Atlantis series 1 finale review: Touched By The Gods - Part 2

Review Dave Adamson 28 Dec 2013 - 22:00

Atlantis' first series bows out on a high. Here's Dave's review of the finale...

This review contains spoilers.

1.13 Touched By The Gods - Part 2

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a first series for Atlantis. There've been a few ups, a number of downs and far too many stomach churning moments. It’s not been a great rollercoaster, in all fairness, but it’s kept on going and, right now, we’re at the end of series one, with series two coming.

First, this week's action. Having been betrayed by her favourite handmaiden, Ariadne has been sentenced to death and it’s up to Jason, who has really landed her in this predicament in the first place, to rescue his beloved and save the day.

Ariadne’s fate is to be roasted to death in a big metal bull, though Jason feels he can bypass such a fate by handing himself in. She’s given up hope and, whilst her fate may be sealed, she wants her father to be looked after.

With The Oracle warning Pasiphae of what is to come, the Queen won’t rest until she stops the man who would stop her, but Jason isn’t the only one threatening her quest for power.

Pasiphae leads the search for Ariadne whilst her husband lays dying, unaware that The Oracle plots to save the King and has sent Jason to meet his father, who is secreted away in a leper colony.

As Jason and company help Ariadne escape, Jason is knocked unconscious and about to be executed at Pasiphae’s hand, with his life saved by his father who reveals that Jason is their son! Given that the series started with Jason in modern times, was he from Atlantean times and sent into the future? If so, how?

All of this isn’t important, though, as Pasiphae is about to discover that her husband, the King, isn’t as close to death as she had imagined and has a few select words for his wife and Jason.

Atlantis series one ends on a high with a final episode that fulfils the ambitions of Touched By The Gods, Part 1. Whereas many of the episodes felt poorly paced and underwhelming, this two-part story really had an epic feel with set pieces and performances to match.

Sarah Parish and Juliet Stevenson’s exchange is a wonderful moment and a true high point for the series. The Oracle’s cryptic messages are laced with aggression, whilst Pasiphae brims with arrogance. Together, they are truly strong women, with Aiysha Hart’s Ariadne being a third and having some wonderful moments of her own - she isn’t restricted to a wilting maiden role, even when she’s being emotional.

With only a few moments of dialogue, Alexander Siddig puts in a beautifully regal performance. His condemnation of Pasiphae’s actions drip with royal poise, without tipping over into melodrama. His performance, very much like Parish's, commands the screen.

Jack Donnelly’s performance actually feels heroic here! Along with Addy and Emms, there’s a sense of gung-ho heroism that should have been present all along. Some of his delivery may still be a bit lacklustre, but he’s improved with this role and will hopefully be more comfortable next time round.

The guest star for this week is the always reliable John Hannah, as Jason’s father. Another strong performance from a known name led to a gloriously emotional exchange between Parish and Hannah.

Though many episodes in BBC’s fantasy period pieces have featured chases through forests, Atlantis hasn’t really managed to find its footing with something that should be familiar territory. This episode, however, with its night-time setting, managed to deliver a chase sequence that was gripping, along with a number of other set pieces that felt dramatic. The rescue of Ariadne is well shot and incredibly tense and remains unmarred by the hokey acrobatics that has plagued other action scenes.

The hokey acrobatics have been replaced by well choreographed fight sequences that, whilst lacking bloodshed, feel suitably violent and fitting of the timeslot.

There are still a few unanswered questions, especially relating to Jason’s apparent parentage. Did the script writers forget he’s from modern times or will his time-travelling become important later on? Just how will Pasiphae’s fall from grace affect her position? Can Minos really keep Ariade and Jason apart?

Series two could be interesting! In the meantime, we have The Musketeers to look forward to.

Read Dave's review of the previous episode, Touched By The Gods - Part 1, here.

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Who gives a stuff !!! this has been a dreadful waste of BBC money that could have been spent on more episodes of Ripper Street.

Gotta admit, this series was really good, i dont understand the negative comments, i heard it happened with merlin but eventually because a hit after its second series, but i enjoyed this, the twist at the end where pasiphae is jasons, i mean, i kept believing it was the oracle, but this was a shocker. But they really should address the fact that jason was raised in modern times, its like, they completely ignored that after episode 1, i mean, look at farscape, alls the main character talked about was getting back to earth, his home, and made constant references. The only closeness we get is his knowledge of medusa's fate, but certainly he could put two and two together and see he ends up becoming the famous jason with his argounauts, but time will come on that i guess.

