Atlantis spoiler-free episode one review: The Earth Bull

Review Louisa Mellor 18 Sep 2013 - 08:11

The BBC’s new teatime adventure show, written by Misfits’ Howard Overman, gets off to an energetic, cartoonish start…

1.1 The Earth Bull

Meet Jason, the latest BBC adventurer to spend Saturday teatimes running from monsters, jumping off things, and unravelling the mysteries of his fate. Unlike timeslot predecessors Robin Hood and Merlin, Jason does his running, jumping and fate-unravelling against an appealing Mediterranean backdrop. He’s the hero of Atlantis (less a lost city than a handy compendium of Greek myth in this incarnation), a fish out of water with a secret destiny and a six-pack.

Having exhausted English folklore and Arthurian legend, BBC One has a new seam of monsters-of-the-week to mine. The likes of the Minotaur, Furies, Medusa, Dionysus and Pandora are being repackaged into forty five-minute adventures around which the family can gather of a Saturday night. (The present continuous is there because four episodes of series one are yet to be filmed).

Will families gather for Atlantis? On the basis of episode one, a cartoonish caper that’ll have young kids air-sword fighting and parents browsing for last minute deals to the Aegean coast, quite probably. Tonally, the first half of the episode is closer to a live-action Saturday morning cartoon than a programme adults can invest in as much as children - to speak in Who terms, think Dinosaurs on a Spaceship instead of Family of Blood - but the second half’s romance and scares point towards a future that will better satisfy all ages.

After a no-messing-around bit of framing narrative, our hero is launched into a world of two-headed lizards, prophesies and male bonding. No sooner has Jason landed on Atlantis’ shores than he’s battling monsters in the marketplace and stylishly dodging arrows loosed by royal guards. There’s scant room for reflection on his new surroundings before an heroic quest falls into Jason’s lap and it’s over to some creepy caves to tick the first mythological beastie off his ‘To Do’ list.

Looks-wise, Atlantis has it going on. The stunts (and there are plenty of those) are gymnastic, and the CGI creatures are impressive and convincing. Its vast temples, palatial squares and looming mountains also achieve the necessary world-building in style. Redundant as it may seem to note an old-fashioned feel to the sets of a mythological epic, there’s something nostalgic about Atlantis’ Hellenic golds and blues, which recall the backdrops to vintage adventure stories.

Speaking of which, gladly, we’re assured more prominent roles for Atlantis’ women in episodes to come, because The Earth Bull is undeniably a Boys’ Own adventure. Jason quickly falls in with nerdy Pythagoras (cue the fullest range of jokes about triangles you’ll hear on the BBC since Johnny Ball’s tenure) and his opposite number, Obelix-alike Hercules, both established early on as the comic relief. This three-way friendship between the weedy one (Robert Emms), the portly one (Mark Addy), and the heroic destiny one (Jack Donnelly) forms our central gang. We also meet an Oracle (Juliet Stevenson), a Princess Jasmine-type (Aiysha Hart) her antagonist mother (Sarah Parish) and a damsel in distress, but episode’s one action is firmly in the hands of the men.

With its royal family, talk of fate, central ‘bromance’, and Pandora’s box of CGI monsters, the similarities between Atlantis and Merlin - also produced by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy - ensure the journey from Arthurian legend to mythological Greece will be a smooth one for BBC audiences. Incidentally, fans of the latter’s Sirs Gawain and Percival may be pleased to hear that the grand tradition of gratuitous male torso shots on Saturday teatimes has been upheld.

Atlantis hits the ground running with this first caper, which has been designed to grab kids’ attention and set out the stall for an adventure-packed twelve weeks to come. I’m no Oracle, but given the right development, more of those tempting backdrops, and enough time to grow, it could well become a family favourite.

Atlantis starts on BBC One on Saturday the 28th of September. Read more about it on Den of Geek, here.

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Given how many difficulties the creators of Merlin had to make a well paced series out of that rich and well known legend with its many subplots, I can only imagine how boring and slow this beast is going to move forward, given that it has only one famous plot point to move forward to: its ending. Based on this review, the creators obviously don´t even have enough creative juices in them to do things differently for a completely new show. Bromance, shirtless men, and a cringeworthy mishmash of mythology raped into a family-friendly setting... Well, I´m sure it won´t take an hour after the show airs until the fangirls scream about its cute boys on tumblr, and thereby create a fanbase that will make the BBC think it´s a good thing to carry this series through three seasons at least. I haven´t been this uninterested about a new show based on a historical setting since... wow, I think never before.

