEAL!!! Especially in light of the fact that they had been building towards this all season!!! Again, just like in SQUAB, its ending was only to create unwanted, and unwarranted angst!!! Very cheap of Malediction Marlowe!!

Bro, Bracken is gone, if they would have got married, the two very main things of the show would be gone. Yes, still the show could run, agree, but a major villain is also needed. Some people watch the show for the story too, and not just the romance going ahead. Those who watch for romance, would still get romance, but those who watch for a major story would have almost nothing to look forward to in Season 7.

Bro, Marlowe has made quite some mistakes, agreed, but that doesn't changes the whole show. The show has been great, and just because of some episodes, you can't just say that Marlowe has become bad.

Bro, just because of some episodes, you can't just say that Marlowe has become bad. All the great episodes are also there.

Braken is gone, and Castle would be sweetly married, and that would have been beautiful! As for the future, you seem to have forgotten the Evil Menance as embodied by the diabolical Plastic Surgeon, heir to T3K, or whatever his name was. Surely more than enough can be developed by this fact alone, as to create drama!

I would say that Malediction Marlowe had lately laid more than enough rotten eggs, as to justify calling in the Kosher Butcher!

Definitely, but nothing Bracken big bro. 3XK needs a huge push so he comes back on top, right now the people who are watching Castle, are fans, but not from the start, won't think 3XK as anything big. Most might have expected Bracken case to last until the end of the show, meaning less concern about other. There is a drop in ratings also, marriage idea was kind of not working. And really, for the last 2 years, it's like the relationship moving ahead only, nothing else, Veritas just came way too suddenly. A whole new big drama has to be created before the marriage too. And see the characterization for the time being, which might be Marlowe mistake too, that the show is like Beckett only, Castle is nowhere right now, just an art piece, this way Richard might also get a push to make marriage more interesting and not just too beckettish.

Yeah, I guess so. But it can't really just be Marlowe's fault right, all the people involved would have had something to say about whether they should get them married or not. Though other things are obviously putting him on a doubt list.

Well, the drop in ratings is because nobody trust Marlowe anymore after SQUAB. That cheap shot hurt Castle more than anything, BIG TIME!!!
However, if you think you need that kind of a push for season 7, then an even better cliffhanger would have been for Castle & Beckett to be on their way to a honeymoon, when suddenly Beckett starts feeling sick. Then have her pee on a stick and the end sequence shows it as positive! Her last words for the season could have been: "Castle, I've got a surprise for you!"

The doubt list is because of SQUAB, SQUAB, & more SQUAB!!! Then we had Watershed, with Beckett again declaring to the man who was willing to die along side of her: "It's MY life, not yours!!"
Truly, the Season 5 finale was the very Nadir of this series. We use to have the Moonlighting Curse, even though MOST people still don't have a real clue as to what that is. But now, Marlowe has given us the 'SQUAB CURSE'!

I agree to a point...if this episode had been better written...they could have perhaps at least started the wedding...and started to lay the ground work for a new mythology. The writers could have foregone the "already married" route and gone with different light hearted schtick with wedding prep. I still don't think 3xk is behind this...the black escalade has the earmarks of a different sinister type that can run through s7 and perhaps beyond.

LOL! Really, Beckett could have been shown better in a relationship in many right ways, but the ways the show chose were in which Castle had the upper hand. Show has never even shown how Castle is better than other guys in Beckett's life, like Sorenson, Eric and mainly, Demming.

Now are you serious about that or am I a too serious person to think you are joking? Because that would have been the worst ending ever, lol.

Yeah, it probably is somebody new, but 3XK would be awesome.

Have to disagree. Castle hasn't gotten a lot of development in terms of change, but he's always been depicted as a caring, insightful, passionate, funny, and laid back guy. Who he is with Alexis and Martha speaks volumes about why he's a better selection.

Bracken wasn't half the threat 3XK is. Bracken had a truce with Castle and Beckett, remember? Everything would have been fine if she had walked away. 3XK is a psychopath (as is his protege, I'm guessing. Which means creative death for Caskett. FAR bigger threat.

Starting the wedding--which is what I assumed they were going to do--would have been a great choice. Hell, finishing the wedding would have been a great choice if they had five minutes instead of two.

Sorry, Harvey, but I can't agree. But I do think they hold Fillion back intentionally a bit because he's such a presence and playing a role that's fairly natural for him. He would otherwise easily dominate the rest of the cast, which would make the show largely unwatchable.

Laura, it could be that if his role gets way big, he will dominate, but still, he is not even what he used to be. I mean, okay with not helping, but he is not even the same handsome, annoying, smart-ass, with witty answers any more.

Laura, I agree, but the show has always shown that it's most about Beckett's mother, many expected the show to end when Bracken does. I am talking about that big, right now, 3XK isn't that famous among those who haven't been watching since the 3rd season, he needs a push in that thing. Ruining the marriage would probably be the best way, but probably he isn't the one to do it.

The whole episode was about getting over obstacles to the wedding - and then a final one right at the end. It felt ridiculous, ruined the continuity of an otherwise good episode and shows a complete lack of understanding of the viewers. Poor, poor effort. I dread to think what the opening of Season 7 will be like and that disappoints me because I was (up until now) a longstanding fan of the show.

No development, but change is sure. Caring is okay, insightful, maybe that too, but funny, not that much now, even Beckett seems more funny now, he is not that annoying man. The show has failed to show why Beckett loves him too, I mean, Demming was better in every way, Eric connected with Beckett, no dialogue or thing happens that makes him better than them. His character used to be just awesome to watch, now he is awesome to watch because of the show and Nathan for me, but that awesome character has gone.

Come on, one episode changes all your thinking about the show?

Still, I agree that the ending isn't shown at the right time, or in the right way. But the opening of season 7 would probably be great.

Reply on that Veritas review comments also.

What can I say, but as the father of 5, and the grandfather of 9 (and G-d Willing, may they continue to increase!), I can't think of anything more exciting than the contemplated birth of a child! Children are G-d's blessing to the world!

I just hate that they had to get the the point of the actual wedding day. I would be sad but not that enraged if their wedding plans got cancelled, but come on, you had to mess with their actual wedding day? That's just cruel. You can't take that back or fix that.

That is a good point, it would have been better without the wedding day coming.

Isn't it season not series? Or, have I been saying it wrong?

Yes, Harvey. One episode full of insulting drivel, made possible only by insulting the characters and having Kate basically lose all intelligence, capped with a "cliffhanger" that destroyed all hope of Kate and Rick ever having a good wedding day to look back on? That really does change a hell of a lot of my thinking about the show going forward. The writers of this episode are hacks who have overplayed their good will.

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