I suppose it's been an easy series to criticise if you're that way inclined, but I've switched off my brain quite happily and enjoyed watching with my 7 year old daughter (who loves it!) - something I couldn't do with Ripper Street ;-) Don't forget too, that episode one conversation with the Oracle where she explained that Jason is FROM Atlantis, but was taken to grow up in our 'modern' times by his Father for his protection. At this point, is was pretty obvious that Pasiphae was his Mum (just sayin'). I'm looking forward to series two, just because I rather like snuggling up on the sofa with my kids watching a show together and reminding myself that Merlin was cack for the first season too - There's plenty of room for improvement on the writing front, so it'll be interesting to see where it goes. I don't really get all the overdone negativity on this show either, as I can't understand why people who 'hate' it are presumably watching it still and/or reading recaps and reviews? Not sure about you, but if I don't like it, I don't watch...

This episode was marginally better than most, but overall the series has been a big disappointment (apart from some of the comedy moments such as Hercules turning into a pig). Jason cant act, the Princess is dumb & wimpy, Pythagoras is a non-entity, the Oracle needs a slap (tell people the facts woman!) and the scriptwriters need shooting (after being hung, drawn & set on fire). The Queen is too obvious a villain, and her sidekicks a prettyboy dumb arse. Nice to see John Hannah though (ooh someone who CAN act!) The Kings well acted though, nice to see Mr Siddig again.

I too think the criticism has been a little unfair at time's, yes if I was watching for myself I could moan about the inconsistency of plot, acting and pacing, but I don't watch this for me, I do it as the intended audience, sat with the family in which case its fun, lighthearted escapism, my boy loves the fight sequences, my girl loves Hercules cause he's funny and I perk up whenever jason is shirtless! No its not high art but it does the job of keeping a family entertained on a saturday night which is surely what it was designed to do

Luke I am your mother!!!!! Was all that I got from last night's episode.

This show is just plain bad. I watched tonight's episode after skipping a few in hope that there had been an improvement, but sadly there was no improvement.

a) The lead Jack Donnelly cannot act. You'd think after 13 episodes he'd of got the hang of it but apparently not... The worse part is I think he is that bad at acting I can't even see him improving. Surely he has already had acting classes (and has been previous shows before) etc... And if they haven't already helped him I don't know what will.

In fact there are quite a few actors in this show who really really can't act. Howevers others do a splendid job and act as tiny rays of sunshine through the abysmal acting of the rest of the cast e.g. Alexander (the king) and the guy who plays Hercules.

b) One of the big things that struck me in the episode was the incredibly odd pacing. It was all over place and in places that didn't make sense. It was more like the pacing of a cartoon show, which are generally more a bit erratic and random. The show comes across as if it needs to be on CBBC not BBC.

c) The odd music sort of goes hand and hand with the above. The music doesn't really seem to fit the scenes they put it in.

d) The slapstick and the terrible humour. Ignoring the fact that a large part of the humour is offensive (and seriously how many times can they make fat jokes about one guy in just 13 episodes?) it is also that bad it is cringe worthy. It's awful and it is not funny in the slightest and again is more like what belongs on a cartoon on CBBC. Don't get me wrong I understand Atlantis is a family show so I expect some slapstick, but I also expect other forms of humour as well not episodes that are 99.98% filled with bad slapstick jokes that they wouldn't even make a child laugh.

e) The storylines within the episodes that I have watched were abysmal (but I will talk more about this later). Jason seems to have forgotten he was fromt he 21st century, we had a trip in rape culture and then the rest of the episodes seemed to be "oh look at Jason's abs" or "lets take the piss out the fat guy' or "look Jason and Araidne love each other, if they ever have children those children would be the worst actors on the planet" or some sort of mixture of the three. In fact I think I may of just described 99% of seasons storylines in just a couple of lines.

f) Is there even a reason Pythagoras is in this show? All he seems to do is stand there quietly next to Hercules or Jason.

g) The characters are 2D utter stereotypes. It's offensive and and it is incredibly incredibly dull.