So if it creates a large fanbase it doesn't deserve to stay unless you personally think so? Best give your details to the BBC then, hadn't you, O Oracle.

I'd be careful throwing around the word "raped" like that. Rather in poor taste and there are many other ways to express what you wanted to express. Have a bit of consideration for other commenters and readers since rape is a worldwide epidemic and casual use of the word is a trigger for many victims/survivors with PTSD.

So, basically Merlin 2.0, done by the same people so we can expect the same dumb mistakes? I mean, this is the same people who considered the reveal of Merlin's powers an unimportant plot point, as they said themselves. Why should I invest in another show written by them? Did they actually learn from their mistakes?

Believe it or not, but I thought about it for a moment before I wrote it, and I still mean it; there was nothing casual about it. That said, are you kidding me?!? Based on your logic, I can´t use the word 'murdered' anymore because it will trigger anyone who has a murder victim in the family. Don´t get me wrong, I completely support the whole rape debate that´s going on right now, but that won´t stop me from saying what I believe is true.

"having exhausted English folklore..." Yes because Robin Hood is the only folkloric character to ever come from these shores...

Based on the ratings reality shows are getting, I think we can all agree that quantity has nothing to do with quality. But just because a shirtless TV bromance tricks a certain type of fangirl into dedicated viewership, that doesn´t mean that the show itself is worthy of survival. Take Sherlock, for example: The fangirl base is there and accounts for a lot of its success, but it also has quality writing and engaging plots. Merlin had neither, but was embarassingly defended by the fangirls for things that just were not there. That´s what I´m talking about. The bromance fangirls will always be there, as long as there´s two barely attractive men in a show. But that doesn´t mean that the show has any MORE qualities, and, to be honest, the whole bromance thing is getting more ridiculous with each show that gets its male characters warped into some kind of gay relationship by the fangirl base. And I´m tired of being attacked as intolerant. If male fans write or say something sexually themed about a female character, people scream "ewww" and "pervert" and "men and their stone age brain", but whenever Tom Hiddleston so much as opens his mouth, feminism is suddenly much less important.

Obelisk or Obelix? Sorry, can't tear my pedantry away from that.

Morgana's clevage didn't do it for you then?

No amount of clevage can make me suffer through plot holes. That said, what the writers did to the female characters over the course of the series should have created an earthshaking backlash from the feminists, but I guess they were all blinded by the guys´ bare skin. It´s amazing what writers get away with these days...
Unless they are doing a Star Trek movie and dare to show a girl in her underwear...

It just looks so bad. And saying it's from the creators of Merlin doesn't help. I got about half-way through season 1 of that ridiculous train wreck. And is anyone else just really disappointed to see Mark Addy once again shunted as the fat, comic sidekick after being Robert Baratheon in GoT?

Just sad that Robin Hood, Merlin, and now this junk are the direction of British TV.

I seriously doubt it. I´m not willing to give these guys another chance, after they promised massive changes to the show each year (luring me into giving it another try), which of course never happened. When they finally said they now got inspired by "Game of Thrones", it came down to an episode with a snowy landscape. I didn´t know whether to laugh or to cry.

But it won´t matter for a second what I think. I´m just angry about how stupid audiences are getting year by year.

God some people here are miserable. Ever since we started to see any kind of promotional material for this show, and the more that comes out, all there's been is cynicism and derogatory comments from people here.

I'll admit I could never get into Merlin no matter how hard I tried and although Atlantis looks very similar I'm willing to give it a shot. I do think it looks a bit average and there's not been much to really convince me to watch it other than as an alternative to Doctor Who. But I like fantasy and this could be a fun family show, so I'm staying optimistic and hope I'll enjoy it.

phwoarrr not arf!! what a cracking pair!!

Well, I´m cynical because it´s not easy to read about people like you who...
- could never get into Merlin no matter how hard you tried,
- think Atlantis looks very similar to Merlin (which you couldn´t get into),
- think it looks a bit average (yay),
- think there´s not been much to really convince you to watch it other than as an alternative to Doctor Who...
...still go to watch it. You know what will eventually get you BETTER shows to watch? Stop watching bad shows.

Also, there are better shows to watch instead if you´re looking for fantasy, a fun family show and an alternative to Doctor Who. Try, for example, Legend of the Seeker (cheesy at first, but really complex and creative towards each season´s end) or the old Robin of Sherwood series.