- The smart guy who knows everything.
- The muscled action man who can do no wrong
- The overweight guy that is funny, eats everything and has a drinking/gambling problem.
- A beautiful woman who's only role is to be all soppy and lovey dovey around the muscled action man who can do no wrong. Bonus points - she is the evil queens step-daughter.
- The evil queen step-mother who is evil.

- The oracle who is oracle-y

Again it is a family show so I do expect some aspects of stereotyping in characters (although I'd prefer if they avoided it), but in case of Atlantis the stereotypes is all the characters have too them. In all the episodes I have seen I have not seen a single moment where the characters weren't being stereotyped or showing any characteristic that wasn't from their stereotype. The characters have absolutely no depth to them and their relationships seem empty and forced because of that. As far as I can tell there has been 0% character development as well.

h) The writers forgot it was a family show. Family shows are supposed to appeal to all ages of the family. Both DW and Merlin managed to do so. They both manage to balance the 'kids' and the 'adults humour' they both manage to write storylines that are fun enough for kids to enjoy but complicated enough for adults to be interested. Both DW and Merlin also manage to add depth to their characters that goes beyond the stereotypes. This has been true of both shows since the first season (new Who) so you can't even use the excuse of 'but Atlantis is only in season 1!!!'. Atlantis fails on all accounts listed above in this paragraph and it has no excuse. The writers need to remember this is in fact not a show that aired on CBBC not matter how much people say that is where it belonged.

i) Is more of a response to other people's comments on 'but Merlin was bad in season one tooo!!!$£!£!'. Aside from the fact it is always amuses me because these are usually the same people who in the previous sentence saying 'omg why are you comparing it to Merlin it's a different show' there is major differences between the shows.

Yes Merlin had some shoddy storylines not only in the first series (although they were probably the worst) but through the whole 5 series. In fact when people compliment Merlin it is generally related to the characters/ the actors/ their relationships, you don't see many people going around going 'yeah those Merlin storylines they were utterly fantastic and captivating'. There also wasn't much character development in season 1 of Merlin (but there did seem a tad more that Atlantis), but Merlin's problems pretty much end there while Atlantis' carry on to form the great list that I am writing now.

Three examples;

Merlin had good actors from the start that grew into great actors. Atlantis has mainly bad actors that we can only hope grow into at least average.

Merlin had a fantastic lead from the start who grew into an even more fantastic actor. Atlantis has Jack Woodenly.

Merlin characters were a bit stereotyped but they actually had depth to them and characteristics that set them aside from their stereotypes. Atlantis' characters are just walking talking 2D cut out stereotypes.
In fact I think one of the best examples of this is in the main characters. Merlin from the start is different from what you'd expect in a hero. He isn't muscled, he isn't all tanned and a rough tough save the world kind of guy, he isn't a manly man, he is completely oblivious to romantic cues, he is sarcastic, he makes mistakes, he is smart, witty and incredibly brave.

Jason? Jason is a tanned muscled great romancer who likes to do backflips and walk around with his top off with being completely unable to do no wrong.

j) Other minor issues; bad CGI (but I can forgive that) and lack of sets. It also seems to bad a shoddy re-make of Merlin. I know it's the same writers but they probably should of at least tried to make it a bit different or if they were going to do the same idea they should have learnt from their past mistakes not amplified them 10 fold and added a handful more into the show.

All in all this is an incredibly poor show and it is a shame BBC jumped the boat and renewed it after just one episode as it means we are stuck with this utter rubbish for the foreseeable future. I can only hope it improves next season.

It's easy to criticise because it has lots of poor bits in it. If a prerequisite of enjoyment is switching your brain off that's not a good thing. The reason I criticise it is because it could so easily be good. The set up is good, the characters if written with more to them I would like, and I do have a spot for Saturday viewing (also my license money goes towards this, shame it's not being used well). It was described as a Greek A-team. Great that ticks my boxes. But it's all over the place and very bland. I feel a great bit of Saturday programming has been offered up and then cruelly and needlessly snatched away.

The show actually airs quite late for a family show. In addition family shows should appeal to all the family and I don't believe Atlantis does that. Some adults seem to be happy if Jason has his top off, but a lot of us are just sat here thinking 'by gosh is this show dull'.

I have stuck with the show and for what it is worth here are my thoughts. Why have I had the feeling from Ep 1 that the producers;
A * Thought that they had a longer time slot and somehow ended up having to butcher scripts to fit a specific time slot. Hence massive pacing issues.
B * A lack of knowing who was supposed to be the audience. Atlantis as a legend is full of sexual intrigue and violence. Making it pre watershed undermines everything.
The lack of using the best cast members Alexander Siddig, Mark Addy, Sarah Parrish more regularly was a massive mistake loosing Medusa as an onscreen character so quickly was also a mistake. If they follow the myth then we know what her fate is and as it stands she cannot interact with the other characters much loosing potential there.
As for Jack Donnelly I genuinely cannot give you an opinion on his acting as I feel he has been given the most underwritten lead character ever to grace a show. The show has to hang on his shoulders and he has nothing to do but look heroic, no character flaws to speak of; no apparent connection to the modern world he grew up in, no light or shade. So ultimately the show is out of balance.
I think what surprised me is that I do not hate the show it just frustrates me.

If you're seriously comparing Ripper St with Atlantis, you are barking - completely up the wrong tree.

"Given that the series started with Jason in modern times, was he from Atlantean times and sent into the future? If so, how?"

Umm..., just to note, Atlantis is a Platonic myth, not historical at all. And in that myth, it was a collection of interlinked islands with a "confederation of kings", not part of the Greek mainland of city-states. So the Atlantis portrayed here may be more of an alternate reality, linked to our reality by (at least) the portal that Jason came through originally.

Given that Jason's father had a hand in pushing Jason through into our reality to protect him from being corrupted by Pasiphae, there is a whole lot to be explained there. (Who is he, how did he discover how to do that, how could he know his baby son would be OK?).

But I'm happy to let that unfold in due time, and enjoy the Atlantis reality for the time being, myself.

i actually watched the episode last night to see if it had got any better and the answer was- a bit but not enough to warrant a second series. Its rather too much like Eastenders BC all round frankly. Plus points- Sarah Parrish and Juliet Stephenson were excellent, Siddig el Fadil (im not calling him alexander) was fabulously hammy, and the sets were excellent mostly. Robert Emms just wanders around like a lost puppy and Mark Addy just talks loud a lot and makes fart jokes, and the desperate attempts to emulate the buddy/homoerotic relationship of the far superior Merlin are clumsy at best. At the rate they are running through Greek Mythology (lasts nights Bull had me scared for a bit -rape of Pasiphae at tea time on natrional tv!??- but it was the other bronze bull-phew!)- they are going to be dredging up all sorts of minor stuff by series three. Its not worth the budget which could be spent on something better.

The argument can be made for absolutely anything if the bulk of your defense rides on switching off your brain and just letting it happen to you. I've seen this said a lot of times, now. 'It's great if you just turn off your brain and enjoy the ride'.

Don't get me wrong, I've attempted this. I wouldn't exactly qualify for making a criticism if I didn't. What I found is that this show is almost impossible to watch as the silly, aesthetically pleasing, fun ride that these people make it out to be. This is entirely due to the shows OWN insistence on taking itself far too seriously and breaking the chain of thoughtless fun.

Lastly, I watch it because it's on. There are 7 days in a week, and on one of those days I'm usually bound to find a 45 minute slot with nothing to do. I suppose it's my fault, though, for continuously going in with hopeful expectations for this high budget BBC drama. I should have realised a long time ago that this show is so terrible, that even its own fans can't defend it by using the actual contents of an episode as a defense.

Clearly you've misunderstood my comment, I was not comparing the two series, obviously that would be laughable as Ripper Street is in a class of its own, but I was merely saying that if the BBC has money for a second season of this badly acted, badly written, humourless show, then surly it must find more money for Ripper Street.

I enjoyed both. But they are very different beasts, and I come to them with very different expectations. The reasoning behind the cancellation or commissioning of a new series of either would, I think, follow a similar pattern. Obviously you know which you prefer. But in that case, leave "Atlantis" to its audience, and seek out more of what you like and enjoy watching.

Siddig el Fadil / Alexander had about three lines, but really made them count. He wasn't hammy at all. Robert Emms also does a lot with just his face and his delivery (both actors sadly underused so far). Not sure what you mean by "minor stuff", but I often find that those smaller moments are the things worth waiting for.