People have to stop supporting mediocre and badly written stuff. It´s the only way we´ll ever see better work on free TV. That´s what this is about.

*Trigger Warning*

Murder is nowhere near as prevalent as rape. But if I did think there was a likely chance of using the term "murdered" triggering someone's PTSD, I'd stop using it. It's a tiny inconvenience to stop using words casually when compared to the huge effects that using them can have.

God, the way they handled the reveal killed me. It should have been the arc for a whole season, and it got crammed into one and a half episodes.

As for Atlantis, I haven't seen anything that makes me want to watch it. Then again, I thought Matt Smith would make a rubbish Doctor when he was first revealed, and I was completely wrong on that point.

Erm...I think they maybe mention Merlin?

You might have thought about it for a moment, but not long enough...

Quantity has never had anything to do with quality.
Any channel would prefer an audience to an award for best drama. Why do you think soaps exist? Because they get millions of viewers, not because they are simply super.

Yes they did, under the banner of "Arthurian mythology", which is mentioned separately...

Are you sure they said they were inspired by Game of Thrones? I read an interview with Capps where he said he'd never watched Game of Thrones.

I do think this looks fairly boring, considering the subject matter is
what drew me to check it out, but I had no idea it was by the creators
of Merlin; I agree wholeheartedly that I thought for sure at any moment
they would reveal Merlin's powers and that would drive more than a
ho-hum reaction for the last 10 minutes of the last episode...... that
should have been this sweeping monumental plot point, but other than
that, I loved Merlin!! Creative take on it, not mired in the same ol'
same ol', charismatic actors, lots of fun - That's the only reason why I
will bother to check out the episode because it does seem oddly

I think you were trying to express what you perceive to be a violation in a strong way, so I get why you chose the word, but really it's a word that's used incorrectly in many cases and shouldn't be (since it is such a strong trigger word). Unless there's an actual sexual violation happening, I think there are plenty of other words in the English language to get at what you're trying to get at. Get creative with your language and descriptions and you'll find you're not missing anything by not leaning unnecessarily on a word/concept that upsets so many people.

Also, as StanCoffins wisely said, I probably wouldn't use "murder" if I thought someone would be upset by it (just like how I don't say things like "kill me now" or anything about death/self harm/etc. around my friend whose brother killed himself a few years ago - I understand that certain phrases people say may be upsetting to her even though they were said in a very different matter). It's one thing if you're discussing an actual murder - then you'd have to refer to it correctly - but a casual use or using it instead of something more fitting is, at times, just unkind.

My friends and I are having a discussion. Would you say genre fans are:
A) miserable bastards who think they're the boss of it, or B) argumentative trolls who think they have better ideas than everyone else?

Absolutely. They said something about the quality of that show and that they tried to achieve something similar. Thinking about it, I believe they specifically did refer to the visuals. How they thought they were going to achieve that when GoT has a lot more money and is filmed in three or more countries is beyond me. But what they didn´t realise, obviously, is that GoT´s success isn´t based on its visual appeal, apparent as it is. It´s the characters and the complexity of the plot, which is something that they couldn´t dream of copying. I remember them talking about GoT and Spartacus and that they, as a family show, couldn´t do that kind of stuff. If by stuff they meant the violence and nudity, they were right, of course, but what exactly is the problem about just writing good characters and a good plot? I think they said they wanted at least to get some of the dark tone of GoT in general, and I will give it to them that they did indeed try that. They just failed at it. There were so many good ideas, like Uther´s ghost coming hard on Hamlet, eh, Arthur, for example. But instead of writing some great drama for that episode, it became a terrible Poltergeist ghost ride. And that is only one example of a very frustrating line of wasted characters, moments, and plots. There was a very good episode now and then (which made me hope), but then they did that stupid anti-magic plot again and again for weeks on end. I think that´s why I´m so frustrated with the show. The actors were fantastic (most of them), the characters had some solid foundation, but you could have done so much more with them than what they did. The potential was immense. The outcome was frustrating, week after week. If the actors wouldn´t have been so much fun to watch, and if there wouldn´t have been some moments of light here and there, I would have stopped watching easily. I just couldn´t believe that they couldn´t get there grips together. The last half hour was very moving and decent, but I was also very angry about five years of one wasted opportunity after another.