I don't think the budget need be spent on something better (as in, something completely other). I think this series has everything there and waiting, it just needs more of that potential (actors, story, sfx) bringing out into fuller bloom.

by minor stuff i mean are we going to have to watch the cleaning of the augean stables, or someone sent off to nick apples for an hour. Siddig is always hammy, its what makes him fun, the only thing Robert Emms seemed to be doing with his face is grimacing at the horrific lines he had been given, and sorry but this series does have some excellent actors and the whole wonderful greek mythos (which is so good its survived 2500 years) yet still makes me want to hit someone.

But the point is that it is a Saturday night family drama, not a Saturday night family comedy. If it was a cheap show on at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on a weekday I'd accept Atlantis as it is as that was all I'd expect. As a Saturday night prime time drama that has quite a high budget? Nuh uh! Give my money back if you're wasting it on rubbish like this!

Saturday night prime time dramas aren't really meant to be shows where you just 'turn off'. They should have depth to them. Not dramas that are that childish and lacking in talent that you have to not pay attention to enjoy it. There is a reason they are aired at prime time and that is because they should be PRIME family dramas. There is nothing prime about Atlantis.

Yes they are family so they aren't going to be the next Sherlock or Downtown there is going to be a level of fun and excitement, but I expect a certain level of quality that Atlantis doesn't even come near. If I wanted to watch a show like Atlantis I could of just of turned on CBBC at any time of the day.

There should be the fun and excitement there for kids and those who don't want to pay attention, but there should also be the plots, decent actors and the decent characters there that are actually interesting to anyone who does want to pay attention. Every single other prime time drama that I've watched on every single other channel has managed this. Atlantis as with everything else about the show - just fails. It's not really fun for all the family, it's 'fun for those who like watching stereotypical topless characters do backflips while making slapstick jokes'. As that is pretty much the whole show described in one sentence.

What exactly are Atlantis' crew spending their money on if they haven't even managed to hire a lead actor that can act? The least I expect from a prime time drama is actors that can act, especially a main character. Surprise surprise this is another thing that Atlantis failed at miserably.

The show is easy to criticise because there isn't really anything that the show succeeded at being good at...

Why stop at J? I can think of enough things wrong with Atlantis to cover the whole alphabet, TWICE!

I watch the show for references to mythology, like pythagoras' triangles, medusa's snakes, Hercules.

Yes, but please don't take any of the things in the show seriously as they are not true to the Mythology either..

I wholeheartedly agree with this review: the two part finale was decent television in its own right. The reveal was neatly done, firstly by having Jason not knowing who his mother is and Pasiphae not knowing that Jason was the assassin, and, secondly, by showing a convincing change in Pasiphae. It was exciting and changed the situation nicely for next year.

I had mixed feelings with this show up until these last episodes. Generally, it handled the longer story arcs better than the concepts behind each episode, and not enough time was spent with these arcs, and the excellent supporting cast, in favour of inconsequential adventures. The humour is, generally, badly written, but Hercules and Pythagoras's camaraderie is well portrayed. The show certainly looks great as well.

I didn't think I would say this perhaps 4 weeks ago, but bring on series two! Perhaps the beeb execs saw the finale and that explains the renewal?

I loved Merlin, especially the last couple of seasons where it really hit its stride, added some complexity, and brought misty eyes to the living room during its final hour.

That said, I've managed to sit through four episodes of Atlantis without finding anything redeeming about it.

I think the show has too much wrong with it to continue. It isn't like Merlin season 1 where the storylines were just a bit repetitive and characters needed a bit of development. The is so much wrong with Atlantis I don't know how they could go forward without re-inventing the show.

For one they'd need to hire a new lead actor to have a chance at this show being decent. There is a few other actors they should probably take a look at too.

They need to make the characters less stereotyped and you know, actually vaguely interesting. They are one dimensional stereotypical and absolutely no development in their characters.

The humour is awful. It isn't funny except to maybe a 3 year old. They need to add other aspects of humour to the show as well that is smart and witty and not just "hehe look this man is fat!".

The writers aren't that good. They proved that in Merlin. Yes the storylines in Merlin got better, but even in season 5 the writing was iffy. I mean we had the whole Gwen being a bit mischievous and not herself from season 4 repeated again in season 5. We had the whole unbearably cheesy relationship between Gwen and Arthur running through the seasons. However Merlin had actors that could carry the questionable scripts. Atlantis has awful actors and is still stuck with the same (pretty damn awful) writers from Merlin.

Even the music and editing department seems to be sub-par in Atlantis. Throughout the episodes I have found myself questioning "what were they thinking?".

There is a complete lack of sets in Atlantis. I'm sure I've only seen two sets? I'm fairly sure one of them is actually from Merlin.

To be honest I could continue this list on but I'm bored and my main point is that Atlantis has that many faults they'd have to pretty much fire and rehire a new set of everything just for it to have a chance at improving.

Totally confused now.

in the present Jason goes in search of his father's missing submarine vessel and when he finds his father in the past he doesn't recognise him?

I can appreciate his father vanished earlier than Jason in the present so perhaps ended up further back in the past than Jason did when he vanished but Jason must have spent time with his father in the present before he first vanished and leprosy wouldn't have totally made his father totally unrecognisable

Pythagoras' triangles aren't mythology...

Pythagoras' triangles aren't even mythological. What does Kevv think the Pythagoras theorem of triangles is named after?

For all we know Jason may of recognised his father. With Jack Woodenley's acting skills it's hard to tell if he is actually reacting to something since all he really ever does is stare blankly with his mouth open....

Yep, Atlantis is poor. Could have been an interesting take on
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court', particularly if other people
or objects turned up, so this was a real missed opportunity. Some of
the episodes e.g. the one involving bull-leaping were totally pathetic,
even by low-budget Childrens TV standards. The main character delivers
lines in a really annoying over-earnest way and over-accentuating the
S's. All the sets are weak and two-dimensional. Some of it looks almost like a theme-park, and you can just imagine where the queuing areas would be. Also the music seems to be from 'Persia' rather than 'Atlantis'. It should have been classical and mathematical reflecting latest academic thinking, not a paint-by-numbers ProTools fest with the obligatory 'ethnic' drumming thrown in. Some of the intentionally funny bits such as the banter between Pythagoras and Hercules are tolerable enough for a Saturday night, but a decent script-editor could have brought this out more. In summary, the BBC can throw as much money at is as they like, but if the basic ideas aren't good enough the next season will be a confusing rehash with the Father-Son dramatics from Star Wars Episode 5 and 6 thrown in.

I do get your points, and in fact I think a lot of the reasons I'm more happy than some to overlook its flaws is because more often than not thanks to the power of tivo the family and I will sit down to this on a sunday at 5 to watch it. I think timing has a lot to do with expectation and I think the later time slot has a lot to do with peoples disaapointment, i have never understood why this wasnt on before strictly. In fact I was so confused when the first episode was on so late I had to watch it through first to check that it was actually going to be suitable for family viewing

LOL! Only to kids!

Though it's clear that the writers have read their Greek mythology, but given it the twist they want and then placed it into the show. So it's a really good springboard to exploring the original, should any viewer wish to...

It's fun, and entertaining. At least for me.

It would surely be because that Jason had a foster father in his original life. That's who he went looking for. We don't know enough yet as to how this all works.

Yes I don't really mind the show either. I actually find the concept and the story interesting, even though it could improve in some areas of delivery maybe but storywise but I love it (and I'm 25). I was a huge fan of merlin, which also found its feet but you could feel it's potential from the beginning. and with Merlin, they created an overall story arc which saw the characters going somewhere. I think the script writers of merlin were creative and brilliant, so I think that the potential is definitely brimming.

I think it's fun and interesting and explores some interesting concepts and deserves more time to expand and develop.

This series as a whole has been pretty rubbish, bad acting and stupid scripts as the reviews all say. The reason I watch it is because I love anything to do with Greek mythology and I really want it to be good! I liked the medusa twist and all of the royals are superb, but it is consistantly let down by bad writing. So many good stories to choose from, please get better!!

That said I was disappointed when I sat down this evening to watch the final episode and as I selected it on i-player on my TV it said it wasn't available and then disappeared from the listings!!! Thanks BBC, keep the whole series on for months and then delete the last episode after a week!!

I've always thought Jason has travelled to a parallel world. One his father took him to when he was a baby. The past didn't really have a minotaur and magic and two headed lizards and the like so it can't be our world's true past.

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