You miss my point. You can have both quality AND stuff for the masses in one show. Take The Walking Dead, for example. Some viewers are after the violence, others just like the good drama that comes when you throw a dysfunctional group of characters togerther to fight for survival.

I´m sorry, but, no. I am very easy to satisfy, and often like movies and series where most other people just point at and laugh. But sometimes, there is stuff that´s just beyond. Also, I have been a gamemaster for roleplaying for three decades now. I have seen every single plot of Merlin happen in at least a dozen different variations twenty years ago already. If I came up with a plot like that in one of my games, my group would throw rotten vegetables at me. I´m no G.R.R. Martin and would never dare to imply that I´m a good writer. But having "written" hundreds of adventures for my players (I´m talking about actual plot, not the dungeon crawling you see when they try to make fun of RPG gamers), there were a LOT of moments in Merlin where I was thinking about "how cool would it be if now..." and it never happened. I know the old argument about "then get out and do it yourself", but I don´t want to. I just want to see a good TV show. They get paid for doing that, after all. It´s not my job to do that, it´s theirs, and if they don´t, I, as a customer, have the right to tell them that. That has nothing to do with trolling.

Well, I´m willing to apologize to everyone I actually HAVE triggered by the use of that word. I will try to be more careful with the use of my vocabulary. While English isn´t my mother´s tongue, I believe to be versed enough in it to come up with more appropriate descriptions of how I feel about stuff.

That said, I think people need to realise that this is slowly getting out of hand. As I wrote above, I support the fight against violence. But people also have to calm down a bit. I believe that a person who actually has been a victim of that kind of violence has to fight far bigger demons than a guy on a geek board ranting against a series he didn´t like, and just avoiding that word will not help. If it actually did happen to you, you have to learn to live with it and confront yourself with the phrase, since the experience will be with you for life, and you will encounter reminders everywhere. I also had my share of bad things that happened to me, but I wouldn´t expect other people to avoid that topic just because I´m around. As a matter of fact, the more often the actual phrase was used, ESPECIALLY when being mentioned in a completely different context, it helped me to get over it and to not be triggered by the phrase whenever I encountered it. But I´m aware that everyone is different, and that´s why I apologize to everyone who actually was hurt by my remark.

"forty five-minute adventures"

That would make a total of 200 minutes worth.

Perhaps you meant adventures lasting forty-five minutes.

Anyway, I'm still firmly in the camp believing that Merlin got cancelled just as it started to get interesting and watchable again after it's dire 2nd/3rd season slump.

The small amount of acting on the trailer didn't bode well for a quality production.

Will it be another show that gets too carried away with gymnastic fights and cgi monsters and forgets that acting and plots determine its long term success?

I'm currently a bit confused as to why all these Greek myths have been moved to Atlantis. It's almost anti-educational in that respect, we'll probably have a generation of kids thinking that the Argonauts spoke with cockney accents.

"It should have been the arc for a whole season, and it got crammed into one and a half episodes."

I'd generously thought that was rushed due to cancellation. It was handled very badly, but the series as a whole did improve slightly towards the end.

Except that odd alien thing episode.

It always seems that this reviewer has something against male characters

One could just as well wonder if people making snide comments about "genre fans" are A) vacuous people who are quite happy watching anything as long it's basic concept falls within the purview of those they like in the name of having "an open mind" or B) Argumentative trolls using straw man arguments to stir up some internet drama.
Who knows but pegging huge amounts of people into one of two criteria of one's choosing sure is fun. Tomorrow let's get together and break those GTA5 players into one of two criteria just for giggles.

"You know what will eventually get you BETTER shows to watch? Stop watching bad shows."

I agree with that... but you don't know a show is going to BE bad until you actually WATCH it.

I haven't seen Atlantis yet, so I really don't know if it will be good or not. Sure I could judge it by other shows created by the same people like Merlin but I quite liked that one, although it had it's faults.

But regardless, it's a different show and the creators' writing and direction can improve. (Apparently they created Misfits, too and that's very different from Merlin. And not just because of saucy stuff due to the time-slot.) It's even been stated that Atlantis has a tone more in keeping with the last series of Merlin, - which was thought to be an improvement on the early series,- rather than the first.

If I dislike Atlantis after 2-3 episodes, I will probably stop watching it anyway. If enough people do that, ratings will go down and the show will get cancelled. (Come to think of it, many will stop watching it after just the first episode, although that strikes me as premature.) But at least we gave it a chance.

Better a bad show get some views than a good show not getting off the ground due to preconceived ideas of quality, I say. And if it happens to be a bad show that takes off due to 'fan girl excitement'? Well it's a hit with them at least, and the rest of us can change the channel or stick on a DVD.

Obelix. As in Obelix from Asterix.

I remember hearing once that anything said before the word "but" doesn't count...

Triggering isn't the only reason you were, on this occasion, wrong. When you use rape as a metaphor for something ultimately as trivial as tv show you didn't like, it belittles a crime that isn't taken seriously enough.

That's why you can use murder but not rape. Because 230 women aren't murdered everyday in the UK, they're raped. The 30 day prison sentence wan't given to a convicted murderer, it was given to a convicted rapist whose underage victim committed suicide before the trial. 59% of men in Papa New Guinea didn't say they'd murdered someone, they said they'd raped someone.

Until those facts change, please chose another metaphor.

Also, your comments about fangirls and bromance have, unintentional I'm sure, undertones of misogyny and homophobia. Fangirls, as you have pointed out, can have excellent taste - Sherlock, Doctor Who and the Marvel Universe are some of the biggest current fandoms. Bromance doesn't "trick" fangirls into watching anymore that decent plotting or good characterisation would trick you into watching. They see an element they enjoy so they continue to watch.

On the subject of slash or, as you put it, "male characters warped into some kind of gay relationship" (not limited to the men though, the Merlin fandom's second favourite ship was Morgana/Gwen), it's an interpretation. People have been reading into the relationships of opposite sex characters for years without problem, it doesn't become icky just because it's homosexual. We live in a culture that elevates the primacy of romantic relationships but TV has, almost universally, one dimensional stereotyped female love interests who are completely secondary to the male characters' bond. Interpreting them as gay, a tradition that goes back to the original Sherlock Holmes stories or at least Star Trek and The Man From UNCLE, was always going to result.

As for male fans getting called out for sexual comments about female characters, refer back to the rape statistics above and consider that there might be different power dynamics at play here.

I figured as much. I see it's been changed to Obelix in the article now as well. Swift work there, DoG ;)

I apologized for using the word to all who were hurt, not to the people who think it´s wrong using the word. To them I explained why I think it is important not to taboo it. So there is no but to my apology to actual, offended victims.

Now about that other thing.

Sorry, but for most hetero men, homosexual interpretation of a clearly NOT homosexual male friendship IS icky, because it is against our personal preference. Calling that homophobia is the new way of ending discussions, but I don´t accept that for a second. I have a lot of gay friends and have no problem whatsoever interacting with them. I support their lifestyle and their rights. So don´t you dare swinging that club at me.

I´m also not against interpreting this kind of relationships into fictional characters, in general. If you like that kind of thing, it´s your choice, and nobody should tell you to unlike it.

What I´m against is that massive wave of homoeroticism that is completely overwhelming any other kind of interest in certain series. Take Sherlock, for example: For every non-homo-related post on tumblr there are ten or twenty who are. With series like Merlin or Supernatural, it´s more like 1:100. It drowns anything else, and if you dare to raise your voice against that, SLAM, you´re homophobic.

And now about that power dynamics thing... yeah, that explains just everything, doesn´t it? It gives every woman the right to judge every male comment as sexist. How convenient.

Sorry, but you know nothing about me and the way I treat the women in my life, and women in general. I have every right to say what I have to say, and I won´t accept false PC and feminism paroles to silence me.

One more thing about power dynamics: If a male fan approaches a female star, female fans are very quick to moan or hiss about anything he would say, but if you have ever seen what some sort of "fan"girls get away with while "approaching" their star, just because they are women and know (even express it!!!) that the star can´t do anything against it because he would be seen as sexist or unfriendly against women in genral, you would start to think twice about that "power dynamic". We are way beyond the point were feminism was used only to achieve well-deserved rights for women. These days, it is used way too often to force completely harmless, friendly, and well-meaning men into accepting a behaviour that´s not only inappropriate, but criminal in every sense of the word. Only that the moment they say something against being beleagured by screaming fans who would go so far as to search a star´s trash bins or move into houses right across his, the typical feminist reaction is, well, now you see how it is, as if that was any kind of acceptable excuse.

If a man behaves badly towards you, he needs to be prosecuted, accordingly. I think a lot of guys deserve to be castrated, or worse. But if you discriminate every man and what he says by sorting him into the House of Evil Men, you do exactly the same what you fought against in the first place.

One day, someone may explain why you are wrong. I am too tired for that person to be me.

In the space of a couple of comments you have managed to use the:
personal preference defence
but I have black friends defence
why don't you do something about domestic violence about men defence

adjusted appropriately for the prejudice and arguments in question. If you don't see anything wrong with that then you are beyond my current patience and ability to help.

All I can ask is you do some research and check your privilege.

You do know that what you are doing right now is the exact same thing from my point of view, don´t you? Reducing arguments to clichés and thereby declaring them void is so cliché itself I would laugh if the topic wouldn´t be so dead serious for many people out there.

No one needs to explain anything to me. I am completely aware of the debate. I just don´t agree with you that my arguments are invalid. I stand by them.

If "doing some research" means buying into the generalized accusations and prejudices of this kind of feminism, then maybe I should let you know that I have had lots of discussions with many women, both friends and strangers, who completely agree with my stand on abuse of feminism, among them successful businesswomen, doctors, housewives, of both dominant and submissive types, with a lot of them having had thorough experiences with abuse.

But of course, those are all traitors to your cause, I know.

And before this is getting more ridiculous by each post, I agree to end this debate here. You will never see the realities behind the walls you built around yourself, which, of course, is the exact same thing you accuse me of.

I´m out.

Haven't they just hoovered up famous Greek stories and characters and moved them into the fictitious Atlantis. Unfortunately since so many stupid people believe everything they see on TV these days no doubt many watching this car crash of a historical epic will think it's all true.

Totally agree with you. People like Game of Thrones because it is well-acted, well-written, well-plotted and not patronising to the audience. You could take the violence and sex out of GoT and it would still be an awesome show. Merlin had so much going for it - Colin Morgan and Bradley James had great chemistry, and the effects and settings were stunning - but the writing and plotting were abysmal with zero character development. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, along came a farting troll. Like you said - five years of wasted opportunity.

Or C) remember the days when genre television used to be innovative and thought provoking and, whilst watching badly written toss with burping/farting monsters and some shirtless fangirl bait banging on about their magical "destiny" (which will never actually be realised because the writers don't think that far ahead), wonder where it all went wrong.

Agree with you. I'd love to write this stuff if I knew the right people to suck off. Any of the writers of Merlin could have read Malory or the legends and had dozens of potential stories and adventures (for example, I recently read a story by Kim Wilkins in her awesome "Year of Ancient Ghosts" book which was inspired by the story of Percival's sister), but it's quite clear they never got any further than "Hey wouldn't it be cool to do a programme about Merlin as a kid" and then watched First Knight for inspiration. Judging by the trailer, Atlantis is going to be no different. I guess that makes me A) and B) or maybe it just means I don't want to waste my life watching sh!t telly.

Agree They barely scratched the surface. More like "having exhausted bad teen telly folklore".

Blimey girls, lighten up. I'm a female also - rape is a word and used in Nick's context, I don't find it particularly offensive. Agreed, he could have used a better word but he wasn't trivialising or justifying rape - he was commenting on a tv show so take the comment as it was offended and stop bashing him! If you try and avoid using any potential word that might risk offending the thousands of people reading these boards, you'd probably not write anything. There's always someone offended by something.

I'd rather the BBC left all this stuff well alone. It doesn't need readapting to appeal to the reality show generation.

Strange, I didn't think this show was on until Saturday 28 but everyone on here seems to have already seen it...

ALWAYS. He thought it was the time and place and it just wasn't, plain and simple. I'm a black Cuban from New Orleans and always used a particular word with my friends, be they black, Hispanic, some mix thereof, or even white, but once I moved to Mississippi, I learned real quick that ONLY BLACK PEOPLE could use it... Or racist people! And there were plenty if those! I look black, and I called my black friend that. He said "what'd you say?!" "I said dude! Dude!" But he didnt mind black kids saying it. He laughed it off, but I learned somethin that day. There's censorship, there's sensitivity, and then there's downright hypocrisy. I'm not talking about any of y'all, and I decided if I don't want my kids saying somethin, then I shouldn't say it. And that's my point. My vocabulary is much smaller now. I don't need offensive words to offend anyone. All I need is an opinion.

Good to hear Atlantis has a strong start! Bodes well for the future. It's Autumn and we desperately need a good fantasy show on the telly with lots of fun.

I thought it was a typo and that you actually meant wrapped.

It's pretty amusing so far. Like the silliness in this setting far more than Merlin.

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